The Step Children

sitting on his face

My friends had always warned me about the dangers of getting involved with a woman who has children by another man, especially teenagers. Yet, when I met Cindy those warnings were easily ignored. It seemed that Cindy and I were two pieces that completed a puzzle. Our relationship was easy and natural. We shared the same interests, values, and enjoyed wonderful sexual chemistry. The more I got to know Cindy the more I came to love her and after only a couple of months of courtship, we were engaged to be married.

One of the aspects of my relationship with Cindy that I truly came to treasure was the kinky sex we had. Before meeting Cindy I had never really had any truly incredible sexual experiences. Sex was good, but there was not much to talk about. Cindy changed everything. The first time I saw her long sandy blonde hair framing her soft-featured face I was drawn to her. As I got closer it was impossible to lose contact with her deep hazel eyes. Cindy’s figure was just to my taste as well; curvy and voluptuous. We chatted and began sharing intimate details of our lives rather quickly. On our third date, we made love for the first time. Cindy asked me to choke her and, although I was hesitant at first, I eventually complied. Cindy and I soon began to meet up for sex regularly. Each time the sex became a little wilder. Before I met Cindy I thought it was kinky if the woman was on top of me. Now I was taking kink to a whole new level. I had tied Cindy up, spanked her, choked her, slapped her and all sorts of other things I never would have even considered if she had not suggested them.

Cindy had two kids; Luci and Henri. Luci was sixteen years old and ignored me for the most part. She was a beautiful young girl with long naturally light blonde hair. Luci’s eyes were an emerald green and they had a way of expressing whatever emotion Luci sought to portray without her facial features changing in the slightest. When she smiled Luci had cute dimples and an adorable little wrinkle in her nose. She was fully developed, though not as curvy as her mother. Luci was athletic too. She loved soccer, tennis, and going for runs. Other than that I did not feel like I knew Luci very well when I married Cindy. Cindy assured me that Luci was a smart girl that cared deeply for her brother and was really going to go places. Henri on the other hand worried Cindy a great deal.

Henri had been a talkative little boy according to Cindy, but by the time he was 7 or so he began to withdraw. Cindy was concerned that Henri was depressed or suffered from a mental illness. Once Henri had withdrawn he never reemerged. Now, he was fifteen years old and had no friends except Luci. Luci seemed to be the only person Henri trusted. Cindy wanted to see Henri show an interest in girls. He was a good looking young man, lean and toned. He had sandy blonde hair and hazel eyes like his mother. When I first met him I was impressed by how polite Henri was and had hoped that perhaps, as a male influence in his life, I could bring him out of his shell.

After Cindy and I were married I tried to take a more active role in the lives of her children, but mostly found myself being shutout. I did not make an issue of it though. The first few months Cindy and I lived together were true marital bliss. She quit her job as a legal secretary at my urging and stayed home to work with me. I ran an accounting business out of the house and it was nice to have the extra help. Cindy and I took regular breaks throughout the day to enjoy each other. For the first time in my life, I did not feel lonely and I actually began to enjoy my work. Yet, I began to feel there was an odd dynamic between Cindy and her children that needed to be addressed. Cindy was not given enough respect and I felt her kids were headed in a bad direction. When I brought it up with Cindy she became emotional. Cindy said that Luci had a sharp tongue, but always brought home good grades and gained the praise of her coaches. Henri was quiet and Cindy admitted she was worried about him but was not sure where to start. I told Cindy I would slowly begin to assert myself and see if it helped. She thanked me and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Then it happened. The other shoe dropped and less than a year into our marriage everything changed in a way that could never be fully reversed. Cindy and I were asleep. Suddenly I heard the door slam shut and the loud sound of heels coming up the stairs. Cindy stirred and went back to sleep, “Looks like you are handling this one.” I went out into the hallway and saw Luci dressed in a short denim skirt and a tight pink tank top. Luci looked at me when she reached the top of the stairs and her eyes said, “Back the fuck off,” though she did not speak a word. “Where have you been?” I asked calmly. “Go to bed George,” Luci whispered in a firm voice. “I asked you a question,” I replied in a stern but controlled fashion. “Yes, you did George,” Luci said with a smirk, “and I gave you a command. Obey me if you love my mother, think about that. Now, I am a little bit stoned and heading for bed.” I tried to think of the proper response, but Luci didn’t give me time to think. Before I could say a word she went into her bedroom and slammed the door in my face. I opened it quickly before Luci had a chance to turn the lock.

Luci’s eyes were a raging storm of green fury that screamed, “You’ll live to regret this!” at me, but I assured myself if I am man enough to become the master of the mother I could easily tame the daughter who had obviously gone too long without proper discipline. “Get out of my room and never open my door again,” Luci growled, as I stood in the doorway. Henri, whose bedroom was in the basement, began creeping up the steps. “Did you bring a friend home too?” I asked Luci. “You are a disgusting pervert George,” Luci spat at me, “I saw you choking my mother and her calling you ‘master’. It made me sick.” I was astonished. Cindy and I had always been careful not to play when the kids were home. If we did it was always quiet and behind the privacy of our locked bedroom doors. Before I could respond Henri was standing behind me looking animalistic. I thought he was ready to pounce, but then Luci asked him to go back to bed and assured him everything was fine. He nimbly bounded down the steps without a sound.

