Goddess Husband

I first met Jess while doing volunteer work on a Planned Parenthood benefit. I was working as an administrative aid at a female led law firm that often donated it’s legal services and sometimes funds and staff hours to progressive causes. I began chatting with her when we were working booths right next to each […]

The Exotica Erotica Ball

From the steel door archive. Looking for kinky and gentle mistress near ? The radio station thought it was funny. Kink was in. And, San Francisco was Kink City! The contest had been for ratings of course. Women had been asked to tell about their ‘worst’ dates. Live stories, text stories, and even email were […]

The Goddess saga

From the steel door archive Mistress Lust Goddess is waiting in The memory haunted him, coming back at the least appropriate moments. He kept seeing the tight stretching of spandex across her nipples, the stains, the smell of her all mixed up and mingled with the way she had treated him. Just thinking about it […]

Forced diapering and forced infantilism

I’m a male submissive. my fetishes include forced feminization, forced age play, and forced infantilism. I was in an emotional (not sexual) relationship with a strong-willed Lady Whom I will call Helene. Her late husband had abused Her sexually; now She was repelled by any sexual activity and She considered all sex “dirty”. The marriage […]

Her Sissy

At the time I had no idea what my wife had planned. We had been married for three years and I thought we were both happy, but Kelly was getting itchy and restless. It wasn’t that she was tired of me or the life we had created for ourselves, it was more than she wanted […]

It’s A Domme’s Life

I know what you’re thinking. Just another trendy chick, into rubber and lace, leather and PVC, latex and lingerie. You’d be wrong, yeah dead wrong. I mean S&M’s almost politically correct now, isn’t it? Nothing wrong if it’s two consenting adults, right? If I want to whip, and you want to be whipped, why, what’s […]