Forced public feminization

The Goddess had been strict in Her instructions. Before entering Her presence, I was commanded to shave off all my facial hair and body hair, giving special attention between my thighs. I was also required to clip my fingernails and toenails. Because the night’s activities would require my total feminization, I was required to assemble […]


My wife Sandra pulled back the shower curtain and glanced me over. “Good morning Peanut”, she smirked and arched an eyebrow, “You’re cute” she teased. I playfully splashed her away. She laughed and closed the curtain. “Oh by the way, I have some friends coming over today” she announced. “Oh?” I responded, unsure of what […]

Terror for a Tinyguy (SPH)

I’m on the football team..we’ve dated a few know my secret…about how small my cock’ve seen it…but I’m the star player on the team and have the reputation at school of the big studly jock… we date a few times..then I seem to lose interest…stop calling..ignoring you…your get mad..and frustrated..and you decide to […]

My Halloween feminization and humiliation

Mistress’ instructions for Halloween A week before Halloween, Mistress Teresa sent me an email, commanding me to present myself at Her home for instructions. Looking for kinky and agressive mistress near ? When I entered Her residence, Mistress Teresa was busy at Her computer, viewing the Internet. I dutifully knelt on the floor behind Her, […]

Because I am a sissyfaggot – extreme humiliation

Let’s start with a little public humiliation Black Goddess gave me explicit instructions for my slut training. I acquired a sexy slut outfit for myself, including a wig and make-up. I packed everything in a suitcase, with two clean towels. Next, I shaved my face and my entire body. No male hair would be tolerated […]

The Rush – small penis

This wasn’t the first time he had been in the House, but he had never been in the Pledge Room. Alexandra had arranged it with her sisters, and that was all she would tell him. It was hot, with a slight breeze. Now he sat on the floor, waiting. He had a pair of her […]