The complete training guide for adult babies (ABDL)

A consequent and full-time adult baby training is one of the most dominating relationships possible. In hardly any other the submissive part gives up so much, and in the end is just a dependent person, who needs the assistance of another. It can lead so far that the personality is changed and the baby has no more will.

Even though an adult baby can be a woman, or a man trained to be a baby boy, I strictly describe the training of a male person being transformed into a baby girl, sometimes called a “sissy baby”. Therefore, the trainee is referred to as “she”. Nevertheless, many things were written also apply to female adult babies and age regression of males as baby boys.

Baby training has four groups, which I each explain in a sec. For each, I inserted ten important points.


The overall goal is to transform a grown-up man into a little baby girl. This means, he must act and behave like a baby and will be treated accordingly. A training program is defined, to reach this double target of feminization and age regression. If necessary, measurements will be enforced.

1. From the start, he will be a little girl. Therefore, he will be addressed as “she”. (Example: “Now be a good girl, and finish your milk!”) The same applies when the talk is about a baby. (Example: “Isn’t she cute!”)

2. At the end of the training, the baby will be incapacitated. She will be completely dependent on her Mommy. Alone she would be helpless. From her behavior, she acts like a little girl. For her the baby way is normal and natural. Also being treated as a little girl is normal for her.

3. The baby must give up her will. All decisions are taken by Mommy and are final for baby, no matter how unpopular or humiliating they are. Mommy knows best. Nevertheless, the measurements may be uncomfortable, but never shall they hurt. Since baby is helpless, she needs protection, and pain should be avoided.

4. Most important is that baby undergoes consequent diaper training. She will wear nappies 7×24. It might not be realistic, that the program as such can be done full time, due to a job that Mommy or baby may have, or for other reasons. Nevertheless, this does not apply to the diapers. An adult baby always has to wear nappies. This means that a baby, who has a job, must also wear nappies to work under her everyday clothing.

5. Another aspect of diaper training is that baby will reach 100% incontinence. She will have no more control over her bladder. At night, she will wet her diapers without waking up. At daytime, the baby will not be able to willingly hold it back and will leak. It is one of the biggest challenges for Mommy to have baby immediately urinate, and not have her trying to hold it back, not even for a short time. This way, the bladder itself will start to shrink. This process is irreversible. In addition, not to wet her pants or bed, baby will have no choice and must wear diapers full-time.

6. These are some other goals of the adult baby training that must be met. The baby must do these things herself. That means that she acts as baby girl.

      • The baby must use a pacifier all of the time. She must feel uncomfortable without.
      • Only crawling is allowed.
      • When talking, only baby-talk is allowed.
      • The baby must play with dolls and other toys for little girls.
        This list may not be complete. Actually, it is most likely it is not complete.

7. Here are some treatments that will be used on the baby, since she now is a little baby girl.

      • An infant has baby-smooth skin. Therefore, the body hair (including the pubic hair) will be removed as permanently as possible. Where applicable, waxing is preferred. If there are no better options, baby will be shaved.
      • The baby will be breastfed.
      • The baby will be bottle-fed.
      • Baby will mostly eat baby food.
      • The baby will be spoon-fed.
      • Baby gets her meals sitting in a high chair.
      • When eating, the baby wears a plastic bib.
      • This is an absolute must:

For an additional sealing, the baby will always wear plastic pants over her diapers. At the same time, the feeling of the smooth plastic arouses her.

      • The baby will sleep in a baby bed. This can just be a bed with bars. Better would be to have a lockable cage bed or a bed, where the baby securely can be fixed with straps. It must be prevented that baby leaves her bed at night. At least the sheet over the mattress is of plastic, which protects it and is easy to clean. You can also add a waterproof pillow and blanket cover.
      • Baby is bathed by Mommy.
      • Mommy dresses baby, mostly as a sweet, cute, little girl. To give Baby that being-helpless-feeling, stick her into spreader pants quite often! This has many advantages, especially when the crotch has a width of 38 cm (15″) or more. Your little darling will not be able to move properly anymore; well she will really be like a baby! She cannot walk and definitely not change position, like rolling over from her back to tummy. If you put her on her belly, she can crawl through, but also that will be done very clumsily. At the same time, this spreading position of the legs weakens the control over the bladder. My conclusion is that serious baby training is not possible without this marvelous device.
        Make sure you use a lockable version, so escape is impossible! Since this is a training method and not a punishment, lock her into her spreader pants for a sensible amount of time. It may be a little uncomfortable, but keep that inconvenience limited. Extended time use is reserved for another purpose (read more about that on the page “Methods”.
        This list may not be complete. Actually, it is most likely it is not complete

