Serving Up My Dirty Little Secret

I’ve been married now for just shy of ten years. I met my wife at college and it’s been the two of us ever since. Now I’m not going to claim that I’ve never looked at another woman, I am a man after all, but looking is all I’ve done. It helps of course that […]


A deep crimson sunset hangs low over the bare, gnarled trees when I pull up to the house at 7:00, exactly on time. I see strobe lights through a broken window. The pink painted tire swing twisting gently in the breeze is a strange contrast to the black house. They’re making me wait. While I […]

24 Women sexual histories and experiences

Helen’s Experiences My fifth-grade class was among the first wave in this country to be exposed to sex education. Some education it was! I’d had breasts for years, and I’d suspected that all that stuff between my legs was good for something other than riding a bicycle. My father was a nurse, so while our […]

On Fairies: a personal kink interpretation

They take you to their land and you come out old, and that is the heart of the fey. You’ll encounter them in the woods, either alone or in a group. They’ll laugh at your having crossed their path, though the laughter’s slightly different when they share it amongst themselves. They’ll invite you to come […]