144 Short-Short Torture Stories – volume 1

1. Windows House Of Torture: The Tables Turn

How the _hell_ did she get free, he thought furiously. He
types frantically. No mistakes, no mistakes…
As if to read his mind, she said, “Got Internet Explorer
working and found a website on handcuffs and lockpicking.” She ripped
the whip across his shoulders and he howled.
“As soon as you’re done editing the Registry, reboot and
see if that assigns the CD-ROM a drive letter,” she hissed, and
whipped him again.
Arrgh!! Was this Hell? No matter, he was in it. “Key Not
Found” came to the mocking error message as he rattled his chains
attached to the horrid little laptop.

2. A Bad Year-End

Crying, she lay tied to the boardroom table, naked and
spreadeagled. The rolled-up reports bulged out of her vagina.
“If you can’t meet the targets, you suffer the consequences,”
said the sales manager sternly as he handed out the whips.

3. Under Destruction

She gripped the electric drill firmly in both hands, then
pressed the bit into the tip of his erect penis.
“And who says women aren’t good with tools,” she thought as
blood spattered around the room.

4. In The Footsteps of the Masters

The light glinted off the scalpel and shone in her
terror-filled eyes.
“Now where was that first cut supposed to go?” he muttered as
he flipped through the book on Jack the Ripper.

5. Caution: Flammable

She coughed and sputtered as some of the gasoline splashed over
her face.
“Enjoy your smoke,” he said cheerfully, and dropped the lit
cigarette onto her stomach.

6. Pain Equals Force Times Location

His right testicle swelled, then popped and spurted like a
She released the Vice-Grips and positioned them carefully on
the other ball. “One down, one to go,” she thought gleefully.

7. Piercing Play

She could only gargle a scream as he pushed the first skewer
through her tongue.
“Oh hush up,” he rebuked. “I bought a large box of five
hundred. I told you, we’re going to be here all night.”

8. Inclement Weather

The wind picked up as the thunderstorm drew closer. She
shivered, and a few drops of rain landed on her naked breasts.
“It’s the anticipation, you see,” he said, snicking the
handcuffs around her wrists. He walked away, leaving her impaled on the
steel rod in the middle of the field.

9. Torturing Better Electrically

“Umph,” she grunted, as she forced the two-foot electrode up
his resisting ass. “Hope the circuit breakers hold,” she thought and
flipped the switch.
They held.

10. Torture Cuisine I: She-sh Ka Bob

She writhed as the spit went down her throat, through her
stomach and gut, and came out her vagina. He hit the motor drive and
she began to rotate over the bed of coals in the firepit in the
“Now, that recipe for a spicy sauce called for…” he mused as
he went back into the kitchen. It would be at least three hours until
dinner, and he was expecting at least 20 guests.

11. Torture Cuisine II: Camp Food

The girls were having a barbecue with their husbands. “Helen,”
Karen called out, “Did you want mustard or relish on yours?” “Mustard,”
said Helen.
“We’ll cut some flank steaks after this,” Karen said as she
reached for a bun, fired up the blowtorch, and began to roast Dan’s
Helen’s husband howled in agony as the smell of burning pubic
hair drifted over the trees.

12. Torture Cuisine III: You Want Coke With That?

She splashed around in pain for a bit, fighting her bonds, but
eventually, she settled down, her hair flowing out around her head in a
The 500-gallon industrial-sized deep frier sizzled and popped.
“Another five minutes,” he thought, looking at his watch.

13. Use What You Find Around The Home

He rummaged in the drawer. “Where the hell did that thing
go…?” he swore.
Ah. Found it. Bending down to start at her feet, he hefted the
sharp vegetable peeler and began to remove her skin.

14. Men And Their Toys I: The Woodsman

Her legs were spread wide and tied to stakes on either side of
the machine. The sharp edge pressed against her pubic bone.
“I tell ya, you can buy anything at Sears,” he said admiringly,
and turned on the new log-splitter.


15. Men And Their Toys II: The Handyman

“Look, Marge, I built the damn thing, I’ve got to try it out at
least once to see if it works. Just take your clothes off, put your
head here, wrists tied there, legs tied there, that’s perfect. Now,
hold still while I set up the video camera…”
The guillotine blade came arcing down.


16. Women and Their Toys I: New Shoes

“Do you like these pumps? Yes, I know they cost a lot but
they’re _so_ stylish, and they go with my blue dress, and the heels are
so _sharp!_”
“That’s it, put your penis right there on the block, there’s a
good slave…”


17. Women and Their Toys II: Kitchen Fun

“Oh, honey? Could you come here for a minute? I’d like to try
something new with the Cuisinart.”

Whoa, look at the clock, gotta run, I’m late, no time, no time!! (While
I’m trying to catch up, here are some more short-shorts)
Short-Short Warning: If you do any of this you’ll go to jail (depending
on which state you’re in; Florida plays with _real_ electricity,
y’ know 🙂


18. Technical Hitch

The beam groaned ominously but held as the noose tightened
around her fragile throat.
“Shit,” she thought. “If this one breaks I’m gonna be _real_


19. Beating The Heat I

“Don’t worry, I sharpened the blades especially for you,” she
purred as she guided his penis into the fan.

Beating The Heat II
She rummaged in the bucket for another handful. Tsk. Almost
“Honey, the next refrigerator we get has just _got_ to have an
ice maker, don’t you agree?” she asked, pushing another cube up his


20. Doesn’t Know His Own Strength

“998, Uh! 999, Uh! 1000, Uh! Phew. There, I’m done, honey. Now
you whip me.”


21. Non-Swimming Lesson

“God, but you look beautiful. That’s got to be at least 100
pounds of weight hanging off your pierces,” he said to the girl as he
turned the tap to fill the tank with water.


22. No Starch On The Nipples

She screamed, as much in surprise as agony as he ran the hot
iron over her stomach and breasts.
“Gotta get those creases out,” he muttered and hit the steam
button again.


23. Cheese Optional

“I really think these things are wasted on mice, don’t you?”
she said as she reached for his cock.


24. Substitution

He uncorked the bottle of acid and said, “You know, honey, I
think this is going to be a _lot_ more fun than wax.”


25. Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Her breasts slowly turned brown as the current from the battery
charger coursed through them. The huge clamps around her nipples had
long since scorched the fleshy buds to a crisp.
“Wow,” he said, awed. “Exactly like Brett Easton Ellis said.”