I turned back to Luci and told her I was sorry if she saw anything that upset her. I made her understood that what her mother and I did was consensual. Yet, I also told her it did no excuse her sneaking out and coming home in the middle of the night stoned. Then I asked Luci, “So what are we going to do about this?” Her reply was short and sweet, “We aren’t going to do a thing right now George. We are going to get some sleep and it will all be handled in the morning.” It seemed fair enough. I did not have the energy for kicking and screaming fight at the time anyway. “In the morning when Cindy is there to back me up I will nail her little ass,” I thought to myself, as Luci closed the door in my face for the second time that night.

When I woke up the next morning Cindy was sitting at the kitchen table with a bowl cereal in front of her that she had obviously not touched. “What’s the matter Sugar Pie?” I asked nonchalantly, as I grabbed some oatmeal out of the pantry. “Sit down George, we have to talk,” Cindy said with an icy tone I had never heard her use. “Is this about Luci sneaking out and getting high?” I inquired. “Not really,” Cindy began, “This is more about you George. Luci told me about you coming into her room last night.” I was beginning to feel my blood boiling and interrupted, “You are pissed at me for going in her room after she slammed the door in my face? That little brat admitted she was stoned!” Cindy put a single up to mouth as if to signal, “Hush,” and I fell silent. Then Cindy began again, “George I know that Luci smokes a little weed now and then. I don’t care. It is better that she smoke than drink in my opinion. I am also aware that she sneaks out once in a while. I don’t like it and if I knew she were out that late I would worry sick about her, but kids will be kids. However…however,” Cindy trailed off crying. Finally, in an even voice regaining control of herself Cindy said, “However what I can’t accept is living with a man that makes sexual passes at my daughter. Henri told me that he heard a door slam and when he came up stairs to check it out you were in Luci’s room groping her. Did you touch Luci in a sexual way George, did you hit her?”

I swore to Cindy on our love and everything sacred that I had not laid a hand on Luci. I told Cindy the exact details of everything that had happened. I assured her that although Luci was a beautiful young girl I was not attracted to her in a sexual way whatsoever and that I thought we should have a family meeting that included the kids. Cindy shook her head. She told me that she believed me, but that perceptions of events vary from person to person and that a meeting would devolve into name-calling. She said the versions of what happened were so different that I would be calling the kids liars and they be calling me a liar. Cindy made me promise to stay out of the kid’s business and told me that from now she would deal with their discipline. I told her it was fine with me so long as they weren’t running wild. We assured each other of our mutual love and Cindy even joked that we’d have the house to ourselves in couple of years. Yet, I could tell that something didn’t feel exactly the same. I no longer felt like the head of the household and wondered if I even had a place in this “family”. I knew that if we were going to make things work I would have to regain Cindy’s respect, get to the bottom of Henri’s lies and tame Luci.

Cindy left to attend a charity event she had arranged and I sat in our bedroom brooding over the events of the night before. By mid-afternoon I decided I had to confront Henri about his accusations. In my mind, the first step to tackling this problem was getting Henri on my side. I headed down to Henri’s room in the basement and on the way down the stairs I was overwhelmed by the distinct smell of marijuana. It really pissed me off, because I had been very clear that I did not want drugs in my house. I flung Henri’s door open and was completely stunned by what I saw.

Luci and one of the soccer teammates were naked on Henri’s bed. The two athletic young teenagers were squirming around and each had their head buried in the other’s crotch. Henri was kneeling next to the bed clutching a pair of panties to his face and stroking his long rock hard member, as he watched the girls please each other. My entry into the room initially caused the three horny teens to look at me, but then they simply went back to their orgy. The lust in the room was obvious and they started completely ignoring my presence. For a moment I just stood there watching Luci hungrily lapping at the dripping pussy of her foxy little friend. Luci’s friend had long auburn hair, tan skin, a tight round ass and large bouncy tits. The two of them intertwined and lost in each other’s pussies made my dick wiggle just a bit. Then I caught myself and screamed, “What the fuck is wrong with you kids! You are brother and sister for crying out loud!”

As I was yelling Henri blew his load and lurched forward moaning. Luci sat up on her side and glared at me with her powerful green eyes. Her look conveyed a clear message, “Get involved or get out,” but she did not say a word. Luci’s friend turned toward me for the first time and said to Luci, “Your step-dad would be hot if he shaved the beard and got his hare cut. I love men with salt and pepper hair, but right now he looks a bit too much like an overweight Kenny Loggins.” Luci laughed and agreed, “Oh my god, George does look like a pudgy Kenny Loggins, doesn’t he Molly?” I felt embarrassed, angry and scared all at the same time. These kids were different than I was at there age. They seemed to have no sense of authority or shame. “You need to go Molly. Henri and Luci get dressed. Meet me up stairs because we need to talk,” I growled, feeling adrenaline coursing through my veins. I slammed the door and as I turned for the stairs I overheard Luci say, “Clean up Henri’s mess Molly.”

