The Kissing Fetish [erotic]

So I, uh… I’ve got this thing I like.

No, no! You don’t have to… I mean, not if you don’t… I just mean I like it, okay?

I know we just met. I would never make you do anything you felt uncomfortable… sorry, I just get a bit jumpy sometimes. I know it’s fuckin’ weird.

So this thing that I like… promise me you won’t judge me or anything, I mean I’m into all the normal shit too, I do the wax and the paddles and all the… you know what, I can keep it a secret. It’s too soon. Look, I’m just sayin’ that you’re a really lovely girl. I wouldn’t wanna do nothing to make things different between us and… I like the way things are going, is all. I don’t wanna ruin things.

You sure?

Okay okay. Fine. Here goes. Here I go.

I’m really into… mouth stuff. You know? Like when you… when she makes me use my mouth. And she uses her mouth, too. On me.

With my mouth.

I mean, there’s a lotta variety involved. A lotta implements. Some people just, they use their lips, like kinda… there’s all these different kinds of applications, like you can do it real hard and make it a kind of impact thing, or you can do it soft like it’s some sort of sensual play, or you can even do it like a tease… but then sometimes you get people they want to bring in tongues in for the thing. Kind of like a master/slave dynamic where they coax your tongue out and then it goes into their mouth and they just sort of keep it there. It’s a sort of bondage deal, I think. You just put your tongue out and then they hold onto it for a little while, and they wrap their tongue around it, or else maybe they bite into it a little bit. Some people use their teeth too. People’ve got all kinds of teeth.

It’s just kind of… I think I’m what I guess you’d call a switch. I go back and forth, you know? It’s definitely a power dynamic kind of thing. Like sometimes you put your mouth on top and other times you let them… it’s hard to explain. I’d have to show you some time. I mean explain it to you some more. I’ve got some photos if you think you could handle looking at them.

Or maybe not. We don’t have to go there just yet if you’re not feeling it. Or ever, at all. Look, are you really okay with me going on about it like this?

Okay. Okay. Sorry. Sorry sorry. I’m just… anyway.

So it’s kinda like a… sensual submission, kind of thing. Like you can do it really light, and then it just sort of you get caught up in this whole feeling of, the whole mouth is kind of just receptive to this whole sensation, and it’s very subtle but you can do a lot with it, I’ve found, there’s a whole range of ways that you can do it if she’s up for trying things out with you. Like there’s this one move where she puts her tongue around you, but then with her lips she does this kind of… pushes into yours. I mean with a little bit of force. And this one chick I met she liked to put her teeth around my lip and that gave me this whole sorta… does any of this make sense? Does this whole thing make sense to you?

There’s just such a variety there, if you know what I’m saying. Some women just have these large, these really swelled up… I mean, lips come in all sorts of different sizes. And there’s such an exploration going on. You really get to know somebody in a special way, I think. Or it always feels really special to me. I dunno.

And then sometimes they do these things with their eyes, where they’re like… okay, so, you come in real close, right? And your lips part a little bit because you’re so close that they just… want to part, I think. And then what happens is that your eyes close. They just close, just right like that. You can’t see nothin’. But because you can’t see, all the other senses get more… I mean, touch especially. You can feel everything as it touches you. All the lips and the tongue and it…

I don’t really know how to describe it. I just like it a lot, you know.

Sensation deprival.

That’s what they call it. You know, with the blindness and such. And sometimes she’ll let out these little moans, or you’ll get these little smacky lip sounds as she shifts her positions, and I think they call those “binaural”. Because you hear them with both of your ears at once. It’s really somethin’.

Some of the expert ones they do this thing where they, like, they do this thing with their hands, too, in order to accentuate all the… okay, I can demonstrate this part. So sometimes they’ll put their hands around your neck… no, just around this back part right here… and they’ll just kind of lightly pull on your head. Not the hair. The head. Yeah, that’s it, there you go. They just pull your head in a little bit. And that pulls you in towards their mouth region, see? It’s kind of guiding you along. Taking control. You just suddenly you’re right up against their lips and all you have to do is… you just do the thing that comes naturally to you. Whatever that is. It’s not like there’s a wrong answer here, is there.

Well, okay. I’ve seen some pretty wrong answers. But I just do what I can do to relax and to let it all in. The experience in. Not the… I mean, not everybody does that with their tongue, it’s all up to the individual, uh, it’s all just a matter of…

Okay, and there was this one chick I did a scene with, this one total fuckin’ pro, where she took her hand but instead of putting it behind my head, she put it up front. No, open palm. Just right outside the lips here, right on the cheek over… yeah. Yeah. That’s it. That’s it.

Oh, God, that’s so it.

Yeah and I don’t even know what it is, like why do I even like that so much? No, no, keep going. Just stroke it softly along the… no, don’t use your nails like that. Just the fingertips really. And maybe the palm a little. And maybe we should close our eyes a little too.

Just keep… just keep holding my cheek. Yeah just like that.

And I think I’ll put my hand behind your head the way I was sayin’, if you’re okay with me going back here and…




Mngguh. Uhh. Mmmn.



D’you like that?

I can… I can go back in an’…

Mmm. Uh. Ohhh. Oh. Oh.

Yeah. Yeah. Just like that.

It’s okay. You can use your teeth a little too.

No, no, that’s too much.

Yeah, just keep your eyes closed like that. Yeah. I’m gonna try and do a little… nnnnn… mmn, mm, m.

I really like…

I really like it when the…

I really like it when you put your lips out and just curl your tongue up like a…

Mm. Mmm. Okay. Mm. Okay.

Okay. Okay. We can stop. Yeah, we can stop. That was a lot. We can stop. That was really good. I really really liked that. I hope you liked that too. That was really, really good for me.

We can go back and give it another shot whenever. Yeah yeah. No. It’s really no big hurry. That was more than I was… yeah. That was so, so nice. But we can give it a break and you can take some time to think it over.

It’s just this thing I really like, that’s all. It’s pretty special to me, if you know what I mean.

Yeah. Me too. I’m really glad you liked it too.

Alrighty, where’d you put the lube?

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