26. Expands Under Pressure

She groaned and bit her lip. “Is it in yet?” she panted.
“No,” he grunted. “Just another push… Uh!” Then she screamed,
“Oh!! It’s in! It’s in!”
He sat back, breathing hard. Amazing. Who would’ve believed it
would go? It had to be at least 8 inches in diameter. He gave it an
experimental tug.
Uh oh. “Honey?”
“What!?” she snarled between waves of pain.
“…It’s stuck.”


27. Whatever Turns You On

Gagged and blindfolded, she knelt naked, her pierced pussy lips
tied to her ankles. The two four-inch-thick dildoes impaled her,
spreading her needle-pocked ass wide. Her wire-bound breasts were
turning into purple balls, each stuck through with half a dozen bloody
skewers. Her arms were squeezed into a leather sheath that had been
soaked with water; the ceiling rope had almost pulled them off her
“Well, it passes the time,” he sighed and left the room.


28. A Puzzling Case

“Doctor, the patient is unconcious, has whip marks over 100% of
her body, electric burns on her nipples and labia, needle-marks all
over her breasts and buttocks, arms and legs have been stretched from
their sockets, all her hair has been pulled out, and there’s evidence
of violent anal and vaginal intercourse, several very large objects, I
suspect. But there’s something odd.”
“Odd!!?? My god, Nurse, did you hear yourself? She’s been
tortured almost to death! How much more odd does it get?”
“She won’t stop smiling.”


29. Does Our Insurance Cover This?

“Yes, I know the bungee rope usually goes around the feet,”
she said, with a little shiver of anticipation, “but this time I want
to try something different.”


30. Gotta Love Your Work

Her screams made a desperate sort of harmony with the whine of
the butcher’s saw. There was a kind of <chunk!> as it hit, and then went
through the bone.
“Now why didn’t I think of this sooner?” thought Karl the deli
manager, pushing the pretty cashier forward another inch.


31. Simple, But Effective


A thin trickle dribbled down one side of her chin as he
crazy-glued her lips around the huge ball gag. Her eyes bulged in
“Now the nose,” he muttered, pinching her nostrils shut.


32. Packaging Is Part Of The Product

Finally, he reached her head, making sure to get a good seal
over her mouth and nose. But even as he finished, it occurred to him
that the puny little hairdryer was just not up to handling this much


33. Compatibility Problem

The machine whirred and clunked, chewing his penis to shreds.
Then, choked with blood, it gave out a pathetic little mechanical whine
and broke down, an error message flashing on the screen.
“Damn it,” she swore, “that salesman assured me this floppy
the drive would read anything.”


34. Sheesh.

Do shopping. Feed the cats. Clean the apartment. Empty
the litter boxes. Shovel the driveway. Back up the computer. Hardly any
time for writing these days. All I can manage is a few more short-shorts.
Short-short Warning: The Surgeon-General has determined that torture can
be fatal (but he _also_ said it can be a heckuva lot of fun; nobody reads
that part of the report. 🙂


35. Revenge Is Sweet

He gasped as she hauled on the rope that went up over the
pulley, and then down to his cock and balls.
“When I’m finished with you,” she cooed, “you’ll never post
spam to alt.torture again.”


36. Garden Work

Half asleep, she lay on her stomach, sunbathing nude on a
blanket in the back yard.
He hefted the weed-whacker, then looked thoughtfully at her
delectable tush; her best asset, she called it.


37. Obedience Training

He quivered, straddling the log, and tried to keep his balance
as she pounded the spike through his cock and into the wood.
“Now stay!” she ordered.


38. Untitled

“Uhh!” <Ker-Snap!> “Aeeiigh!” <Crunch-Crunch-Crunch!> “Oww!! No!”
<Sproing!> “Oh god, not that, Master…!!” <Whack!> “Auuuggh!”
(Author’s note: I have no idea what they were doing. I was
wearing a blindfold and the lights were out.)


39. Part Of Your Nutritious Torture

He jammed the huge, ripe orange up her pussy and held a glass
beneath her.


40. Enjoying The Great Outdoors

He finished smearing the odd-colored fluid over her naked body
as she struggled against the bonds that held her tied to the picnic
She wrinkled her nose. “Ugh, Honey, what is that stuff?” she
panted, as first one, and then another mosquito landed on her right
breast and began to feed.
“Insect attractant,” he grinned evilly.


41. Our Furry Friends

Puzzled, the German Shepherd sniffed at the spread-eagled
woman’s crotch and took an experimental lick. Then he bared his
fangs, sank them deep into her pussy and began to gnaw as though
he had just been handed a steak. She screamed.
“No, Adolf!,” he shouted. “Fuck, not eat!!”


42. Mechanically Minded

It occupied half of her apartment and had taken three weeks
to assemble. It made Rube Goldberg look like an amateur first-year
engineering student. But the strange, complicated machine was finally
ready for its first test. She pushed the button.
“Ahhhh,” she sighed in pleasure as the noose tightened around
her neck and dragged her off the floor.


43. We All Make Mistakes

She tugged, and he howled as his wire-bound penis, a little too
tightly tied, came off in her hands. Blood went everywhere.
“Whoopsy,” she muttered. “Now don’t panic, honey. The sewing kit
is around here somewhere.”


44. This, Of Course, Voids Your Warranty

She screamed as her bound breasts bubbled and popped. The
microwave oven hummed, oblivious to her agony.
“See,” he said with satisfaction, “I told you I could get it
to go on with the door open.”


45. Connect Positive To Positive

He started the engine, and she writhed as the current flowed
over the cables and through the clamps attached to her pussy lips.
“Give you a boost, lady?” he leered.


46. Well, Who Can Blame Her?

The kettle came to a boil, whistling shrilly. She picked it up,
reached for the enema tube that was stuck deep into his ass, and began
to pour.
“Fart in my face while I’m giving you a blowjob, will you?”
she muttered, ignoring his screams.


47. Foreplay

Hanging upside down from the ceiling, legs spread wide, the
rope cut sharply into her ankles as the 30-pound weights dangled from
the nipples of her bound breasts. The obligatory 4-inch-wide dildos
jutted upwards from her tormented pussy and ass. The corset cinched her
waist in almost to the backbone, making it hard to breathe, and her arms
were tied together up to the shoulders. She whimpered through the ball
“Did you say something, honey?” he said absently from the plush
armchair, turning another page in the book he was reading.


48. Fore-Play

“The trick is getting the ball to balance on the nipple,” he
said to the other men in the foursome, as he chose a three-wood and
teed up on the 8th.
She shivered but held perfectly still as he began his


49. Has This Ever Happened To You?

“Now, how the hell does this thing go?” he muttered, wrestling
with the torture implement. There was a muffled <spang!>, and he swore.
“I’ll get it, I’ll get it right, just give me a second,” he said
frantically, fumbling with the straps. Then, with a clatter, he
dropped the thing on the floor.
Helpless in her bonds, she rolled her eyes and sighed through
the ball gag.