I sat at the kitchen table for what seemed like an hour, my mind racing. Finally, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Molly popped her head into the kitchen and I told her she was no longer welcome in our home. Without saying a word Molly strode over to me and pulled down her tight soccer shorts. I couldn’t help noticing that the carpet matched the drapes, as Molly ran her finger along her pussy slit. “I want to suck your fat fucking cock,” Molly whined. My dick became stiff in my pants and I felt my mouth become dry. Molly dropped to her knees and reached for my zipper, but at the last second I caught myself. I pushed Molly’s hands away from me and left the house to go for a ride in my truck.

When I returned to the house that evening I was expecting a shit storm. Yet, everything was cheery. Cindy, Henri and Luci were all watching television together in the living room. From the look of their eyes, I could tell the kids were stoned, but I chose not to make an issue of it. Cindy smiled when she saw me and asked me to join her on the couch. That night when Cindy and I went up to the bedroom I planned on addressing the events of the day with her, but wasn’t sure how to start. Before I could get into it, Cindy caught me by surprise. “I was a naughty slut, today Master,” she moaned, squeezing her tits together. “What did you do?” I asked, becoming aroused. “I got drunk at the fundraiser,” Cindy whispered. I threw Cindy on the bed and pinned her wrists down with my hands. “Looks like you’re in for it,” I warned. After cuffing her to the bed and gagging Cindy’s mouth with her own panties and a ball gag, I pinched her nipples. She began breathing heavily, as I kissed the smooth skin around the nape of her neck. “I’m gonna fuck your shit-hole,” I said softly, as I spread Cindy’s generous ass-cheeks. “Please don’t Master,” she wailed, bucking her hips as I entered her ass with only my spit as a lubricant. Cindy and I were moving as one and I felt myself nearing climax when our door swung open.

Luci stood in the doorway screaming bloody murder, while I was butt-fucking and choking her mom. I felt myself become flaccid and Cindy gurgled, trying to talk with a ball gag and panties stuck in her mouth. “How the fuck did you get open the door?” I hollered at Luci. Without answering my question Luci cried, “Stop attacking my mom! Someone’s breaking into the house!” I heard the sound of a window shattering and thought that for once Luci may be telling the truth. I did not bother putting on clothes and retrieved a pistol from my nightstand. Then I ran down the stairs to see what was happening. When I finished looking around downstairs and outside I couldn’t see any signs that someone had been on our property. Immediately I began to suspect that Luci and Henri had planned this stunt, but I didn’t have any proof. I knew Luci had a way of spying on Cindy and I in our bedroom. I knew Luci had a way of opening our bedroom door when it was locked. I was almost certain Luci and Henri had conspired to come barging in on Cindy and I during sex, but the problem was that I couldn’t prove any of it.

I needed to get Cindy on my side or I would lose her if I went to war with her kids. I loved Cindy and couldn’t imagine returning to a life without her. So, I kept my mouth shut and went back upstairs to the bedroom, wrapped in a blanket. Cindy, Henri and Luci were all huddled together on the bed. “No one’s out there,” I told them, “I checked all around outside. It must have been a prank.” When the kids were out of the room Cindy told me she had explained to them I wasn’t abusing her and that our sexual play was consensual. I wanted to tell her about Luci and Henri’s sexual play, but thought better of it. I still needed proof of all their bad behavior.

The next couple of weeks went by without any serious incidents. Luci was a totally disrespectful bitch towards me and Henri was almost always holed up in his bedroom. The smell of weed lingered in the house most of the time, but I had decided if all they did was smoke a little pot I could live with that. Then Cindy’s favorite aunt fell ill and she had to go out of town to care for her. I worried that being alone with the kids would spell trouble and I was right. On the first Friday night Cindy was gone groups of teenagers began showing up at the house. When the initial group arrived I figured I wouldn’t complain if the kids had a few friends over. When the second group arrived I took a picture to show Cindy how many kids were at our house and that they had alcohol. Then I proceeded to tell them to leave or I would call the police. Luci told her friends to stay and asked to have a word with me upstairs. “You don’t want to talk here. Trust me George,” Luci laughed, as Henri smirked and nodded. Upstairs Luci handed me a photograph of Molly kneeling naked from the waste down between my legs. “I should have known,” I thought, tearing the picture in two. “We got copies, George,” Luci smiled, as she headed back down the stairs, “now stay in your room and don’t embarrass yourself. Remember, Molly is only sixteen.”

I felt my blood boiling, as Luci accepted a mixed drink from a boy at the bottom of the stairs. She looked up at me with a sly smile and her emerald green eyes told me, “I own you now.” Yet, I was not broken. “It was my house and I was smarter than these kids, though, “I may have to play their games for now, but I’ll bide my time. Once I catch them in their web of lies they will pay.”