8. This training is serious and there should be no possibility for baby to escape her predicament.

9. The training should be done in a subtle way. Just by the authority of Mommy, baby should co-operate. No punishments should be necessary.

10. Baby should be brainwashed, that everything concerning her training is to her best. She MUST really believe, how lucky and privileged she is, that Mommy takes such good care of her. (Which, of course, is true!)


Every woman can be a Mommy. Though, since a training program is used and perhaps has to be enforced, not every woman brings the requirements to do this in the most efficient way. Characteristics are listed, which make an ideal Mommy.

  1. Mommy has a pronounced motherly instinct, which she wants to live out on her partner.
  2. Mommy loves her baby. Even though the baby undergoes this degrading treatment, a lot of motherly care and according to nurture is always involved.
  3. Mommy ensures that all baby needs are met. Nothing should be missing for being a little baby girl.
  4. Mommy has a dominant character and enjoys applying this shameful treatment to her husband or boyfriend.
  5. Mommy is very resolute. She leaves no doubt that she is serious about adult baby training. Every resistance from the baby will just be ignored.
  6. Mommy takes all decisions. The necessary measurements to reach the goals are imposed upon the baby.
  7. Mommy is responsible that the training program is carried into execution, and progress is achieved.
  8. Mommy is never angry or mad. She does not curse and is not loud. If the baby did something wrong (and the only thing she can do wrong, is not being baby-like), Mommy just intensifies the according to training. Of course, that is a necessity to reach the goal and not a punishment.
  9. Mommy has big breasts. Best would be at least D-cup size. For women with a bigger figure, the bust size can be substantially more. Even though breast enlargement would mean a sacrifice for Mommy, this may be considered. That way Mommy would have something she can use towards the baby. She can always argue that she only did it for baby and somehow give baby the feeling of being in debt of Mommy. (A subtle way to enforce the baby training!)
  10. Mommy always has her fingernails conspicuously painted. Best is shiny bright red, but for a change, it can also be wine or cherry red. To draw more attention, she may even use neon nail polish. Her nails must be very eye-catching. Baby will be attracted by them at most activities, especially when being bottle or spoon-fed. Mommy exposes her fingernails whenever she has the occasion. This is done in a manner, that baby cannot avoid focusing on them. Additionally, she uses her fingernails to caress, where this is visible for baby, especially on the cheeks. In this way, baby permanently is reminded that she no longer is a man, since Mommy as a woman and sexual partner is completely out of reach.


Adult baby training without humiliation is not possible. That is why I give this aspect an own chapter. Even though humiliation might not be the main motive of the Mommy having her partner undergoing this treatment (may it be maternal instincts, domination desires or just wanting to have fun), it is essential. Humiliation is part of the training and definitely not a form of punishment. For the trainer, it is much fun. The baby, even though feeling very much ashamed, will nevertheless gain thrills and erotic pleasure out of the situation.

