A Birthday Present

It was my boy’s birthday and I was going to make sure it was one he would never forget. Since I got home well before he did, I started the prep early. I took a shower, shaved every part smooth, and put on his favorite perfume. It had a sultry, dark, sexy bouquet. Making sure […]

Breaking Me In

I was on my knees underneath her bedroom desk, her collar around my neck and my hands cuffed behind my back as I slowly, sweetly licked her. Occasionally, she would stroke my head or issue an instruction on where to send my tongue, but generally, she ignored me. After four weeks, I didn’t need much […]


They were on the couch talking, kissing, and touching each other intermittently, after their meal. She found herself straddling him, looking into his eyes as she had done, many a time, he liked her there. They were switches, the dynamic ever-changing like two cobras mating intertwined & showing the other what the other capable of, […]