My Goddesses Birthday

Soft licks, delicately placed, lifting the haze of morning slumber. The warm morning sun shines through the blinds, warming your nakedness. Your mind shifts from the dream world to pleasure as your eyes slowly open. “Good morning Goddess.”, I think to myself as you begin to stir. I watch as a soft smile covers your […]

Hello, My slut

I traveled the three and a half hours on the motorway in a level of anticipation I hadn’t expected. The question of should I? or shouldn’t I? kept repeating itself in my head, but here I was in the final few minutes of the journey. I parked my car at the park and ride car […]

The English master

Touch is a strange thing, isn’t it? Ingrid was thinking that, as she screamed once again. She was totally naked, suspended from leather cuffs attached to steel chains that hung from the ceiling of the dungeon she had happily entered an hour ago, not realizing the enormous appetite for torture and humiliation her tormentor would […]

Little role play turned bad

Note: This story involves consenting adults and is no way a work describing acts of pedophilia. House cleaning slave One Saturday, Ma’m Ann ordered me to purchase some cleaning supplies and to report to Her home, as usual, bringing my “second-best” little-Girl disguise and my “soft” Mary Janes. When I’m going to be Feminized in […]

Spanking and Teasing [Humiliation, denial, Fm]

‘You are in trouble’ …..that was what the message had said and now he was standing outside her front door, feeling anxious. He knew what the trouble involved. The evidence was in his pocket, screwed up but unfortunately, and clearly, semen-stained. He was burning with embarrassment now at the imminent prospect of having to show […]

Giving head on her command [forced sissy]

I had been undergoing training under Miss Asis for some months. She had very rigorous methods of discipline, and She wanted me to not only dress like a gurl, but to learn how to use make-up, sit, walk, talk, and act like a gurl, and most importantly, learn to suck cock like a gurl. Any […]

Tool Shed – no cage for you [threesome, forced bi]

All parts of the story : Tool Shed Punishment – CBT [Mistress, slave] Tool Shed Punishment – Humiliation [punishment , cuckold] Tool Shed – to service a man [cage, cuckold] Tool Shed – no cage for you [threesome, forced bi]   By the time I had cleaned up and used the facilities, Mistress and Tyrone […]