That Special Feeling of pumps on my legs

shiny silver high heels

Do you know that pleasant feeling of anticipation that precedes the happier days of one’s life? Today was just such a day. I had just finished a pretty lucrative contract and received a good bonus which would set me up financially for a couple of years at least. I could enjoy a few months break- but knowing me I would be looking for something within a few weeks!

I was due to meet up with my boyfriend, Steve, to look for a house to share together. He was just back from the States and it would be great to see him again. I even hung up some of his favorite jackets and ties to make him feel at home. I knew Steve had a bit of a thing for heels which was just as well, as so did I. I usually wore 3 or 4″ to work- always stilettos – not plats or clumpy ones. I am 5’7″, size 40EUR shoe, so I don’t really need the extra height per se. There is something about a stiletto. You can gently rock it and really feel the heel – almost try to push it further into the ground and positively sense the height. It’s difficult to describe unless you actually wear them. It certainly makes me feel confident, powerful, feminine – even a little vulnerable – a completely contrasting sentiment. I suppose some of it is emotional, some from the association, some sexual; it’s not an easy thing to analyze, but for me anyway, there is a great pleasure to be had from wearing them once one has mastered the practical difficulties of doing so.

After showering and making up, I put on a white bra and soft cream patterned silk blouse. I pulled on some light tan stockings with black lacy hold-up tops, and decided to be a bit naughty and go without panties. I choose a dark blue wrap-around skirt, just above knee length. It was cut to allow a slit up the back which opens a little as you walk. I suppose one could say that I dress a bit conservatively – but I think it is important with heels not to dress too tartishly – it’s easy to give the wrong impression, especially at work.

I usually wear 3 or 4″ but I thought I would impress Steve with something a bit higher and I had recently got some 5″ pumps. They were soft black leather, with a really thin stiletto. I was pretty good walking in them, but if you wear heels, you will know that shoes like that are not something you would wear all day as the pressure on the front part of the foot is quite high. However, today was special. Raising myself on tiptoe, I slipped into them. That, for me, is one of the nicest feelings, as your foot gently snuggles into them and you feel the full height for the first time. I suppose it is like most other human perceptions in that it is the change of feeling has one of the strongest effects. I sat down by the desk in the bedroom with a cup of tea to enjoy them for a bit.

As I walked into the living room to get my bag, there was no doubt that they made me feel really special – even as distinct to the other pumps that I usually wore. That feeling intensified as I left the house and clicked on the hard concrete pavement, on my way to the garage to pick up the car from where it had been serviced the day before. I smiled as I felt the full 5″ tapping on the hard surface, and as the cool breeze gently wafted across my bare arms and up my skirt, I felt myself getting a little moist down below. Still – that was the way I liked it.

The car was not quite ready when I got to the garage so I sat down in the waiting area. The service manager was behind the counter doing whatever service managers usually do, so I decided to have a bit of fun. I picked up a magazine and held it up – but I could still see him out of the corner of my eye. Then I crossed my legs and started rocking the shoe up and down at the ankle. I saw he was taking an interest so I slipped the shoe off and let it dangle from my toes, clenching and unclenching them so that the uppers gently tapped the bottom of my foot

I could see he had totally stopped what he was doing and kept stealing furtive glances at me, unaware that I was watching back. I continued with the other foot that was on the floor – balancing on the heel and circling round and round and back and forth. His eyes were bulging and I bet that wasn’t all that was bulging! I suppose it was all bit naughty, but an interesting game nevertheless. Sadly, it was brought to an end when a mechanic came round from the back to report the car was ready. I smiled at the manager as I came up to the counter to pay the bill. I could tell he was pretty aroused, as I exchanged a few pleasantries. I wonder if he knew that I knew why? In any case, I suppose it was fun for both of us.

I drove the car down to the railway station where I was due to pick up Steve at half-past Ten. I could see he was there waiting next to the taxi rank, so I honked the horn and waved him over to the car. He got into the passenger seat and we leaned over to embrace each other.

“Jenny, my love, you look great. It’s good to see you again”, he started. “Mmmm, likewise darling,” I said. I had waited 4 months for this moment and it felt so good as we hugged each other tightly.

We exchanged a bit of gossip as we went back to my rented place for a cup of coffee, although we had kept in touch pretty well while he was away via the phone and the Internet. Steve had actually got a job in the area so it seemed natural to try and buy a place here. At the moment, I was unattached workwise, but it would always be possible for me to pick up contracts work or work from home via the Net.

“What do you fancy doing ?”, asked Steve.

“Well, you said you wanted to look at some places to live so I rung up the estate agents yesterday and found a few suitable candidates” I smiled.

