Rubber Mistress uses her human ashtray


So, looking at a bunch of different porn over the years, it seems that the more polished, the less believable.

That is, seeing a hot femdom in tons of makeup and leather blowing smoke into a kneeling sub’s face, flicking ashes on him, spitting in his mouth before gingerly putting out the butt just seems too unrealistic.

Compare that to a “normal” woman casually flicking ashes in her sub’s mouth while she’s putting on makeup, sitting on the couch watching TV, or relaxing on the patio with a drink, and then casually putting out the butt on his tongue with no concern for whether he is feeling pain or even if he enjoys it or not – he’s there to obey her and be her ashtray and his wants are of zero concern to her.

The latter is so much better to me – a normal looking woman, with physical flaws (maybe she is overweight, maybe she thinks her features could do with some plastic surgery, maybe she has stretch marks – the everyday woman, not a model).

Years ago I served a Mistress regularly in New Jersey who used me as her human ashtray in each session. She was a wonderful Mistress who was a real smoker. Yes, she would use my mouth as her ashtray during each session, but she also used my mouth as her ashtray even after the session ended. She would always enjoy a couple of additional cigarettes after the session ended and she would continue to ash her cigarettes into my mouth as if this was the most natural thing in the world for her to do.