What submissives can bring to the scene

During a lovely evening, a topic was broached about the responsibilities of the Domme and sub in any given scene. It appears that somewhere through the evolution of our scene, a fundamental principle has been obscured a little, so perhaps I may shed a little light on the subject. The question is, what can a […]

Pleasuring my daddy

Here comes my man She was kneeling. She hated kneeling but it was where he put her and she loved to please him by following his orders. Her back was to the door and she faced the wall, waiting for him to appear. Hearing the door open, and then close again, she started trembling. The […]

Worth the Wait [erotic, bdsm]

I wait. Waiting has always been one of the hardest things for me to do. Anyone who knows me knows how very impatient I am. I squirm, I writhe, I wiggle…and I do it until I’m forced to stop. You know this better, perhaps, than anyone alive. It’s why you like to keep me waiting […]