The Arranged Marriage- 3 [FFm, Humiliation, control]

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The Arranged Marriage – part 1

‘Strip” she commanded and his world tilted again. He was used to women telling him what to do but this made his insides flip over and over.

He took off his jacket and then shirt, carefully laying them on a chair. She stopped him for a moment and appraised her boy…he was one lovely sight. She has been keeping herself without orgasm for a while. She knew he was the one when she perused the society magazine Good Matches and found this boy was ready to be married. His pretty face and tall slim body fired her sexual desires immediately, and when she read of his other accomplishments, she was determined he would belong to her.

Still, this was a moment of pure victory, she had him and she could not wait to train him to be her ideal husband. The fact he had never been touched or kissed was a joy and she looked forward to taking his virginity very soon. She would possess him and take him and mark him as her own.

His trousers were sticking out at the front alarmingly, she glanced down and saw he had seen. He was stricken with shame. She smiled at him and undid his belt, sliding it out with a satisfying snap, then she undid his trousers and saw the black underpants, tight silky feeling microfibre trunks and the most gorgeous erect cock poking out from the top.

‘Now, she said’ You are my husband and part of your duties will be to have sexual relations with me, as often and in what position I choose. I will soon take your virginity and once that has been accomplished you will be trained in bedroom arts, so you can please me and make me very satisfied. You will be my very good boy, I know’

She slipped her cool hand down the front of his pants and caught his cock firmly in her fingers, pulling upward as she wanted to free it from his constraining but very flattering underwear. She drew the pants down and he moaned in desire and shame as she left him naked before her.

A small soft ‘Ohhh’ popped from his lips and he hung his head down. He wanted her so badly and yet that had to be wrong…in his world thus far, it had been wrong to look or ogle at women or to think about sex.

‘Boy, you are mine now. You need not be ashamed of what I want to, and will, do to you. This is what Wives and husbands do if the Wife wants it. just as you are obedient and submissive out of the bed, so you will be when in my, do not be humiliated or ashamed…I know you want what I want and do not worry, you will always do what I want.”

Hearing her self-assured words, he was pacified. It was all so quick, so new…all those years of answering to his family and now he was to focus on Miss Sarah entirely and absolutely.

Her hands moved up and down his body, greedily feeling his skin, smelling him, her tongue licked at his nipples and his stomach, sending flashes of physical pleasure pulsing through him. He wanted to move, to touch her back but he knew this would be wrong, she was in control and he was her plaything. Even in the throes of extreme desire, he knew this and loved it.

She walked to the bed and beckoned to him, laying herself out. Her body was ripe and firm, curvy and beautiful..he thought he would die with sheer overwhelming happiness.

She said to him…I do not know what Sex-Ed you have had but the first lesson you are going to learn in real life is I get the pleasure I want when I want it and for as long as I want it. You will provide me with that pleasure. Your own pleasure will be for me to decide upon. You have no say, my lovely boy, none at all.

He barely took in anything she said, he was light headed. Just looking at her nakedness, all her soft inviting beauty was intensely frustrating. His cock, so far repressed and restricted felt unbelievably hard and quivering with desire.

She made him kneel between her parted thighs…guiding his face to her wet pussy, so close he could smell the hot scent of her.

You will lick and kiss me there, my boy, you will kneel between my legs and learn your husbandly duties. Oral sex is one way I get aroused and orgasm, so you will learn how to use your tongue, lips and hands…to begin with, you will slowly and delicately explore my pussy with your lips and tongue. I want to feel how you naturally would approach me.’

He wanted to nothing more than to please her and so decided gentle was best, after all, she could always tell him to go faster or harder. His tongue met with her wetness, and he savoured her taste with delight. He lapped at her, tiny flicking licks and she moaned. Encouraged, he kept on, flicking and licking, twisting his tongue around, over and back, watching for signs of more pleasure. She rewarded him, groaning in mounting excitement.

‘Keep going” she ordered and he did, using the same measured but purposeful licks he had tried from the start. He loved the sensation of her mounting desire, her wetness increasing, her thighs straining and her back arching. She moaned and thrust her hips at him aggressively, and ground her pussy into his face, climaxing with appreciative sighs and moans. He lay still, wanting an order, and before too many moments, she said ‘Put your finger, your index finger inside me, move it around and I will tell you when it is right, yes, now, lick again with your finger deep inside me…yes..I love it”

His finger slipped into her, loving the feeling of warmth and tightness, he probed and twisted until she moaned in pleasure…’There, there…ohh…yes..there…good boy.”

He obediently continued, stroking her sensitive place constantly, craning his neck to lick her clitoris.

She came again and again…calling out to him, praising him and encouraging him. Eventually, she said…’no more…I am satisfied’

She leaned over and pulled him to her, kissing him slowly and lovingly. Her touch instantly fired his lust once more and he whimpered sweetly.

