Tricked by my hotwife

Fantasies, what are them? I looked over at Kate who, dreaming as much as I, sat on my right watching television. We would have fucked as we normally did every night but we didn’t this night. Or last night. Or the night before. We were losing steam, we agreed. A long time ago. Looking for […]

One messy evening (tons of oral, MMF, forcedbi, spitballing and more)

Just another sexy evening Lying there in complete darkness, she feels his weight lifting off her back as he now sits beside her on the bed. She feels him slacken the straps that were only seconds ago holding her tight to the bed while he used her body for his pleasure. She can feel his […]

The tied hooker in the alley [anal, rape]

“I gave that mother fucker his money” she grunted, but Monique’s words were unintelligible because they were mixed the moans of the homeless man she knew only as Jack and her own grunting noises as he pounded his cock into her ass. She was thankful he was not well endowed but he was the fifth […]

Bondage in the barn [MMf]

I stretch my legs as far as they can go. My toes just barely touch the ground and my calves are aching. My hands are tied together and are straining above my head, and I am hanging from a hook suspended in the rafters of the old barn. I open my eyes and see them […]

Spanking 101 [MMF]

Smack. It’s times like these that I don’t know whether to hide my smile in the coverlet or to laugh aloud. The childlike look of wonder on his face – the way his mouth hands open ever so slightly as he watches the impact from the blow ripple over my supple flesh. Smack. He’s always […]