Sunken deep into the recliner, feeling numb and unable to move, I watched as Luci and Henri fervently locked lips. Molly watched sitting Indian-style and puffing on a blunt, which she passed to me. I coughed as I inhaled the heavy smoke, but was surprised by the sweet fruity flavor the weed left in my mouth. Henri lay onto his back, hissing, “Please, please, please…” as he stared deeply into Luci’s eyes. “Nope,” Luci cooed, as she crawled up Henri’s body, straddling him. Then she took a seat atop his face and Henri tongue-fucked her shimmering sex passage, as she howled in delight. Henri’s long swollen pecker wagged, as he brought his sister to climax and her cum ran into his mouth. Molly once again handed me the blunt, taking Henri’s prick in a tense iron grip, tugging and pumping his pulsating member until it spewed forth a mammoth load of thick joy juice, which Molly sucked off his tummy with bravado.

The rest of the night I can only recall in bits and pieces, like cropped photographs being quickly shuffled before my eyes. I can’t be certain of whom or how many, but I have some recollection of devouring pussy after soaking wet pussy, the pain of my penis being unable to stiffen making my whole body ache. I was whipped, but by who or why I couldn’t tell you. I think at one point Henri was completely naked, walking on his hands across the middle of the room, while the others lounged on either side of the room, smoking marijuana and drinking booze. I am pretty sure I passed out in the bathtub, though how I got there I couldn’t tell you. I remember being awakened by loud noises and seeing one of Luci’s sexy young teammates puking in the toilet, next to the tub, while another girl held her hair out of her face.

When I awoke the next morning, I was not in the tub, despite being nearly certain I had been sleeping in there at some point in the night. What had really happened and what had all been part of my surreal nightmares was impossible to distinguish. The reality of what went on was simply a blur. I reached down to caress my cock, but became aware the whole night was not a dream, as I noticed the contraption was still attached to me. My stomach sunk and my heart skipped a beat, realizing Luci had me under her control in a very physical sense.

Then I remembered the “make-over” and hurried to the mirror to see what the kids had done to me. Much too my surprise, they had done an amazing job. I knew that I needed to update my appearance and the kids had done an effective job. My hair was short, but trim and stylish. Even though I had never been able to part with my beard on my own, the lack of facial hair gave my look a little more class. “I’m no chunky Kenny Loggins now,” I thought, “more like a husky George Clooney.” Although the make-over had been an improvement, I was not happy with what had happened the night before. In fact, the new look gave me a little more self-confidence and made me even more determined to reign in the kids.

I went downstairs with forced gusto and a nervous stomach. My hands were trembling as I approached Luci and Henri in the kitchen. The kids were sitting at the table eating brightly colored sushi. I couldn’t help but notice the way Luci slowly clenched her teeth around raw meat and crushed it, as it tore in two between her sharp incisors, her lips gliding across the pink flesh. Henri on the other hand chomped and throttled his food like a dog that hadn’t been fed recently. Both eyed me with amused anticipation.

“How are y’all doing this morning,” I asked, placing my hand down on the counter and meeting their gazes. “Morning?” Luci giggled, covering her mouth, “It’s nearly 6 p.m.” I was astonished. “We were wondering if you were dead,” Luci began, as Henri whispered something into her ear. I couldn’t make out what Henri said exactly, but I thought I heard the words, “too much in his drink.” “I am fine,” I retorted collecting my thoughts. “So they put GHB in my beer or something,” I concluded in my mind, “If I can drug them, perhaps I can turn the tables. After all once I felt the effects of the drug I couldn’t deny their requests, why should they be able to deny my orders?” “You stink George. Go shower,” Luci commanded, and I obeyed, as I plotted my next step.

That night I was unable to sleep. Perhaps it was the fact that I woke up so late, or maybe it was everything I had on my mind. I took a stroll through the house and noticed that both of the kids were gone. I carefully rummaged through their rooms in search of the GHB I suspected they had put in my drink. “I’ll never find it,” I thought, but then I came up with an idea. I was going to enlist the help of my friend Doug. Doug was a trust fund baby that was really into weight lifting. I had heard him mention using GHB and I knew he would be intrigued by my predicament. “I’ll call Doug,” I decided, “but first I’ll use this time with the house to myself.” I began making peepholes into both of the kids’ rooms. Now I would know what they were up to.

The next couple of days went better than I had thought they would. Henri ignored me and passed by me in the house like a specter without saying a word. Luci teased me occasionally, holding it over my head that she had control of my dick. She also told me that from now on I was to address her as, “Highness,” even when Cindy was around. Cindy’s return home from her aunt’s place couldn’t come soon enough in some ways, however, in other ways I dreaded it because I did not want Cindy to see the way Luci had subjugated me. For the most part there were no major incidents though and nothing of note happened until Henri slipped me a note one morning on his way out of the house.