50. Turnabout

The door was thrown open with a crash. The Writer turned in
shock to see two strange, battered figures standing naked in the
entrance. The man bore the marks of surgery around his cock, and
the woman was covered with countless scars. She held a blood-caked
“That’s the guy, honey,” the man growled, pointing a bandaged
finger at the author. “That’s the one who’s been doing all this to us!”
The woman advanced slowly into the room. “Ooooo, but you’re
going to get it now!!” she hissed venomously, raising the whip over her


51. Hmmm. A Challenge

Naked and kneeling, she handed him the torture tool, a look of
pleading in her eyes.
“Now what the hell am I supposed to do with _this_?” he exploded,
staring in disbelief at the pink, plush, bunny rabbit. Its button eyes
gleamed impassively, hinting at the pain to come.


52. Gotta Train For It

She had been hanging from the cruel noose for almost twenty
minutes, her face a deep purple, tongue sticking out. She twisted
feebly, her breath a ragged whistle in her tortured throat.
“Show off,” he thought sourly and landed another whip slash
on her ass.


53. One Of The Hazards Of Being Male

She turned the valve and the propane hissed out. She struck a
match and held it up. The torch ignited with a soft.
“You’ve heard of prairie oysters, haven’t you?” she said,
turning to her terrified captive.


54. Seasons Torture I: Decorations

He plugged her in and she lit up like a Christmas tree,
howling in agony.
“Hmmm, one of the blubs isn’t blinking,” he thought, reaching
for a spare.


55. Seasons Torture II: Touchy

She gagged as the finely knitted scarf tightened around her
pretty neck. He pulled harder.
“You want to _return_ it?” he hissed angrily. “After all the
shopping I did to _find_ it?!”


56. Appearances Can Be Deceptive

The two cops burst into the room. She was already naked, tied
spread-eagled on the table with clothespins all over her gorgeous breasts,

a huge ball gag in her mouth. She lifted her head and whimpered in relief
at the sight of her rescuers.
“Oh, hi guys,” he said, looking up from the branding irons.
“Wondered when you were going to get here.”
The two police officers looked at each other, then at the girl.
“We were delayed,” said the first one with a grin, unzipping his trousers
as the second one reached for a pair of pliers.


57. Conflict

“It’s very simple,” Calvin said with secret glee; she had him
now. “If you don’t torture me, I shall suffer harm,” she said firmly,
folding her arms over her naked breasts.
The robot swayed, the turmoil in its positronic brain clearly
Finally, in a creaking voice, it said, “…You’re right.” and
picked up the whip.
(That high-speed whirling you hear is Asimov, spinning in his grave 🙂


58. Chess I: Tough Match

The wires were firmly clamped to her pierced nipples and labia.
She bit her lip and tried to concentrate.
He turned on the chess computer and set it to Grand Master
level. “When you lose a piece, you suffer,” he crooned in her ear.


59. Chess II: Opening Gambit

“Let’s value the pieces this way,” he said, with a wicked grin.
“Pawn is 5 lashes, a rock is 20, bishop and knights are 30, and the Queen
is 50.”
He paused. “The King, of course, is unlimited.”
She gulped and looked at the vicious whip lying on the table. They
had played before and she _thought_ she could take him…
Eight moves later and screaming, she learned how wrong she was.


60. Chess III: Endgame

Sweat broke out on her brow as she considered her hopeless
position. “Care to resign?” he asked casually.
She looked at the horde of white pieces he had collected, and
then at the pitiful few remaining on the board. She sighed and tipped
her king over.
“Loser’s weepers,” he said with a grin, picking up the whip.


61. Says It All, Don’t You Think?

“Hurts,” she sobbed. He smiled.


62. Disney Would Not Approve

“Listen, Snow, you’ve been slacking off on the housework and
it’s got to stop. Doc? The needles, please?”


63. Trek Torture I: Captain’s Privileges

The pretty blond yeoman writhed, tied down on his bunk. Her
tunic had been all but ripped off and she swore furiously through her
gag. Her spread legs beckoned.
“Damn,” Kirk thought savagely, setting the phaser on ‘heat’ and
dialing for high intensity, “but I have _always_ wanted to do this!!”


64. Trek Torture II: Communications Problem

“But… this is illogical,” Spock said in confusion, one eyebrow
raised in bafflement as he examined the whip.
Uhura sighed and clinked her handcuffs in frustration. Vulcans.
“Mr. Spock, sugar,” she said firmly, ” if you don’t _use_ that
the thing on me in the next five seconds, I am just going to _scream_!!”


65. Trek Torture III: Hippocratic Ouch

Naked, the gorgeous Klingon prisoner thrashed in her bonds, her
greenish skin glistening with sweat. Kirk turned to McCoy.
“Damn it, Jim!” McCoy exploded. “I’m a doctor, not a torturer!”
“… Well, maybe just this once.”


66. Next-Gen Trek Torture IV: Duty, Above All

“Er… I have to confess I find your diplomatic rituals… a
trifle violent,” Picard said nervously as the attendants fastened him
naked to the rack.
“You _do_ want good relations between Starfleet and our planet?”
the queen cooed, swinging the whip daintily.


67. Cleanliness Is Next To Torture-ness (?)

Tied down with her ass pointed straight up in the air, she
fumed through the gag at her undignified position. Then he came back
into the room, and she blanched at what he held in his hands.
“Time to scrub the plumbing,” he whistled tunelessly, pouring
the blue Lysol gel onto the big toilet brush.


68. Trek Torture V: I Always Wondered About Those Two

“Sulu…? Sulu, vat are you going to do with that sword? Sulu?
No… NO!! Not in my ear!! AUUUGH!!”


69. Next Gen Trek Torture VI: They Cut This Scene, I Think

Troi turned and looked around her. The holodeck had been
transformed into a dank dungeon, cluttered with authentic-looking
medieval torture implements. Too authentic.
“Geordie…?” she said uncertainly.
“Call me Count Blood,” he said smoothly, slipping the
executioners hood over his head.


70. It Would Sure Torture Me

“Noooo!!,” she screamed and fought her bonds. “No more, PLEASE,
Stop…!! Aiieeegh!! I can’t take it anymore!!!”
“But… I haven’t even finished reading chapter one,” he said in
confusion, holding “The Sayings of Rush Limbaugh” open in his hands.


