The BIG list of 43 humiliation Fantasies

What do you wish your Master/Mistress would make you do? What do you wish would be done for you? This list is to unleash your most humiliating dreams and fantasies – if it hasn’t already been done to you.

If you haven’t already read it, you might to pop into the mega list of humiliation ideas


I need to be made to be naked in the midst of all clothed people. That by itself would be humiliating. But the way it’s done could take it to a different level.

I envision my Mistress telling me to meet her at her house. She would be sending me orders via text messages. Once I get to her place. She makes me strip naked and leave my clothes in the car. She orders me to walk to her front door and wait for her to open it. Of course, there are cars going by, and if anyone looked, they would see a naked man standing there at attention.

She takes her sweet time to open the door. Once she does, she leads me in. Suddenly I realize there are other people there. Men, women, young, old. As soon as they see me, the room turns to silence. I can see the shock on people’s faces. I can’t tell if it’s an act, or if they really didn’t know what was going on.

I stand there in horror, knowing I cannot run or hide, or I would face more punishment.

She announces to the crowd. “Don’t mind him. He’s my house slave.” And asks me to stand in the middle of the room, while the party goes on.

What happens next could take two directions. 1) I literally have to stand there, naked, while everyone goes about their business. With no interaction with anyone. Or 2) I’m made to serve and entertain the crowd in increasingly humiliating ways.


My mistress takes me out on a date for being extra good. She has me dress up normally except for male chastity cage, women’s underwear, a garter, and stockings to match, All pink. My clothes covering it look normal. We have a nice meal and she is dressed seductively stretching out in some poses to tease me. My chastity key nestled in her cleavage on a golden chain. It’s so hard to focus. She then takes me to a hotel and says she is going to let me out and have an orgasm like no other. A rare hope rises within me as we climb those stairs. We walk into the hotel room and there is my ex sitting at a table. They explain pleasantries and start haggling on a price. 100, 15, 80, 20, 50, 30, 40, 45… Um I only have 46. My mistress says deal. My ex hands her a quarter, two dimes and a penny for my mistresses key and the mistress says as she is leaving “I’ll be back for you tomorrow. I expect good pictures or else you staying another day. Tata!”


I want my Mistress to take me for a walk at a fetish party or some other fetish-friendly event. I want to be gagged, wearing a leash and collar, and nothing else. I want messages written all over my skin inviting anyone to do whatever they’d like with me or to me. I imagine myself carrying a basket of toys they can use on me. I imagine this fetish-friendly event would be packed with people happy to take my Mistress up on her generous offer.


I would love my mistress to force me to strip and parade me naked outside either through the woods or on the streets preferably with my hands tied behind my back. Maybe get a group of willing participants to discuss and criticize my body from head to toe. She would just go with them in agreement. After that go home and try some BDSM. I’d be kept in bondage and we’d play with clothespins, candle wax, spanking, teasing, edging, the works. We’d finish off by having my mistress masturbate right in front of me with a vibrator. I’d watch her cum but get denied when it was my turn. Left tied up while mistress went to go do something else. All that precum just dripping from my dick to be used again the next day.


As a reward for being a good slave all week, my Masters decided to take me to a gay club that had a bisex night yesterday night.
They asked me to wear a sexy thong, stiletto high heels shoes, pink collar and they took me in on the leash.
At the entrance, they asked the club staff for markers and they wrote on my back my slave registration number and “fuck me” on my bottom with an arrow pointing at my ars hole.
They immediately started to spank me, and a member of staff asked them if he could join in. Mistress gave her consent and he hit me so hard under the smiling eyes of Masters very excited to see me suffering so much.
They then took me for a spin in the club. A crowd of hungry boys started to follow us and touch me with their dicks out.
mistress allowed me to suck a few cocks and then took me to the bar.
At the bar, a beautiful male dancer was dancing on top of the bar. master and Mistress started to spank my bottom again. The dancer loved it and asked if he could spank me as well. Masters gave their consent… he started spanking me very hard alternating hits with pinching hard my nipples. It was so painful and so good… he was an artist… I was on heaven and my Mistress got so wet… master so hard… so I started to suck his cock…
Another man came around and took his big cock out asking Masters if he could fuck me. I beg them to say yes and they did..
He started pounding on a little table in front of the bar… everyone there was watching commenting what a slut I was…
Masters had a friend coming around. He is a Master as well and he had electric torture instruments with him. Mistress wanted to try them out on me and she did… she started with my ars and then she asked me to lie down on a bed and started to electrocute my genitals… soo painful and sooo good.
After the club Masters, they took me to a restaurant in Milan and they immediately told the waiter that I was their slave and I loved to be humiliated… the waiter found all thing very amusing. At the end of the dinner, Mistress poured half glass of beer on my pants… it looked as if I urinated on myself. Then she ordered me to go and pay at the till so everyone could se how a dirty bitch I am.
Masters took me to my hotel room and Master pounded my throat while Mistress was kicking my balls and my ars.
A fantastic end of a fantastic night.
The joy of giving all of myself without reservation to my Masters is the most intense beautiful emotion I ever felt…. offering my pain for the pleasure of my Masters is so exciting and rewarding… I do feel I am totally owned and I totally belong to them and this make me feel so so good. Thank you Masters for letting me be your slave.