She told him to lay back and be still, so he did, feeling embarrassed by his obvious sexual need.

She lightly stroked, just a trailing of fingers, along the shaft of his penis and he thought he would explode. Waves of arousal built up straight away and he moaned helplessly.

‘Ask me to stop when you get close”

He decided he needed to confess….’Miss Sarah, I don’t know if I will know…I haven’t ever been allowed…I am without experience’

She took her hand away, ‘Really, totally virginal then, goodness…what fun…and by the way, I think I will insist you carry on calling me Miss Sarah, it is so formal and polite…utterly charming”

‘Okay, my boy, then what we will do is sort out your virginity very quickly…I don’t think it will take long somehow and we will spend our honeymoon here in my bed, having sex and getting you sexually trained properly…then when you have come lots and got to crave it, I will begin to restrict you and keep you in chastity so you will only orgasm when I really think you deserve a treat.’

He heard this but none of it made any sense..his world had suddenly gone quite mad and he had begun to think he must be in a dream.

Two weeks on and he was fairly sure he could no longer be in a dream. However, some of the surreality of his existence still persisted.

His Wife, Miss Sarah had resigned him from his job, informing him quite simply that ‘she’ was his job now.

Much as she had promised, their honeymoon had been spent mostly in her bed where he had been trained over and over in how to give his Wife all the sexual pleasure she could possibly want.

This was, of course, a task he had taken too with the greatest of joy, learning quickly and becoming adept at all her favourite sexual activities. The greater pleasure she had, the more gratified and fulfilled he was. Fair to say, he could hardly believe his luck…Miss Sarah was sexually insatiable it seemed to him and so responsive to all his efforts.

He could now massage her into a blissful state of relaxation or massage her slowly into a slowly simmering sexual passion and could take her small physical cues as to which one she was needing.

He bathed her or showered with her, so their bodies were often in intimate contact. Needless to say, a look or light touch from her was enough to turn him into the neediest boy ever and so he felt he had been erect almost permanently for a fortnight.

The first time she took him, for that was what it was, a taking, plain and simple, he was told to lay back on the bed for her. Once she had spoken those words, that was it, he offered himself up to her submissively, knowing disobeying her was almost impossible to imagine.

She took her time, just watching what was hers, that was all part of the fun, gazing upon the incredibly beautiful object that she possessed.

She came in closer and whispered ‘How is my gorgeous boy?’

He was so overcome he couldn’t speak and simply made a little helpless noise and pleaded with his eyes. Truth was, he didn’t know what he was pleading for but he knew she would take him, use him and make him hers and after, he would feel…well, what would he feel?

That first fuck was so intense, so blissful, he cried…he had no defenses where she was concerned and his sobbing, a reaction of helpless submission fired her with simultaneous feelings of love and a desire to hurt and humiliate Daniel.

He knew as she had told him clearly, these pleasures so freely given now, would be curtailed, who knew how much? He thought back to how before marriage he could by dint of will block out his desires, to suppress them and live in purity. This was no longer the case, he lived with the most desirable woman ever and she intended to lock his cock up.

Each orgasm she forced upon him, and there were many, was a bitter-sweet thing. He knew she was making him need orgasms and connect this utter surfeit of pleasure with her. Then, she would take it away, knowing it would leave him feeling flayed and scourged, open to her every whim.

What was worse, she would do this to him and he still loved the very ground she walked on. She loved him too, quite passionately but her deeper, darker desires needed their satisfaction and he must suffer for her.

His problem, as he saw it, was his recovery time…he was young, fit, healthy and be sexually used by his most gorgeous Wife and no matter how often she made him release, he still bounced back soon after, balls full and ready for action.

She was most seriously engaged in training him to be ridden for a considerable time before he would be expected to humbly ask for permission to ‘rest’.

On a physical level, to have to beg to ‘rest’ or be denied as it clearly meant, when he was so desperate to come, would be challenging. To do it over and over, how would he cope? Mentally, it put him time and time again into a spaced out state of swirling submission. It was an endorphin high and he loved how fluid and passive it made him feel, almost out of his own body.

Additionally, she trained him to take prolonged hand and mouth stimulation without difficulty. He could with enormous discipline find a place, just before orgasm and keep there, burning for a release that would not come.

The yearning sensation it instilled was addictive and he realised she intended to keep him hopelessly sexually enslaved always.

That just made him get harder and drip pre-cum like a pathetic gift to a superior Goddess. Her gentle and loving amusement at this left him in awed humiliation, utterly undone by her.

He tried to imagine years of living like this…it filled him with a sense of stomach fluttering anxiety overlaid with a much more deep sense of knowing his Wife had made him into exactly what he must be and wanted to be….her helpless sexual plaything.

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