71. His Name Is Pepe El Grande, Of Course

“Ah, but this is Mexico,” smiled the swarthy man, one gold
tooth gleaming in the sun. The young blond woman was tied to a raised
board, naked legs spread wide. The dust of the barnyard made her sneeze.
“We do more things with bulls than just fight them,” he said.


72. Cats Love To Play With Small, Furry Things

The cat pounced again, claws out. “Nnnngggg!!” she howled
through the gag.
He had just _left_ her here like this, hours ago; arms cinched
over her head by the rope from the ceiling, legs cuffed far apart, and
that _thing_ dangling down…
Another bat with the paws, then a hard tug, trying to get it
loose. The catnip lure on the long string had the vicious little pussy
in ecstasy.
If only it wasn’t attached to _my_ pussy, she wailed silently.


73. No Catch Limit

The pain was incredible. A tear rolled down her cheek and over
the gag. At least fifty fish hooks decorated her ample breasts.
“Now I know what a jigged codfish feels like,” she thought as he
gleefully yanked on the lines.


74. This _Would_ Be Torture, I Think

He folded her tied legs beneath her, then lowered her into the
barrel. She rattled her handcuffs in protest, keening in terror
through the gag. He pushed her head down, then lifted the lid in
place and dogged it shut.
“We’ll cure you of that claustrophobia yet,” he muttered.


75. Work With Me, Baby

“Ooo, gorgeous.” Click-whirr. “Beautiful, just beautiful.”
Click-whirr. “Now move your head a little to the left.” Click-whirr-beep!
“Whoops, out of film. Hold that pose.”
The bound model did not move, her eyes staring sightlessly,
mouth agape. The plastic bag over her head began to fog up under the
studio lights.


76. Overambitious

“Eagle,” she wheezed. The noose choked her windpipe as she
swayed limply in the air. The asphyxia-induced orgasm had been
everything she had hoped for.
“Think I can try for a multiple,” she thought, as her vision
greyed out.


77. Getting In A Bit Of A Rut, Are We?

Deeply impaled on the four-inch-wide wooden stake, she teetered
on tiptoes, trying to keep her ass from being penetrated any further.
Her bound arms tormented her shoulders and the ball gag was too big,
cruelly stretching her jaw. The large hooks planted in her breasts and
labia were dragged down by the merciless weights.
“Wonder if there’s anything good on television,” he thought,
ignoring her mewing.


78. So That’s What It’s Used For

“Where did you learn how to do this?” she panted, body on fire
with pain. Blood dripped steadily from a dozen wounds.
“Oh, there’s this newsgroup on the Internet,” he said absently.
He consulted the print-out, then reached for the stuffed bunny rabbit.
“Aiieeggh!!” Her screams went on and on and on…


79. Would Take A While, But It’d Be Worth It

“So, is this it?” she asked with a clink. The heavy chains
bound almost every inch of her skin.
“No,” he said and began to heat a trailing link with the blow


80. Is That Thing School Property?

“Steal my boyfriend, will you?” snarled the cheerleader as she
stuffed the huge pom-pom into the bound girl’s tight pussy.


81. This, Of Course, Is What Gags Are For

“Oh, come on. You can whip me harder than that. This collar’s
too loose. That doesn’t hurt at all. These are the cheapest handcuffs
I’ve ever worn. Why don’t you use real hemp instead of this useless
nylon rope? I’m not even faintly uncomfortable. You’re just not trying.”
Jeeze, he thought disgustedly. Who’s torturing who here, anyway?


82. Honest, This Is Exactly How I Do It

Frowning, the author put down his pen and pondered the scene
he was writing. Somehow, it just wasn’t quite right.
He got up and turned towards his nearly naked, blond assistant,
who was strapped upside down on the X-frame wearing only a lacy blue
G-string. “Just got to test something,” he said, picking up the whip.
<Slash!> <Whack!> “Ouchie!” <Slice!> “Aiieegh!” <Thwap!> <Whap!>
“Auugh!” <Crack!> <Slap!> “Ohh…!”
“Hmmm. Okay, so maybe that _does_ work,” he said, and continued
to write.
(And mea culpa, Bode, for stealing one of your jokes 🙂


83. Better Torture Through Chemistry

Almost done. Jeeze, I hope it’s strong enough, he thought as
he finished painting her left leg. It’d look pretty stupid if she just
broke out in a rash.
“Hey! This stuff is starting to sting,” she exclaimed nervously.
Then her voice rose to a scream and she convulsed in her bonds. Little
pinholes appeared in the carpet as tiny droplets of sulphuric acid flew


84. Dialogue From A Snuff Movie (Not Showing Near You)

“Look, if we do it that way you’ll be dead from shock in minutes.
And you run the risk of puncturing the heart if you’re not completely
accurate. My way, you’ll last much longer and if I’m careful to miss
the kidneys, the bleeding won’t kill you. At least, not soon. Those
Dolcett pictures just aren’t very realistic, you know.”
The long skewer slid smoothly down her throat.


85. Everyone’s A Virgin Once

“Please, don’t hurt me,” sobbed the pretty sixteen-year-old,
naked except for the handcuffs. “It’s my first time.”
“And your last,” he said smugly, showing her the gutting


86. Canadian Winters Can Be Torture

She lay naked and bound in the deep, fluffy snow, shivering
violently. She sneezed explosively. “Gotta clear this driveway,” he
said cheerily.
The snowblower started with a bellow.


87. Ugh. Just… Ugh

“You realize this is going to tear my head right off my body,”
she said, a trifle hysterical as she looked down the steep cliff. He
adjusted the noose around her neck.
“Yes,” he said, and pushed.


88. Sports Torture I: This Isn’t In The Playbook

Naked and gagged, the head cheerleader swung by her feet from
the fluorescent light fixture, a look of total rage on her face. The
locker room reeked of sour socks and rancid jock straps.
“Walll, I guess if you won’t go out with me, I’ll jest have to
persuade you a lil’,” drawled the quarterback, fingering the whip.


89. Sports Torture II: Gotta Be Tough For Synchro

The lead weight dragged at her feet and the handcuffs cut into
her wrists. She felt light-headed as her vision began to grey out.
Then he pulled her up and she gasped and spluttered. “Very
good,” her coach said approvingly. “That was two minutes thirty seconds.
Let’s go for three minutes.”
He let go of her hair and, writhing, she plummeted back to the
bottom of the pool.


90. Sports Torture IV: America’s National Game

He removed the Louisville Slugger from her abused twat and
said, “Of course, you know where the game of baseball originated,
don’t you?”
Her eyes widened in horror as he held up the cricket bat.


