The Date [bondage, crossdress]

We had exchanged emails from time to time and respected each other’s privacy and commitments. He enjoyed my writing and that was how the contact had started. I had shared thoughts and ideas with him and he did the same with me, both of us enjoying the thrill and excitement at suggestion and counter-response. I […]

How she deflower the sissy slave in me

Her sissy, her object, her wife I don’t know if it was part of her master plan, or whether it was simply a germ of an idea that, over time, has evolved into a lifestyle. It is certainly a lifestyle that has turned the traditional male/female roles upside down. She controls the money; I do […]

Showtime for Slave Six [female slavery]

All parts of the story can be found in the end   “Places, please for Slave Six. Places.” A woman’s voice announced over the backstage speakers. It was the casual tone of the stage manager spoken in near monotone. The insouciant delivery was most ironic. Backstage, somehow or another in the darkness, the word “slave” […]