The belted nymphomaniac (an Altairboy story)

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The chastity belt idea

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After years of trying to control my nymphomania and countless thousands of dollars spent on psychiatrists, I still was no better than when I was 16. You see, for me, it’s not a need for attention or a desire for companionship that drove me to have sex – it was the sexual release – the orgasm – that I craved. I seemed to constantly crave sex. After I would reach orgasm, I was only satisfied for about an hour before I would begin to feel the strong urge to have sex again. The urge would become more and more powerful until I again satisfied it. Even at work, my lunch breaks usually included a trip to the restroom for a quick orgasm using a vibrator. Masturbation was okay and satisfied the urge, but it never compared to the feel of a real man inside of me. I fucked men every chance I had, and I hated myself for it. I couldn’t keep a boyfriend because no one man could fuck me often enough to keep me satisfied. Because of this, my life became an endless cycle of men who cared nothing about me.
One day, after a particularly excessive weekend (6 different guys in 2 days), I went home and had a message on my answering machine from my friend Sonja. She said that she hadn’t heard from me all weekend and was worried that I had “fallen off the wagon again”. I called her, and she could immediately tell by my voice that her suspicions were true. As usual, I cried and told her that I felt so bad about what I had done, and about how much of a slut I was, but that I just couldn’t control myself. This is when she first suggested it. She said, “Well if you can’t control your sexual desires, have you ever thought about giving someone else control of them for you?” I had no idea what she was talking about. I asked her to go on.

She continued, “I saw a special on TV about alternative sexual lifestyles. One of the subjects they talked about was the use of chastity belts. In the TV special, they discussed how chastity belts have really made a comeback in the alternative underground. They are relatively comfortable, secure, and can be worn under clothing without detection. Most of all, they prevent all contact with the genitalia underneath.” I had heard of chastity belts, but I thought that they were just myths from medieval times. Sonja continued, “The article showed how couples used chastity belts to enhance their sex lives. They would wear the chastity belts for days, sometimes weeks at a time, to deprive themselves of sex. They said that the sex was much more intense and gratifying after being locked in the belt for weeks at a time.” “Well, what has this got to do with me? Intense sex is not a problem with me, quite the opposite in fact,” I asked. Sonja continued, “Well if you were locked in a chastity belt you would not be able to”
I told her that her suggestion was very interesting and that I would research it. I got off the phone and finished the handjob that I had started. As I lay awake in bed, all I could think about was being locked up in a belt, unable to be fucked, unable even to touch myself. I came five more times that night while fantasizing about being locked in a belt.

Tallboy female chastity beltI spent the next several evenings researching chastity belts and decided that I would like to give one a try. I decided to buy a Tollyboy model FGA/200. It has an all-steel waistband and front shield, with a wire that goes from the bottom of the front shield to the back of the waistband, following the curve of the crack of the wearer’s ass. It looked very secure. After reading about the importance of proper measurement, I decided to ask Sonja to help measure me for the chastity belt.

Fitting time

The next evening, she came over to measure me. When she came over, I was wearing blue jeans and a tube top. She laughed at me and said, “We’ll never get an accurate measurement of you in that!” I decided to change into some spandex tights, but she said that the spandex would prevent her from getting an accurate measurement of the crack of my ass. Although I have seldom had a problem being naked in front of a man, I have always felt uncomfortable about being naked in front of other women, even my best friend. She assured me that this was the only way, and so I reluctantly agreed. I removed my blue jeans and noticed that much to my embarrassment, my panties were visibly wet from my excitement. I hoped that she would not notice; I was afraid that she would get the wrong idea and think that I was excited because of her, not because of the thought of being locked in a chastity belt. My fears came true when she said, with an evil grin, “I can see, and smell, that this excites you very much.”

I tried to explain to her that it wasn’t how it seemed, but I don’t think she believed me. I removed my panties and tried not to think about it as I allowed another woman’s hands to explore my most intimate areas. “Raise your hands over your head – it will make your waist smaller”, she said. I did as she told me to. Using a paper template, she measured my waist and the distance from the front of my waist, down across my pussy, around the crack of my ass, and back up to the back of my waist. I complained that she was measuring too tightly, but she assured me that she was measuring the way the instructions said to. After she was finished, I put back on my clothes and thanked her for measuring me. I couldn’t help but notice that her face was very flushed and her nipples were erect. She had experimented with lesbian relationships before she got married, but I hadn’t suspected until now that she was attracted to me. After she left, I was so turned on by the thought of being locked in a belt that I couldn’t pull my little rocket pocket and use it.
The next day, I placed my order and prepared to spend the next couple of weeks waiting for the belt to arrive. Sexually, the next couple of weeks were a blur. There was a man after man. I seemed to be at an even stronger pace than ever. The thought of being locked up and unable to orgasm made me hornier than I have ever been. I fucked like I was never going to be fucked again. After two weeks of this, the belt arrived.

The pleasure of getting a new toy

The day the belt arrived, I was very, very excited. I immediately tore open the box and inspected the belt. It was very well made and looked very secure. I thought to myself “I could never cut through that steel”. I threw off my skirt, pantyhose, and panties and put the waistband on (without the lock). I was a little concerned about how tightly it fits. I couldn’t take a full, deep breath with it on.