91. Sports Torture V: Canada’s National Game

“That’s what, six so far?” he asked, as he pushed another
hockey puck up her pussy. She whimpered through the one in her mouth.


92. Sport’s Torture VI: Everybody Else’s National Game

The deflated soccer ball fits snugly into her stretched vagina.
He licked the needle and inserted it into the valve.
“That’ll take a couple of minutes,” he said to his terrified
captive, pumping vigorously.


93. Sport’s Torture VII: Go The Distance

“If it’ll help improve his range,” she thought resignedly,
spreadeagled on the grass.
Fifty meters away, he hefted the javelin and went into his


94. Sport’s Torture VIII: Too Much Testosterone, Madge?

“I am _too_ feminine!” yelped the big female bodybuilder,
outraged. She laid a huge palm on his cock. “And if you don’t agree,
I’ll just have to rip it out,” she growled.
This blind date was not going well, he thought and tried one
more time to wriggle his hands-free of the rope.


95. And It’s Win 95 Compatible, Too

Meg Ryan screamed as the chainsaw tore off first her right, and
then her left breast; a long, futile, helpless scream that matched the
pain and despair on her face. She was going to die here, nailed naked
to this X-frame and disemboweled, and she knew it.
A short while later (though intolerably long for her), it was
done. Her sightless eyes gazed down at her own viscera, splattered
bloodily on the floor.
Another round? (Y/N) The cursor blinked patiently at the bottom
of the screen.
“Sweet Mary Mother of Jesus,” he whispered, stunned, and not
a little shocked, at what he had just done. “This has _got_ to be the
most realistic torture simulator I have _ever_ seen!”
“Shove over,” she said eagerly, reaching for the keyboard. “I
want to pierce Brosnan.”


96. Canadian Tire, For All Your Home Torture Needs

Her lips had been stapled to her tongue; #T-50 Arrows. Huge
Vice-Grips dangled from her nipples. Her breasts were squeezed to
bursting by a pair of oil filter wrenches (slightly modified). The long
aluminum spirit level was jammed three-quarters its length up her ass.
The heads of three claw hammers peeked out of her pussy. Her labia were
all but obscured by the dozens of finishing nails punched through them.
Her hands and feet were heavily duct-taped to the ladder.
“Oh, the boys at Tool Time are just going to love this one,” he
burbled happily as he loaded the video camera.


97. Does This Thing Need Batteries, I Wonder?

Tied to the table, he raised his head to look at what she held
in her hands, and burst out laughing.
“Oh, right,” he giggled, “that thing is really going to hurt
His screams drowned in a gurgle of blood. She hugged the stuffed
bunny tightly to her chest and murmured, “Just you and me, kid.”


98. Does The Tobacco Council Know About This?

It was expensive but it was worth every penny. She unwrapped
it and savored the scent; the essence of sun-drenched Cuba. Carefully,
using the special tool, she clipped and trimmed the tip, then flipped
the Zippo alight and fired it up. She puffed steadily, filling the room
with the heavenly aroma. She blew an experimental smoke ring.
“Like George Burns says, there’s nothing like a good cigar,” she
murmured, and pressed it firmly against the tip of his penis.


99. From The S&M Version Of Casablanca

“You’re going to torture me, aren’t you?” the naked blond
prisoner said tearfully. The leather straps were cruelly tight around
her wrists and ankles.
“Yesss,” hissed the dapper Nazi. “You vill tell us vat you
know or you vill suffer terribly.” His hulking assistant slowly patted
a huge hand with the whip.
She stared at the two men for a fearful moment, then tossed her
golden hair defiantly.
“I’m not saying another word,” she announced, anticipation
gleaming from her blue eyes.


100. It’s Always Something

The generator sparked, sending waves of agony through her
nipples and pussy. The heavy, clawed clips fastened thereon drew a
steady drip of blood. Suspended in mid-air, she had long since lost
feeling in her hands; the ropes had cut the circulation within minutes.
The thick belt around her waist nearly cut her in two, making it
impossible to draw a full breath. Her legs were spread wide, allowing
her to be thoroughly impaled on the tall, four-inch wide dildo.
The bar in her mouth painfully prevented any speech.
“Damn, but my nose itches,” she thought.


101. Brevity Is The Soul Of Torture

“AIIEEGH!!” she screamed. “Again!!” he whipped.


102. Sometimes, My Fantasies Get A Bit Out Of Control

“Wait a minute,” said the Writer, alarm rising in his face. “I
didn’t write you… <Glurp!!>”
“Who cares?” cooed the tall, black dominatrix as she picked him
up by the throat and proceeded to whip him silly.


103. Guess What I’ve Been Doing Lately?

“Noooo!!” she shrieked. “Anything but that!! Please don’t make
me…!!” She broke down in terrifed sobs.
“Hahahaha!!” he cackled sadistically, waving a pack of disks in
front of her nose.
“Windows 95!! Set it up!! On a laptop!!” he ordered as he chained
her to the fiendish little machine.


104. Connoisseurs

“What do you think, dear? Should it be the Sauvingnon, or
should we try some of this Beaujolais? Or perhaps the Mont Blanc
’78 would do?”
Champagne’s fine, she thought around the gag, eyes wracked
with the pain of the bottle of very tasty and fresh Rothschild’s ’91
almost completely up her ass.


105. More Connoisseurs

The tall, handsome Rastafarai took a long, drawn-out breath
of the enormous joint he held in his hand. The tip glowed a furious
He snurfed a cough or two, then turned to the girl–tit-tied,
naked, and upside down–and said, “You want some, then, ” as he
pressed the coal into her nipple.


106. And Even More Connoisseurs

He shivered slightly as the hit went into the vein of his arm;
a good rush. Then he noticed her staring at the needle.
“Oh no you don’t, dearie,” he said, “This one for me, those,”
–waving at the full box on the table– “those are for you.” The mass
of sharp tips glittered in the light.
Silenty, behind the gag, she began to weep.


107. This Could Get Me Arrested – I’m In Canada

“Well, well,” said the bored hooker, “If it’s not Sergeant
Renfrew, again. Shall I guess what you want from me this month, or
shall I just pull my pants down and bend over?”
“Please,” murmured the (slightly-bent) Mountie, tapping the
horsewhip in one hand.


108. And This One In Mexico

“Sentence? Did I hear anything about a sentence?” asked the
crooked Federale agent, looking quizzically around the room at his
partners as they all looked at her.
Tall and blonde. California Girl. On the wrong side of the
The tears leaked out again as copiously as her screams as
the four cops tortured her some more.