My humiliation fantasy is that I am in the showers at the gym and some guy looks through the curtains and notices I have a cunt, not a dick. He calls all his friends to watch. Then they all come into my shower and fuck my cunt, while they call me a cunt. I need to convince them not to hurt me. So I get on my knees and suck cock in between being raped in all 3 holes. I thank them.


Teasing him while he is tiedI want my mistress to publicly in front of all the girls tell me I have a tiny premature dick that she cant feel. As the pressure gets to me I wet my pants in front of everyone.

Then I want her to forcibly diaper me like a little bitch boy as her friends point and laugh at me.

As she finishes, she gives the front of my diaper a nice squeeze, then grins maliciously as I prematurely orgasm in front of everyone, asking me if I had a cum my Pampers like a little wimpy bitch. She then puts a binky gag on me, and a shirt that says small penis, and parades me in front of all the girls in town


I want someone to make me wear clothes that are too small in the house and make fun of how fat I am. Call me piggy and a fat bitch. And I want her to have to cut the clothes off of me because I couldn’t get them off any other way. Then I want to be tied to a chair naked while they feed me pasta and call me mean names. Asking how I could let myself become such a huge fat pig


I’ve never told anyone about this but it’s been on my mind for a long time. I had SRS surgery a couple of years ago. I’ve got a dick now, which is awesome…except it’s under 1″ long, and doesn’t get much bigger when I get hard. I’ve never felt a pussy and I want to know what it feels like, but I know no woman would ever be able to feel my dick. I want a woman to fuck me, and spend the whole time making fun of my tiny little faggot dick and calling it my little clitty. I’d struggle to find a position where I could even rub against her pussy, and we’d probably just end up scissoring our clits together, then she’d start calling me a dyke. Since I’m so nervous and shy around women, I’d probably cum super quick too, and I’d love her to make fun of my quick trigger. It’d be even better if she had a real man watching me while I humped myself against her and they both laughed at me together. If she cuck’d me afterward too I wouldn’t mind…


I’d quite like to be taken to a restaurant for what I thought was a nice meal… only to be given a “birthday” pie in the face, then walked to a gunge tank, coated beyond recognition in front of everyone there and walked home in that state..


My Masters and I are having a drink at the table in a nice bar in downtown Milan. The male waiter looks fairly camp and friendly…
My Mistress orders the drinks and when the waiter brings them to the table She offers the waiter 20 dollars tip for letting me giving him a blow job in the toilets and come all over my face.
The waiter laughs and the Mistress reinforces the message saying: “I am dead serious, slave gives the waiter 20 dollars”… then she says to the waiter: “it will take no more than 5 minutes, my slave is very good at sucking cocks”…
the waiter accepts and goes to the toilet. Mistress orders me: “slave go to the toilet, give the waiter a blowjob, make sure he comes all over your face. DO NOT clean up and come back to the table. I want to see his cum dripping from your lips”.That is exactly what I do….