Next, I spread my legs slightly and pulled the front shield through, from the back. I took a sharp breath when the cold steel from the shield contacted with the warm flesh of my now soaking wet pussy. I attached the front shield and noticed how tightly it fit, and how far up the crack of my ass the rear wire went. I could feel the wire pressing against my anus. Most of all, I could feel the lips of my labia pressing through the small slit in the front of the shield. I put the optional front shield in place and then even the lips of my labia were covered. Next, I found the lock and keys (two of them), making sure that the keys actually worked, and then secured the lock on the belt. As I suspected, the “click” of the lock excited me on more than I had ever been. It took all my will to keep from removing it right then and there and finger fucking myself on the living room floor.

Instead, I walked around the room a little. It was uncomfortable, but not unbearable. I thought to myself, “this is going to take some getting used to, but I think I can do it.” I reached down between my legs, and, strangely, was a little surprised to find that I couldn’t feel my pussy at all. With the optional front shield in place, no part of my pussy was visible, or accessible. I slid my hand around to the side of the shield and attempted to slide my index finger in, underneath the shield. I was able to push it under the shield, but not far, and I couldn’t bend it to touch myself. I tried the same experiment with my little finger, with the same results. I could touch the outside of my labia, but not the inside. I couldn’t touch my clit at all, and pushing a finger deeper into my pussy was clearly impossible. My hand continued to explore, and wound up behind me, attempting to access my sex from the back. At this angle, I could touch the very bottom of my pussy but would have had to be double-jointed to get to my pleasure spot.
Although it is not my favorite, I have in the past let men fuck me in the ass. I decided to attempt to insert my finger into my anus, to see if anal sex would still be possible. I could touch my anus with my finger, but couldn’t insert it more than about three-quarters of an inch. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I got out my favorite vibrator and decided to try to play with it. I turned it on and pressed it against the metal front shield. I would feel the vibrations on my waist, and on my thighs, where the front shield touched, but I couldn’t feel anything in my pussy. I tried to push it into me from behind, but this clearly was impossible. Next, I found my smallest vibrator and tried to push it into my asshole. It wouldn’t fit around the bar. I tried to insert a pin, and it would only fit about 1 inch – not enough to do anything with. By now, I was so horny I could barely see straight. I took off the belt and quickly fucked myself to an orgasm. I put the belt back on and decided to go over to Sonja’s to show her the belt.
When I got to Sonja’s, she could see from the excitement on my face that I was wearing the belt. “Well?” she asked. Fortunately, Bill, her husband, was working late so I could tell her all about my evening. As I was telling her about wearing it and attempting to touch myself, I could sense she was getting aroused. She asked, “Well, who are you going to have to keep your keys?” “What?” I asked, rather alarmed by her question. She explained, “Well dummy, if you have access to the keys, then a chastity belt doesn’t work because you can remove it any time you want.” I don’t know why, or how, but I hadn’t really thought about that. I said, “I don’t know, maybe I can just keep the keys at home.” She lifted her eyebrows, saying, with her facial expressions and without having to speak, “You know that will never work”. I told her that I didn’t know anyone who I could trust with the keys. I mean, any male that had my keys could just turn me into his own personal sex slave.

She said, “How would you feel about me keeping your keys for you? I’m a female …” I immediately objected. I told her it would just be too weird to have to ask her to remove the belt. She tried to convince me, but I would hear none of it. After I left her apartment, I still had what she said on my mind. I decided to stop at a bar, but just for a drink.

At the bar, I felt like I had this huge secret that I wanted everyone to know about. I was so horny just wondering if anyone noticed my belt. I met a man there and took him back to my place. When we got there, we began to kiss. I reached my hand down and rubbed his crotch. He reached down to rub mine, and I could tell from the expression on his face that he was surprised by what he felt. I took off my pants and could tell by the bulge in his pants that he liked what he saw. I asked him “Do you want to fuck me?” He, of course, replied “Yes”. I wanted to fuck him too. I was so horny that my hands were shaking as I was trying to unlock the lock. When I got the belt off, he fucked me till we both came. After he was finished he left and I felt empty again. I knew that I couldn’t keep control of my own keys.

The Relinquishing of the Keys

The following day, I thought a lot about who I should give my keys to. Someone, I work with? No way! I didn’t even want them to know about the belt? My parents? Again, there was no way I could let them know I was wearing the belt. Sonja was the only logical choice; plus, she already knew about the belt and she already told me she was willing to do it. I had known her since we were sixteen and I trusted her with my life. I called her that evening and asked her to come over so we could talk about my belt. She came over and I told her that I was considering giving her my keys. Again, she said she was willing to hold my keys for me, but she said that there would have to be some conditions. I asked her what the conditions would be.

She said, “First, we would have to set a time period for me to hold your keys, second, we would have to agree under what circumstances you would be released from your belt, and third, you would have to abide by my control of your keys.” I asked how long she thought we should try this for. She suggested a month, but I was afraid of not having control of my sex for that long. I told her I only wanted to test this for a week. She accepted the time period of a week. Next, she suggested that she have complete discretion over when I was released from my belt, with the exception of medical emergencies. I told her that I didn’t feel comfortable with that and I wanted to be released daily. She said that she would not agree to that and would only hold my key if she had complete discretion for the entire week. Reluctantly, I agreed to a week of denial.

