Chastity – The red pill version

By MelissaBound OK, so this is not really intended as a rant, but it may come across that way and if so I apologize. For you Matrix fans, if you read this you’re going to get the red pill version of what male chastity is about. Male submissives (and oddly enough, maybe even a few […]

I own you

I’d just gotten home from another disastrous munch. Well disastrous for me anyway, sure I’d hung out with friends and talked with people but I was alone as always and with all my friends being married or dating it hurt, it hurt a lot. Despite that, I was in an ironically jovial mood. I actually […]

13 ways to please your chastity boyfriend

I am trying to figure out ideas to rile up my boyfriend without it being sexual (i.e. sex or hand jobs). He likes to be teased and humiliated. Although it should be noted that I am a plain sort of person and am not into things like having him walk around in female underwear as […]

The MEGA list of Erotic Humiliation ideas (195 strong!)

Nothing can beat the tingling and warm electric waves flowing through your body after a good humiliation. This is a list of the wonderful things I have fantasized, seen, and collected from the net and other sources. Some suggestions are clearly for male subs. Others for female subs. Some will work for both. There are […]

The Step Children

My friends had always warned me about the dangers of getting involved with a woman who has children by another man, especially teenagers. Yet, when I met Cindy those warnings were easily ignored. It seemed that Cindy and I were two pieces that completed a puzzle. Our relationship was easy and natural. We shared the […]

My chastity journal

Half-day in chastity There I was, locked up myself in the chastity device again with my GF having access to the code to the safe where I put the key but she was at work until the morning. I went to sleep knowing she would be home around 10:00 and come on skype. I woke […]

Chastity belt, would you wear one if your domme told you to?

So what do think of them? Would you wear one if your domme told you to? Because I wouldn’t. The bottom line I don’t cheat and I won’t lie. Making somebody wear a chastity belt is a sign of insecurity on the part of the person who makes them wear it Answers: Respectfully, I disagree […]