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She smiled in content as she wrapped her hair in the big fluffy towel. The conference let out early this evening, and she was free. Her husband was back at home, and here she was in the great town of Las Vegas. She had consumed a nice dinner, had a nice swim in the indoor […]

The Head Mistress

The young man strolled down the hallway of his college with a smirk of self- assuredness and confidence. That was on the outside, inside he quivered in excitement. He went into the office of the Head Mistress of the small college he attended. He reported to the lady at the front desk and leered at […]

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“You haven’t had a chance to meet Tanya yet have you?” Erin asked Wanda as they strolled down the block. “No, but I’ve heard a lot about her” the full-figured woman replied to her thinner companion. “But I hear she’s a total pimp.” “You have no idea girl” Erin laughed, smiling. “She’s got this little […]

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Let me first say that I wasn’t the most popular guy in High School. I was a normal looking guy that dated normal looking girls. I did learn that as the girls grew they became more and more desirable but at the same time I became more and more in awe of them Goddess is […]