Next, she said “Listen, if I am going to do this, I don’t want to lose you as a friend because of this. You have to understand that anything I do during this week is because you are my friend and I care about you. You can’t get mad at me if I don’t release you from your belt during the week.” I agreed with her terms, knowing that she would release me early if I really, really wanted her to. She asked if I was wearing a belt. I wasn’t, so she told me to go put it on. I went into the other room and prepared to put the belt on. I pulled my pants off. I was excited, nervous, and extremely horny. My breath was short with anticipation. I could tell that my panties were becoming very wet. I considered getting out my vibrator for one last orgasm, but I knew Sonja was waiting and I didn’t have time.

I removed my panties, relishing the way they felt against my bare skin. I knew that I wouldn’t feel anything except cold steel against my skin for the next week. I secured the waistband, then pulled the front shield around in front of me. Before positioning the shield in place, I slid my finger over my soaked clit one last time and lied to myself when I said: “you can do this; it’s just for one week”. As the cold steel of the shield touched my pussy, I gasped and bit my lip. I secured the shield, along with the additional front shied, then attached the lock and locked it. I could feel the shield pressing tightly against my pussy, pushing the lips of my labia through the slit in the shield, keeping my pussy securely positioned in the center of the shield. My hands were shaking and my knees were weak at the thought of losing control of my sex for a week. I put my panties back on (I have no idea why I even bothered) and then my jeans. I went into the other room, where Sonja was waiting.

She asked, “Well? Did you put it on?” “Yes”, I replied. She asked me for the keys, and I gave her one of the keys. She said “Cindy, I know that this belt comes with two keys… Where’s the other one?” I sighed, knowing that I was caught, and went into the other room and got the other key. As I was about to hand the key over to Sonja, I began to have second thoughts. Sonja held out her hand and assured me that I was making the right decision. I reluctantly handed over the second key – I now had truly lost control of my sex for an entire week – how was I going to make it? Sonja clutched the keys in her hand, and, with a smile, announced that I had made the right decision.

She told me that given my past record she wanted to inspect the fit of the belt. She told me to pull my pants down. I did as she told me to. First, she inspected the lock to ensure that it was secure. Next, she pulled on the waistband and tried to slide it down, up, and to the side. She told me to put my hands over my head and keep them there. I did and she again tried to shift the waistband. Satisfied, she turned her attention to the shield. She pulled on the shield, ensuring that it was secure. Next, she tried to slide her fingers in underneath the shield. She began up near the waistband, where she could fit two fingers in under the shield. She slid her fingers down, under the shield, until it was too tight for her fingers to continue down any more. They were still several inches away from my pussy. Satisfied, she told me to turn around and bend over. I did and she again pulled on the shield to make sure that it was secure at the bottom. She tried to slide a finger in under the shield from the back and seem

A Week-Long Belting

About an hour after she left, I was hornier than I had ever been in my entire life. My clit ached to be touched and my pussy yearned to be filled. I decided to try again to defeat the belt. I removed my clothes and laid down on my bed. I spread my legs apart as wide as I could, and tried to fit any finger underneath the front shield. It was no use. Next, flipped over on my bed, got on my knees, spread my legs apart, and tried to reach my pussy from behind. I couldn’t get my finger in far enough to do any good. I knew I could touch my anus, so I began to wonder if I could make myself orgasm by rubbing my anus. I got a little baby oil and put it on my asshole, then began to rub it with my finger. After 45 minutes of rubbing my asshole, my pussy was soaking wet with excitement, I was very stimulated, but I wasn’t close to reaching an orgasm. I tried to rub my nipples with the baby oil, but again I was unable to reach orgasm. I was so horny I knew I absolutely had to cum. I got dressed and rushed over to Sonja
Much to my dismay, Bill answered the door. I was hoping that he had not made it home yet. I told him that I needed to talk to Sonja. He let me in and showed me into the living room, where Sonja was sitting on the couch. Bill said that he was really tired and was going to bed. I was relieved that I would be able to talk to Sonja in private. After he left, I spoke. “Sonja, I’ve made a terrible mistake; you have to give me the keys back.” “Why?” she asked. “I can’t make it a whole week. I just can’t do it. I have to get this off of me tonight!” I said. She said “A deal is a deal. Cindy, this is what you agreed to; this is what you wanted. If I gave you back the keys, you and I both know that you would just regret it tomorrow.” “Listen”, I said, ” I have to cum. Just let me out for twenty minutes; I’ll go into the bathroom and take care of it.” “Cindy, my husband is here and what you have just asked me for is inappropriate. I just can’t let you out tonight” she said. “But… You have to. I just can’t wait” I pleaded
That night, I didn’t sleep for hours. I couldn’t stop thinking about the cold steel barrier between my legs. I wanted that damn belt off more than anything in the world – no, I take that back, I wanted to cum more than anything. I kept reaching down between my legs, hoping that I would somehow be able to touch my sex; I couldn’t. This was the first time since I was fourteen that I didn’t have at least one orgasm before I went to sleep. The next morning, I got up and went to work. At work, I could barely do my job. I was so distracted that I couldn’t think about anything except for the damn belt. My clit needed to be touched so bad that it was tingling. I decided that I would go over to Sonja’s right after work, before Bill got home, and demand that she unlock me. The day lasted an eternity, but five o’clock finally arrived. I left work and rushed over to Sonja’s.

