The MEGA list of Erotic Humiliation ideas (195 strong!)

Nothing can beat the tingling and warm electric waves flowing through your body after a good humiliation. This is a list of the wonderful things I have fantasized, seen, and collected from the net and other sources. Some suggestions are clearly for male subs. Others for female subs. Some will work for both. There are […]

The Goddess saga

From the steel door archive Mistress Lust Goddess is waiting in The memory haunted him, coming back at the least appropriate moments. He kept seeing the tight stretching of spandex across her nipples, the stains, the smell of her all mixed up, and mingled with the way she had treated him. Just thinking about it […]

Mistress’s new dildo gag

New Toy Desiree had just gotten home from a hard day’s work, she had been looking forward to this night for a while now. She was a little nervous but knew that this man was going to change her life forever. She was still new to the female supremacy, but she had made the decision […]


My wife Sandra pulled back the shower curtain and glanced me over. “Good morning Peanut”, she smirked and arched an eyebrow, “You’re cute” she teased. I playfully splashed her away. She laughed and closed the curtain. “Oh by the way, I have some friends coming over today” she announced. “Oh?” I responded, unsure of what […]

Terror for a Tinyguy (SPH)

I’m on the football team..we’ve dated a few know my secret…about how small my cock’ve seen it…but I’m the star player on the team and have the reputation at school of the big studly jock… we date a few times..then I seem to lose interest…stop calling..ignoring you…your get mad..and frustrated..and you decide to […]

Getting dirty

It was a rare day when her master called on her. Even rarer lately. Apparently, this cold Friday was one of the rare ones. No one in her life knew she had a master, not even her husband. She had met him online a few months before, knowing only that she needed something different. Something […]

Forced diapering and forced infantilism

I’m a male submissive. my fetishes include forced feminization, forced age play, and forced infantilism. I was in an emotional (not sexual) relationship with a strong-willed Lady Whom I will call Helene. Her late husband had abused Her sexually; now She was repelled by any sexual activity and She considered all sex “dirty”. The marriage […]