We Are not equal, I’m the Master and you are the slave

Edge play, trust your Master I lead you blindfolded into the dungeon and place you on a special chair. You wait while I tie your hands tightly behind your back; I force your thighs wide open and tying your ankles so you’re fully exposed for me. The rope is soft silk but still tightly tied. […]

Kaninchen in Bondage [maledom, discipline]

The interview K wasn’t sure what to wear; she was distracted, and less certain of herself than usual. This wasn’t unexpected, she’d been thinking about this evening for two months now. She tried to focus again on her clothes, picking up her silken black suspenders, her tightly fitting corset and figure-hugging black dress. Was she […]

The Arranged Marriage- 3 [FFm, Humiliation, control]

The Arranged Marriage – part 1 ‘Strip” she commanded and his world tilted again. He was used to women telling him what to do but this made his insides flip over and over. He took off his jacket and then shirt, carefully laying them on a chair. She stopped him for a moment and appraised […]

The Arranged Marriage- 2 [FFm, Humiliation, control]

The Arranged Marriage – part 1   Inside the Drawing Room, he knew so well was all his female family, Grandmother, Mother, Aunt and his two sisters, one older and one younger. He stood just inside the door shyly, awaiting an instruction. “Come here, Daniel” his mother ordered and he walked to her, not looking […]

The Arranged Marriage- 1 [FFm, Humiliation, control]

He walked home back from work, mulling over the humiliations of the day which mostly centered around his employer Miss Clare Reed and her comments regarding his work, which voiced in such mocking tones, had made him blush and feel embarrassed in front of the mainly female office workers. She never felt any compunction at […]

Chastity play for male submissives

Is it core or just a sex act? I am frequently asked about chastity play for men – not only about what kinds of devices to use, potential risks in prolonged wearing but also why so many men crave this kind of play. Please note that this article is written with Female Dominance & male […]