The Date [bondage, crossdress]

We had exchanged emails from time to time and respected each other’s privacy and commitments. He enjoyed my writing and that was how the contact had started. I had shared thoughts and ideas with him and he did the same with me, both of us enjoying the thrill and excitement at suggestion and counter-response. I […]

Two bisexual fantasies

licking a woman as a man takes her from behind I’ve had this fantasy for a while and would love to discuss with others who have similar thoughts or have things to add. Also, I’ve love to chat with any ladies who’d like to exchange stories or experiences. Without further delay… Looking for hot couples […]

The tied hooker in the alley [anal, rape]

“I gave that mother fucker his money” she grunted, but Monique’s words were unintelligible because they were mixed the moans of the homeless man she knew only as Jack and her own grunting noises as he pounded his cock into her ass. She was thankful he was not well endowed but he was the fifth […]