The note Henri handed me read simply, “Accept Luci’s reign or else”. “Was Henri running this show? Was Luci simply his puppet or was he her slave too?” so many questions raced through my head, as I read and reread the note. Suddenly the phone rang and it was Cindy, asking me if the kids had told me she was going to be home. “No, they…they didn’t mention that,” I stuttered, looking around the house that was trashed from their partying. I began scurrying about trying to pick up crap that was strewn about the living room. “Well I’m pulling into the drive-way,” Cindy beamed, “I’ve been missing you something awful and can’t wait for you to fuck my brains out.” My attempt to talk was stifled by the arid desert that was my throat, “I, uh…umm, have other ideas for you,” I rasped.

Cindy was shocked by the state of disrepair the house was in. I explained that the kids didn’t listen to me and had some parties. I told Cindy that I had a plan to deal with the kids disrespect, but I did not fill her in on any of the details. Nor did I tell her about Luci caging my dick and making me her slave. Cindy agreed that she had never been able to discipline the kids either and suggested that we “Kill the kids with kindness, saying, “They are good kids. Show them you love them and they will come along.”

“Sure,” I replied, not buying it, “I’ll even call Luci, ‘Highness’ you know that is what she wants Cindy?” Cindy laughed, “Oh Luci was just teasing you. She does fancy herself something of a princess. Speaking of which, you are looking like a very regal Master. I love the new look Sir. At least I came home to one good surprise.”

I took Cindy upstairs and laid her spread-eagle out across the bed, binding her wrists to the bed frame. “Please take it slow! I’m a virgin.” Cindy whimpered in a little baby voice. It was her favorite role play. “You think I’m going to pass up a chance to fuck that sweet twat?” I growled, slapping the insides of her bounteous thighs. “Just take it, easy Master,” Cindy winced, feeling the sting of my blows. I began to whip feverishly with a cat-o-nine-tails and hatched a plan, “Since I can’t fuck you because of Luci’s cage on my cock, I might as well make this scene about denial.”

My whipped cracked loudly against Cindy’s reddening breasts. “Please have mercy Master,” Cindy squealed, as I continued to whip her relentlessly. “Red, ReD, RED!!!” Cindy hollered, calling out our safe-word to end the scene. “If you can’t take what I have to give you then, I won’t fuck you,” I said to her coldly, “Let’s see how you like this dildo.” Cindy was pissed.

Cindy ordered me to release her and told me that she felt I was taking out some sort of frustration on her. She made it clear we wouldn’t be playing for a while. “It’s for the best right now,” I thought, “I can’t even get naked in front of you right now without you finding out about the contraption Luci has on my dick,” Cindy told me she was going out and needed to clear her head. I sensed she was mad, figured I went too far and decided to give her some space.

Once Cindy was gone I peered into Henri’s room. He and Luci were lying naked together on the bed talking. From where I had created my peephole it was difficult to make out everything that was being discussed. Yet, I was able to gather that Henri really wanted to fuck his sister Luci. Several times he raised his voice whining, “Why? Why do you torture me like this? Why won’t you allow me inside you, Luci?”

Luci’s response was too quiet for me to hear, but Henri seethed, “I’m not going to FUCK Molly. I’d much rather keep my virginity. I am keeping it for you and you alone.” Luci smiled at him and traced along the side of his face with her finger. Henri kissed her softly, running his hand through her long blonde hair. Luci kissed him back, massaging his earlobe. Then Henri slid down the bed and began to plant wet open mouth kisses on Luci’s pussy. Luci giggled a little, accentuating her dimples and her twinkling green eyes stared up at the ceiling, as she came.

I was starting to feel a bit too much like a voyeur of my stepchildren and I turned away. Nothing that was going on would help me get back into my position as head of the household. The thought of videotaping Henri and Luci’s incest crossed my mind, but I doubted it would really give me any leverage because the kids had no shame. I called my friend Doug and explained to him everything that happened since the night I caught Luci sneaking in stoned. I told him about the lies they told Cindy. I told Doug about the orgy the kids forced me to take part in and I told him about how Luci had my dick locked up.

Doug took a keen interest in everything that had happened to me. He asked many follow-up questions and I trusted Doug would be an excellent ally in my battle to get control of my house back. Doug and I set up a meeting for the upcoming weekend. He agreed to bring GHB and was eager to meet Cindy, Henri and Luci. I was confident that my plan would allow me to triumph over the kids and I was happy that Dough was on board with me, as he had always been a true friend. After hanging up with Doug, I thought, “Now to get through the next few days.”

That night when Cindy returned home, she was openly hostile toward me. It hurt a whole lot. Luci, Henri and Molly were lounging on the couch together in the family room. Luci ordered me into join them, “Come watch television with us George.” I headed into the room, not wanting to stir up any trouble. “When I speak you obey and acknowledge me George,” Luci gloated, “Do you have something you would like to say to me?” I felt my face warm with embarrassment, “Sorry your Highness. I will do better in the future your…” I trailed off as Cindy made her way into the room. “Why didn’t you finish what you were saying George,” Luci said cheerily, while Henri and Molly looked on with satisfaction. “What is going on? What were you saying George?” Cindy inquired with suspicion.