Sonja answered the door. “Sonja”, I said, “You have to unlock me. I have to get this belt off. I have to cum.” She replied, “Cindy, don’t you remember agreeing to abide by my decisions on the belt? Don’t you?” “Well… Yes… But…” I mumbled. “Well…”, she interrupted, “This is my decision. The belt stays locked.” “LISTEN, YOU BITCH”, I shouted, “LET ME OUT OF THIS GOD DAMMED BELT RIGHT NOW!” I immediately regretted what I said. Sonja looked shocked. She could see that I was desperate. She sighed and agreed to release me. She said “I will open the shield, but the waistband stays locked. You can have the shield off for thirty minutes, then I am locking it back on you. You can have some privacy in my bedroom. That’s the most I am willing to do.” Relieved, I accepted her terms. I knew that she would break if I could convince her how urgent my need was, and I was right. I unzipped my pants, exposing the lock to her. She excused herself and went into the other room to get the key. She came back and unlocked t
Quickly, I stripped my pants off, then my panties. I couldn’t wait to “take care of business”. I only wished that I had thought to bring my vibrator; oh well, my fingers would have to do. Laying on the bed with the front shield hanging between my legs was awkward and a little uncomfortable, but I wasn’t going to complain. I reached down between my legs and was delighted to feel my cunt. I slid two fingers from my left hand into my pussy and used two fingers from my right hand to rub my soaking wet, swollen clit. I came almost immediately. I was convinced that Sonja could hear me in the other room but I didn’t care. I came one more time and was building up to what felt like was going to be a huge orgasm when Sonja barged into the room. There I was, naked, legs spread, with two fingers in my pussy and two more on my clit. I was so close to orgasm, but as soon as I heard her open the door I scrambled for the covers. I was so embarrassed that she had seen me that way.

“Thirty minutes is up”, she said. “Ok, I just need a few more minutes”, I replied, hoping that she would agree. “Cindy, a deal is a deal. Pull the front shield back up”, she demanded. “I was just about to cum. I was so close. I have to finish”, I pleaded. “You came twice; I could hear you all the way in the living room. Pull the front shield up NOW!” she insisted. I knew it was no use, so I reluctantly reached down and pulled the shield up. She unlocked the lock, secured the front shield, and locked the lock back in place. After she was convinced that the lock was properly secured, she left the room and allowed me to get cleaned up and dressed. As I was leaving her apartment, I thanked her for releasing me and apologized for leaving a wet spot on her bedspread. She told me that this was the only time that she was going to cave in, but I knew that if I convinced her once, I could do it again – she’s always been sort of a pushover. I went home and slept much better that night.

The next day, I knew I had to have another orgasm that night. I went to Sonja’s that night and again convinced her to unlock the belt. This became my routine that entire week. Each day I went to Sonja’s, and each day she caved in and released me from my belt. At the end of the week, I was pleased with myself for not having had sex with a man the entire week. That was the first week since I was sixteen that I had not been laid at least once in a week. I felt a real sense of satisfaction, even though I knew that the belt was the only reason why I hadn’t tried to get laid. On the last day of our agreement, I rushed over to Sonja’s to be released from my belt. I got there and announced that the week was up. With a disgusted look on her face, she went and got the keys. “What’s wrong?”, I asked. “You have made a complete mockery of this whole week. You learned nothing, and you accomplished nothing” she announced. “What do you mean, nothing? I haven’t had sex for a whole week…”, I reasoned.
That weekend, I fucked more men than I can count. I know I slept with at least eight men, probably more. At the end of the weekend, I again felt more empty and alone than I could bear. I knew that just one week in the belt hadn’t helped me any at all. I knew I needed to wear the belt longer; I just didn’t know if I would be able to convince Sonja to hold my keys again.

The Contract

Monday morning, I put my belt on under my clothes and went to work. After work, I went over to Sonja’s. It was the first time I had spoken to her since she gave me back my keys. She answered the door and looked at me with a hint of displeasure. I could tell that she knew what I was going to ask her to do. She invited me in and we went into her living room. I told her that I wanted her to hold my keys again. She refused, saying that I had made a mockery of the entire week. I told her that I would do better and I pleaded with her to hold my keys for another week. She said that she would think about it and then she asked me to leave. I left and headed for home. On the way home, I stopped by a bar and picked up a guy. We went back to my house and fucked like madmen. After he left, I cried. I hoped and prayed that Sonja would decide to hold my keys again.