I like and fantasize about my wife completely using me and humiliating me about it. Using my body for sex over and over without letting me cum, and slapping me hard across the face if I ask for the last bit of attention. Making me buy her lingerie while she humiliates me in the store so that everyone knows I have to obey her, and then wearing it for other men so that I only get to clean it. Leaving me naked at home doing chores while she goes out with friends and punishes me if everything isn’t exactly perfect. Telling other people that I’m her slave and openly daring me to correct her, because I know she’ll punish and humiliate me further if I do.


Kept in chastity for long periods. Being butt plugged. Allowed out to edge, then put back in. Forced to ruin my own orgasm on occasion, and forced to thank my Mistress for teaching me how to ruin it for her. Forced to help my Mistress get ready for her dates, only allowed an actual orgasm after my mistress has had one with her stud, forcing me to associate her getting fucked by a better man with my pleasure. Only allowed a proper orgasm with my mistress by humping her boot, or her thigh like a dog. Or being made to jerk in the bathroom while my mistress points to the toilet instructing me that’s where my cum belongs, then laughing as I do and, and she flushes it.

All of this with lots of dirty talks, submissive loser affirmation. being forced to memorize a recipe a loser mantra my Mistress has written while I edge or worship her.


My domme who at her house invites her friends telling her that she has something very interesting to show them. When they are all there, she calls me and I introduce myself with a maid dress, caged, and show them how good she has been taming me. I bring them tea/coffee, massage their feet, they use me as a table … any order my domme asks, I run under the laughter and made fun of her friends.


Wear a chastity device and the only way to get unlocked and have a chance to jerk off would be to watch my mistress getting fucked by a real man and for me to suck off his dick and swallow his cum at the end.


I want to be emasculated in front of girls that respect me. I want to be diapered, made to piss myselfnin front of them, and made to wear a shirt that says “Small Penis.” I want to be binky gagged, spanked, and force to hump a pillow until i cum in my diaper prematurely like the beta loser i am


I wish I could be surrounded by a circle of hot women and have them rip my clothes off and I’m forced to repeat “I have a tiny penis” over and over as they laugh and giggle and humiliate me or

a girl getting naked and she’s going to have sex with me and I’m finally going to lost my goddam virginity and she sees my little baby dick and laughs and laughs and laughs and then she says she’s not going to fuck me because she says see knows she wouldn’t feel and she starts taking pics of me and tells me I have to do something for her or else she’ll post and send the pics round so everybody knows and I ask her what it is I can do and she pulls out a giant strap on and I do what she says and she still does it lol
Then went I ask her why she did that she would be surrounded by her hot friends giggling and say because it so dam funny and then they all start chanting baby dick over and over then one girl says let’s get him and they rip off my clothes again and humiliate me for hours then when they are done they tie me up naked to a tree with my little penis hanging out and leave me there for anyone and everyone to see


I once met someone on here and she asked for my number so we could text. Unbeknownst to me, apparently if one googles my number it can actually link you back to my vanilla life. Where I work, with whom I work, who works for me, for whom I work, where I live, etc. I didn’t realize that my mobile number led to that info (obviously I do now).

When she researched me she proceeded to massively mind fuck me, calling me by my first and last name (neither of which I had given her), and told me that we work together. She refused to tell me who she was but proceeded to name coworkers etc, really freaking me out. She then intimated that unless I served her in any and every way she ordered, regardless as to what it was or how degrading it may have been, she was going to let everyone know exactly what I am.

Of course, I was completely freaked out and terrified but realized that I had no choice but to agree to anything she wished. Two days later she finally admitted to me that it was just a mindfuck and didn’t have any intention of following through with any of her threats. Of course, a piece of me was very relieved. But then I realized that an even bigger piece of me was gravely disappointed. For the previous two days, I was walking around in a constant state of “excitement” and now it wasn’t real.

So I realized that such (non-financial) blackmail is really the only way to enforce true slavery in this day and age. It makes one wonder just how far they will go, how low they will go, just to avoid being ruined….the thought of being controlled to that degree, even turned into a true whore, without any ability to stop it, is unbelievably exciting to me.