Luci’s devious emerald eyes declared, “Humiliate yourself for my amusement,” though she smirked without saying a word and I recalled Henri’s note to me, “Accept Luci’s reign or else”. The kids had blackmail material. I could only imagine how much they had since the night of the orgy. I had no choice, but to obey for now. “I was just thanking her Highness for inviting me into the family room and apologizing to her Highness for not addressing her properly the first time. I promised her Highness that I would be better in the future,” I explained, with a shaky voice and blushing face, my eyes averted toward the ground. Luci, Henri and Molly all chuckled and exchanged knowing glances. Cindy understood that she was on the outside of an inside joke.

“Are you really going to call Luci, ‘Highness’ George?” Cindy asked, “Did you really think she was serious when she asked you to do that? Is there more going on here that I should know about?” I looked to Luci, who gazed back at me sucking on one of her fingers, while Molly played with Luci’s light blonde hair, and Henri massaged Luci’s feet that were curled up on his lap. “Talk to me George,” Cindy bellowed, with mounting irritation. “What the fuck,” I thought, forcing myself to look Cindy in the eyes, “I might as well lay all the cards out on the table right here and now.”

“Cindy there is a lot of explaining I have to do,” I began, “The kids and I had some issues while you were at your aunt’s place helping to care for her.” Cindy looked on with an expression of horror. Henri watched with cool distant eyes. Luci awaited the spectacle with a devilish grin. Molly kneaded Luci’s shoulder, with her face surrounded by Luci’s hair. I hesitated, as I felt my heart pounding out of my chest and struggled to regain composure. I knew the entire truth had to be told; no crazy scheme involving Doug would solve this predicament. “What ‘issues’ George?” Cindy sneered, “Get on with it already. You’re making me nervous.”

Cindy was angry with me. Yet, she sure looked sexy when she was mad. Cindy’s full red lips formed a scowl that reminded me where Luci got her dimples from. Cindy’s arms folded across her chest highlighted her big luscious tits, and my eyes couldn’t stop drifting down toward them. “The issues were basically all stemming from a lack of respect,” I stated with conviction, feeling Luci and Henri’s eyes molesting me, “I was not showing the kids, Luci in particular, enough respect. How can I expect them to respect me, when I am not showing them respect? You know what I mean Cindy?”

“Am I the world’s biggest vagina?” I wondered, knowing deep down I made the right choice by not spilling the beans. “George I’m confused,” Cindy gasped with exasperation, “Be more clear and tell me everything.” I knew that being honest would just force the kids to use the blackmail and it was possible I would end up in prison. Fear of prison is what forced me to cave in the first place.

“The thing is Cindy,” I began, trying to string together some plausible reason why I would be calling Luci ‘Highness’ and taking responsibility for the kids acting like spoiled brats, “The kids were acting out toward me because I wasn’t being fair to them. I had too high of expectations and I didn’t appreciate how they are each successful in their own way.” Molly burst out laughing, and Cindy asked her to leave, but Luci told Cindy that Molly would be staying.

Cindy gave in and Molly returned to rubbing Luci’s shoulders. “Continue George,” Luci ordered, swinging a ring with a key on it around her finger. “I’ve never had kids. I can be gruff. These kids are smart and they got a sense of humor,” I rambled on bullshitting my way through this humiliating speech, “So yeah, I realized while you were away, Cindy that I needed to change my attitude. The kids and I talked about the rules of the house. Some we agreed on others we didn’t. One rule I agreed to was calling Luci ‘Highness’, I think it is good for her self-esteem.”

Cindy’s brow furrowed, “Well I think it’s strange, but if you and the kids are getting along I can live with,” she sighed, looking very uneasy “Anything else important?” My mind raced, but it wasn’t sure which direction to go, “No. Not really,” I grumbled, looking at the ground. “What’s this key for?” Luci asked me, holding the key she had been twirling up in the air for all to see. “Dun-Dun-Dun,” Henri sang, suddenly springing to his feet, fixing his callous peepers on me, while Molly snickered in amusement.

“The truth is that I don’t know your Highness,” I retorted, putting the ball back in Luci’s court and avoiding exposing Cindy to the cock cage. “Bet you could guess if you tried really hard,” Luci whimpered, as if she was talking to an infant and Molly burst out laughing again. Cindy looked on anxiously. “Is it…Is it the key to my…my…cage your Highness,” I stammered, dreading what seemed to be coming next. “Yes,” Luci said flatly, her wicked green eyes exuding victory and her hands clapping, “Now show my mommy your cage.”

“Yes your Highness,” I groaned, lowering my pants as beads of sweat ran down my face and the overwhelming feeling of humiliation made my skin tingle. “George!” Cindy exclaimed, “Keep your pants on in front the kids.” It was too late though. I had exposed the steel contraption that Luci had forced me into. All three kids laughed hysterically. Cindy took the sight of it in for a second, “What happened while I was gone?” she gasped.

