How do I choose my Domme Name?

I’ve got to choose a name to go by as a domme. I’m wanting some tips for a name. I’ve been brainstorming with friends and I am still not sure because nothing is ‘coming to me’. I would like some practical advice and any other tips that are helpful. Answers : A lot depends on […]

What submissives can bring to the scene

During a lovely evening, a topic was broached about the responsibilities of the Domme and sub in any given scene. It appears that somewhere through the evolution of our scene, a fundamental principle has been obscured a little, so perhaps I may shed a little light on the subject. The question is, what can a […]

The Exotica Erotica Ball

From the steel door archive. Looking for kinky and gentle mistress near ? The radio station thought it was funny. Kink was in. And, San Francisco was Kink City! The contest had been for ratings of course. Women had been asked to tell about their ‘worst’ dates. Live stories, text stories, and even email were […]