Again, what I meant by whore, is being forced to servicemen for the financial profit of the whore’s Owner/Pimp. The whore not having any choice with respect to whom he serves or services, rather its Owner/Pimp orders it to appear at a particular address at a particular time and service whoever is there. Prior to that the Pimp/Owner would have already negotiated terms, services, price, etc with the john, and all the whore is not even to keep any of the money as it all goes to the Owner…

I have often wondered how far I would go, how low I would allow myself to be made to go, to avoid being ruined if i were being blackmailed…even though I am straight…


I think about a guy in my neighborhood seeing my profile and figuring out it’s me. I don’t want anyone in vanilla life to know about my kinks. I get a message that it’s time to stop pretending and to start acting, be at this address clean and fresh with a pair of panties, and a chastity cage. It’s recommended that I show up on time and prepared to do what I’m told or else my secret desires will be shared with my co-workers.
Once I discover it’s a guy I’ve seen around, he’s a matter of fact that he’ll be training me to be his fuck boi, from here on out. He tells me to strip as he begins to tease my balls and grab my ass.
It makes me nervous and excited as he pushes me to my knees and pulls out is cock.


I’d rent a room at Dom’s house, but the only way he would accept my rent payment is through camming profits. Essentially I’d be frequently tied up, kneeling, with earplugs in, a leather mask on leaving only a bit of my nose and my mouth exposed. He’d invite men over to take turns using my mouth and throat on camera. My only sensations would be the feel and taste of their Cocks in my mouth, and the taste of their cum on my tongue. I’d never get to see the video, never get to see, hear, or meet them. Total strangers using my mouth for their pleasure as I suck on them, lick them, get face fucked by them, and swallow their cum all for the amusement of other total strangers watching.

I really, really get off on how humiliating that would be. To not know what these Men look like, sound like, or we’re doing around me until their Cocks touched my lips. Helplessly and obediently serving total strangers while any number of total strangers could be watching. Would I know them? Do they know shiny metal collarme? Were they regulars? Are they new Men every time? I’d never know, all I’d know is the lingering taste of their cum on my tastebuds.


To be bound and gagged in a trash bag. Bagged with actual trash with the only regard being avoiding sharp or biohazard garbage. Then rolled to the curb or tossed in a dumpster on pickup night. While my top goes to bed and leaves me to my fate. In reality, sets an alarm and comes back to get me long before pickup, but in the fantasy either intentionally let me get picked up or something makes the alarm failed.


I dream of my previous mistress meeting up with me and having a friendly chat and drink. Partway through she opens her phone and shows me this profile on her phone and says she knows it’s me. Anne’s ready for every dirty post, looked at every filthy picture, and knows the vile kinks that get me off. she opens her bag and in it is a chastity cage, butt plug strap on and knickers. I’m instructed to new for the toilet to change into the cage, vibrating plug and knickers, and return with my underwear for her. I do so and when I return she laughs and enjoys playing with the remote vibrating plug. She says we are heading back to hers and to drink up. When I walk in I’m stripped, photographed and bent over the sofa, and fucked. As she fucks me she says I’m lucky this is my treat and her marking her property. From now on every week I’ll work from her house twice a week during which I’ll be naked but for my cage and plug. I’ll be chained throughout and wear various humiliating outfits. Over time I will be taken to more extreme kinks, I’ll be punished, fucked by her and her lovers and the closest I’ll ever get to her again will be to lick her was as she’s fucked by her lovers. Over time I’m turned into her obedient housemaid, personal toilet and degraded to an asexual fucktoy


I want to come to a dommes dungeon and have the idea played in my head that she’s going to be pegging me and I’m going to be pleasing her but what’s really going to happen is she’s getting a nice hung bull to fuck me and make me please him. As Bi-curious as I am, I want my first time to be forced on me. I don’t want to have a say so. I want to be bound and mouth gagged open as he throat fucks and breeds me


My deepest humiliation fantasy is to be one of a small group of naked white male and female slaves who serve a much larger group of black men and women at a party. They punish, degrade, and humiliate us in every possible way. Then they line up our beaten red assess side by side on our hands and knees. Some of the blacks go down the row behind us, fucking each one of us in the ass with their cock or strapon and then moving to the next white ass. Others go down the row in the front, making each of us lick their assholes and then moving on to the next white tongue. When we have all been fucked senseless, they put us on our backs in a tight ground and stand above us and piss all over us. All of this is photographed and videoed and put on a website so others can watch and enjoy it.