109. And Why Not In Britain?

“Talk, y’ little tart, come on, don’t hold out on me,” the
a constable said thickly as he rammed the nightstick in and out of her
“But ‘guv, y’ haven’t _asked_ me anything!!” she wailed. The
handcuffs bled from her limbs as she struggled


110. “Haallo, Yeltsin, There’s This Guy In Kanada…”

The KGB officer looked at her in outrage. “_Torture_ you? Good
heavens, that’s totally against regulations nowadays. Haven’t you
heard of Perestroika?”
“Nowadays, we just do it for fun,” he grinned and reached
for the vivacious American redhead, who got two steps before the
chain cuffed around her ankles brought her down.


111. Any More Cops I Can Offend? Japan!

He bowed low, as is the usual way. Solemnly, even reverently,
he picked up a length of rope and turned to supine gaijin woman.
“Your punishment is my fortune, it seems. As an arresting officer,
I chose your method.” He began to tie her up, precisely and carefully.
“This isn’t happening,” thought the pretty blonde, beginning
only to fear when he reached her breasts.


112. And Back To Canada

“You know, we work well with dogs,” said the detachment’s
animal officer. The pretty brunette was not in a position to comment,
her ass being so thoroughly exposed.
“Here, Brute!” the officer whistled.


113. Oh Wait, I Missed The Yanks

“What would we have done to Dillinger if we’d caught him? Hmmm.”
The agent rubbed his chin. “Well, we might have tried this…”
She thrashed against her bonds, howling in pain, as the G-man
worked her over with the hot iron.


114. I Highly Doubt She Laughed

“Uh huh, and how do you feel about this?” he said, giving
her feet a good tickle. Behind the gag, she giggled.
“And this?” he asked, driving the scalpel in deep.


115. Inspiration Is Where You Find It

“Somehow, it’s not enough,” he thought in frustration. Think.
There had to be more.
She was almost blind with pain, breasts bound to bursting
and riddled with dozens of needles, tacks, clips, staples, weights,
and skewers; the ultimate piercing. Blood dripped profusely. And
what soft tit-flesh the whip hadn’t scarred, the soldering iron had.
Then his eyes lit on the steak knives.


116. When Good Surgeons Go Bad

“I just want to open you up,” he crooned in her ear. He drew
the delicate edge lightly down between her naked breasts, over her
smooth tummy and belly button, and came to rest in her blonde pubic
hair, just below the tan line. A faint bead of blood appeared on
her skin.
Bound and spread wide, the pretty nurse finally began to


117. Brrrr!!

“You know,” she said, “I saw a physics experiment where a
guy dipped a rose in this stuff for a second, then pulled it out
and just smashed it on the table top.”
She held up the Dewar flask, vapour boiling off furiously.
“It shattered in a million pieces. I couldn’t believe my eyes.”
She dipped his penis deep into the liquid nitrogen as he
bit through the gag in pain.


118. Hmmm. Ingenious

She got the blade from a defunct vegetable chopper, then
honed it to razor sharpness. It was actually spring-loaded, scavenged
from a wind-up toy; the usual method of action would be futile. But
the craftsmanship was both clever and meticulous. It looked exactly
like it’s full-size counterpart and was fully functional.
She beamed proudly as she placed his penis in the miniature
guillotine and positioned the little basket.


119. No Service Charge, Ma’am

“You know, I read somewhere this is supposed to be real
painful” drawled the late-night gas station attendant to his
victim. She hung upside down and spreadeagled from the hoist,
mute with fear.
“Yep. Guess it is,” he said a few moments later as she
writhed violently, screaming. The air pump dinged as the hose
in her ass inflated her to about 70 psi.


120. Questions, Questions

“Oh, this came from a medical company in Argentina,” he said,
giving the implement another crank. “Very specialized, used in
veterinary practice, I think. Though I suspect the Argentine military
might have had other uses for it.”
She screamed as the giant speculum, rammed deep into her
vagina up to her uterus, opened a bit wider and cracked her pubic bone.


121. Sports Torture Revisited: America’s Other National Game

“Guess this is what you call a real deep penetration play,”
chuckled the 300-pound linebacker as he forced the football up
the hooker’s (by-now) elastic pussy.


122. Against Safety Regulations, I Think

It ran from the cabinet, then 20 feet down the hall, turned
in through the doorway of their apartment, and made a sharp left into
the bathroom. She lay securely bound in the tub, tush pointing
skywards. The nozzle was jammed firmly into her ass.
“This is one enema she’ll never forget,” he thought, and
turned on the fire hose.


123. Not Likely

The shining blade went smoothly into her throat. “Any last
words?” he asked teasingly.


124. Tedious But Satisfying

He put down the blood-soaked razorblade and studied his
handiwork. The network of cuts covered almost every inch of her
skin, deep enough to stay open and probably quite deep enough to
Already half in shock, her gagged lips whimpered in fear
as she saw him reach for the bottle of vinegar.


125. Masterpiece Theatre Goes BDSM

The pretty blonde Englishwoman squirmed. He really had
outdone himself this time. Really, he had.
Naked, she was on her back, resting on her tightly bound
arms. Her trim ankles had been tied together and contorted painfully
behind her head. The cruelly wrapped wire had swollen her full
breasts to a dark red shade, while the heavy weight hanging
from a ceiling pulley tugged mercilessly at her freshly-pierced
pink nipples. Two enormous dildoes protruded at a jaunty angle from deep
within her private parts, stretching sensitive orifices far past
their accustomed tolerances. Meanwhile, her alligator-clipped clitoris
was in nothing less than a frightful state. The croquet ball-sized
gag completed her agony.
Then, purely on impulse, he had slipped a pair of her best
black panties over her head, effectively blindfolding her; a classic
“Is there anything else I can do to you, m’ Ladyship?” he asked
politely. Receiving no answer, he turned and left the room.
My, but the job does have it’s little rewards, doesn’t it?
the butler thought smugly as he walked to the kitchen for a boot of
tea. Four hours, her Ladyship had said.


126. So Where’s The Cue Ball?

“D’you think those’re enough?” drawled the lanky shooter. He
sucked on a cigarette, then chalked the tip of his stick with a
squeak. Twanky country blared from the jukebox in the corner of the
seedy bar.
“Naw,” said the other player, hefting a heavy 24-ouncer. “She
jogged my elbow and ruined the shot. She can take a few more.”
Naked, the beautiful but clumsy redheaded waitress lay
spreadeagled on the pool table, hands and ankles cuffed, an agonized
expression on her gagged face. An entire rack of cues protruded
from her over-stretched ass and vagina. Planted deep, and butt-end
“Here it comes,” he grinned savagely and forced another
one in over the sounds of her pitiful mewing.