  1. Already the entire situation as such is very humiliating. Alone the fact that a grown-up man is being incapacitated in all ways and gradually being transformed into a female infant is extremely shameful and can hardly beat. The age is regressed to that of a pre-schooler, even pre-kindergarten, and her manhood is entirely denied.
  2. No matter what treatment is applied to baby, it is done in a most shameful and humiliating manner. For instance, when Mommy changes the diapers, she chastity boytoy slavecomments, what she is doing. In this way it is implied, that baby needs Mommy and is dependent on her. She could say something like: “Oh! Did my little darling wet her diapers again? You are so lucky that Mommy takes care of you.” This goes for everything like bottle feeding, or generally feeding, bathing, bringing to bed, whatever. Independent how humiliating or unpopular a measurement is, Mommy always states it from a positive point of view. Everything that is done to the baby’s discomfort – in order to enforce a habit – is a necessity. Spreader pants or chastity belt, a ridiculous outfit or an enema, all is only for the best of the trainee. This is communicated to the baby in a most convincing way.
  3. Each praise, big or small, is humiliation in itself. This is due to the fact, that Mommy only praises her girl when she has done something in a correct, baby-like or girlish, and not grown-up or male manner. This can be anything, like, when being bottle-fed, drinking the whole content, or properly sucking on the dummy, or just wetting the nappies. At the same time, this is a confirmation that the baby gave up some grown-up habit, that the training program is having progress.
  4. Baby is dressed in a half infantile and half feminine way. Even a cute baby outfit looks ridiculous on a grown-up man. Though, for an extra humiliation, Mommy can choose something really farcical.
  5. Baby is always surrounded by an intense odor of powder. Sometimes she has the smell of ‘fresh’ plastic.
  6. Babies don’t stay up late. That is why the bed-time of your baby should not be later than 8 o’clock in the evening. And this is not just done once in a while; this is a daily routine.
  7. An extra humiliation is to arrange a date with one of your girlfriends or have a ladies’ evening. Go dining, to the movies or some other entertainment, while your baby stays at home! If you cuckold your sissy baby, let her know you are looking forward to having a long night with wonderful sex! Let her see, how you get styled for others in an attractive, perhaps even erotic outfit! But while being full of desire, she will just be prepared for an early night time. Let her know, while you will be out enjoying yourself, she will be securely in her bed, laying in the dark, just sucking her pacifier and holding her favorite doll! Make sure, she cannot leave the bed and do something else than being a baby trying to sleep!
  8. You can even increase this humiliation by organising a babysitter for her. It can be one of your female friends, an acquaintance, or perhaps your sister or cousin. Ideally, she is a convinced feminist. While you prepare yourself for going out, have the babysitter get her ready for bed! Best is, if the babysitter is amused by the situation, enjoys humiliating your baby, and makes her comments about the necessity of baby being diapered, in chastity and being patronized all of the time. She shall have her fun to dress the baby in cute attire, something like a Disney princess motive.
  9. This is my favorite: Baby is presented to the female friends of Mommy, to baby’s shame and ridiculousness. Curiously, they observe everything, make their comments and participate. They have much fun in joining the babyfication, even bring up their own ideas, how a baby must be treated. She is pampered, changed, fed, dressed, and perhaps even made a sexy Lolita. She is just a plaything at the mercy of the women.
  10. Baby is humiliated outdoors. This has many aspects and is up to the fantasy of Mommy. Nevertheless, the following should be exercised in public. Some are for beginners; others are for babies, where the age regression has already progressed substantially:
  • Having baby packed into extra thick diapers, which is obvious to other people.
  • Having baby suck her pacifier.
  • Having her on baby reins.
  • When buying diapers, having baby accompany Mommy, and expose her in front of the sales personnel.
    Having baby soil her nappies at the wrong time; this can be enforced by giving baby a suppository before leaving the house.
  • Changing the diapers in the baby station of a department store.

For these outdoor humiliations, an exception can be done, and the baby is allowed to walk. Nevertheless, a clumsy pace should be enforced.


“Sex and adult babies” is a special topic. While some Mommies occasionally want intercourse with their baby, for others it is absolutely out of the question. Anyway, it definitely is not up to the baby to ask for sex with the Mommy! So what is there to say about adult babies and sex? As you can see, plenty! Both, Mommy and baby have a sexual urge and want to be satisfied in one way or the other. Though, this is distributed very unevenly, because Mommy gets all the sexual pleasure and baby gets none! Real babies have no sex and so adult babies are not entitled for sex either. Anyway, baby is involved in satisfying Mommy.

