Sir’s birthday

So yesterday Sir came over for his “birthday dinner”, though technically it was lunchtime. It was so nice to see his face since I haven’t seen him since Sunday morning. He came in and I showed him around since it was his first time at my place. It was nice to get one of his […]

Dominant Assistant

She smiles down at him as he kneels before her in his sharply pressed suit, well-polished dress shoes, and while his eyes are wide and pleading. Her black hair cascades down as she leans closer. He can see the different, brightly colored highlights in her carefully managed tresses. He finds himself drawn to them even […]

Slaving for my masters’ vacation

After a long drive up to the cabin Master was ready to start the vacation, which meant slave was in deep shit. “I want you naked on your knees by the time I get all of the bags in the house…and don’t make a mess.” Suddenly, the seriousness of this “vacation” hit slave. She was […]