Rape fantasy

underboob masturbating

Tonight’s dinner was one of those rare occasions when I wished I could still have a glass of wine now and then. It would have been a perfect compliment to the excellent meal and delightful company. I’ve been spending so much time alone lately that I’d almost forgotten how sexy an evening of intelligent conversation with an attractive and attentive man can make me feel. I’m walking a little taller and laughing easier than I have in weeks. You have a way of making women feel beautiful and confident with just the look in your eye. It’s provocative without being lecherous.

I’m excited that you are coming back to my house. There is no pretense of it being under the guise of having a nightcap, as you already know that I haven’t kept alcohol in my house for years. No, we both know why you are coming over. The topic may not have been approached verbally, but it was obvious in the way we’ve been interacting all evening. The way you placed your hand in the small of my back to guide me through the restaurant earlier, your fingertips brushing mine as you took the menu from my hand, and the many times our eyes met for an electrifying moment before I, blushing, broke eye contact: every one of these incidents made clear the inevitable conclusion of this evening. It was a conclusion I looked forward to immensely.

You lean across the table and hand me a pen, saying you’ll be about twenty minutes behind me, since you have to get gas and run another quick errand before following me home. Confused, I take the pen and meet your gaze.
“I want you to draw me a map so I can find your house from the gas station across the street from here,” you say as you pull a piece of paper from your jacket pocket and hand it to me. Nodding, I take the paper and draw a simple but accurate map to help you navigate the three miles back to my house. Secretly, I’m glad for the extra time because I’m nervous and I since I didn’t partake of the wine with you, I would like to have a little smoke to calm my nerves before you arrive. If I thought you’d be interested, I’d offer to share, but nothing about you says, “Dude, pass the bong!” Finishing up, I hand you the map and we rise from the table. You walk me out to my car, and as I unlock the door, you stand close, leaning over me slightly. When I turn back toward you, your hands slide into my coat and roam slowly over my body, and I begin to melt into you. My breathing deepens as your right-hand squeezes my breast, slowly pinching and rolling my aching nipple between your thumb and forefinger. Your right hand is in my hair, pulling my head back and exposing my neck to your mouth. Kissing, sucking and biting your way toward my ear, you speak softly into it, telling me to make sure I am ready for you in twenty minutes. My head is spinning as you gently release me to the chilly night air before returning to your truck. I open my car door with trembling hands and put the doggie bag on the passenger’s seat.

Five minutes later, as I pull into my garage and hit the button to close the door behind me, I chastise myself as I do every evening when I remember that I still haven’t replaced the light bulb in the garage door opener. I should have left the regular light on when I left to meet you at the restaurant. Never mind; I leave the headlights on and use them to find the pipe and lighter I keep in the toolbox on the workbench. I don’t smoke in the house, so the garage is a nice private alternative to smelling up my house. Back in the car, I take a couple of hits from the pipe, savoring the smoke as long as possible before exhaling long and slow, my nerves calming with each breath. Leaning back in my seat, I relax and close my eyes, anticipating the night to come.

I can’t have been there for more than five minutes when my phone rings. It’s you, telling me you’ve decided you want me to accompany you on your errand. You say you’re in the driveway waiting for me. I realize I must be higher than I’d realized if I didn’t even hear you pull in. Now I feel like a nervous teenager about to get busted when I tell you I’m still in the garage and haven’t even taken the food in yet.

“Never mind,” you say, “It will keep. Come out to the truck and we’ll bring it in when we come back.”

I don’t even ask where we’re going when I climb in next to you. You reach across and buckle me in, pulling the belt tightly against my hips and chest. My thighs clench at your touch and I realize it’s been too long since I’ve been touched by anyone besides myself, and I’m now reading sexual overtones into everything. You pull the truck out of the driveway and we head for the north end of town. It seems your demeanor has changed. You’re too quiet. I wonder if you smell the smoke on me; I wonder if it bothers you. As I’m considering whether or not I should bring it up, you reach across and place your hand on my knee, just below the hem of my skirt. Caught off guard, I jump a little, but can’t keep from parting my legs slightly: a subtle invitation for your hand to find its way toward a warmer and wetter climate. The invitation is accepted, and soon your fingers are tracing a leisurely, winding path up my inner thigh. Can you feel the goosebumps through my tights?

Not a word passes between us as we pull onto the freeway, my legs spreading shamelessly wider as your hand works its way into the waistband of my tights and down toward the silky warmth of my very wet little pussy. When you find my swollen clit and begin pinching and rubbing it, I whimper and push myself farther back into the seat, my breath coming in short little gasps.

A new tone has been set for the evening, and I sink into it, happily letting it envelop me. Right now I can think of nothing besides the aching need to feel your fingers inside me. My hips rise and fall to meet the teasing thrusts of the single finger you use to probe my hungry pussy, but you don’t take the hint to go deeper. Instead, when my growing desire is expressed in a moan, you slowly withdraw your hand. It takes me a few seconds to catch my breath and calm down enough to open my eyes. When I do, I see that your attention is now fully on the road, though I’m fairly certain I see a faint smirk play across your lips. You say nothing as you turn into a parking lot and find a place to park.