  1. Since babies have no sex, our adult baby also gets no sex. She doesn’t even get an orgasm and remains unsatisfied.
  2. To ensure that baby will not have an orgasm, she will securely be locked into a chastity device. This has to be worn all of the time, even when the program is interrupted for whatever reason.
  3. Baby is permanently held in a state of high sexual arousal without any chance to cum.
  4. When Mommy wants to have sex with a real man, baby will be aware of this. The best is, if the baby, from her room, can hear the other two being intimate. She shall hear the entire sexual activity, the kissing, the moaning, the ecstasy, and the climax; just everything.
  5. Baby must satisfy Mommy with her tongue, whenever this is desired. Mommy decides when, how often and how long baby must give her a licking.
  6. When Mommy satisfies herself, baby must be present and watch.
  7. By touching baby, Mommy sexually stimulates her little darling as much as possible. There are always enough occasions since most of the activities involve skin contact (changing diapers, washing, breastfeeding, etc.). Even though Mommy does this intentionally, especially in sensitive places, she gives the impression of accidental bodily contacts. Additionally, she kisses and caresses her baby, like mothers do to their infant children or a bit more for a better stimulating effect.
  8. Mommy likes to dress sexily and presents herself in a way that baby can see it and is full of unsatisfied sexual desire. It is deliberate that baby can touch Mommy’s feminine attire (garter tips, high heels, etc.), which is irresistibly brought into reach.
  9. It is also desirable that baby stimulates herself by touching the soft surface of her clothes, or looking at herself as she is dressed in a sexy baby outfit. Depending on what material baby is turned on, she has dressed accordingly.
  10. Concerning the locked up genitals, Mommy comments this to baby as a necessity. Baby must learn to behave herself and this is helping her. This way she will always be a good girl. By sliding over the plastic pants and diapers, Mommy often checks with her flat hand, if everything is still okay if baby is safe. With a tender pressure, Mommy can feel, if the chastity device still is in place.

Training methods

It is quite easily said, to have your baby become incontinent, or to have her suck her pacifier. But what options are there, to achieve the results wanted, especially if baby resists? For some misdoings, you can just intensify the training, by using some special gear. I describe more detailed according methods below my thoughts about punishment. In the title, you’ll see, what in particular is trained.


In the previous part I have written that punishment should not be necessary and it ought to be enough just to intensify the training. Nevertheless, I like to give a few examples of real punishment, I consider appropriate when baby really does not co-operate. Anyway, I don’t believe in corporal punishment. Though, some mommies and some babies might like that; but that has nothing to do with training an adult baby as such. That is just an additional aspect in the particular Domme/sub relationship.

When I talk about punishment, it must be effective, and not just done because the baby is into having her bottom treated with a firm hand. I also don’t like to use humiliation as punishment. Humiliation is fun and part of the training. When baby does something wrong, we need a measurement, that baby will think twice next time and rather not provoke mommy. Everything I suggest though has to do with a baby.

As punishment I can imagine, that baby is brought to bed already at 6 p.m., instead of 8 p.m. as usual. Tell her this is her punishment for an entire week, and if she behaves, she then can stay up until eight o’clock again! A further punishment is to exclusively feed her the baby-food she likes least for a week. Or have her soil her diapers for a week, instead of having it done controlled to avoid the mess.

Also quite efficient are spreader pants. While your baby regularly should be locked into them anyway, to give her that really being-helpless-feeling, they can also be used as punishment. The difference is the duration. Extend the time, perhaps to as long as an entire day! She might enjoy her spreader pants for an hour or maybe even two, but already quite soon she will feel uncomfortable. Such sheer endless inconvenience is pedagogically very corrective.

And for babies, that have their allowed grown-up phases, I suggest to refuse them internet access, or watching television for maybe a fortnight. You can combine that with an early bed-time. Also quite effective is to deny them their next orgasm. Either delay it for eight or ten days, or skip it entirely!

Punishment tough should not be the main method to enforce some training aspects. It should only be used, when you have no other option, and your baby is unwilling to accept her place!


