You may cum when I come

women in bondage and an anal hook

You called me on your way home from work. I could hear the stress in your voice. It had been a bad day. Promising to take care of you when you arrived, we hung up and I promptly readied a cup of warm tea with whiskey to help you calm down and relax. When you arrived, you had frustration written all over your body. I handed you your cup of tea and told you to sip. I let you tell me about the bad meeting and the bitch of a manager you have for a good ten minutes until the cup I had handed you was drained.

Putting my love to rest

I put a finger over your mouth instantly quieting you. I had gotten your attention. I grasped the back of your neck and ran my thumbs deep into the muscles at the base of your neck. I move to massage your shoulders, it takes time, but eventually the tension releases. I slowly remove your clothes and tell you to lay on your stomach on the floor. I’m going to give you a message. I whisper in your ear. “You will be mine.”

I sit on the small of your back and slowly run my hands up the line of your spine, then press my thumbs into the muscles on either side as I make way down. Your shoulders are all tight. I move up your back and massage each of your shoulders separately pull each one back gently stretching the aching tired muscles. Each arm at your side slowly massaged from your shoulder to your fingertips. I intertwine my fingers in yours using my thumbs to push against the fleshy mound of your palm. Each hand was taken in turn… each arm laying at your side is gently pulled across your back and kissed, caressed.

When you relax again into my touch, you hear a click and the feel of cold steel binding your wrists I work my way down your back and cover your body with kisses, gentle licks, tiny nibbles. “Your feet must be sore.” Again, each is taken, in turn, hands wrapped around each one thumb pushing deep into the hollow each toe gently pulled, the heel flexed then toes pointed.

“Sometimes…. it isn’t sex that someone needs to relax, sometimes its just some special attention”

I put a pillow under your head while you are still laying there helpless. I tuck a massive fluffy blanket around you and curl under you warming you with my own naked body. I whisper sweet nothings in your ear and sing you a lullaby till you drift off to sleep. You are so beautiful when you sleep. I watch you sleep for hours, memorizing the patterns of your breathing and the temperature of your breath. I stay near and run my fingers over your eyelids and nose and over your ears memorizing each and every detail. You are perfect and you are mine. Eventually, I drift to sleep, arms wrapped around you, one thumb tucked into the cuffs binding your arms.

Laying next to your cuffed naked body, listening to your warm breath, I can tell you are dreaming. I can only hope it is of something good. I almost hate to wake you, to pull you from your restful slumber, but the truth is I need you, I need to feel your touch. When you make the smallest movements of rousing, I brush my hands down your back. I get on my knees and kiss your hands. Having been cuffed so long they are chilled. I slowly and gently release the steel that has been binding you the last couple of hours. With a clunk, they fall from your wrists to the floor.

You are barely stirring, but I can tell that the gentle touches are working their magic and I can see you are becoming very aroused. Still laying on your stomach, you are becoming very uncomfortable. I hug your prone body and gently roll you on your side. I hold your ass and caress your face. That’s when you open your eyes with a massive smile on your face. “How did you sleep?” I whisper. “The best I have in weeks…” You reach up and brush a strand of hair from my eyes, tucking it behind my ear. You rest your hand on my cheek, thumb moving over my eyes, over my cheek, and over the full of my lips. Your strong hand pulls me in for a deep hard kiss. We kiss so deeply, I can feel the wet velvet of your mouth, your eager tongue, and the tiniest bit on my lower lip. You run your hand through my hair, lightly tracing down my back, resting your hand on the fullest part of my hips.

You look in my eyes, and no words are needed, I know what you want and you know what I need.

We can have whole conversations within a glance, catch up on years with an embrace, and yet we are eager to know each other further, deeper. You kiss my forehead and cheeks, my nose and ears. You roll me on my back and position yourself above me, arms on either side. You lean over, kiss me deeply, obviously aroused, but not wanting to be too eager, just enjoying the moment.

As you work your way down you nibble my neck and run your hands down my arms. Your strong hands intertwine with mine and slowly(so I hardly notice) move my hands up above my head. “Hold your hands together, and no matter what I do… keep them above your head” I promise to do as I am told with a simple nod.

You grasp my breasts, look in my eyes and without losing eye contact, you lower your head and mouth till it is just over one nipple. You lick my nipple once then gently blow on it. Goosebumps spread from my nipple out across my entire body like ripples on a lake. Just as the last of my body is enveloped in goosebumps you take as much of my breast in your mouth as you can fit. Your tongue flicks the nipple and tenderly sucks the velvety flesh. Your fingers mimic the action of your tongue on the other breast. You devour my breasts intern as if they were your last meal on Earth, so intent so eager. While your tongue continues to suck and tease my nipples, your hands are free to explore. Your hands trace down the sides of my belly, they run down my thighs. You flirt with the heat of my mound, but you never touch or enter.

Wake up the dominant side of you

Before removing your mouth from my breasts you, quickly kiss me on the lips then cover my mouth with your hand… you don’t want me to make a noise. You shift slightly and quickly lean a bite the underside of my breast hard…. you want to mark me, you want me to remember even after we part, you want others to know I am yours. You bite till I tear up. Finally, you release… and you cover the bite with your kisses. After you have thoroughly kissed the future bruise, you remove your hand from my mouth and kiss me deeply again. As you fill my mouth with your kisses, you find the warmth between my legs. The heat is radiating, impossible to resist. You slowly move your fingers up and down my ever increasingly wet slit.

Keeping my hands above my head I thrust my hips into your hand, forcing your touch. You quickly withdraw your fingers and slap me. “Do not do that again…. I’ll have you just the way I want you…. you will have to learn patience.” You lean in and kiss me. “Yes, Sir”

Your touch wanders down once again. Knowing my place I stay exactly where you put me, on my back hands above my head. Your finger once again touches the mound of my sex and its everything I have in me not to thrust into you once again. You shoot me a glance…. “Good Girl”.