I look around and realize that we are at the Adult Book Store. Nervously, I look at you, but you are already opening the door and getting out. “Come on,” you say, “We’re getting a movie.”

Smoothing my skirt and hair, I get out of the truck and head toward your extended hand. I try not to hold it too tightly as we enter the store and come face-to-face with 2000 square feet of racks, shelves, and display counters filled with sex toys, magazines, movies, and cheap lingerie.

You pull me toward the back of the store as a large man in a sweat-stained T-shirt stare at us from behind the counter. We veer off into a side room filled with hardcore and fetish pornography, and I’m suddenly very self-conscious. I’m wondering what type of movie you’re looking for when you turn and tell me in a low voice that it’s my job to choose our evening’s entertainment.

Protesting that I don’t know what to choose gets me nowhere with you, and you instruct me to look closely at the different movies until I find one that really speaks to me. As my eyes scan the different titles, I’m extremely aware of your gaze and fear that the intensity and depth of my sexuality are about to be exposed for all to see.

There are sections of films for every appetite outside the norm: bondage, wife-swapping and swingers, cum-shots, ‘she-males’ and forced-feminization of submissive males. Along the back wall, my eyes linger on a movie advertising “3 hours of non-stop gang-bang action,” and my heart jumps. I force myself to look away at the rack behind me, but you don’t miss a beat. Picking it up, you hand it to me and tell me to read the back of the box to you. There are several customers in the room with us (all men, of course), so I begin very softly reading you the description of the movie. You instruct me to speak louder. As I begin again, I notice that at least two of the men nearby appear to be listening, and my face grows hot. When I finish, you ask if that’s the movie I want, and I say no, hoping I can instead direct your attention to something much tamer. Unfortunately, I’m not given that chance, as you immediately take the movie from my hands, return it to the shelf, and select another gang-bang movie. I realize too late that this entire back section of the room is devoted to women being used by large groups of men. Handing me the next movie, you say simply, “Read.”

This one claims to show three women satisfying two dozen men in a spontaneous gang bang after closing time in a bar. I read to you and again know that you aren’t the only one listening. I try to keep my voice even so I’m not embarrassed by my own excitement. One after another, you choose movies for me to read to you and with each one, the men around us seem to move in a little closer. Nervously, I edge towards you and try to speak softer so they can’t listen in, but you turn into me and reach under my coat to cup one of my breasts and pinch my nipple firmly, saying, “Louder, Jane.”

I squeal in surprise at the delicious pain shooting from my nipple to my clit, making my panties even wetter than they were back in the truck. I read louder now, still acutely aware of the cocks hardening all around me as I tell of naughty cheerleaders taking on entire football teams (AND the coaches), teen-aged coeds having their pussies, asses, and mouths simultaneously stretched wide open by beautiful big black cocks, hot MILFs with huge tits servicing groups of their sons’ college buddies, dirty construction workers taking turns working over their bitch of a forewoman, and ‘cum-guzzling whores’ taking hot creamy loads down their throats, and all over their faces, tits, and asses. It’s becoming progressively more difficult to keep my breathing steady. Your hand inside my coat rhythmically squeezes my breast, pinching my nipple tightly enough to weaken my knees and bring a tear to my eye. Your warm breath on my neck as I read, and the growing bulge in the front of your pants combined with the nipple play are driving me to distraction, and I can’t focus on what I’m supposed to be reading. Our audience is listening intently to my every word, even if they aren’t looking our way. A stocky Hispanic man with the full sleeve tattoos is standing in the corner, rubbing his cock through his jeans, and I’m startled to note that it turns me on far more than it scares me. It must be the effect of the weed I was smoking earlier since that stuff always seems to make me horny in ways I would never be brave (or foolish?) enough to consider otherwise.

To my left, a tall young man in jeans and cowboy boots leans back against a post as he appears to read a magazine, though I’m fairly certain it’s upside down. He shifts his weight uncomfortably and I notice the bulge in the front of his jeans, running halfway down his thigh. No wonder he’s uncomfortable; that thing is huge! It’s hard not to stare at it and wonder what it would look like without being confined by those Wranglers. Facing us from the other side of this magazine rack, a beautiful muscular man with ebony skin and a military haircut stares into my eyes. He makes no attempt at subtlety as he smiles at my blushing reaction to being the center of attention.