One of the most difficult tasks is to get your baby incontinent. What we are aiming for is to have her pee naturally like a baby. That means, when her bladder is full, it will just “happen”. She will wet her diapers automatically, uncontrollably, and without any effort whatsoever. The bladder though will continue to function like the one of a grown-up. The difference is that the trainee will not be aware when it is due. Not before it starts to drain, she will realize what is happening and she will be unable to stop it running.

Okay! But how in particular do you get your baby to urinate like a baby? I suggest you start to get her incontinent at night. Before you bring her to bed, give her plenty to drink! Have her final bottle of warm milk laced with a mild sedative and diuretic! It will only be a matter of time until she wakes up, because she has the urge to relieve herself. Since she is quite drowsy and knows, she is securely diapered, she will just let it flow, and then continue to sleep. Already after a few days, this will become a habit, and eventually, she won’t even wake up anymore. In the morning she will just be in wet nappies and does not remember anything. That is exactly what we want. And… Your little darling will love it. It is amazing, how well she will sleep.

There are some mommies though, who want immediate results. They use a catheter. Of course, such a baby will be leaking without any control. But that is not the baby-like way; it rather resembles old and senile people. In addition, it has several disadvantages. First of all, due to the constant dribbling, she will be in wet diapers all of the time. Even if it is your hobby to swaddle, do you really want to do that all 30 to 60 minutes? Day in and day out? And what about the night? Must your baby already be in wet nappies when going to bed? I say: “No, definitely not!” The next problem is even worse because it is irreversible. With time the bladder will atrophy. Then, with or without a catheter, she permanently will have wet diapers, for the rest of her life, and no chance to do a successful potty training again. Sorry, but that is irresponsible!

Another possibility for your baby to reach incontinence is through hypnosis. There are some sites, where you can buy an unpretty training program. Have her listen to it several times each day and perhaps when she is sleeping as well! In the internet there is also an erotic hypnosis mistress that gives live sessions to condition the mind to any fetish; why not to become a real diaper wetter?

Perhaps it is enough, when your baby is only incontinent at night, or if she wets her nappies without being incontinent. Since she wears diapers all of the time, she has no choice anyway. This might give you more flexibility for the case, you want to give it a break in-between, or interrupt the training for some time. It is up to you.


Something many adult babies have difficulties in understanding is that we expect them to crawl all of the time. No walking is allowed. The best way to enforce this baby-like movement on all fours is to have your baby wear heel-less ballet heels. Walking in these is prevented efficiently. It doesn’t even help when she holds herself on any object or railing. Even standing is impossible when wearing such shoes.

The most efficient to train your baby to crawl is to have her wear such ballet heels without heels. It is impossible for her to walk in these! For best results get a lockable pair or construct your own locking mechanism.

When your trainee forgets about being a baby and rises, pack her feet into these training shoes! Since she definitely will not like these restrictions, make sure, she cannot remove them! To achieve good training progress, have her locked in them for an entire day! Only remove them, when she is in bed for the night! The next day she has a new chance to prove she is a good girl. Another option you have, when she does a wrong step, is to immediately lock her in her training shoes for full 24 hours. Believe me, concerning this aspect, you will soon be proud of your little darling. The heel-less ballets are not very far waiting for their next use.

Using Fingers

A real baby is not able to use the hands like a grown-up. We also don’t want our little trainee to have that precise co-ordination of her fingers. It is most unlikely though, she will constantly adapt that clumsy baby-like way. Nevertheless, there are situations, we want to enforce it. Perhaps you want your baby to be able to answer a phone call, but not to call anybody on her own. Imagine, you are out shopping, and baby is home alone! That might be such a situation, where you want to know how she is doing, but without giving her much freedom. I found out that certain bondage mittens fulfill this purpose. It is impossible for her to dial a number, but with some effort, she can press the button to establish the connection.

Since we expect our baby to have her pacifier in the mouth all of the time, she will not be able to talk. But she can always reply to your questions either with “mm-hmm”, “uh-uh” or other sounds indicating her answer.

Of course, you can have her wear the bondage mittens when you are at home. That way you can be assured, that baby only uses the hands the way they are meant for her. I very much enjoy watching her play with her dolls and plush toys she has with her in the playpen when she can’t even grab them properly. Just seeing her according to inept attempts always gives my maternal instinct an extra boost, and I am emotionally filled with affection.


