How she deflower the sissy slave in me

Her sissy, her object, her wife I don’t know if it was part of her master plan, or whether it was simply a germ of an idea that, over time, has evolved into a lifestyle. It is certainly a lifestyle that has turned the traditional male/female roles upside down. She controls the money; I do […]

Bondage in the barn [MMf]

I stretch my legs as far as they can go. My toes just barely touch the ground and my calves are aching. My hands are tied together and are straining above my head, and I am hanging from a hook suspended in the rafters of the old barn. I open my eyes and see them […]

The Fuckable Slave Four [public play, lezdom]

All parts of the story can be found in the end   Mistress X was next to take stage. She looked like a million bucks, dressed in riding boots and black leather Jodhpurs. She carried a leather riding crop and strutted around in semi circles playing directly to the audience, stopping to dance in time […]