The next day, I called Sonja from work and asked her if she had reconsidered. She said that she had, and would hold my keys, but only if I completely agreed to her conditions. She told me to come over that evening, wearing the belt, with both keys. Excited, I rushed home after work, put on the belt, got the keys, and hurried over to her apartment to hear her conditions. On my way over, I realized that I had been in such a hurry that I had forgotten to masturbate. I wondered when my next opportunity to cum would be. I considered going back to my place for a quick orgasm but I decided to continue over to Sonja’s. When I got there, she asked if I was wearing a belt. I lifted my skirt and showed her that I was. She led me into the living room, where a piece of paper was laying on the coffee table. The title of the paper read “Chastity Belt Contract”. I was uneasy, but I sat down. She pushed the paper towards me, and I picked it up and read it. It read as follows:

Chastity Belt Contract

I, Cindy, agree to give complete control of my genitalia to Sonja for an unspecified period of time to be determined solely by Sonja. I agree to wear a chastity belt to prevent all contact with my genitalia for as long as Sonja deems necessary. I accept that Sonja may, but is not required to, allow the removal of the chastity belt for any of the following reasons: medical emergencies, hygiene, masturbation, and sexual intercourse. Furthermore, to help discourage annoying behavior, I explicitly agree that Sonja can not release me for at least 24 hours after any time that I request or demand to be released. I accept these terms freely, and with full knowledge, and hereby forfeit any rights to challenge this document in the future.

Signed, _________

I, Sonja, agree to accept complete control of Cindy’s genitalia for an unspecified period of time deemed necessary by myself. I agree to hold the keys to Cindy’s chastity belt until I feel that Cindy’s behavior has been adequately modified. I agree to allow Cindy to be released from her belt at least once weekly, for thirty minutes, under terms and conditions to be determined solely by myself. I agree to allow her to, if she wishes, have sex through stimulation of the clitoris in a manner to be determined solely by myself until an orgasm is achieved, at least once weekly. This sex will be without a partner or with a partner of my choice, at my sole discretion. To help discourage annoying behavior, I agree that, under no circumstances, shall Cindy be released from her belt for at least 24 hours after any time that she requests or demands to be released.

Signed, _________

“I’m not signing this”, I exclaimed. “Well, that’s the only way that I will agree to do this”, she smugly replied. “You want me to give over control to you indefinitely? I can’t do that; I won’t do that”, I replied. “Okay, suit yourself. But, if you read my part of the contract you will see that I will allow you to have sex at least once weekly if you want to”, she answered. I thought very hard about it. I knew that I brought this on myself with all my whining last week. I knew that her bark was worse than her bite and that if I really needed to, I could convince her to release me. Besides, most women I know don’t even have sex once a week. If they can do it, so can I. “OK, OK, I’ll do it”, I sighed. She handed me a pen and I signed the document before I could second guess myself. She signed it too and asked me for my keys. I held out my hand with the keys in my palm. She took the keys from my hand, looked at me with a slight grin and said, “This is going to change your life”. At the time, I had no idea how I’m going to survive.

The First Strict Enforcement

I didn’t sleep at all that night. The next day, after work, I went over to Sonja’s house to convince her to release me, as usual. When I got there, I asked her to let me out. She said “Cindy, not only will I not do that, but according to our contract. I now can’t let you out for at least 24 hours.” I argued, “Look, I know what the contract said, but I really need to…”, she closed the door in my face. I couldn’t believe it. I rang the doorbell and she just shouted through the door, “Cindy, go home, we’re not going to go through this again”. “GODDAMMIT, YOU LET ME IN RIGHT NOW SONJA” I screamed, “GIVE ME MY FUCKING KEYS, YOU FUCKING WHORE CUNT!” She never did answer the door, but the apartment doorman came by in a couple of minutes to “escort” me out of the building. I couldn’t believe what that bitch had done. I was pissed.

That night was a long night. I regretted what I had done and hoped that Sonja didn’t take it personally. I decided to go back there the following day and try a nicer approach. My pussy ached to be touched – it had been over 48 hours since the last time I came. The following day, after work I went back to Sonja’s. When she answered the door, I apologized to her for my behavior the following day. My apology wasn’t sincere, but I really wanted to be released from the belt and I knew that I would have to be nice to convince her to do it. I would have told her anything to let me out of that belt. She let me in and we sat down on the couch.

“Well?” I asked. “Well, what?” she replied. “Never mind,” I said in a dejected tone. “Oh, so that’s what this is all about? Do you think that if you are nice to me I will release you? Dream on sister. I’m still a little pissed about being called a whore cunt. You had better learn fast to be a little more respectful of me – after all, I decide how long you wear that thing. It could be a week, or it could be years…” she said in an angry tone, with a wicked smile on her face. I was speechless; Sonja had never spoken to me that way. “Come back Saturday night for your weekly release and sex, if you want” she seethed. At that, she dismissed me. I cried that entire night. I didn’t dare disturb her for the rest of the week. By Saturday night, I was so ready to cum that I couldn’t think straight. My clit felt like it was swollen to the size of a d-cell battery and it tingled so bad it hurt. It had been five days since I had last had an orgasm and I needed to feel something inside of me. I made sure not to forget to pack

The Secret Revealed (lesbian bitch!)