Originally, also an own group was planned for baby. After a closer look though, no requirements were found for an ideal adult baby. When Mommy wants to have her own adult baby, then it is up to her to enforce it to her husband or boyfriend. Baby will not be asked. Depending on the resistance, Mommy has to use a more or less subtle method to reach her goal. Perhaps she will start in a very harmless way, only talking about some role play to spice up the relationship a bit, and then slowly takes full control.

Adult baby training is hard work and, in most cases, cannot be done full time. The following chapters give ideas, how to maintain the highest level of babyfication, even though the trainee has an ordinary job. The first part covers the morning until baby leaves the house. The second part is a description of the evening, from the moment baby returns home.

A Regular Morning in the Life of an Adult Baby

The ideal constellation for a consequent adult baby training would be that this is done full-time; 24 hours each day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; permanently and always! So that the Mommy can concentrate on the training, she would have at least one maid taking care of the household. Of course, the Mommy deserves spare time, time for herself, and time for her hobbies. Therefore, also a Nanny would occasionally support her with the babyfication, be babysitter, when Mommy attends some social events or is absent for another reason, or even take over entirely for a longer period of time, when Mommy, for instance, needs a vacation without her baby. While baby full time is a baby girl, Mommy also has other needs, which must be honored.

In most cases though, already from the financial point of view, this is not realistic. It is most likely that the baby has a job and is responsible for a regular income. Mommy might also be working. Perhaps she takes care of the household; perhaps this is split among the two of them. Anyway, in this chapter a normal day is described, when the baby goes out for work and Mommy stays at home according to duties. Same as specified in the guide, a grown-up man is trained to be a little baby girl.

First thing in the morning, Mommy checks if the baby still has her pacifier in the mouth. If this is the case, she praises baby for being such a good little girl. If not, she tells her darling to make an according to effort. Next she checks the diapers. It is expected, that they are wet. Praising, in general, is very important, and must be given for every action the trainee lost or gave up some grown-up behavior, and for everything, which is done in a baby-like manner.

Mommy hugs baby, caresses her, and kisses her tenderly (of course not on the mouth, which still suckles on the dummy). This may be done in an erotic way; it is desired that baby is sexually stimulated. Anyway, orgasms are to be prevented. Therefore an adult baby should securely be locked into a chastity device. This must be worn permanently, even if for the periods of time when the training is interrupted.

Now baby will be breastfed. She gets each of Mommy’s tits at least five minutes. While baby suckles the boobs, Mommy talks to her little darling, using baby-talk, according to names and expressions, and praises her. At the same time, she may caress the cheeks of baby. Next, if Mommy desires, baby must lick her to orgasm. After that, the pacifier goes back to her mouth.

Since baby has a job and will soon go to work, it is time to prepare her accordingly. The diaper is removed, and to avoid soiling during the day, an enema empties her bowel. Afterward, baby is allowed to take a shower, only wearing the chastity device (and with pacifier). In the meantime, Mommy prepares breakfast, perhaps some porridge or other baby-food, and she warms milk.

When baby is clean and dried herself, she goes back on the diaper changing table. Mommy thoroughly powders the genitals (as good as the chastity device allows) and the anus. Then she puts her infant child into a fresh diaper. For additional sealing, plastic pants are worn above. This now bears the risk, that when baby is out of the house, she uses a toilet, removes the diapers just to reapply them afterward. This is exactly, what we do not want! Therefore, baby additionally will wear a silk romper with a zipper at the back. Such a romper can easily be modified, that it can be locked with a small padlock.

Anyway, before the romper goes on, Mommy has baby wear a garter belt or an open bottom girdle over the plastic pants. Stockings are attached to the straps. The reason for this is obvious. When she follows her job, camouflaged as man, she nevertheless is a female infant. Therefore, we must have her wear some definitely feminine underwear, to remind her of that fact during the day. But there is more to it; read about that later!

