We Are not equal, I’m the Master and you are the slave

Edge play, trust your Master I lead you blindfolded into the dungeon and place you on a special chair. You wait while I tie your hands tightly behind your back; I force your thighs wide open and tying your ankles so you’re fully exposed for me. The rope is soft silk but still tightly tied. […]

Just a little longer and you might cum [female orgasm denial]

I picked Kim up from the airport. Two-hour drive. On our way there we talked, smiled, hadn’t seen each other in a long time. Eventually, she asks me, “is there something I should be doing right now?” Looking for instructions. “Touch yourself,” I reply. Kim reaches inside her pants and starts playing with herself. She […]

Uncomfortable sexual frustration

Uncomfortable. It’s not a word most people would associate with anything at all positive, but the delicious discomfort that comes with supreme sexual frustration, to me, is bliss. Squirming in a chair, completely clothed, shifting subtly in an attempt to stimulate yourself when you know you can’t? Exquisite torture. But one can only take so […]