When I arrived at Sonja’s, I was surprised by the way she was dressed. She was wearing a black leather mini skirt, black leather vest, and black patent leather thigh-high boots. The boots came up to about two inches below her skirt, and I could see from the skin exposed that she was not wearing pantyhose. “Did I come at a bad time?”, I asked. I didn’t want to piss her off, so I decided to be on my best behavior. “No, no, come inside” she replied. She led me into the living room, and we sat on the couch. “Where’s Bill?” I asked. “He’s out of town on business this weekend, we’re all alone” she replied. “Why are you dressed like that, are you going out tonight?” I asked, puzzled at her intentions. “Maybe”, she replied. “Well, you told me to come back Saturday night for sex, and so here I am. I brought my favorite toy and I have been really looking forward to this” I said in an excited tone.

“Well… First, we need to talk” she said in a mischievous voice, “I don’t know if you know this, but Bill and I have been having some marital problems. He cheated on me last year, he had an affair, and I have been unable to forgive him for it. We haven’t had sex since then and, honestly, I am only still with him for the financial support”. “Oh my God Sonja, I’m so sorry to hear that”, I gasped. “It’s okay Cindy, it really isn’t as much of a loss as you might think. Before we were married, the sex was okay, but after a couple of years of marriage, things began to change. I don’t know if I have ever told you this, but the only way I can have an orgasm is with stimulation to my clit. I really don’t even like vaginal intercourse – it hurts me – and I only let my husband fuck me for his pleasure. Well, before we were married he would at least eat me out before he fucked me. After a couple of years of marriage, he wouldn’t even do that. Do you remember my lesbian phase back when I was younger?”

“Yes, I remember, but I never understood why you did it. You never seemed to love your girlfriends, and the whole thought of being with another woman is disgusting” I replied. She answered “Well, I don’t think I was ever really a lesbian. I really felt the same way you do, but a lot of men won’t go down on a woman, and even the ones that did could never do as good of a job as any woman who ate me. The fact is, I prefer the feel of a woman’s mouth. They know what feels good, so they know how to make me feel good. I didn’t like returning the favor, but I knew that if I didn’t they would never eat me again. It was disgusting, but I ate them so they would eat me.”

“What has this got to do with me?” I nervously asked. She answered “Well, I’m getting to that. Remember when I said that Bill had an affair? Well, I know that he had it with you.” All the blood drained out of my face. What she said was true, but I just couldn’t believe that she knew. “No Sonja, that’s just not true” I pleaded. “Oh, shut the fuck up, you little whore,” she said calmly, “I followed him to your little meeting place. That was when I vowed to get you back. I didn’t know then how I was going to do it, but now I do.” My heart was beating like a rabbit, and I was truly scared. I was afraid of what she had in mind, but I didn’t want to think about it. She continued, “I know you fucked him at least 20 times, and you are going to tongue fuck me at least 100 times for each time you fucked him. You are going to get so used to eating my little cunt that you will dream of it in your sleep.” “Give me my keys, right now” I demanded in a firm voice.

“Shut the fuck up and listen to you whore”, she sneered back. “You can’t make do this. I won’t do it. The contract said nothing about having sex with you.” I said. She replied “True, but if you ever want to feel that nasty pussy of yours again, you will do what the fuck I say, when the fuck I tell you to do it.” I replied “Fuck you. Give me my keys now or I will go to the police.” “You can do that if you want, but let me show you something first”, she replied. She reached over and picked up the remote control for the television. She turned on the television and then pressed play on the VCR. The image that appeared on the TV shocked me. It was me, on her bed, with my fingers in my pussy masturbating like the end of the world was coming. “You taped me?” I asked. “It sure looks that way, and if you don’t want this to go to everyone you know – your friends, your coworkers, your boss, and your parents – you won’t go to the police, and you won’t try to remove the belt. Understood?” she asked. I was caught. I couldn’t
“Well Cindy” she replied, “I will honor the contract, but re-read the contract. It says that you will be released once a week, and it says that you can have sex at least once a week, but it doesn’t say that you will be released to have sex. If you want, you will be restrained and I will remove your belt for 30 minutes once each week.” “Well, what about the orgasm? How am I supposed to have an orgasm with that damn belt on?” I demanded. Sonja smugly replied “It said that you could have sex through stimulation of the clitoris until an orgasm is achieved if you wanted. It didn’t say what kind of sex or who’s clit was going to get stimulated. I, unlike the President, consider oral sex to be sex. If you want, you can have sex, in other words, pleasure me with your tongue, at least once a week. If you do a good job, I might occasionally let you pleasure yourself. Rest assured, however, that it will be a very long time before you will feel a hard cock inside that nasty fuck hole of yours.”

I began to cry. “Sonja, you can’t do this, you just can’t” I begged. “Oh, I can, and I will” she replied. I could smell the strong scent of her sexual excitement from the other side of the couch. This was exciting her tremendously. “This is how the game works”, she continued “You will be held in that belt at least until you repay me with 2000 orgasms; that’s 100 for everyone that you gave my husband. If you do a good job, and you are an obedient little slave, I might allow you to buy an orgasm for yourself by selling me back ten of mine. For example, if you have a tongue fucked me 20 times, you only owe me 1980 more orgasms. If you have done a good job and I choose to allow you to pleasure yourself, it will cost you ten of the orgasms you gave me and you will then owe me 1990 orgasms.” At that, she lifted her skirt and spread her legs to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her pussy was freshly shaven, with a large mound of pubic hair above it. It was also very wet.

