The ice slave

It was difficult for Angela to be her own dominant. So far though, that is as far as it had gone. Single, thirty, and lonely she daily did her duty by going to work in the office and spending eight hours a day typing the boring reports her boss dictated. At the office, she always […]

The English Daddy. Part 4

To part 1, part 2, part 3 Find your little near ? Alan stood behind Felicia. He felt sick, confused and disgusted – yet turned on. His heart pounded, was he really going to do this? He looked at her small, creamy pale bottom – slightly elevated off of the bed, her legs slightly apart, […]

The English Daddy. Part 5

To part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4   Alan didn’t know when it happened… Whether it was whilst he was forcing her head onto his cock, whether it was at some point during the night or if, in fact, it was one of those many, guilt-ridden, minutes in-between… but at some point, his […]

The English Daddy. Part 3

To part 2 The house was silent after they had gone. Alan lay in the relative safety of his bed and listened for any sounds of stirring… there were none. Perhaps she was still asleep; perhaps he could dress and get out of the house before she woke. Yes! That’s what he would do; he […]

The English Daddy. Part 2

To part 1 Alan hardly slept a wink. As he climbed into bed next to his wife, his dick was so hard it was beginning to feel painful. He could still smell Felicia and when he closed his eyes he could see that teasing look… the look on her face as she had slipped her […]

The English Daddy. Part 1

It was near to the end of July and the days were long; lazy evening sunshine filtered through the house until late evening and its inhabitants woke in the morning with twisted sheets, damp with sweat. Find your little near ? The visit had been planned for a few months; it was a summer holiday […]

The Grade 2 [Daddy]

The Grade part 1 The Mommy had disappeared into the bathroom and Miranda used her hands to wipe her mouth and chin to no avail. She opened the door to a large, middle aged and red faced man who towered over Miranda. “Well, well, well took you long enough. I guess it’s up to me […]