What happens in a real life CBT session


Cock and Ball Teasing Torment is one of my passions.
Cock and ball teasing torment is my favorite fetish.
There is nothing like taking a man by the balls and in a soft sexy voice saying, “You’re mine tonight! Any problem?”
All the subject can do is shake his head and say, “No ma’am!”
I’m not just a sadist. Sure, I can’t help but laugh during a ballbusting session. Really? What Domme wouldn’t? I’m also a very sensual person. For me, a CBT session isn’t about producing as much pain and damage as possible to the male genitalia.
My CBT sessions were a balance of pain and pleasure. A perfect balance, that allowed the subject to be challenged, then immediately rewarded for achieving that personal best. I believe, my sensual sadism, was what made my sessions feel so special for my subjects.