In an effort to get more comfortable you stand up towering above me and tell me to sit up. Your cock is inches from my face, and I look up at you. “Please, Sir?” I ask eagerly. “Yes, baby…. taste it”. With that I open my mouth, grasp your hips and immediately swallow you whole. You moan so deeply that its nearly impossible to hear, just feel deep in the base of your cock. My tongue runs over the base of your shaft, working my way up. When I reach the most tender spot under the head, I lick and suck and you groan loudly. Your urgency takes over and you grab the back of my head and force your cock as deep in my throat as it can go and fuck it hard. Each pounding stroke is met with a swallow. Each pulling stroke met with a tender tongue. Each time you enter my mouth you get a little harder, and I can take pre-cum on the tip each time you touch my lips. You refuse to release…. When the sensations become nearly too much you pull your cock out and pull me to standing.

“I have a surprise for you…” You kiss me deeply tasting your own flavors in my mouth. That alone would normally send you over the edge were it not for your determination. As we kiss you walk me back towards a door or a wall I’m not sure which. It isn’t until I feel the wood on my back that I realize that it is indeed the door. You raise each of my arms and velcro my wrists into the over the door restraints that you’ve recently bought. After you finish your hand work, you stand back to admire it. You tell me to turn around. I comply, wrists crossed.

I hear you rummaging around and wonder what you could possibly be looking for…. leaving me naked and tied to a door. Thats when I feel the first smack of the paddle on my ass. I suppose after all of the torture that I had put you through, it was my turn. While it stung, it was also refreshing. Each smack added to the warmth of my body, and I trusted you implicitly. Once my ass was a nice color resembling cherry pie, you pulled out a flogger and alternated striking my back with running your nails over the more tender bits. The pain is palpable. With each strike you whisper words of encouragement to me, reassuring me that I can make it…. that I deserved this, and that you would reward me after. So I took it…. with pride. I wanted the pain, I wanted anything that would lead to you filling me up. After what seemed like hours, but was likely significantly less then that, you stopped as suddenly as you had started.

Pain is a sign of love

Seeing the pain on my face mixed with the pride of trusting your hand, you laid your entire body against my back and leaned into my ear. “I think you have earned your reward, baby” Nibbling my ear and kissing my neck you twirl me around to stare straight into your eyes. We stand there forehead to forehead just sharing the air. Your idle hands are anxious to feel just how wet I am. You’ve been able to smell my sex for nearly an hour, but you were entirely sure just how wet your attention had made me. Your fingers dip deeply into my sex, and you pull them out, bringing them to your mouth you lick all of my juices off. “My, My, you are a wet little pet…” Again you kiss me deeply, except this time the motions of your tongue are mimicked by the workings of your fingers below. You have two fingers in me and a thumb on my clit. “Please, oh god, please make me cum” You remove your fingers quickly and slap me again. “No pet, you will cum when I tell you to cum, and not before, do you understand?” “yes, of course sir”

You resume your ministrations on my pussy, placing your fingers deeper and deeper into the wet abyss. When you curl the finger tips I moan loudly. “Shhh, pet, I don’t want to wake anyone up. Please don’t make me gag you…. I do love your mouth open and free.” His fingers never stopped during the last warning and I am fully panting into his chest. The feeling of cumming is rising and warming my entire body.

You can feel me start to tense up and you pull my legs up. You tell me to hook my legs around your waist. As I reach the right height, you trust into me in one very deep stroke. I nearly cry out in pain and pleasure, but remember your warning to keep quiet, so I bite my lower lip instead. You lift my weight placing it all on the legs wrapped around your hips. You place your hands on my ass, nails digging in. When we finally reach the perfect position you start slowly fucking my pussy…. each stroke completely controlled by your movements. As the pace quickens I tighten my legs around you limiting the range of motion and reducing the amount that you have to hold up. With less weight to hold, one hand stays firmly gripped to my solid ass, and the other wraps around me back, beckoning me towards you. We share a knowing kiss.

I am pinned between your cock and the door, legs wrapped around your waist, and arms bound above my head. Quickly you release my wrists, but continue to pound into me. As my wrists fall onto your shoulders, so does my head. Each thrust begging for more, and yet, begging for release. You are panting in the effort, eyes closed, focused.

Suddenly your eyes open and stare into mine. “You may cum when I come.” “Oh please :::sigh::: please sir” The pace is suddenly more frantic, you grab my throat, holding some of my weight with it. The loss of breath is startling but exquisite. With all of my senses heightened I can feel your pace quicken even further. Hand on my throat, you move your hand from my ass to grip my hair. You pull it firmly. “Cum… with… me… now” and you become completely rigid… I feel you pull and grip and grunt. My own orgasm envelops me, wracking me to the core, forcing you deeper and deeper inside of me. Its impossible to keep quiet at this point the pleasure is at unthinkable heights. I thrust into you with no abandon, and you answer with your cock. I begin to gush all over your rigid cock, the walls of my pussy clenching down on you till I am literally to spent to continue gripping you with my legs. You put you hands down and hold me once again on the ass, pinning me between your cock and the wall.

I lay my head on your shoulder, and you pick me up, cock still deep inside and carry me to the blankets on the floor. Gently you lay me down wrap me in the quilts and kiss me on the head. “Baby, get some rest, I’ll be back soon” I fall asleep dreaming of the way you looked at me, and lingering on that last kiss you shared. “Goodnight darling” I whisper as you sneak out the door headed back for another long day at work.

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