“Get on your knees” she demanded. “I’m not touching that” I replied. “Fine, then get the fuck out of my house, and don’t come back until you have learned to respect my orders” she shouted. At that, she grabbed me by the hair and dragged me outside. She slammed the door behind her and I laid there, on the ground sobbing. I couldn’t believe that this was happening. This time, I left before the doorman could get there. I went home and cried. I tried like hell to get that damn belt off. I tried to pick the lock with a paper clip, like in the movies, but it was useless. I had to feel my pussy, but I couldn’t. I hated Sonja for what she was doing. I cried myself to sleep.

The next morning, I decided to call Sonja. Maybe this was all just a joke. Maybe she just wanted to teach me a lesson. Maybe she would release me today. I called her, but when she heard my voice, she asked only one question: “Are you ready to obey my orders?” I said “Sonja, can’t we talk about this? Will you please let me out of this belt?” Sonja replied by simply repeating “Are you ready to obey my orders?” I pleaded “Sonja, please. I can’t do that, I just can’t. I’m not gay and I don’t think I could bring myself to do what you have asked me to do.” The phone went dead – that bitch had just hung up on me. I seriously considered calling her back and telling her that I would do it, but I just couldn’t. I am not gay and I couldn’t bring myself to touch another woman in an intimate way.

The First Submission

By the next Saturday, my pussy hadn’t been touched in twelve days. I knew that if I ever wanted to get feel it again I was going to have to do something. I decided that I would give in to Sonja’s demands. I would rub Sonja’s clit with my hand until she came. That would probably be enough for her and maybe she would let me out of this damn belt. I called her and again asked, “Are you ready to obey my orders?” “Yes”, I whispered. “What did you say? Speak louder” she demanded. “YES!” I said, “I’ll obey your orders.” I couldn’t believe that I had said it. I didn’t know how I was going to go through with this. “I want you to pleasure me with your tongue. Say you will pleasure me with your tongue,” she demanded. “I will pleasure you,” I said in a timid voice. “How will you pleasure me?” she asked. “With my hands” I replied. “No, you slut, you’ll do it with your tongue. Do you understand me?” she snapped.

I was hoping that using my hands would be enough, but it looked like Sonja had other plans for me. “Okay”, I whispered. “Okay what?” she demanded, “I want to hear you say what you are going to do and how you are going to do it.” Defeated, I replied “I… I will pleasure you… I will pleasure you with my tongue. Are you happy now?” “Look you, little whore, you had better lose that attitude quick. Leave your door unlocked, I’ll be over in thirty minutes. I want you to be on the floor, kneeling, waiting for me, wearing only your chastity belt when I arrive. If you don’t obey all of these conditions I’ll walk back out the door and we won’t talk again for a month.” she demanded. With that, she hung up the phone before I could reply. I drank a glass of wine, removed my clothes, and knelt down on the floor, and waited for her to arrive.

As I knelt there waiting, all I could think about was how I could get out of this situation. Thirty minutes passed and still, Sonja had not arrived. Forty, then fifty minutes passed. I was afraid she wasn’t going to show up but I didn’t dare move. After a full hour had passed, the door opened and Sonja came walking in. She was wearing a black overcoat. Before I could say a word she spoke, “The only thing that you are to use your tongue for this evening is to give me pleasure. You are not to speak unless I tell you to. Nod your head if you understand.” “But Sonja…” I began. She cut me off and said “You stupid whore, you don’t get it. I said you are not to speak. I’ll give you another month to think about it.” She turned around and began to leave. “No! Wait! I’ll be good, I promise I won’t say another word! Please don’t go!” I pleaded.

She walked to the door, locked it, and turned back around. Without saying a word, she walked straight up to me, took my hair in her hands and led me into the bedroom on my knees, by my hair, forcing my nose close to her ass. When we were in the bedroom she threw her overcoat onto the floor. She was wearing the same outfit as last Saturday night – a black leather mini skirt, black leather vest, and black patent leather thigh-high boots. I could smell the strong scent of her pussy and could tell that she was very, very aroused. I could not say the same for myself. I was so nervous that I was sick to my stomach. How was I going to do this? I couldn’t bring myself to lick her, but I knew that is what she expected me to do. For the first time since I put on the belt, I wasn’t horny. I wanted to be anywhere except in that bedroom.