A searing pain slices through my nipple as you reclaim my attention and hand me another movie: “Cum-Slut Librarian.” This time, you don’t relax your vice grip on my nipple. I am breathing into the pain and trying to maintain my composure as I tell a tale of a university librarian who is kidnapped in the campus parking garage by a delivery truck full of men. Once they get her into the truck, they force her to spread her legs and open her mouth for each of them over and over as they take turns driving through the night and into the next day. She is kept restrained in the back of the truck with leather cuffs at her wrists and ankles, contorted and secured into a wild variety of positions. She gets DP’d roughly, from every possible angle, often with a third cock in her mouth, and once with a fourth jerking off onto her face as she’s being throat-fucked. But this horny little cum-slut ends up loving it, cumming more times and harder than she ever has in her life, and actually begging for more.
Wow. Why does that turn me on so much? Personally, I’ve never been DP’d, though I must say the idea is very intriguing. The couple of times I was actually fucked in the ass by men who started slowly enough that I wanted it and even enjoyed it, I surprised myself by begging them to fuck me harder, with long, deep strokes. So the idea of experiencing that while simultaneously having my pussy filled with another cock thrusting deep into me is a delicious thought. Of course, I adore the feeling of a stiff cock in my mouth, so adding that into the mix makes me very jealous of this hot little librarian.

By the time I finish reading about the lucky slut, I’m leaning into your hand, not just accepting the pain you are giving me as you pinch my nipple harder, but sinking into it, soaking it up, feeding off of it. My eyes close as you slowly tighten your grip and begin to twist and pull with an expert hand. I don’t squeal at the pain anymore, but instead breathe deeper, savoring the moment, transforming the pain into waves of pleasure I can barely contain. I know I should be embarrassed or ashamed, or perhaps afraid, but I no longer care about the others watching. I never want to stop feeling this. You hold me in the palm of your hand, to do with as you wish. And you know it.

Suddenly, you release me and my forehead seems to burst into cold white flames as the blood rushes back into my aching nipple and the endorphins kick in. You steady me as I wobble, struggling to keep my feet steady beneath me. Reaching into your pocket, you pull out your keys and hand them to me, whispering into my ear, “Now go wait in the truck.”

“What?” I mumble, confused.

You straighten back up and inform me sternly that you will be paying for the Cum-Slut Librarian while I go wait in the truck. Suddenly very self-conscious again, I am afraid to leave your side.

“Go. Now.”

There is no arguing with your tone. So I go.

As I exit the hardcore room and make my way toward the front door, the sweaty man behind the counter ogles me, smirking at my obvious discomfort. He reminds me of Uncle Merle, the creepy old uncle that my cousins and I used to make a game of avoiding at family reunions. His arms were so long that when he trapped one of us in a hug, he could wrap them all the way around us and grab at our tiny (OK, mine weren’t so tiny) breasts as he enfolded us in his smelly embrace. I shudder now just thinking about it. “You have a good night now, Girlie!” he shouts as I push through the door.

Out in the chill of the night, I suddenly realize how wet I am. My panties are completely soaked, and my tights seem to be as well. I unlock the truck and try to climb in discretely, but the step is so high I have to hike my skirt half-way up my thigh to climb up. I look around to make sure no one can see me. Closing and locking the door, I wait nervously, hoping you won’t take long. I watch the rear-view mirror to be sure I wasn’t followed out. The neon lights are reflected and scattered by the light rain that has begun to fall, but nothing else moves in the parking lot.

As I wait I realize I can’t remember the last time I was this turned on. Yet the fact that this incredible sexual desire was inspired by such a bizarre experience is more than a little disturbing. I’m amazed and confused by how willing I was to let you control and lead me into such a humiliatingly erotic experience. I ponder this until you return to the truck a few minutes later. Our hands meet as I wordlessly unlock your door and pass you the keys. You catch my eye and say, “Good Girl.”

My thighs clench with pleasure and desire and I’m smiling happily at your approval. You start the truck and back out of the parking spot, but before pulling forward, you lean over, reach your left hand behind my head and pull me toward you for a kiss. It’s long and deep and it takes my breath away. Releasing me, you chuckle to yourself, saying, “I’m really going to enjoy this.” I don’t know exactly what you mean, but the thought of you enjoying me in any capacity is extremely pleasurable. I shift my weight back and forth, as my drenched little pussy is becoming very sensitive to its contact with the seat, even through my clothes.

In silence we ride back to my place, your hand occasionally reaching over to caress my thighs, or fondle my breasts. By the time we make the turn into my neighborhood, I want you so badly that I’m fantasizing about you unzipping your pants and pulling my head down onto your cock as you drive. For a moment I question my own sanity, since I am usually quite fanatical about the need for discretion here in town. Again, I decide that it must be because I got stoned earlier that I’m thinking like such a slut.

Pulling into the driveway, you ask for my keys and I hand them to you without question. When you get out of the truck, I know without being told to wait until you come around and open my door. I accept the hand you offer to help me down to the ground. We walk to the front door, which you unlock and open for me.

You don’t follow me inside, but tell me to sit still and wait while you go get your bag from the truck (by this time, it’s obvious you will be here all night). You close the door and I sit on the edge of the sofa, back straight and hands on my knees. It seems I hear you opening and closing doors several times, but I decide it must be the neighbors. A few minutes later, you return. You put your bag on the loveseat and then cross to the sofa where I sit. You hold your hands out in front of you, and I automatically place my hands in yours. Gently you pull me to my feet, brush my lips with yours, and whisper that I forgot to bring the food in from the car in the garage. You ask where my restroom is; I show you, and head back down the hall and out the front door.

