Tool Shed Punishment – Humiliation [punishment , cuckold]

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Tool Shed Punishment – CBT [Mistress, slave]

Tool Shed Punishment – Humiliation [punishment , cuckold]

Tool Shed – to service a man [cage, cuckold]

Tool Shed – no cage for you [threesome, forced bi]


Mistress came so many times that night that I honestly lost count all I know is my tongue, mouth, and hands hurt tremendously from all the work they had to do. I would have thought Mistress would be in a better mood this morning but unfortunately, for me she wasn’t. “If you think that little beating you got yesterday was all the punishment you’re going to get for cheating on me you’re wrong” Mistress says as she stands beside my cage where she put me in last night after she was done with me. I look up at my beautiful wife/Mistress in shock as I felt I had been plenty punished. My cock was swollen and had deep bruising all over it including my nut-sack.

“Mistress surely I’ve been punished enough just look at it” I say.

“That thing will still be put it in chastity once the swelling goes down and you will be in it for a month like I said yesterday. You will receive no pleasure for the next month, no pleasing me I will find someone else to do that. You will do as I say when I say or I’ll punish you simple as that, that attitude you have will not be tolerated any more. You seem to forget I’m your Mistress all the time and not just when you want me to be; so from now on you will show me the respect I deserve. You will also undergo severe training since you seem to want to forget all I’ve taught you,” Mistress says.

I look up at her through the bars of the cage in disbelief; I can’t believe all she just said. I thought I had shown her the respect she deserved, I thought I had done everything she told me to do when she told me to do it, I thought I had pleased her enough, and I thought I had been a slave she could be proud of. Yes, I know I screwed up royally that one time by sleeping with another woman but I thought I’d been a good slave to her. Now I’m finding out that I’ve not been and what she just said frightens me, what does she mean by she will find someone else to please her? What does she mean I will undergo severe training?

“Stop starring up at me like that, get your ass out of there and go clean yourself up, I want breakfast served to me in one hour.” Mistress says as she opens the cage door. “Yes… Yes Mistress…” I say my throat now drier than I remember it being. I crawl out of the cage and into the bathroom before standing; for the next 20 minutes I am in there cleaning myself up before heading into the kitchen to make her breakfast.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Two weeks later…

It’s now Saturday and it has been two weeks since I was punished, I’m now locked securely into my CB3000, and cleaning Mistress house from top to bottom while she is out. Mistress didn’t say too much to me this morning just that I was to clean the house from top to bottom and make sure I ready the tool shed and bedroom for tonight.

Hours passed before Mistress returned home in fact it was nearly dark when she arrived back home.

“Go take the bags out of the trunk and bring them to the bedroom and no peeking,” she says as she enters the house.

“Yes Mistress” I say and then quickly do as she bids.

I open the trunk and see that it is full, some smaller bags, some larger bags, the bigger bags intrigue me more as I notice they are from our favorite hardware store. I grab as many as I can of the smaller bags, bring them in first, and then go out to begin unloading the bigger bags. The bigger bags are definitely are heavier than the smaller ones as I expected so I can only carry two at a time. After about ten minutes I finally have everything out of the trunk and into the bedroom. I shut the trunk after making sure I didn’t miss anything, then return to the bedroom and kneel to wait for further instructions.

Mistress comes out of the bathroom with only her robe on so I know she’s undressed while in there, I can only presume it’s to show off what she’s bought today. It’s only then do I realize I gave her my card this morning when she left and as I look about I doubt there is much left on my card if anything.

“Oh don’t worry I didn’t completely drain your account” Mistress says as she gives me that smirk I hate seeing upon her face.

“Thank you Mistress that is of some relief” I say quietly.

She laughs and then goes over to a small pink bag that I know is from Victoria’s Secret.

“Take off your underwear and put this on” Mistress says.

“Yes Mistress” I say and then stand up and remove my underwear.

It is only when I look up do I see what she has in her hand, my face must have gone white as she started laughing.

“Put it on now” Mistress says sternly.

“Yes… Yes Mistress” I say though somehow my voice seems to have left me.

I take the pink lacy panties from her and put them on over my chastity device. I stand there letting the odd feeling sink in for a moment.

“They fit fine Mistress” I say quietly and while blushing.

I’m completely humiliated and she knows it. This is the first time in a long time she’s humiliated me and I now know how the evening will go. Tonight she is going to humiliate me, to what extent I don’t know yet but I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough.

She watches me as I stand there in the pink panties she has bought me today, she knows I’m struggling within myself and she seems to be enjoying it. She doesn’t say anything to me for a few minutes but continues rummaging through the bags in search of something else.