Sonja wasted no time. She sat down on the edge of my bed, facing me. She spread her legs and lifted her skirt to reveal her pussy to me. As I expected, she was again wearing no panties. “Crawl over here on your hands and knees and get to work on my pussy” she demanded. I mouthed, “Please…”, not really saying it, just moving my mouth to form the word. “Do it, you little whore!” she barked. I did as I was told and slowly began to crawl towards her. With each foot I moved forward, I frantically tried to think of some way out of this. Maybe I could still just use my hands. Maybe she wouldn’t notice. The closer I got to her, the stronger the smell was from her cunt. When I got to her, I paused and then began to kiss her thigh-high boot. I looked up at her and she seemed to be enjoying the moment, but I knew that she would quickly grow impatient with me kissing her boot. I moved up and began to kiss her thigh. Maybe if I kissed her thighs I could get away with just giving her a handjob. I reached my right hand
She gasped when I touched her pussy with my hand. I looked up and she had tilted her head back. I could tell that she was really enjoying this. I slid two fingers into her pussy and began to rub her clit with my thumb. She began to moan and I began to think that I might be able to get away with using my hands and not my mouth. After about a minute, she lifted her leg, placed it on my shoulder, and pushed me away from her. “Stand up and turn around” she commanded. I did as I was told. I heard as I felt something metal clasp around my right wrist. Before I could react, she had pulled both wrists behind my back and I felt the same clasp around my left wrist. I immediately knew that she had just locked me in handcuffs. “You were cheating,” she said smugly. “You know that you are to serve me with your tongue, and you were trying to get away with not doing it. This is what happens to the bad little slave – they get handcuffed. Get back down on your knees and put your tongue where your thumb was. NOW!” she demanded. Sl
I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and tried to kiss her clit, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. “Please don’t make mmmmphhhh!” I sobbed as she grabbed my hair with both hands and forced my mouth onto her waiting cunt. I closed my lips tightly but I could feel the wetness of her cunt against my lips and face. My nose was buried deep into her thick mound of pubic hair. “LICK!” she commanded. My first impulse was to bite her hard, but I thought about my situation and decided that it would be a mistake. I was terrified. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I felt like I was going to throw up. “LICK!” she again ordered, this time pulling my hair so hard that I wanted to scream out in pain. I had no choice but to do as I was told. I opened my mouth, put my lips around her clit and began to lick her with my tongue.

Ugh, I hated the taste of her cunt. She began to moan loudly. “FASTER!” she commanded. I rubbed my tongue up and down her clit as quickly as I could. Her grip on my hair eased up slightly but I continued to lick furiously because I was afraid of what she would do if I stopped. I tried to think of something else – warm beaches, shopping, anything – but all I could think about was the fact that I was being forced to lick another woman’s pussy. I wished more than anything that I hadn’t had the affair with Bill. All the times he fucked me was not worth even one second of being forced to eat Sonja’s pussy, and I feared that this was only the first of many, many times. After twenty minutes of sheer hell, I could tell that Sonja was getting close to having an orgasm.

“Thank God” I thought to myself, “This will all be over soon”. As I continued to lick, she began to moan louder, and then to scream. She forced my mouth onto her crotch even harder and began to grind her pussy up and down my mouth as she screamed “Oh God! I’m going to cum! Make me cum you, little whore!” Her legs began to quiver violently and I could tell that she was beginning to orgasm. Then, I felt something warm and wet squirt out all over my chin and neck. Her entire body went into convulsions and she screamed “Oh God yes! Oh God yes! Oh God yes!” Next, she pulled my mouth away from her pussy but forced my face into her pussy and rubbed her pussy all over it, covering my face with her wetness.

Next, she forced my nose deep into her slit and held me there while she recovered from her orgasm. As I knelt there with my nose inside her pussy, waiting obediently for her to allow me to pull my head away, I felt more humiliated than I ever had in my entire life. After a minute, she looked down at me and said “That was barely acceptable, but I will let it slide because it was your first time. You had better learn quick how to do a better job or you will never feel your nasty little pussy again. Look at the mess you’ve made. You let my cum get all over my legs and ass. Lick me clean.” The warmth that I had felt squirt against my chin when she came was actually ejaculation. I had heard that some women did actually ejaculate when they came, but I didn’t think it was true. The fluid was thicker and had a much stronger taste and smell than her regular juices – and there was a lot of it, at least as much as any man I had blown.

Already defeated, I swallowed hard and did as I was told. I licked all the juices off her thighs, and then off her ass; taking care not to lick her anus. “You missed a spot” she purred, as she pushed my head down to her asshole. I licked the juice off her anus. “Very good, my slave”, now swallow” she ordered as she lifted my head from between her thighs. I swallowed her cum as I was told to do. “Just think, one down, One thousand nine hundred ninety-nine to go” she said with a wicked smile. I cried as she got up and put on her coat. She walked over and unlocked the handcuffs and put them in the pocket of her coat.

“Please, please, I’m begging you, please release me from this belt. I promise that what happened with Bill will never, ever happen again. Just please, set me free” I sobbed. “You’re right, it will never happen again. You made your own bed, you little slut when you fucked my husband. Now you’re going to lay in it whether you want to or not. Expect to do this all again tomorrow” she said as she walked out the door.

I ran to the door and locked it, and then ran to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth for ten minutes, then jumped in the shower and held my face under the scalding hot water until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I scrubbed and scrubbed to try to get her juices off of me, but I just couldn’t seem to scrub enough to feel clean. After about an hour in the shower, I dried off and went to bed. This had been the worst day of my entire life, but I feared that it was only one of many, many to come. I knew that Sonja would expect the same thing the following evening.

Kinky playmates in

My clit ached to be touched the way that I had touched Sonja’s earlier, but I feared that it would be a long, long time before Sonja would let me have an orgasm. I cried myself to sleep, wondering how I was going to bring myself to do it all again the next evening.

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