Now it is time to feed the baby. First, a plastic bib with crumb tray is brought in place. We don’t want the nice romper to get dirty. She is bottle-fed, and on the high chair mommy spoon feds her little darling with the soft baby food, which hardly needs any chewing. Also here baby must be praised; first, for properly sucking on the bottle, then for finishing it. After each swallowed spoonful, she can be told, what a good girl she is. Mommy might also like to comment the whole feeding process. Anyway, the trainee now really is a baby, and this, for a grown-up person humiliating situation, is reality. The food contains a  lot of moisture, which later will help her wet the nappies. Nevertheless, Mommy might additionally let her drink one or two glasses of water. After feeding time is over, the pacifier goes back to the mouth.
Finally, baby is being dressed in her street or working clothes. Depending on the profession, a shirt, trousers, perhaps even a suit goes over the plastic-covered diaper, the romper and the lingerie. Mommy hugs her baby in disguise, brings her lips close to an ear, and, while she searches and finds one of the suspender tips with her fingers, she whispers: “I expect my little darling to play with theses during the day. This will remind baby of Mommy.” In fact, the plastic knobs in the clasps somehow feel like hard nipples.

Mommy removes the pacifier and puts it into the pocket of a piece of clothing, ideally of the jacket. An intense hug, encouraging words to be a good girl, perhaps some touching in sensitive places to arouse baby, and the last smack on baby’s diapered bottom, then baby is out of observation.

At work, she will try not to be discovered wearing nappies, a romper, stockings and even a chastity device. She cannot help touching the suspender tips with her fingers, and she is ashamed. And when she wets her diaper, this effect will be increased even more. Even though out of the house, she remains under control. That is essential for an adult baby training!

Mommy on the other hand, has the freedom to do whatever she likes. She might go back to bed to get some additional sleep, or she might start with the housework. During the week it should not be necessary to restock food or diapers. This will be done on Saturday when baby is present and can be showed up in front of the shop assistants. The highest priority has the continuation of the baby training in the evening. Perhaps a few things must be prepared, especially if Mommy is not at home when baby arrives from work. Read about that on the next page…

A Regular Evening in the Life of an Adult Baby

When work is finished for the day, baby must return home at once; no hanging around with the colleagues, no beer, no extra tour for whatever reason! Already standing in front of the door of the house or flat, she must put the pacifier in her mouth. Baby is not allowed to unlock and enter immediately. She first must ring the bell. If Mommy is at home, it is up to her to open or not. If nothing happens, baby may get in on her own.

If Mommy is not home or just busy at the moment, baby by herself must slip in her role at once. In such cases, it is standard, that Mommy prepared the clothes for baby to wear after removing all male clothes. It is highly recommended that spreader pants are also ready, and baby must lock herself into them. This way, baby has no chance for other – not allowed – activities. In addition, a toy like a doll is there for baby to hug. When Mommy also returns home, she will find baby in this helpless state. If not, well that is another story!

Now it is time for Mommy to take over again, either already when opening the door, or taking care of the (in spreader pants) helplessly waiting for baby. Since baby has been in her wet diaper for quite a long time, they must be changed. This needs no precise description. It must just be ensured that baby is thoroughly washed and powdered.

Next, our AB will be breastfed. Baby should be allowed to gently suckle Mommy’s tits for up to 15 minutes each. This shall relax baby, and let her forget the working day. She fully is baby again! It now is up to Mommy, if she wants to have her pussy liked and be brought to orgasm. This is her right and privilege at any time.

Of course, Mommy decides what is to be done. The following activities belong to a baby’s life. Being bottle-fed, playing with dolls or other toys, watch children’s TV channels, or being dresses as baby, little girl, or Lolita. Dinner also is a highlight of the day.

It is always fun to tease an AB and have her sexually aroused. Being locked in a chastity device, this adds up to the helplessness and keeps baby reminded, she no longer will have any sexual pleasure. Teasing has many aspects and can be done implicitly, in a rather subtle way, like giving the baby all maternal love, be cuddling, caressing, and kissing her; touching her more coincidental, but nevertheless in an erotic manner. But it can also be done straight forward, by undressing and dressing in front of baby, showing sexy lingerie, high heels and other provocative feminine