The guide to Small Penis Humiliation (SPH)

Small penis humiliation (SPH) is more common than most know and is something that is not damaging, just as long as participants communicate and understand what it is: a form of role-playing and teasing by consenting adults.

Quite often, men who enjoy this fetish might not necessarily have a small penis. Typically, it plays on overall feelings of inadequacy, rejection, and jealousy, toying with emotions related to ego. Men who enjoy this fetish often crave embarrassment or humiliation, typically at the hands of a confident woman. Getting aroused by being teased about the size of one’s manhood stems from a deeper psychological issue, often not related to penis size at all. For some, it may have stemmed from a childhood experience or an embarrassing incident that has since evolved into a sexual outlet.

My advice to men: be open and honest with your partner, even if it is a little embarrassing. It can be daunting or scary to admit to your partner what turns you on. Some men feel shame or embarrassment about being aroused by this fetish. Clearly, if she loves you, she might be reluctant to purposefully put you down. Communication is key here. She is not a mind reader. Be open and honest with your partner, explain what about this fetish turns you on and what you’d like her to do or say.

My advice to women: be open to exploring new ideas, and try to understand why it appeals to your man. Believe it or not, some women also enjoy this fetish as they have the opportunity to explore their dominant side. It can be fun to explore new kinky ideas as a couple. Just remember men who crave this fetish like to be reminded of their shortcomings on a regular basis. Ease into it. Don’t be mean, be playful.

There are many degrees of intensity to this fetish. Below I will give a number of mild examples of small penis humiliation you can engage in with your partner in the name of fun.


Some women draw a distinction between a cock and a penis. A cock is big, powerful, manly, and masculine. A penis is small, little and cute. My research indicates that some women do not like the word penis because it is far too clinical and chooses to use the word dick instead. When playing with your partner, do not refer to his member as a cock. From now on whenever you talk about his penis, make sure you preface that word with the appropriate adjective. You may refer to his member as little, small, tiny, insy, below average, polite, cute, sweet or adorable.

Just remember to frequently acknowledge his lack of manhood, especially out of the bedroom, subtle reminders of his lack of masculinity will drive him wild, especially when done in public. Don’t be shy to wave your pinky at him from time to time or even flashing him the small dick sign (holding up your thumb and index finger with a smirk). Baby talk, condescension and mockery goes a long way when it comes to small penis humiliation. This goes hand in hand with insinuating he is overcompensating for having a slender member by taking part in regular male heterosexual activities such as: lifting weights, opening a pickle jar, playing sports or lifting anything heavy. The aim is to deflate his ego and make him feel particularly silly. “Aww sweetness, your poor widdle ego! Are you overcompensating for something? It’s okay, I know you’re ‘fun-sized’. No need to pretend around me”. You might even take it to extremes and insinuate his member is ‘feminine’. A real man has a ‘cock,’ but he has a ‘cute petite penis’. Give it a girly name such as Wilma or Nancy. You might call him by this name when you are out in public or hanging out with your group of friends. It will drive him wild.

Mentioning Past Experiences

If you are reluctant to, make a name up or come up with a fictitious character. Essentially, you are comparing your partner to your former lover: someone who was far more endowed, more talented, and more satisfying in bed. Part of the fantasy is conjuring up feelings of inadequacy. Jealousy also plays a major role. Most men ask their partners what they think of their size if they measure up or not. You could respond with, “I’ve had much bigger, my ex, Derek, was almost double your size” these comments will drive your man crazy. You could even hold your fingers in the circle of his supposed girth and rub it over your partner’s member, barely touching him. To heighten the experience you could even take out a ruler and measure your partner, illustrating how much bigger your former lover was (even if it is make-believe, which it probably is). You could go on mention how much more stamina he had, or how much more confidence he had, or how much more pleasure you got from a larger, more superior man. You might even mention nicknames you had for your ex’s cock such as: King Kong, Thor or Powertool, all the while making comparisons to his much smaller member, “Although Derek had a hugely powerful weapon between his legs, you know I still love your sweet, cute little button. It’s so safe and non-threatening”.

The media has brainwashed most men into believing that women love the look of a larger penis. That woman will fall in admiration of an endowed Adonis and worship him. Clearly, this is just a silly male fantasy. Although some women do prefer men with larger penises, my research suggests that most women do not care. Regardless, when we are discussing small penis humiliation, it goes hand in hand with feelings of jealousy, or inadequacy and of envy. For him, to be compared to someone who you have been intimate with, who possessed a larger member will drive him crazy with sexual desire, “It’s funny, I could hold Derek’s huge monster cock with both hands, I couldn’t even wrap my fist around it. But, your sweet little mushroom barely fits in the palm of my right hand. It’s really cute.”

You could even insinuate that, by comparison, he is a ‘cold fish’ in bed. That sex with your more endowed ex-lover was athletic, energetic and explosive. During sex with your partner, you could pretend to be bored, or you could openly mock his attempt to ‘pretend to be a man’. You could even do the opposite and fake an obvious orgasm with some overacting, just have fun with it and openly mock him, “You’re such a stud baby, so manly! Fuck me with that huge tool of yours!”

Insinuate it is public knowledge

For most couples, this is a private issue and should remain as such. However, most men who enjoy this fetish, tend to get aroused by the idea of being exposed as the owner of a micro dick. You might insinuate that you have told all of your friends about his poor endowment and you have all had a good laugh at his expense. You might even mention that your girlfriends have told you their partners have large manly cocks by comparison. “Marcia told me her boyfriend is hung like a coke can. Imagine her reaction when I told her you were like a tube of lipstick”. This will drive your partner crazy and even if it isn’t true, those feelings of inadequacy will add to his humiliation.