Dressed as a baby, diapered, and locked to or in a crib in the dungeon/nursery while my nesting partner goes on a date with a metamour or a new interest. Could be crazy early like 4 or 5 pm knowing I will be in the crib until morning no matter what happens. They could come back home with their date, show me off, play in the dungeon, or even set up a baby monitor in reverse so I hear what is going on in the bedroom while I helplessly suck on pacifier or baby bottle.


While out running errands with a Domme someone drives crazy and almost runs into my car. In spite of wearing panties under my suit, I lose my temper a yell at the other driver. The domme has me follow the other driver until he parks at a local mall. I am told to park near him and the Domme gets out of my car and talks with him for a few minutes while laughing and pointing toward me in my car. He comes with her and sits in the back seat as I drive them around. She giggles and he laughs when she uses my sissy name and tells me to park in the back of a dark parking lot behind a condemned building.

I am told to say I am sorry and offer him a blow job. Eventually i am begging him.

I am blindfolded with my hsrds cuffed to the steering wheel as I hear them enjoying each other sexually.

I drive him back to his car and am told to give him all my money along with my home address. Later that night I am blindfolded once again and the Domme has me ok n my knees sucking 5 cocks one at a time until the cum on my face, in my hair, and in my mouth. The men leave and the Domme tells me, one man was the guy I lost my temper with, one was a neighbor, one I worked with, one was a good service guy who I see every day, and the last one was one of the guys I play poker with once a month.

I am never told who they are by name but if any of them see me not acting as a good submissive sissy, the pictures and videos of me sucking all five will be latex gloved with heavy makeupdistributed to everyone I know


My GF and I go to a college frat house and I get super jealous. The guy she has been eyeing all night I start being a jerk too. Meanwhile, I go to the bathroom and the guy and his friends knock the door down. They make me get naked and they lift me out and throw me in the garbage outside meanwhile my girl ends up going back inside and screwing him.


I want to meet women in a completely vanilla setting who I get to know and have a crush on, and she realizes and decides to use that to fuck with me and humiliate me. I’ve had something like that happen once or twice, in kind of subtle ways rather than being really explicit and I can’t shake the notion that it’s always 100x more humiliating than anything that could happen in an actual session.


We have discussed going to the MAC makeup counter for a full workup. I’m not to say anything as Mistress directs the action on how my makeover will look. This publicly displays her authority and my submission. Her desire is to see a sultry, sexy makeup appearance. I will be on display for anyone in the mall to see. Once the makeover is done, Mistress takes me around the mall to keep shopping in order to really nail my feminization and emasculation home.


Personally, mine would be getting “invited” to a party by a Domme’ and being made the “entertainment/party favor”. The Domme’ and her gf’s/guests would order me to strip, put me in a humbler with my hands bound to its ends (see my profile pics), and forced to serve/service them all in whatever way they choose to complete. The ladies would then be able to strappy, fist, fuck my vulnerable ass, torture my humbled cock/balls while I am their toilet/bidet, and am force-fed their feet, pussy/ass to lick, suck, and/or otherwise clean and service while I take whatever size strappy, fist, or foot fucking my ass. And yes, there would be “blackmail” and memory pics taken…and another party planned soon too.


Serving as a French maid in a full fetish but more cutesy than sexy uniform. Being expected to answer the door, serve guests, and even go run errands in public such as grocery shopping in uniform.


I was serving a Mistress once who learned my vanilla information: where I work, those with whom I work, those who work for me, enemies, etc. She used that information to make me do whatever She asked, give Her whatever information about my vanilla life for which She asked, and to remove more and more rights, otherwise, She would expose me. I can’t imagine if those with whom I work ever found out what I am.

So She removed more and more rights, including the right of my sexual orientation, and even the right to my own home – the right to determine who is allowed to know where I live, the right to determine who is allowed to come into my own home, how I am used and treated in my own home, etc.

One night She invited a man I never met before to my home without even asking me. I wasn’t even allowed to answer my own door, in fact, when She answered my door to let Him in, I was made to be naked and on my knees on my own floor, as this was how He saw me for the first time.