“I took ownership of George the same way I own you,” Luci chimed in a rhythmic tone, jabbing Cindy hard in the ribs, while Molly lit a joint and Henri crouched like a tiger waiting to pounce. “George doesn’t know about that,” Cindy mumbled, as if trying to put a cat back into a bag it has already leapt out of. “You see George,” Luci bragged, “I have as much leverage on my mother as I have on you. Remember when she told you to stay out of disciplining Henri and I? The reason for that is because she has no right to discipline us either. The Master disciplines the slaves and not the other way around. Isn’t that right George?” “Yes your Highness,” I nodded meekly, feeling like I was trapped inside a scary movie.

“Did mother tell you that she had to beg me for permission to marry you?” Luci asked, with sadistic glee beaming from her eyes and a haughty expression gracing her stunning countenance. “No your Highness,” I rasped, trying to keep my composure in the face of pure evil. Unbridled rage coursed through my veins. “Well she did,” Luci crowed, “The only reason I permitted it was to take possession of your money and your home. I like this piece of property and this is an awfully beautiful house you’ve built on it. Now it is mine.” Luci’s eyes expressed her sense of accomplishment.

“Yes your Highness,” I nodded, deciding to go ahead with my plan to enlist Doug’s help as soon as I had the opportunity. Luci and Molly began making out with abandon, while Henri lapped at their feet from his perched position. Then Luci turned to us and ordered Cindy and I upstairs to the bedroom, forbidding us from leaving the room without her permission. As Cindy and I exited the family room, I heard, “Don’t go having any sex up there either,” as Luci mocked us further, adding insult to injury.

Cindy and I began having an intense discussion. She explained that Luci had always been emotionally abusive toward her, but that the older Luci got the more control she asserted over those around her. I was eager to tell Cindy my plan for putting Luci and Henri back in their place. After hearing it Cindy was worried, but she reluctantly agreed to go along with it. Then I looked out the window and saw many of the same teens that had been at the first orgy arriving at the house.

Cindy and I braced ourselves for what was going to come next. We were both terrified that the kids would involve us in their sick sexual decadence. As the night wore on the general din and moaning grew louder. Then the bedroom door swung open. Luci strode in flanked by Molly and Henri, three well built teenage boys followed behind. “Chug this,” Luci barked and shoved a warm glass of beer in my face. I obeyed, but this time it was piss and not the warm beer I had been expecting. It had a salty taste and was hard to get down without gagging. I could almost immediately feel that I had been drugged, but the sensation was less intense than the previous occasion. Henri placed an electrical dog collar around my neck, fastening it with a padlock, while Molly attached one to the cock cage so that she could zap my balls. Then my wrists and ankles were cuffed.

“Ready to get fucked mommy,” Luci snarled, as Molly bound Cindy to the bed posts. I squirmed to help Cindy, but Luci, who had the remote to my neck collar, and Molly, who had the remote to the collar on my balls, both shocked me simultaneously. The electricity was jolting and I fell to the ground. “You’re going to watch this George,” Luci gloated, “You’re going to watch it while I fuck you up the ass.”

Henri harnessed Luci into a strap-on that had a thick nine inch dildo attached to it. Luci spat into her hand, rubbed it onto the dildo and bent me over the bed fucking my ass, while Molly held my head up so I could watch Cindy get fucked. The first young man to screw Cindy had trim brown hair and a tattoo of an eagle on his arm. He entered her slow, but then began plunging into Cindy’s leaking sex-hole with greater and greater authority. “You like it you old cougar,” he sneered, as Luci continued to pound my ass and Molly taunted me about my predicament. I could hear Henri slobbering all over his sister’s ass, kneeling behind her, as she worked up a considerable sweat driving the dildo into my butt-hole at a quickening pace. Then another boy with shaggy blonde hair began slapping Cindy across the face with his cock, as it hardened.

“Was this how the rest of my life would be,” I wondered, with increasing panic and an impending sense of doom. The shaggy haired football player had his sizeable prick in Cindy’s mouth and she was deep-throating it, as her eyes watered and he groaned with satisfaction. My caged pecker was as flaccid as could be. I tried to struggle for a second, angry at the way Cindy was being used, but Molly and Luci zapped me repeatedly, clearly enjoying themselves.

The sturdy young man with the eagle tattoo on his arm, arched his muscular back and shot a load inside of Cindy, who heaved in what looked like a powerful orgasm. “Fucking-A,” he yelled, as he withdrew from Cindy’s quivering pussy, “Fire one off on her face Brett.” The shaggy haired young man, jerked his dick out of Cindy’s mouth and squeezed off a genuine 7 roper orgasm, leaving Cindy’s face covered in vast gobs of pearly jism. My ass was raw, Luci but still jack hammering away, as large droplets of her sweat dripped onto my back, she gave instructions to the young men. One began wiping the cum from Cindy’s face into her open mouth, while the other scooped his load out of her twat, feeding that to her.