You could even toy with him by telling him that one of your girlfriends knows about his poor endowment, but don’t tell him who (it doesn’t have to be true). The embarrassment will drive him insane, especially when he is out with you and your friends. “You may hear some of my friends whispering and giggling and you’ll wonder, are they laughing about your mini pee-pee, or something else?” On another level of humiliation, when hanging out with friends, you could simply announce, “Why don’t you tell my friends about your little secret?” just watch him turn bright red in embarrassment and try to make up something silly on the spot to save face. Your friends wouldn’t have to be in on it, it could just become light fun.

Dildo Comparison

If you don’t own a dildo, go out and buy one. It doesn’t have to be comically huge, just noticeably larger than your partner. Those that look and feel like the real thing have the best effect as it represents competition for him. The next time you are in bed, take it out and compare it to his much smaller erection. Describe the visual difference to him as well as the physical difference. You may even mention it is the size of a former lover. “This is a real cock! See how much bigger than you it is?” Get him to admit this and put him on the spot. Ask him how it feels to be so small by comparison. This may also work with a cucumber or a banana.

Pornstar Comparisons

Chances are, your man has spent many hours alone since his adolescence comparing himself to male pornstars. Consider watching porn together and openly acknowledging the large size of the performers’ cocks. Chances are if they are in porn, they are very well endowed. Tell your partner how big you think they are and how he compares. An example of this might be “That cock must be at least eight inches long! He’s double your size baby! Now that is a man with a man-sized cock!” Comments like that will drive your man wild. Remember, they want to be reminded they don’t measure up, so take every opportunity to remind them.

A few fun ideas you can do from time to time:

  • Don’t be shy to wave your pinky at him from time to time. It will drive him wild. Flashing him the small dick sign (holding up your thumb and index finger) will also have the same effect.
  • Monitor his masturbations and have him ask for permission to orgasm. “That’s it, baby, fuck your hand for me….but don’t you dare cum!” Denying him will drive him crazy.
  • The obvious one: deny him sex. “Sorry honeybunch, I don’t feel like being prodded by your selfish little toothpick tonight.” You could suggest he relieve himself in the bathroom (whilst not paying any attention to him or showing him any interest). You could even take it to extremes and tell him he hasn’t earned the right to have an orgasm. “Ignore your silly little teapot and just go to sleep”.
  • Threaten to take on a well-endowed lover to satisfy your urges. Urges that your small partner cannot satisfy (this is only role play, I am not encouraging you to cheat on your partner). “Sometimes I just miss the feel of a real man’s cock…. don’t get me wrong, you’re sweet and adorable but a woman has needs. You understand…”
  • Force him into panties from time to time, it is a reminder that he does not possess manly equipment. After all, what ‘man’ would wear panties? You could even hide all of his male underwear and replace them with panties so he has no choice. He will be reminded of your little game all day long.
  • Comment on the attractiveness and masculinity of other men. “I bet he’s hung, don’t you?”
  • Trick him into playing naked hide and seek (only he remains naked) and invite your friends over without his knowledge. He’ll either accidentally emerge and embarrass himself or realize you have guests and remain hidden until they leave. Either way, the thrill of being caught and the embarrassment of being exposed will drive him insane.
  • If you live together, insist he remains naked at all times when you are home. You could even tie a pretty pink ribbon around his penis to add to his humiliation. “Your manhood is not very manly”
  • Graffiti on his body. You could scribble humiliating remarks on his body with a marker such as: fun-sized or micro dick.
  • Comment on the bulges of his friends and who you think may be well endowed. Ask him to confirm this. “Does your friend Roger have a bigger dick than you? How much bigger is he?”
  • Buy him extra-large condoms that you know will not fit him. Tease him when it hangs loose and baggy on his erect member.
  • Force him to ask the lady behind the counter (at the pharmacy) for extra-small condoms. Just stand back and watch his cheeks burn bright red in embarrassment.
  • Suggest a new sexual position, only to change your mind soon after, insinuating he is too small (such as doggie style, etc…) “Sorry sweetie, your little guy can’t do that, can he? Brad used to fuck me that way, of course, Brad was twice the man you are….”
  • Take him to the beach and force him to wear a pair of very tight budgie smugglers. He will feel very exposed and humiliated.
  • Take nude photos of him and threaten to send them to friends. You could even use this to blackmail him into running errands for you.
  • During sex, you could pretend to feel nothing, constantly asking him if ‘it’s in yet’.
  • You could deny or withhold sex until he satisfies you first. You could force his head down between your legs and not let him up until he satisfies you with his ‘tongue’. Only if he gives you an orgasm, will you consider letting him prod you with his mini weiner. It might even be fun to have him beg for the privilege.
  • Text him a photo of a ruler displaying only inches, he’ll get it and it will drive him insane. You might even take it further and force him to repost it on his facebook wall. I guarantee the comments will be hilarious…. and particularly humiliating for him.
  • Compare his erect member to your dildo. You might even give the dildo a ‘blow job’ whilst ignoring your partner. He’s too small for the privilege of a blowjob, instead he has to suffer and watch you ‘do to the dildo, what you’ll never do to him’.
  • Insist he shaves off all of his pubic hair. Once he does, announce he looks even smaller, like a child. “Awww, I’m so sorry sweetie, I really thought it would make you look bigger. Without hair, it looks like you have a babydick”