They made me crawl to my own bedroom and apparently I was not crawling fast enough so She allowed Him to kick me in the balls to make me go faster. When I got to my bedroom, I was made to take out His cock and suck on it to get it hard, at which point I was made to bend over my own bed at which point He raped my ass. After He came I had to go ahead and clean His cock with my mouth after it had been in my ass and then I was made to lay on my bed, at which point I was made to make Him cum again and this time He came all over my face.

She took pictures of all this and even sent them to me as proof that She had even more incriminating information on me (for some reason I still have them!). I was not allowed to get up from my bed or even clean off my face. She took Him back to the front of the apartment and they said goodbye without even saying goodbye or anything further to me, while I was just left there with His cum on my face.


Being installed inside a modified mattress only to have the bed made hiding me entirely from view and then have the bed slept or even fucked on. Which no care given to me because of course I am just a mattress. Similar idea with a suit made of sofa cushions and stocks hidden inside the arms of a sofa to bind me and hide my feet, hands, and head trapping me as just a sofa to be sat on.


I’m a shy man and can blush easily in front of an attractive woman. My face can turn very red and feel hot. I have a lot of fetishes and things that turn me on, especially handcuffs and chastity. I also find Asian women very attractive, especially Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. I decide to visit a domme who I found online. She’s Japanese and in her mid-30s. I already had filled in her form ticking boxes for things that I like or would be fine with. I ticked bondage, body worship, boot worship, whips, humiliation, chastity. I arrive at her house and dungeon and was immediately a bit shy as she’s wearing tight leather pants and her black hair is tightly tied in a high ponytail. She looks strict. After talking for a few minutes and going through the form I had filled in she leads me into a large room and has me strip naked. She then chains my hands spread out to beams and does the same for my legs. I’m spreadeagled and cannot escape. I now feel helpless and start to blush. The Japanese domme then starts talking to someone on her phone. About 30 seconds later I can’t believe it as the door opens and in walks 6 Japanese girls! They stand in front of me and start giggling and talking in Japanese. They are all in their 20’s and all wearing cute mini skirts and high heels. I love mini skirts and blush more heavily. My face is burning with embarrassment. One girl is wearing a sailor schoolgirl uniform! Then the domme gives what looks like a bullwhip to one of the girls, a girl with a very sweet face and is probably the shortest and slimmest girl of about 150cm. The domme says something to the girl. Then the girl walks behind me and I think to myself, “she’s so small and weak the whip won’t hurt that much”. About 10 seconds later the first strike hits my naked ass and makes a cracking sound. “FUCK” that really hurt! Another strike hits my back, then another and another! “AHHHHHHHHHHHH” I scream! I struggle in my chains to escape but I can’t. There’s no escape from the cruel bullwhip! She keeps whipping me and I beg and plead for her to stop. All the girls are watching and laughing, enjoying my begging, blushing, and pain. After a few minutes, the girl stops whipping me and comes to the front of me to see my face. She looks at me in the eye and smiles. She hands the whip to the next a cigarette with a face mask


I love being a fat cow. I’m still getting Daddy used to that, he’s a bit vanilla….hopefully soon I’ll get him up to doing this.

I really want him to tease me all day, grabbing my fat belly, ass, and tits. Shake them, prod them, etc… whispering names like “fatty” and “tubs” in my ear. Rubbing my nipples just enough to get me excited and then abandoning and ignoring me. Tapping his fingers between my legs enough to get me wet while shoving a snack in my mouth. Towards evening, I get to sit on his lap while he stuffs me so full my belly looks pregnant. He’ll shake and rub my belly, repeatedly telling me I’m such a fat fucking cow. Finally, he’ll take me to bed and choose a collar for me to wear that night (hopefully the one that says Fat Cow, but whatever suits his mood). He’ll shove me down to suck his cock while he calls me names, then he’ll tell Fat Cow to sit on his dick while sucking my big cow tits… sometimes my stuffed belly gets in the way of leaning over for him to suck them, for which I get called more fatty names and spanked for letting myself go. Daddy finishes in my fat ass, stuffing it with cum, then falls asleep rubbing my belly and telling me what a damn fatty I am.


This slut wants to be taken to busy lingerie shops such as Victoria’s Secret and made to pick something for me. She will let the clerk know that the lingerie is for me to wear out of the store and force me to wear it, pay for it, and walk out of the store.