“Jen, you are too organized as usual” , he laughed. “Come on then, lets go !”

We set off back again to the car, my stilettos tapping and ringing out on the path.

“Hey, Jen, those are great heels… but… I mean – are you sure you can drive in them OK ?”

fishnets and high heels

“Don’t worry”, I replied. “Lots of practice.” It was true. I love driving anyway, but driving in high heels was better again. There’s nothing quite like flooring the accelerator pedal in stilettos and feeling the power as the car pulls away- especially when you have a fast car like this one was. I never really overdid it – I am quite a careful driver, but love to open her up when the time is right. I suppose its the combination of feeling the energy of the machine and the command you have over it together with the authority of the heels. Again its something which is difficult to describe with a few words – do it and find out – or not! – is my advice. In any case, I could see Steve was watching me closely as I pumped the accelerator to get her going. Doh – she usually started better than this – was supposed to have been serviced as well!

Modified from an original by Spike and reproduced by kind permission from him.

At the estate office, the agent was a rather effusive sort. “Ooooh, sir and madam”, he gushed.” I think I have just the thing for you – it a repossession and in need of a little care – but the marvelous location – quite unsurpassed – very secluded – and such good value – do you know I haven’t seen one quite like this on the market for some time…..”

“Well, let us have the keys and we’ll find out for ourselves”, said Steve, a little impatiently, not too impressed with the continuous stream of drivel from the agent.

I flashed my lashes and gave Steve a quick glance of reproach as if to say ‘He’s only doing his job’ but Steve got the message quite quickly.

“Sorry, ” he said to the agent. “Long trip over from the States – guess I’m a bit tired.”

“Ooooh, no problem sir”, he continued unabashed. “I have the keys right here- now if you could just sign for them….” The floor of the office was polished wood but there were one or two cracks between the boards and as we had been talking, I had been inadvertently toying with my heel and easing it in and out of the crack a little as I rested my foot. With heels this high, you might know you that need to rock your foot back now and again to stretch your calf muscles- it’s a necessity rather than teasing – honest! As I shifted my stance, I felt the spike stick a bit and needed to twist it a little to get it free. I could see the wimpy old agent stealing a quick glance and he pushed his lips forward, forming a little circle with his mouth as he searched for the keys. It’s strange how the merest flicker of expression can give someone away.

I smiled inwardly – could this man have a heel fetish as well ?! There was a quick way to find out as I took a couple of steps, I positioned the heel over a wide bit of the crack and put my feet close together resting the inside of my shoes on one another like propping two bikes against each other. That is a nice way to stand in heels – its quite comfortable and stable – taking the tension out of your ankles. If you know the techniques, wearing these shoes becomes a lot easier. Anyway, while standing, I was gradually pressing down on the heel and forcing it firmly into the crack, so that when I walked away, I stepped completely out of the shoe, leaving it wedged into the floor. Considering the portly, rather rotund nature of the agent, he shot from behind the counter faster than a greyhound out of a trap !

“Ahhhhhh madam ! ” he effused. ” Allow me please…”

It was time to be a bit evil. “Oh, please don’t trouble yourself”, I said, giving the agent another one of my looks as if to say ‘keep your hands off !’. ” Could you possibly do it, Steve ?”

The agent’s face dropped as he realized he had lost the chance of getting his hands on my shoe to pull it out of the crack, but he was soon smiling as he watched my stockinged foot on tiptoe as I wiggled my toes on the bare boards, moving my foot from side to side. After Steve had retrieved my shoe, our portly friend observed intently as I wormed and rocked my foot back into it, first circling then tapping on the heel for good measure to make sure it was snug. The agent was getting a bit flustered as his stream of verbiage degenerated into tongue tied stuttering. Steve had realized by now that I was teasing this guy a bit.

“Come on, Jen !”, he winked. “Let’s get going”

“Jennifer! – honestly! – You’ve got a nerve” he began when we got back in the car.

“Hehe – sorry – I just couldn’t resist it” , I sniggered. “Anyway, it certainly shut him up a bit.”

“It did that all right. I wouldn’t be surprised if he paid a quick visit to the toilet after that performance”, he suggested wickedly. “Right then – where’s this house ?.”

The Agent was right about the house. It was detached but not too big and very secluded – a couple of miles into the country but still within easy reach of the town. We both liked it almost immediately. It was a vacant possession and certainly needed one or two things doing to it. I was enjoying a lot the feeling and sound of my stilettos on the bare boards and tiles as we moved from room to room. They felt pretty good considering they were higher than normal and I had had them in a couple of hours. We had a long look round – it was mostly in quite good order – and moved back to the large living room which opened onto the beautiful gardens. Unfortunately, the wooden floor had had some covering ripped off it by the previous owners and the boards were in a bit of a state – some of them appeared quite rotten. It would probably need replacing.