I’m glad the door to the garage is off the patio so I don’t have to go out in the rain. Then I realize you still have my keys. I almost turn back, but decide to try the knob first, in case I left the door unlocked when I finished smoking in there earlier. Fortunately, it’s unlocked. I open the door and step cautiously down to the floor of the garage, hesitating for a moment as I decide not to bother with the light. The paper blinds over the window offer privacy without blocking the effects of the streetlight just outside, so I’ll be able to see if I give my eyes a few seconds to adjust.

The door closes behind me.

I jump and spin back toward the door, but suddenly there are hands all over me. One clamps tightly over my mouth, another holds a fistful of my hair, and one or two grab at each of my arms. I try to look around to figure out what’s happening, but I’m completely immobilized. More hands now: opening my coat, touching and squeezing my breasts, ripping the front of my blouse open, sending buttons flying all over the garage. The hands on my breasts pull them awkwardly out of my bra cups and begin kneading, mauling, pinching, and pulling at them.

“Mmmmm, yeah, look at these fucking titties! Did I tell you? Ese mamacita has the best fucking set of titties I ever seen!” My eyes are finally adjusting to the small amount of light filtering in, and I realize that the arms of the man with his hands all over my breasts are covered in tattoos, just like the man stroking his cock in the adult bookstore earlier. The huge fist in my hair pulls my head back, and a voice mutters in my ear, “You just relax now Girlie, and show us all a real good time, and maybe we won’t hurt you too much. Then again, I ain’t makin’ any promises!” He chuckles into my ear. I know that voice. Where do I know it from? He smells of sweat, stale cigars, and beer.

I’m completely overwhelmed, mentally and physically. Everything is happening so fast that I can’t process it:

teeth on my left nipple
hands cupping my ass and pulling my cheeks apart through my skirt
my arms pulled wide, holding me still
fierce sucking on my right nipple
a large meaty hand crushing my lips as it muffles my attempts at screams
hands lifting my skirt
pulling at my tights
yanking them down to my knees
groans and mumbling
“Shit this bitch is hot!”
“Spread her legs a little.”
“Dios Mio these titties are fucking HUGE!”
“Be a Good Girl now, and bend over.”
“Dude, hand me that duct tape!”

Where are you, I wonder? My head is spinning; how long have I been gone? 30 seconds? Five minutes? What’s happening? Why aren’t you coming out to help me?

I’m being passed from one set of hands to another. Someone yanks my coat off and pulls my arms behind my back. Someone else is tearing off long strips of duct tape. My hands are taped together behind me. I recognize the face now peering at me in the darkness. It’s the tall blonde cowboy from the hardcore room at the adult bookstore telling me not to scream when he uncovers my mouth, unless I want him to hurt me real bad. I’m terrified, but I don’t scream. I let him put another strip of duct tape across my mouth as I stare wide-eyed at the other faces I’m beginning to make out in the dark. The man from behind the counter at the bookstore is holding me by the hair, and the black soldier is holding the roll of duct tape while the tattooed Latino is still sucking, biting, and squeezing my breasts as if his life depends on it.

I’m being pushed toward the hood of my car and I shuffle along awkwardly in my heels, with my skirt hiked up and my tights and panties down around my knees. Just a few more steps, then a hand at the nape of my neck forces me to bend over as another hand pulls my hips back.
“Come on, girlie; spread your legs for us,” says the large man behind me as he kicks at my feet. I awkwardly step out to the side with each foot as I’m shoved down onto the hood of my car. The metal is cold on my face and breasts, but there is a familiar heat rising between my legs.

More hands on my arms and ass as I’m held down securely. I hear a zipper releasing the cock that is about to take possession of my throbbing cunt.

“Hold her down.”

“Keep the bitch steady!”

Wait, let me get to that tittie!”

The unmistakable sound of a condom being unwrapped sends shivers down my legs, and finally I feel it: the engorged head of an invading cock stabbing at the entrance to my soaking pussy. He jabs unceremoniously a couple of times before finding the sweet spot and plunging into the hilt. Immediately, he begins fucking me hard and fast. I can’t scream through the duct tape, but my moans and grunts with each violent thrust must surely be heard from outside, or is the rain drowning it out?

Why don’t you hear and come out to help me?

He’s ramming into me hard enough to shake the whole car while the others just cheer him on. “Oh hell yeah,” he growls, “This little girl is one hot slut, that’s for damn sure! That’s right, girl; Big Daddy’s fuckin’ you now! What do you think of that? Shit, that’s right, squeeze that little twat, bitch! Fuck, she’s gonna make me cum already! Ungh, oh yeah, uh….here comes Daddy! Here it is, oh yeah! Take it….take it all, you little fucking slut! Oh yeah, F – U – C – K!
A final deep thrust and I feel his cock throbbing inside me as he explodes into me, filling the condom. He collapses onto my back in a sweaty, heaving, mass.
“Hey, man, back off now, let everybody have a turn!”

