The Grade – 1

She was nervous. She dressed carefully, choosing what went on her body was the first test. He preferred her in sleeveless black cocktail dresses, nothing fussy, clean lines. Nothing too short or too long. Thigh-high black sheer stockings, black thong and black pumps to complete the outfit. Absolutely no bra, seeing her nipples firm up […]

My first gang bang, at age 19

I was walking home from work one summer evening, enjoying the sultry mid-western night. Having just finished a shift at Cinema X, where I worked as a stripper, I was wearing a lace teddy with jeans and a lightweight tailored leather jacket. While I didn’t mind the long walk at all, I was pleasantly surprised […]

Submissive in public for the first time

The kinky event Find your little near ? The hotel was full of kink that weekend. In the hallways and elevators, we passed people in dark costumes, oiled leather, and shiny latex. T-shirts pronounced “rope slut,” “got toys?,” and—-my personal favorite–“I’m bi, kinky, and poly, and I still don’t want to sleep with you.” Workshops […]

One messy evening (tons of oral, MMF, forcedbi, spitballing and more)

Just another sexy evening Lying there in complete darkness, she feels his weight lifting off her back as he now sits beside her on the bed. She feels him slacken the straps that were only seconds ago holding her tight to the bed while he used her body for his pleasure. She can feel his […]

Punished girls don’t get to cum – part 2

to part 1 of the story Carter was remarkably efficient. Erection or no, he always took exactly thirty minutes in the bathroom. Shower, shave, hair and dress – it was all done quickly and precisely; which was why Lynn didn’t trust herself to turn over when she heard the bathroom door open. She might be […]

My Mother’s Lovers

The first time she introduced me to one of her friends I actually believed that was the extent of the relationship. Of course, at the time I was seven and understood not just friendship but much of the world in completely platonic terms. He introduced himself as Mr. Kamal and insisted that I refer to him as […]