The sexiest kidnap ever

blindfolded man

Yaaaaawn… I wake, and lazily open my eyes to see nothing but blackness.

Huh? Why can’t I see? Shit, did I somehow go blind overnight?? I panic for a split second before realizing my eyes are covered by some kind of cloth. Curious. I don’t remember putting on a blindfold. And where am I? Wait, I’m standing up! What the heck, I slept standing up? How did I even stay standing? Man, that was a rough sleep. I feel unbelievably woozy and disoriented, and I can’t move my arms which are strangely held straight above my head…

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Sigh… Oh man, this headache! And what’s that smell hanging under my nose? Kind of sweet, but also reminiscent of rubbing alcohol. Some sort of antiseptic? Nothing’s making any sense right now; just what the heck happened to me last night?

I try to move my arms again. They don’t budge. I pull harder and instead, I feel a tightening pressure around my wrists. I pause. Rope? Oh dear God, so that’s how I remained standing up while unconscious! My hands are tied over my head! And my feet? They’re tied too! Panic fills my senses me again. Where the fuck am I??

“Hello?” I call out. “Is anybody there? Where–”

I stop mid-sentence as feel a hand lie on my cheek. It gently, almost lovingly, caresses my face.

“So…” A voice whispers in my ear, “you’re finally awake.” It was a sexy, lustful voice, the kind some guys pay $5 a minute to hear from a phone sex line. She continues to stroke my hair and I relax a bit. My mind conjures up a vision of a gorgeous dark brunette with bright blue eyes and…

Woah woah woah, back up two seconds here; I’m tied up with no clue where I am, and I’m turned on by possibly the voice of my captor?

I put on my forceful business voice. “Where am I? Who are–” Her hands move to my lips as if to shush me. It reminds me of an adoring mother gently hushing her baby. Mysteriously, I comply.

What am I doing? Shouldn’t I be screaming for help right now? She smells great! What perfume is she using? What the fuck? Jeez I know I haven’t gotten laid in a while now but this is no time to be thinking about oh baby is that her tongue on my nipple? Oh that feels good… No! This is wrong! This feels, amazing! Her hands massaging all over my body… And lower… And, oh my God, have I been naked this whole time? Who is she? What’s happ– oooooooh… I moan a little as I feel her wet lips close around my hardening cock… This is all so bizarre – the last time I did mushrooms was way back when oh God that feels wonderful! My mouth’s hanging open and my eyes roll upwards; all thoughts of alarm and dread wash away. Oooh it’s been so long since I’ve been with a woman… What does it matter where I am or how I wound up here?

I don’t know how much time goes by… I must have passed out again from the pleasure! “Do you know what else I’m going to do to you?”

Hmm? What? Oh yeah, she’s talking to me. I haphazardly fish my mind out of this dream state and open my eyes. Still blindfolded, however I know she is standing at eye level to me now – she stopped sucking my cock.

“I said, do you know what else I’m going to do to you?” I try unsuccessfully to wipe that ridiculous grin off my face. I really had no idea how to reply so I just blurt out the only thought my perverted little male brain can muster. “You’re gonna fuck me!”

“Mmm…” She kisses my lips. She has deliciously tender lips… My ears now, a little lick and a nibble, and the soft whispered words, “I’m going to love you, my darling, just not in the way you think of…”

I didn’t understand. She’s going to make love to me, but there’s no sex? Well, heh heh, I wouldn’t mind another one of those incredible blow– Something cold pressed against my scrotum. Something, sharp? Is that a… Holy fuck that is a knife! I feel its blade trace along the shaft of my penis; suddenly unable to breathe, I struggle hard against the unrelenting ropes. Whatthefuckwhatthefuckwhatthefuckgetmethefuckoutofhere!

“Relax, my dear…”

RELAX?!? YOU DON’T HAVE A FUCKING KNIFE HELD AGAINST YOUR GENITALS! But the knife’s gone now. I let out a temporary sigh of relief. Then silence.