“Yeah, come on amigo; there’s plenty of this bitch to go around.”

As he straightens back up, I feel his now limp dick slither out of me, and I’m pulled up to my feet and turned around roughly. The cowboy is holding me by my shoulders and we’re standing nose-to-nose. “Lady,” he says as he laughs merrily, “I’m gonna fuck the shit outta you!”

I believe him.

He lifts me onto the hood of the car and sets me down, saying “Jorge, grab her legs and hold them straight up for me. Jorge wraps his fists around my ankles and lifts them toward the ceiling, tipping me onto my back. It’s awkward, because my hands are still bound behind me. I fear I’m going to slide off the car when Jorge drops one of the hands holding my ankles, but when he uses that hand t squeeze and pinch my breasts and nipples, I no longer worry about falling.

I look up at the cowboy standing in front of my exposed and contorted body. I’m helplessly vulnerable to his forthcoming assault, but when he drops his pants and displays one of the longest cocks I’ve ever seen, I cherish that vulnerability. I know I should be terrified, or at least repulsed. I’m supposed to be a good girl, not a horny little slut. So why does part of me want desperately to know how it would feel having that incredible cock plunging into me with long slow strokes?

Of course, that isn’t what this cowboy has in mind. First he starts squeezing my ass and upper thighs. He adds a few stinging slaps here and there, until he is alternating between squeezing tight handfuls of flesh and pinching my clit or outer lips, and progressively harder smacks on my thighs, ass, and pussy. I squirm and wiggle awkwardly, not sure if I’m trying to get away or position myself so the slaps hit my pussy just a little bit closer to my clit. My muffled cries sound as if they could be those of pleasure, pain, or perhaps even both. A new flood of juices trickles its way down from my pussy to the crack of my ass with each sharp slap. What’s happening to me?

“Look how much she loves it!” Big Daddy sneers, “She wants you to fuck her, the little slut!” Laughing, he leans down and says in my ear, “Don’t worry, baby, you are going to get all the fucking you can handle now! You belong to all of US now, and before we’re done with you, we’re gonna be using every one of your pink little holes longer and harder than you’ve ever dreamed of! And you are going to love every fucking minute of it. So go ahead and fight it if you want, but you and I both know you want this. You are a slut, and sluts need to be fucked. Hard.”

With that, he grabs me by the chin and jerks my face up toward him as he kisses me roughly through the duct tape. I only feel a split-second of revulsion before the cowboy distracts me by suddenly sliding his cock into my soaking wet cunt. I’m so lubed up from his smacking, groping, and probing that I offer no resistance to his entry, and before I realize what’s happening, he’s buried his entire cock in me, and I’m stretched like I’ve never been stretched before. He wraps his arms around my legs, placing my ankles on his shoulder, and begins pounding into me, sending agonizing jolts of pleasure tearing through my body with every thrust. Jorge is biting my nipples again, and the intermittent pain is exquisite.

Long black fingers trail across the one breast that isn’t being attacked by Jorge, teasing the nipple up into an aching peak. Slowly, the fingers spread and slide up to and around my neck. I turn to see the soldier peeking over my shoulder as he very gradually but steadily tightens his fingers around my throat and cuts off my air supply. Because of the duct tape I can only breathe through my nose, and now, only when his expert hand allows me a gulp or two of air before slowly tightening his grip again. The lack of oxygen makes me dizzy, and I’m becoming disoriented.

Someone is fucking me roughly, and I know I’m supposed to be fighting it, but it’s touching places inside of me that have never felt fucked before, and I can’t help but want more. I realize that if this keeps up I’m going to cum. Part of me thinks I’m not supposed to, but now I can’t remember why. All I know is that I desperately NEED to cum now. I need to cum more than I need to breathe, and I really need to breathe. But I don’t fight it. The teeth on my nipples, the hand on my throat, and the internal assault by the longest cock I’ve ever had the pleasure of fucking are bringing me close to the edge, and the buildup is insane. I’m trembling all over now, hovering at the brink of something at once both terrifying and liberating, and the energy just keeps building.
“That’s right, Baby, bring that pussy up to me!” the cowboy commands as he pounds into my cunt.

Jorge gives my nipple a little bite before he stands up and unzips his pants. Taking out his cock, he strokes it with one hand and pinches and pulls at my nipples with the other, “Ay, Dios mio! This fucking bitch is hot! I’m gonna fuck every one of her holes tonight! I’m even gonna fuck those bad-assed titties! Yeah, I can’t wait to cum all over those damned things! How bout you, Mike, you gonna cum on those titties too? Why not, man? Tonight, this bitch is OURS!”
The sexy black soldier controlling my life’s breath leans in close and speaks softly into my ear, “That’s right, girl; tonight your ass IS ours. But not just your ass. We’re taking it ALL tonight. Your beautiful wet pussy, that big round ass, your soft lips, and even this pretty little white throat. After all, it’s what you wanted, isn’t it? You didn’t really think you could tease us all night with fantasies of what we could be doing to you, and then just walk away, did you? No Ma’am; that was an invitation. And we accept. Tonight you are going to feel every one of our dicks in every one of your holes. Some more than once. When we get done with you this weekend, that CumSlut Librarian is going to look like Little Bo Peep next to you!”

