What are your first memories of dominant or kinky tendencies?

What are your first memories of behaviors that exhibited dominant or kinky tendencies? Answers: About 4 or 5 years old, outside, standing while a group of other kids is sitting on the ground around me, and me telling them they weren’t doing it right and going on to lecture them on exactly what they were […]

Who has the duty of care?

I was recently talking with a friend of mine who is not only a sub but also a doctor and she passed on to me some disturbing information. There are subs out there who are being permanently damaged physically by what is being demanded of them by (quite often) irresponsible Doms and Dommes. She cited […]

Do you think that female is a really higher sex than males?

I believe it is not only about dominance, not only about pleasure, but it is also where females should be, and males too, serving, pleasing, satisfying, comforting, the superior sex, in some funny way I feel it will be spread to all aspects of life for men just to survive. But the serious part, do […]