“You look good slave and I’m glad they fit, now put this on as well,” she says as she holds out a pink collar with hearts on it.

“Yes Mistress” I say quietly and then take the collar from her and put it on.

“Tonight we’ll have a guest and you will wear nothing but what you have on” she says.

“Yes Mistress” I say quietly knowing it’s better for me not to argue with her.

“Good slave now take these bags out to the shed and again no peeking,” she says.

“Mistress please let me put on a robe I don’t want the neighbors to see me like this” I say.

“The neighbors won’t see you like that as I’ve already taken care of that you should know that by now. For not following orders you will receive 10 with the crop,” she says.

“Yes… Yes Mistress” I say quietly and then pick up the bags she has pointed to.

I had forgotten that last week I was made to make a closed in walkway to the side entrance of the tool shed. I take the bags to the tool shed, then return to her, and kneel. When I return I notice she has quickly slipped on a red satin negligee with a slit up the left side that stops just short of showing any panties she might have on.

The look upon my face must have said it all, “I see slave likes this one,” she says with a smile.

“Mmm I do Mistress it makes you even sexier than you already are Mistress,” I say.

“Thank you slave and I do hope our guest will like it as much as you do slave,” she says.

“I’m sure they will Mistress,” I say knowing better than to disagree with her.

“Ok slave that is all you get to see, go make me some dinner but nothing too heavy as I want to enjoy myself tonight,” Mistress says.

“Yes Mistress, would a nice grilled chicken salad be enough Mistress?” I say and ask.

“Mmm that sounds perfect slave,” she says.

“Yes Mistress” I say and then leave.

As I grill the chicken, I can hear Mistress getting the rest of the stuff out of the bags and of course, my curiosity is at full peak. I wonder what is in the remaining bags, how she will continue to humiliate me tonight, and with who she plans to humiliate me with. Once the chicken is done grilling, I cut it into edible pieces and lay the pieces along the edges, as Mistress likes them. I then set the salad, dressing, wine glass, and wine bottle on the table. I then go tell Mistress dinner is ready, as I stand in the doorway to our bedroom I am once again stopped dead in my tracks as I see her.

“Wow” I say in surprise of what she is now wearing.

She laughs, “Now that is a look worth a thousand dollars,” she says with a smile.

“Mistress, may I touch it please?” I ask.

“You may slave,” she says.

I crawl to her, then rest my ass upon my heels, and then reach up to touch the very realistic cock protruding from her waist. We had talked about buying one and her using it on me but until now it had been just that, talk.

“Mmm Mistress it feels so real” I say as I touch it, my cock trying to grow hard but it can’t because of the chastity.

“I’m glad you like it slave as you’ll be getting to know this cock of mine real well over the next few days,” she says as she looks down at me.

“Mmm yes Mistress” I say quietly.

“Is my dinner ready slave?” she asks.

“Yes Mistress” I say.

“Good then follow me”, she says.

sexy in black

I crawl after her, watching the cock swing and bounce in front of her, as she walks. She sits down in the chair once she’s at the kitchen table, she adjusts her cock so that it is pointing downward a bit, and then nods her head at me. I kneel up so that I can pour her some wine from the bottle and then kneel back down to wait for instructions.

“Suck my cock while I eat slave,” she says.

“Yes Mistress” I say with a smile though I’m nervous, as I’ve never done such a thing before.

I begin sucking her cock as she eats, “easy watch the teeth slave,” she says as she looks down upon me.

“Yes Mistress” I say quietly and quickly then get back to work on her cock.

Mistress continues to eat her salad and drink her wine while I work on her phallus, from time to time she critiques me but mainly she just lets me work on it while she eats.

Just as she finishes eating, we hear the doorbell ring, “go answer it slave” she says sternly and then takes a drink, quickly removes the strap-on from around her waist, and then sets it on the kitchen chair until later.

“Yes Mistress” I say even though I know I’m fixing to be even more humiliated when this stranger sees me in my current attire.

I go to the front door, unlock it, and open it, my mouth drops open when I see the black behemoth before me.

He laughs, “You must be the slave Kiki talked about” he says as he enters in.

“He is, welcome Tyrone,” Mistress says as she hugs him.

I quickly shut the door and lock it.

“Mmm Kiki I like it very much, your description of it does it no justice to actually seeing it,” Tyrone says as he sees her.

Mistress and Tyrone then lock in a passionate kiss and grope each other for a few minutes.

“Slave this is Tyrone he’s going to be our new lover” Mistress says with a smile.

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