“Fuck yeah!” says the cowboy, “We’re gonna show you what a dirty little whore you can be, aren’t we? That’s right, you love this shit, don’t you, ya, hot little whore? Come on, show us how much you like it! Give it up, you little slut!”
His thrusting is even deeper now, though I wouldn’t have believed it was possible. I can barely stand the intense pleasure it arouses in me. When I’m allowed to breathe, it comes in short gulps, gasps, and groans, and my approaching orgasm is all too obvious.
Then everything seems to happen all at once: Jorge squeezes, pulls, and twists one nipple until it burns just right, all of my oxygen is cut off again, and the cowboy is riding me home; I can’t hold back any longer. I’m bucking wildly, my back arches, all the muscles in my cunt clench around the cowboy’s gorgeous cock, milking it rhythmically, and I shake uncontrollably as my orgasm is ripped from the depths of my soul. I moan slightly, but without oxygen, this earth-shattering orgasm is bizarrely silent. It seems to go on forever, and I’m not sure who is riding whom now. I feel like I’m dying and being born at the same time.

I fly.

All around me, I see flashes of brilliant white light.


As my orgasmic tsunami finally begins to subside, the cowboy pulls his cock out of me, rips the condom off, and shoots huge pulses of cum all over my ass, thighs, and pussy.

Mike releases my throat, and I’m flooded with oxygen and endorphins. This prolongs the orgasm, sending me into a weird dream-like state that I want to last forever. But I don’t have time to regain equilibrium before Jorge scoops me off of the hood of the car and forces me to my knees in front of him. My knees are so weak at this point that it’s an easy task. He holds me by my hair, tilting my face up toward his lovely brown cock. As Jorge jacks off inches from my mouth (which is still taped shut), I see another flash of light, off to the left. It’s Big Daddy, and he’s holding a camera.

I start to panic, but I hear the door open, and I realize you must have finally missed me enough to come looking. I think I’m supposed to feel relieved.

But when you turn on the light, you’re smiling.

“See?” you say, “I told you she was too good to keep to myself. A slut like this needs to be shared!”

Set up to be gang-raped

I feel my cheeks burning, as the flash goes off again. Suddenly, it all makes sense: sending me to the truck at the bookstore while you made arrangements; they must have followed us here! That must have been why I heard other doors. My God, I realize, I’ve been set up to be gang-raped! I think I’m going to faint. And yet, I feel like I might cum again right here, even though no one is even touching my cunt!

“Come on,” you continue, “Let’s get our little CumSlut Queen into the house.”
“Un momento, first I’m gonna cum all over her titties! That’s it, bitch, look up at me. Look at my cock! See this? It’s gonna be fuckin’ your ass later. Do you like that? Huh? You wanna see what sluts like you make me do? Watch this, Mami! Watch what a big fuckin’ load o’ jizz you bring outta me! Oh yeah!” As his fist pumps up and down over the shaft of his cock, he steers my head up under it, rubbing his balls all over my face. His cock towers over me now, and I can see it’s about to rain down in a hot shower all over me any moment, marking me as an official Cum-Slut.

Suddenly, I not only accept it, but I also welcome it.

“Here you go, Mamacita, here it is. All for you, you hot fucking bitch….uh….yeah! Fuck yeah!”

Spurts of cum shoot up across my face and into my hair before he pulls my head back and aims the rest of the load at my tits. A large glob slides down from my forehead and drips past my eye and onto my cheek, then trickles its way toward my chin. Looking down, I see that my tits are glistening with droplets and streams of creamy white cum. There’s even a little bit on my eyelash that I can see wherever I look.

“Beautiful!” you declare as the flash continues to go off from one spot after another, disorienting me further.

“Dios mio that was fucking hot!” Jorge releases me to reassemble his clothes, and Mike lifts me gently to my feet. He starts to pull my tights up and my skirt down, but you stop him.

“Leave her that way. She can still walk. We’ll go around the back.” You lead the way around to the door that leads into the private back yard.

The wooden fence is six feet tall, but every knot and gap in the wood makes me acutely aware of the cum dripping from my face, my exposed breasts, and my pussy and ass. I can only take half-steps because my tights are now well below my knees, though my skirt is still hiked up around my waist. My blouse dangles from my elbows, which are secured behind me. My bra is still pulled down under my naked breasts, acting as a shelf that lifts them and emphasizes my already ample cleavage. The places where I’m wet with cum are hyper-erotically aware of the breeze.

With the duct tape still covering my mouth and binding my wrists, part of me fears one of my neighbors might see and realize what a slut I really am under my conservative geeky front. But then again, I’m probably even more afraid that they wouldn’t realize what a slut I am, and they’d call the police to save me, then it would all be over. Please, God, don’t let that happen! If this is how it feels to be a true cum-slut, then I embrace it. I have never felt so sexy, so desirable, or so deeply fulfilled sexually as I do in this moment.
You lead us all around the house and I realize it’s stopped raining. How long was I in the garage?

