Teasing 101

Optimum Orgasm Control First, you must secure a man’s hands, so that he cannot reach his own penis and so that he cannot stop you from access to it.† I find it best to secure the man’s hands above his head so that you will also have free access to his sensitive armpits and nipples […]

Just a little longer and you might cum [female orgasm denial]

I picked Kim up from the airport. Two-hour drive. On our way there we talked, smiled, hadn’t seen each other in a long time. Eventually, she asks me, “is there something I should be doing right now?” Looking for instructions. “Touch yourself,” I reply. Kim reaches inside her pants and starts playing with herself. She […]

Long Term tease and denial [CFNM]

I really enjoy thinking about this idea, which I suspect for several perfectly good practical reasons will always remain a fantasy. Controlling the sexual life of a younger male is what is currently floating my boat….so I am 31 and I am thinking someone around 20 to 30 years of age…where the sex drive is […]