127. Shoulda Bought A Mac

“It still doesn’t work, you slut!!” he yelled, and brought
the whip down with a crack on her red-laced back. They had been at
it for hours.
“What more do you want from me!?” she shrieked, tugging
helplessly at her chains and almost beyond her endurance. This was
the worst torture ever.
“Get the TCP/IP network protocol to function,” he hissed,
and handed her the Win95 setup disks.
The devilish laptop bleeped mockingly at her as she
booted from floppy for what seemed like the thousandth time. Would
the torment never end?


128. And More Beach Fun

“That’ll teach you to sunbathe nude on my beach,” murmured
the sadistic lifeguard. He had staked her out at, what, noon? He
checked his waterproof diver’s watch: 4:49, it said.
The ravening sun beat down upon the helpless girl and she
struggled weakly against the four ropes. “Water,” she croaked through
cracked, sandy lips. Her crimson breasts were beginning to show
“Not just yet,” he said evilly, uncoiling the whip.


129. And Yet More Beach Fun

“Look, I really think she’s had enough,” he said, looking
nervously at the girl. Her face had begun to turn purple as weakening
finger scrabbled ineffectually at the thin-roped noose.
“You take a spike to the balls and say that,” muttered his
friend, rubbing his still-painful crotch. “She can take another
few minutes.”
Strung up from the right-hand volleyball net post, her legs
kicked feebly. A dark patch of urine began to discolor her bikini
bottoms. Well, he had _said_ not to hold anything back, she wailed
despairingly to herself as a red fog descended over her vision.


130. And The Obvious Beach Fun

“Hey, Shelley, where’d Debi go?” he said to the girl as
she patted the huge pile of sand with the small shovel.


131. Bit Long, But Jeeze, This Could Be A Whole Series

Dry wheels screaked and ill-lubricated motors whined as
the massive cell door creaked into place with a rusted clang.
Metallic echoes reverberated down the dusty, empty range.
They were in a disused part of the prison she had not seen
before. In for second-degree murder, Prisoner #63789 was tough enough
not to let the guard see her nervousness. Parole in four, she thought,
testing the handcuffs. Parole in four. Keep repeating that.
Then the guard hauled back and smashed her fist into the
prisoner’s face, knocking her to the ground. Stunned, and with sudden
blood dripping, she looked up as the guard slipped on a pair of surgical
gloves. The guard produced a sharp scalpel from a uniform pocket.
She turned it in the light, glittering, then looked at the supine
Who was suddenly afraid. Very afraid. And who had just
noticed the bloodstains on the floor.
Lots of them.
“There’s been a slight change in your status, Prisoner #63789,”
the guard said dreamily. “You’re in _my_ prison now. Wonderful things,
computers. What goes in can come out, if you know how. And as of 9:00
AM this morning, the New Brunswick Correctional System no longer has
any record of you. You never existed. I’ve waited all day. You’ve
been transferred to my block.”
Total madness shone from her eyes. “And there’s no parole.
You’re in my prison now,” she repeated and reached down with
the familiar blade.
Three floors above, Prisoner #43767 looked up from her book.
“Did you hear something?” she asked her cellmate. “Sounded like a
scream.” She looked at the ventilation duct.
“Nah,” Prisoner #10224 grunted from her bunk. A woman of few
words at the best of times.
Prisoner #43767 shrugged and went back her book. How can
anybody do this stuff, she thought amusedly, finding her place again
in The Story of O.
(Actually, there’s a real-life precedent for this one. There used to
be a pedophilic guard at one of NB’s youth reformatories who went
at it for _years_ during the 70’s. The cover-up allegedly went
all the way up to the Premier’s office, who was not known for his
inclinations towards the female of the species. Hell of a
politician, though; re-elected four times.)


132. Hmmm. My Friend Has A Pool…

“Don’t struggle so much,” he called out. “Wouldn’t want you
to drown.” He giggled at his little joke.
Bound hand and foot, she floated naked in the deep end
of the pool. The noose around her neck was slack, tied to a beam in
the ceiling far above. She moaned in blind terror.
He picked up his drink, settled into the deck chair, flipped
the switch, and sat back to enjoy the show.
Below, in the bowels of the machinery, valves opened and
the pool began to drain.


133. Whoa! Chill Out, Buddy

Finally, he could stand it no longer and, in a wild frenzy of
gushing blood, tore her apart with his bare hands.
“AAUUUGGHH!!” he screamed in catharsis. “_THAT’S_ the way!!
_SKIP_ the small shit!!!”


134. But Does She Do Windows?

He winced when she jammed the long tube up his ass, but that was
nothing compared to the agony when she switched it on. His howls made
a minor harmony with the machine’s drone.
“Much faster than an enema, don’t you think?” she yelled over
the roar of the wet/dry shop vac.


135. Tsk. Gotta Test These Things First

She screamed horribly as he slammed the door again. “Come
on, _close_!! @$%^&!!” he snarled, opening and shutting it one more
time. To no avail.
It was a genuine relic, Spanish Inquisition era, and it had
been used at least once; rusted blood on the door spikes. Aged hinges
creaked as he flung it home, only to have it bounce back open. Red
froth gurgled from her mouth.
But damn it, people were _smaller_ back then and she was
too damn _big_!! Frustrated and straining, he leaned all his weight
on the door of the @#$%@@# one-size-_doesn’t_-fit-all Iron Maiden.


136. I Think I Had Her Last Visit

She tugged the restraint a little tighter around his wrist
as his sobbing subsided a bit. She held up another huge needle;
the naked man’s eyes bugged out.
“Just one more biopsy to do, one from each testicle,” she
murmured, then jabbed it into the right one. Instant screams.
Blood dripped from a dozen other puncture marks on his body
as she withdrew the needle, then plunged it through the other
testicle. Same as above.
The pretty but sadistic nurse giggled to herself. Some
people were _sooo_ dumb. He was in for a _cold_, for pete’s sake.


137. Wild, Wild West I: A Hanging Offence

The rusty, cast-iron handcuffs bit deeply into the wrists of
the pretty blonde bargirl as she dangled from the rough noose, neck
grotesquely stretched. Her swollen tongue drooled, There was a patch
of yellow on her petticoat.
Then the Deputy came running up and panted, “Sheriff! Sheriff!!
Ya git the wrong one! Lillian jest confessed!!”
Almost unconscious and approaching her third orgasm, the girl
kicked feebly at the two lawmen.
“Ah know,” the Sheriff said, tilting his hat back and scratching
his head in consternation.
“But dang it, she won’t let me cut ‘er _down_!!”