Opening the sliding glass doors from the patio to the kitchen, you tell the guys to help themselves to the beer in the frige. Since when is there beer in my refrigerator? Of course, if you can manage to arrange a gang-bang in my garage, I guess you can manage a few beers. Cowboy, Jorge, and Big daddy all go inside. Mike puts his hand on my shoulder just as I try to navigate the step up to the door. He turns me gently around and sits me down on the lounger, facing him…and the neighbors.

Standing in front of me, he unzips his pants to reveal one of the most glorious hard-ons I’ve ever seen. His cock isn’t as long as Cowboy’s, but it’s still damned long, and almost as thick as my wrist, with throbbing veins and a lovely mushroom head that’s going to feel incredible plunging in and out of my cunt. I can’t take my eyes off of it, and Michael knows it. He sees my hunger and smiles, instructing me to spread my legs. Wider. He stands between them, and for a moment I think he’s going to fuck me right there on the patio, so I open my legs until all the way, welcoming the chance to be owned by this glorious cock, if only for the moment.

But instead of kneeling down to fuck me, Michael slowly pulls the duct tape from my mouth. Once it’s removed, I open my mouth as wide as I can, looking up at him as he slowly guides his cock between my lips. It’s so thick that my mouth feels full before it has taken in much more than the head. But he keeps going, shoving farther and farther back towards my throat. I struggle to open my throat to welcome him in. Still looking up at him, my eyes begin to water as he pulls my head down onto his cock forcefully. He works his way into the back of my throat and just holds it there. I struggle to breathe around him but grow wetter the farther he pushes his way into my throat. He’s too wide for me to deep-throat, unfortunately, but I still love the delicious feeling of his cock pushing its way past my gag-reflex over and over. With short even strokes, he bruises my lips, stretches my mouth, and assaults the back of my throat until it aches blissfully.

A breeze brings my awareness to my dripping wet pussy, exposed to the night air, and perhaps a nosey neighbor or two, though that may just be wishful thinking. At this point, I no longer care. If a neighbor DID see, I’d hope he would join the others in using me to satisfy their wildest desires. I’m no longer able to resist the aching need to be taken by all of them as often as they choose for as long as they decide. I have been claimed by the pack, and I’m delighted to be their bitch.

I hear the sliding glass door close, and you swing around to sit behind me on the lounger, your legs on the outside of mine. Reaching around, you rub my clit in little circles with one hand, driving me crazy with desire. With the other hand, you trace little lines through the streamers of cum still wet on my tits and chest. You whisper in my ear and tell me I’m never more beautiful than when I’m covered in cum, then pinch my right nipple steadily, with just about as much pressure as I can stand without crying out for mercy. My pussy couldn’t get any wetter if you took a firehose to it, and you know damned well the effect sucking cock has on me. I’m the only woman I know who can cum from just the feeling of a cock in her throat, and this is going to be no exception.
Right now, Mike is completely in charge, since I can’t use my hands to set the pace or limit how deep or hard he thrusts over my tongue and into the back of my throat. His hands hold my hair as he quickens his pace, and I gurgle and gag on his cock, struggling for air between thrusts.

Your breath is hot on my neck. The cum on my face and tits feels cool and sticky in the chilly night air. Mike’s cock fills my mouth and throat, and I want nothing more than to surrender completely to everything this moment has to offer.

It’s sheer bliss.

“I knew you’d like this, Jane,” you mumble in my ear. “You’re such a beautiful little slut, and you get so hungry for cock once we get you going.”

I can’t argue with that, because even though I can barely breathe around Mike’s thick, hard cock, in this moment, I would do anything you or he requested, just to keep feeling him force his way to the back of my throat. The hands in my hair clench into fists, and his thrusts suddenly become more demanding. You slide two fingers into my blazing cunt and begin finger-fucking me in time with Michael’s thrusts. Your fingers reach deep inside me, and they are about to pull out another mindblowing orgasm.

As Michael fucks my face and throat, you whisper into my ear. “Good Girl, Jane. I’m so proud of you. Open your throat a little more, now. That’s it, that’s it, take that big black cock into your throat. Let him in. You know you need this. You love having cocks in your mouth, don’t you? I think you love them in your throat even more. Open up now, that’s it. Suck that cock, Jane. Make it cum for you. And ride my fingers. That’s it, ride them hard, Jane. Let them take you now. Give it up. Give it to me, come on, Jane. Cum for me now….”

In this moment, I would do absolutely anything for you, and all that you ask from me is a little orgasm? If I could give you the world it wouldn’t be enough to repay you for how I feel right now. Since an orgasm is what you want, then I will give you everything I have and everything I am wrapped up in one giant Big Bang of an orgasm. I can feel it building, and I know it’s going to be insanely intense.