Finally, Luci stopped butt-fucking me and climbed across the bed. She crammed the filthy dildo into Cindy’s mouth and made her suck my mess off it. An attempt to bring sanity to the room, caused Molly to zap me further. Molly ordered me onto my back and mounted my face. I gazed up at her dancing auburn hair from between her butt-cheeks, while I thoroughly licked Molly’s tight puckered shit-hole. At the same time, Molly sucked Henri off, pulling on his nut sack with one hand and massaging her clit with the other. I could hear Luci ordering the boy who had not came yet to fuck Cindy’s ass, while the other two boys flogged Cindy’s tits.

The scene repeated itself in several variations a few more times. The three high school jocks kept fucking Cindy, while she kept sucking them off and eating all the cum they had to offer her. Henri paid close attention to Luci and Molly worshipping their bodies with every chance he got. Luci directed the production, with Molly as her assistant and together they tortured me in ways I did not at the time think possible for a man to endure. My ass was fucked and my wife was fucked. I was forced to consume their steamy piss and humiliated as they occasionally broke wind in my face. I was electrocuted and whipped without mercy. Yet, when I didn’t think I could take anymore I did.

“You’re going to love this George,” Luci squealed, like a 1950’s television character saved by Flipper, then she pressed something against my forearm that made me shriek in agony. At the same time Molly pressed something into my other forearm. The carcinogenic smell of over-cooked meat lingered into my nostrils. “They fucking branded me,” I realized, as Luci and Molly agreed that burning me had brought them both to orgasm. Henri laid on the ground nose-to-nose with me, looking me in the eye, observing my reaction to the pain.

The teens exited the room and didn’t return again that night. I remained on the floor, drugged and humiliated. Cindy slept on the bed still tied down. In spite of the sedatives I couldn’t sleep. All I could think of was revenge.

The kids waited until the next evening to release Cindy and me from our bondage. Of course, Luci kept the cock cage on me and the electrical collars too. It was clearly Luci’s house now, as she ordered us around, forcing us to serve her and zapping me when I didn’t obey quickly enough. After a few days under Luci’s brutal rule, I was able to get access to my cell phone and call Doug. Luci wanted me to continue working to bring in money and that allowed me to use my phone. Usually, she monitored my calls, but she was stoned and distracted when I called Doug. Doug couldn’t believe how I had been treated and was eager to come over to help.

When Doug arrived, Luci was livid. “Who’s this?” she shouted, angrily, “Someone is at the door, asking for you George. Did I tell you that you could have visitors?” Cindy asked Luci for permission to exit the bedroom and went downstairs to address the situation. I had decided to alter the plan in a way that Cindy was unaware of because I feared she’d object. Using Cindy and Doug’s arrival as a distraction, I crept down the stairs and attacked Henri.

The boy never saw what was coming when I grabbed him around the waist, hoisted him into the air, and slammed him to the ground. He was too stunned to respond, as I began pounding his head into the floor, cupping it with both of my hands. Luci screamed and ran for the remote to my electrical collars, as I commanded Doug to stop her. Cindy screamed at me to leave her precious son alone.

Needless to say that shit doesn’t always go according to plan. I’m not exactly sure what Luci and Henri’s original plan was, but it changed at some point. My plan wasn’t perfect either. What you didn’t know, that I will reveal, now is that I am writing this story from behind bars. I’ve spent the last eighteen months in prison. I was charged with assaulting Henri, even though he wound up kicking the living shit out of me that night. A bunch of other bullshit charges were brought against me too, relating to providing drugs and alcohol to minors. The kids never did release the photos of Molly and me. Cindy never divorced me either; in fact what I learned the night I attempted to gain my freedom was that Cindy was in on it with the kids. Cindy loves living under Luci’s thumb because Cindy is a submissive bitch. When Luci found out about some friend of mine, named Doug that was supposed to come help me, Luci had Cindy pump me for more specific information, which Cindy then gave to Luci.

Recently, while in prison, I received a typed letter from Luci. It reads, “Thanks for everything George. I really enjoy the house and spending all your money. I bet prison sucks. Too bad for you, huh? Well, I have a proposal for you. You are welcome back into my home, as a husband to my mother and a completely obedient slave to me. She really loves you George. Even though my friends come over and gang-bang her, she is still not satisfied. She really misses you. Henri and I do too a little bit believe it or not. You sure are a fun slave to torture George. So you think it over. Your release is less than a month away. If you come back to us, I promise not to release all of the incriminating photos and videos I have of you. Can you imagine how good Molly would be on a witness stand? She loves drama! I’m sure you’ll make a smart decision. By the way, Doug is an eager little sissy maid, but he’s not good for much more than housework. Nothing humiliates him. In fact, I only keep Doug around because he keeps a clean house and he writes me a fat check every month. I’m sure glad I met him on Fetlife before he came to “help” you. Otherwise, I might be forced to look for a job instead of living off your pal’s trust fund. Can’t wait to see you, Georgey-Boy! I’m confident you’ll prefer being my bitch than being whose ever bitch you are right now. Your Highness, Luci.”

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