I catch my breath. This isn’t right. This is not where I want to be anymore! “What do you want from me?” I angrily demand. “What the fuck do you on plan on doing to me?!” “Oh, but I thought I just told you!” Came the response in a childish teasing tone. “I’m going to play with you. Hee hee. I’m going to make love to your body alllllll over…”

The blindfold is lifted off my head, and I set gaze upon the most complete and horrific set of torture implements I have ever seen. Various knives and scissors and surgical instruments are neatly arranged on the table in front of me; ropes and chains and whips and clamps hang on the wall; cages and crucifixes and other metal and wooden structures are erected all over the room. And those are just the objects I recognize. My eyes fixate on a particularly nasty looking set of metal spirals; fuck knows what those are for. The unknown ones are the most frightening.

She walks around to face me, and even now I cannot help notice that she is every bit as beautiful as I imagined. Her piercing green eyes and exotic dark brown hair; large, luscious lips that kissed me, and that stunning body! She looks like she just stepped out of a Playboy magazine; perfect, bare breasts; I forget even to blink as I take in the shape of her neatly trimmed sex – just the way I like it. My chin is lifted by a finger; she’s aware that I was just stupidly gawking between her legs.

“You like this, do you?” I watch her slowly, sensually fondle her pussy. I’m still too flabbergasted to speak. What the fuck is all this?! It’s like every man’s fantasy stuck in his worst nightmare!

Lust drips or blood drips

She moves the same fingers across my lips and lets me savour her delicious scent. “You want this?” I sense another throbbing boner coming on. What the fuck is wrong with me? I’m tied up here in this strange torture chamber and in all likelihood about to be tormented to death, and all I can think about is her sexy figure?! I stammer out a weak “yes,” afraid to lie but also afraid of which of her torture devices she may use on me for staring at her body.

She smiles and presses her mouth against mine again. I feel a shiver up my spine as I kiss her back. I can’t stop myself, it just feels too good… Her lips, so soft and tender… I close my eyes and allow my tense muscles to rest once more… Maybe it’s all pretense; she certainly doesn’t look the part of a heartless cruel torturer! Come on this has to be a dream or something, maybe I did smoke too much pot at the club yesterday… Does not make you hallucinate? I start entering another daze, until

“AAAARGH!!” I scream suddenly as pain shoots up my side. My eyes snap open immediately; I see blood dripping down my body and down her knife. She cut me. She fucking cut me! Overwhelmed by anger, I burst out “Fuck you you crazy bitch I’m gonna fucking rip your head off! You let me go right the fuck now! FUCK!!”

She says nothing; just continues to smile at me with that distinctly wild lustful desire in her eyes. I watch her kneel down, and slowly lick my wound to taste my blood. She obviously enjoys it. I repulse at first, then the realization hits me like a brick wall. I understand everything now, why she treated me as a lover, and gently caressed my face and body, fellated me and kissed me passionately, why she showed me her torture collection and now holds me prisoner in her lair: this is her sexual fantasy. There’s no intercourse, yet here she is, sharing with me the most intimate parts of her self. This is her way of making love.

My gaze follows her as she picks up another sharp, curvy metallic instrument off the table, and there’s no more doubt in my mind that she is capable of doing absolutely anything to my body that will fulfill her sadistic pleasures. My breathing gets heavier, my eyes are glued shut; my erection is gone and the only remaining thought in my mind is: “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck…”

I feel her hug as she slowly runs her fingers through my now drenched hair and down the back of my neck. The blindfold is placed back on my head but I’d be too afraid to open my eyes anyway. And then, that sweet, romantic whisper in my ear once again, “sweetheart…” It doesn’t sound the least bit sexy anymore. My pectorals tense as that strange sharp instrument draws along my chest; her tongue drags across my face, licking up my sweat. I cringe at her words.

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“I love you, my darling… So very much.”

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