Without warning, Mike pulls my head all the way down onto his cock in one long thrust, and holds me there, knowing I can’t breathe as his cock begins pumping burst after burst of warm salty cum down my throat. The taste is incredible, and the warm sensation of it splashing against the back of my throat is overwhelming. Now my own orgasm begins, carrying me up and up, into the sky and out past the stars, as I writhe in your arms, still impaled on Mikes barely softening cock, and still riding your fingers. The only noise I make is a muffled moaning around the edges of the spectacular cock stuffed into my mouth. I think maybe I’m going to die, or explode into a million stars, but neither prospect frightens me.

Finally, the crashing orgasmic waves subside, and Mike’s cock softens in my mouth enough that I can comfortably breathe around it while still feeling totally filled. You withdraw your fingers from my wet heat, but keep your arms wrapped around me since I’m still convulsing and unable to support myself. Mike’s cock never leaves my mouth, and I continue to suck on it gently, taking comfort in it filling me so completely.

Minutes later, I’m in a fog when you and Mike lift me to my feet. I’m being supported under my arms, then lurching as I’m shoved forward and lifted up. I’m dizzy, but still pretty sure I’m upside down. I realize you have tossed me over your shoulder, and are carrying me into the house.

In the kitchen, Big Daddy asks you if I just came again, and you explain that what I just had was more like an earthquake than an orgasm.
“Perfect, he says, “gimme a taste, will ya?”

You turn slightly, to give him a better angle. He grabs my thighs in his meaty hands and pulls them apart. His tongue pokes aggressively into my wet folds, lapping up the pools of my own cum that drench my aching pussy. Sliding in and out, up and down, he thoroughly cleans my cunt with his tongue, inside and out before biting me on one cheek and swatting me hard on the other.
You turn and carry me down the hall to my bedroom, and the men all follow. As we walk, you pull off my heels and tights, and drop them on the floor of the hall. Once in my room, you yank my skirt down and off, and toss it aside. When you drop me onto the bed, I land on my left side, arms still bound behind my back. I strain to look up, and see that the men are all gathering around the bed. Some have their pants off already, and even those who don’t are freeing their cocks and taking them in hand, stroking them over me.

“Everyone else has had their first turn with you, Jane. That leaves me. Now don’t you think I deserve something a little special as a thank-you for arranging this evening’s festivities for you, my precious little slut?”

I nod up at you, afraid of what you might ask, but knowing I would give it to you anyway.

“Now as I recall, you aren’t exactly an anal virgin, but you really haven’t had much experience, have you?”

“No,” I whisper.

“Well, I’m going to give you the experience you need. I’m going to take your ass right now, Jane. I will start out gentle, but before I am through, I am going to need to fuck your tight little ass good and hard, do you understand? It’s going to hurt a little, but I’m going to make you love it.”

You stare into my eyes, and I am not afraid. I roll onto my stomach and prop my ass up in the air, as close to the edge of the bed as possible. It’s awkward having to support myself with my shoulders since my arms are still taped behind my back, but I manage to present my ass to you as eagerly as I’m physically able to.

“I’m ready.”

You laugh. “No, Jane, it’s not that simple.”

Confused, I look up at you over my shoulder.

“Jane, I’m not just going to fuck your ass, dear. I’m going to give you your first real DP. In fact, if you are a very good girl, Jorge and I might even let you suck another cock while we fuck your pussy and ass. How would that be, baby? Wouldn’t you like to have every available hole stuffed with cock tonight? Is that what you want?”

You know I hate admitting what a slut I am, even though it gets me incredibly wet when you make me do it. I nod, this time without making eye contact. You grab a handful of hair from the top of my head, and pull me up to my knees, twisting my body around to face you and the other four men.

“Jane, you are being rude. Make your guests feel welcome and let them know how much you are enjoying their company. Tell them what you want them to do to you. Tell them what you want me to do to you.”



You slapped my face! What?


Again! I’m stunned….

“Jane, tell them. “Now.”

“OK, “ I say, “Yes. I’ll tell them. I…I want you to do this.”

“Be specific, Jane. What do you want us to do to you right now?”

“I…I want you to fuck me. You know, in the ass…I need to feel you fucking my ass.”

“Yes, and what else, my lovely little cumslut?”

Encouraged, I continue, “I want to feel you in my ass and another cock in my pussy. I want to feel completely full. Even my mouth. I want as many cocks inside me as I can get. And I want to make them all cum. I want to be covered in their cum. Please, fill me, use me, fuck me, and cover me in your cum. I promise I will do whatever you want if only you’ll all just use me like a little whore all night long. You’re right, I DO need this. How did you know? I didn’t even know! But I am a slut, and I need to be fucked, hard, just like Big Daddy said. Please, please, fill me with cocks, hurt me if you want to. Feed me cum all night long, please? Now, please… please?”

“That’s better. That’s my dirty little cumslut talking. You know I love it when you show me what a glorious slut you can be, but I love it, even more, when you show my friends.”

I smile up at you, happy to make you proud, and knowing that I’m about to enjoy one of the best nights of my life.

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