She catches me looking through her lingerie draw and makes me put them on. Forces me to wear makeup and heels. Then put on a cock cage and get teased and pounded


It has been years since I have felt the shame of a male Dom using my mouth and anus as a cunt, or suffered the shame and taunting from cruel male superiors. My Owner has closed down activities to only those shamings that occur between her and myself. So naturally, I fantasize about those things that I have been denied. So my most powerful fantasies revolve around forced gang-bangs and toilet treatments from male superiors.


We were discussing some issues in a work meeting and I dared to talk back to him, he raised his hand and slapped me hard across the face in front of all my coworkers and then asked me if I need another one! I got up and was about to leave that’s when he’ll grab my hair and sit me back on the chair and will tell me, “ Bitch, I didn’t say you can leave.” The hardest part is that I was trying not to cry and definitely couldn’t hide the redness on my cheek. Before he dismisses the meeting, he’ll make me apologize to him in front of everyone and promise that I’ll never interrupt him again or ever disagree on anything he says.


My girlfriend starts cheating on me with some guy she met at her work. I stay with her, but the anger and frustration are killing me. So I start seeing a pro-Domme like I used to before I met my GF.

My gf finds out and is pissed and says that seeing a Domme is cheating. I tell her it’s not sexual, it’s just stress release. She says if that’s true, then I can just go to a Dom. I’m repulsed by the thought and tell her that I’ll just stop indulging in BDSM. But it’s too late. The gears are already grinding in her head.

She gives me an ultimatum – see a Dom or we break up. I beg her no, but she won’t budge. I woefully agree. She calls and makes the appt for me to see a Dom. When I get there, he binds me and tells me that my gf gave him a very detailed list of what he should do to me and that it might take half the night.

For the next four hours, the Dom follows her cruel instructions.

When the nightmare is finally over and I get home, her lover is dropping her off. I see her give him a long sensuous goodnight kiss before she exits his car. He drives off, giving me a mocking grin and a big sarcastic wave.

As we walk to the door, she asks me, smiling wickedly, how it went with the Dom. I’m so hurt and angry, but I don’t want to give her the satisfaction of telling her, so I say that it went just fine.

She turns away triumphantly and says in that case, she’s going to send me to the Dom every Friday night so that I have something to occupy my time while she’s out with her lover.


I want to be confronted here by a Woman, Who’ll make me accept the humiliation of being trained to wank & be the dump for my own cock… a series of progressive lessons that will increase in humiliation…..until I learn how to take my cum, with the shame of humiliating myself…..without any pleasure!! each session would have me waiting with the embarrassment of being lectured…..about what I need to do, why i need to do it & how to jerk myself properly when I’m down there…..until I’m finally sent off for the humiliation of:

  • cock spraying all over my entire face
  • cum spitting my nose & cheeks…..eyes open
  • blowing spunk in my nostrils, eyes open with lips parted… some goes in
  • watching, mouth wide open…..and ejaculating straight down into it
  • watching, mouth wide open with my tongue wagging…..the entire load left on it
  • same as 5, only a ruined orgasm…..with the waste of cum, leaking onto it…..after

I find myself deserving of this humiliation…..and the shame it would make me feel…..having to chat with a Woman, Who’d actually train me this way and teach me… pathetic it feels, having my fantasy…..cum true!!

Taken to a muddy farm on a cold, wet day. Piggy tail plug stuffed in my arse, ballgag in mouth, forearms bound to biceps and thighs bound to ankles so I’m forced to crawl on my hands and knees. Then made to crawl through mud dragging a weight attached to my balls behind me while guys video me, whip me, and order me to grunt and squeal like a pig.

Then being made to eat food scraps from a trough while they piss in it and over my head. And finally made to wash me off under streams of their piss all while they verbally abuse me and tell me how they’re gonna post their videos of it all over the internet.


My mistress dresses me like a slut and takes me to an outdoor cafe. When a man walks by, she orders me to look at his crotch and asks,
“How big do you think his cock is?” This is within easy hearing of others at their tables.
“Uh-eight inches,” I murmur. Heads are turning all around us.
“How much bigger than your weenie is that?” she practically shouts.
“T-two times as big?” I whimper.
She bursts out laughing and says “Try three times, you pathetic mini-dick fairy!”