“Look at the state of this floor”, I intoned. ” ‘In need of a little care’ – that’s estate agent’s parlance for ‘falling to bloody pieces’. Still we can always get a proper survey by a Structural Engineer before we buy.”

I felt the wood splinter slightly beneath the tips of my thin stilettos so I eased the weight on and off my heels rocking them from side to side slightly . I was getting quite a lot of pleasure from feeling the full 5″ move to and fro beneath me and felt powerful as the floor cracked and submitted to my rocking spikes. I was aware that Steve was watching me intently. I had a pretty good idea why!

“What’s up ?” I asked innocently, pulling up the sole of one foot, balancing on the heel, and rotating at the ankle so the spike formed its own little pit as it dug into the wood. I was getting pretty aroused, enjoying the feeling of power and control, and was not surprised to feel a little trickle of juice seep from my pussy.

“You’re what’s up baby! You’re making me hot and you know it!” was his reply.

I smiled and walked smoothly into the kitchen, leaving the little trail of pits and splinters behind me, moving on to the hard tiles of the kitchen floor making the most of the hard surface. “Clicka, clacka, clicka, clacka “, went my heels as they rang out on the floor. He followed me in to the kitchen as I pirouetted on the tiles leaning back against the large kitchen table, lifting one foot a touch, tapping and grazing the spike on the tiles in a swift series of movements.

“Do you know “, I smiled again, looking around the kitchen, ” I want this place – I could really fall in love with it.”

“All I want right now is you”, Steve pleaded, looking at me longingly. I was so enjoying myself that I had failed to notice that I had pushed him over the edge.

He gently pushed me back onto the table, unbuckling and unwrapping my skirt to reveal my bare shaven pussy. “OhmyLord” , I whispered. “Not here !”.

“Relax”, was his reply. I was so hot that I knew I wanted it quickly. Normally, I like a lot of foreplay, but the heels had made the two of us so horny, that I just wanted him now. What other things can do that for both of you ? I shuddered as his hand caressed my lacy stocking tops, flicking and stroking the smooth white skin of my thighs.

He had already dropped his trousers and pants; he hauled himself onto the table, gently easing himself inside, carefully keeping his weight off me. I shuddered again as his hardness glided into me, swelling my dripping pussy. We were both fully clothed on top, but he supported himself on one arm while the other slid underneath my blouse slipping into my bra and fingering my hard swollen nipples.

Smoothly, delicately, he stroked deep into me, my leg swinging in time with his motion, the heel grazing the floor as before, not this time with the previous confidence and assurity , but rather in helplessness as a sympathetic indicator of our movements into each other.

I felt my excitement quickly rising as he brushed my clit with each thrust until I moaned loudly as my body exploded into paroxysms of joy. He continued to ride my waves until a few seconds later, he erupted deep within me and I tremoured again as his hot cum filled me. I lay there in rapture, my arms and legs dangling from the edges of the table, while he slipped out of me and lay there beside me as we relaxed without saying a word, feeling each others warmth and listening to our breathing gradually subside to whispers….

It was soon time to clear up, and we washed down the table as best we could with the materials available in the bare kitchen. That orgasm had really blown me apart and I was still hot and shaking a little inside. My thighs trembled as I tapped to and fro on the tiles, a little unsteadily on my spikes.

“You’re making me hot again, Jen, you devil”, he said.

I was starting to feel that way myself a little as well. “Hehe – come on let’s split from this place before we are at it anew”, I answered.

We shut the door behind us and, hand in hand, made our way down the garden path to the car.

“You’ve got to stop wearing those things”, grinned Steve. “I’m just uncontrollable !”.

In a way, I knew that because of the effect they had on me. It was good to feel not only the physical sensations but also the emotional power they generated both in me and in others. It was a difficult thing to explain, but the fact remained, so it always seemed better to go with it than fight it.

“Well 5″ is tough to wear all the time”, I laughed. “I’ll stick to 3 or 4″ usually. Its only half the fun but at least we’ll be able to control ourselves !”

“Anything looks good on you”, he continued.” Did you like the house ?”.

I had almost forgotten the original purpose of our visit with all that had gone on. “Sure – lets take it if you want – or we could see some others,” I replied. We in fact did take that house and our session that afternoon was the first of many happy times that we spent together there. It was nice to settle down with someone who appreciated the same things as you – and yes – we did sort out the living room floor I had trashed about a bit with my spikes!

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