This little pussy white boy living with her

“You haven’t had a chance to meet Tanya yet have you?” Erin asked Wanda as they strolled down the block. “No, but I’ve heard a lot about her” the full-figured woman replied to her thinner companion. “But I hear she’s a total pimp.” “You have no idea girl” Erin laughed, smiling. “She’s got this little […]

First femdom experience

Let me first say that I wasn’t the most popular guy in High School. I was a normal looking guy that dated normal looking girls. I did learn that as the girls grew they became more and more desirable but at the same time I became more and more in awe of them Goddess is […]

Dave’s punishment training

Dave was really enjoying the party… It was his type of crowd: young, up and coming urban professions. A young figure in the investment bank division of a medium-size brokerage, Dave was enjoying life to the fullest, together with a gorgeous girlfriend to boot. It was that last thing which made his life complete: his […]

Goddess Husband

I first met Jess while doing volunteer work on a Planned Parenthood benefit. I was working as an administrative aid at a female led law firm that often donated it’s legal services and sometimes funds and staff hours to progressive causes. I began chatting with her when we were working booths right next to each […]