138. Wild, Wild West II: Love Me, Love My Horse. Of Course.

“Oh, hush up now, and stop screaming. Yer gonna frighten him.
And I paid ja’ extra, dint I?”
Naked, and tied wrists and ankles to the four legs of the
sawhorse, the blonde prostitute continued to caterwaul in pain. The
grizzled cowpoke patted the horse’s neck and said soothingly, “There,
now, boy. She jest ain’t use t’it.” To the prostitute: “He’s a good
horse, my Paint, really he is. Nuthin’ but the best fer ‘im.”
The animal whinnied in pleasure as two-and-a-half feet of thick
horse cock slid in and out of the woman’s agonized ass. She screamed
some more.
“Course, it woulda been better if I coulda found a mare,”
reflected the cowboy. “But ya gotta make do in these here parts.”


139. Wild, Wild West III: They Didn’t Normally Take Prisoners

“<So, what shall we cut off next?>” the Sioux woman asked her
friends. The four of them were gathered around the prisoner and they
discussed the question.
“<Well, there’s not much left to cut off,>” one of them pointed
out. “<He’s lasted well for three days, though,>” said another.
Ears, scalp, every tooth and nail, and one eye were long gone.
Penis and testicles had been slowly crushed on the first day. Sharpened
sticks through his lungs made breathing an agony. They threw scalding
water on him to keep him awake. And roasted feet dangled off the ground,
held up as he was by the structure of poles. Not to mention the spear up
his ass. The cavalry officer was just about finished.
” the first one said brightly. His
renewed screams were swallowed in the emptiness of the vast prairie as
he recalled what his Captain had said to him: never let them give
you to the women.
Too late.


140. Wild, Wild West IV: They Weren’t The Only Ones

She _had_ been pretty, this young Kiowa maiden, with sweet
breasts, laughing eyes, shimmering black hair, and a warm smile.
No more. Her comely face had been battered beyond human
recognition. Her hair had been doused with paraffin, then lit. Her dark
nipples had been hacked off her breasts, and long, red-hot, horseshoe
nails inserted. Mounted like a carcass on the X-frame, with skin all but
flayed off by horsewhips, she was almost beyond sanity. Though she had
not uttered so much as one whimper, her tears she could not stop.
The trooper twisted the barrel of the loaded rifle deep into her
tormented vagina; one eye twitched, but that was all.
“Come on, Sarge,” he whispered, finger caressing the trigger.
“Let me shoot ‘er. I wanna see her haid come off.”
“Naw, not yet,” the Sargeant said, unbuckling his pants. “Now
take that thang outta there. I wanna do her one last time,” he ordered.


141. Wild, Wild West V: You Can Find Anything Over The Border

The Mexican gang had slaughtered the driver, the guards, and the
other stagecoach passengers. Then they tore off her clothes, bound her,
slung her over a horse, and rode a hard ten hours for their village
over the border. Her ribs were bruised purple.
“Wh-what are you going to do with me?” stammered the terrified
blonde. It was a nightmare, a room full of horrible, smelly, banditos,
and their fat, greasy chief, right down to the bandoliers and the gold
teeth. The ropes had cut bloodily into her wrists and ankles; two hulks
now held her in an iron grip. Brutal, excited anticipation was in
their eyes.
El Jefe smiled, then gestured. Two men went into another room,
then returned and placed their naked burden on the table.
It was a woman. Pretty, black hair, full breasts, but with no
tongue; she moaned an inarticulate mew.
And no arms or legs. They had been cut off.
El Jefe fondled the woman’s dark pubic hair, then looked up
with unmistakable glee and said, in halting English, “She ees lonely.
You weel keep her company. And us.”
He nodded to the thin man holding the saw as the others held her
down. Too dumb with horror, she only began to scream when it bit
into her arm.
(Jeeze, where did _that_ one come from?)


142. Wild, Wild West VI: Brimstone And Damnation

The gaunt, skeletal preacher, dressed all in black, went into
his wind-up. The studded leather strop descended on her lily-white ass
with a crash. She shrieked.
The small, clapboard church creaked in the prairie wind. His
congregation was small but he was strict. None of his flock would
suffer hellfire. Even if he had to whip the sin out of them.
Tied to the rail at the front of the church, the adulteress
cried out as he slashed her again and again. Droplets of blood
spattered the parishioners in the front row; they watched her ordeal
in deathly, fearful silence. He had killed a girl back East, so it was
“Repent!!” he hissed, a wild orgasm of righteousness in his
eyes, and scourged her again.


143. Wild, Wild West VII: Is That a Triple-Bar-Circle-X-Cross?

The fire crackled, well on the way to white coals. That’s
about ready, he thought, then turned to the gagged girl. She was staked
out naked on her belly in the scrub; the sharp blades of grass itched.
“So, where d’ya want it?” he asked. “Gotta be this way, y’know,”
he added. “What’s mine’s mine.”
“Oh Daddy,” she wailed silently. “Whyd’ja have to marry
me off to a _cowboy_?” She gritted her teeth as he approached her with
the flaming branding iron.

And Think Of The Debt We Owe To Mutant Hispanic Dwarves 🙂
<Smack!> “Ooo, ‘dat stings, Boss!” “Don’t move, Tatoo, you’re a
small enough target as it is.” <Thwack!> “Ooo! ‘Da pain, Boss! ‘Da pain!”


144. Now, I Would _Never_ Have Thought Of This

They had had their fun with her but she was almost spent. The
cuffed blonde on the table moaned weakly. Her cunt and breasts were
a bloody mess, skin torn into scars, and half her hair had been ripped
“So, _now_ what? We gotta get rid of her,” growled the first one.
The second one frowned. “Chopped up the last one, but the
plumbing was fucked for a week. Can’t do that again,” he mused.
Then his eyes fell on a roll of packing tape and his face lit
up. “Ah _ha_!! Gimme a hand with her…”
One hour and three more rolls later, they were almost done.
She had been completely immobilized in the sticky plastic, knees were drawn
up tight to her chest. Only her nose showed through the lengths wound
round her head.
She wriggled in terror as they slid her into the box. “Have a
nice trip and don’t forget to write,” the second one said mockingly.
Then they sealed her in.
Bogus destination. Insufficient postage. No return address.
Canada Post would lose her forever.