Put into satin panties by his secretary – part 3

secretary with exposed boobs

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Hannah was nervously holding her phone. Had she gone too far? How would any adult let himself be set up to be blackmailed like this? She was upset with herself that she had pushed her hand so aggressively, one wrong request and she could ruin it all. Then her phone vibrated. “New e-mail [1]” Could it be? Did he actually go through with it? Hannah quickly opened the e-mail received from Mark’s private e-mail account. There was no subject, no text, just a single attachment. She tapped on the icon to open it. Loading the picture seemed to take minutes, hours, days in her mind. An intense rush swept through her as she saw the picture of a helpless man holding up his shirt to show off his blue satin panties, a red embarrassed face gazing nervously into the camera. She almost couldn’t contain herself. Her heartbeat was racing. She had him right where she wanted him. Her horny side took over and she immediately started typing a response to Mark’s work e-mail account.

Mark was still beating himself up over what he just did. How could he have been so stupid? He was not making rational decisions, instead, he was acting like a horny teenager that might be lucky enough to see his first pair of boobs. The mental beating Mark was giving himself was interrupted by a sound notification. This sound notification, which indicated a new e-mail on his work computer, gave him a pleasant feeling. He was almost like a dog, getting excited to go outside every time he heard his leash picked up from the coat stand. His mind was already making the connection between being aroused and excited and the sound playing from his computer. The new e-mail was from the now well-known address.

Naughty panty boy,

I asked for a smile, but I guess the embarrassed face you gave me is even better. Those blue satin panties look really good on you! 

You better get used to them, because I expect you to wear them to work tomorrow. Don’t try to cheat because I’ll find out and we don’t want that new picture you sent me to leak anywhere, now do we? 

I’ll be in touch. 

His heart was racing again. He knew she had him trapped, but that realization only got him more excited. She was in full control and he felt like he couldn’t help himself. It was not like he signed up for this, she was abusing his weakness. It had been a long, exhausting day for Mark. A quick glance to the bottom right of his computer screen revealed that it was already 4:30. He figured his efforts were good enough for today since he wouldn’t get any more work done anyway in his current state. He shut his computer off, grabbed his coat and got ready to leave.

Hannah was having a hard time pretending to be working as well. Just like Mark, this had been one of her least productive days to date. She couldn’t care less though as it had also been the most exciting work day she had ever experienced. As she was reflecting on the day’s events, the blinds slowly opened in front of her boss’s office window. Well, technically, he was still her boss, but she was already shifting the power so rapidly that soon she would not take any more orders from him. Soon enough she would be handing out the orders which meant she didn’t even have to answer a single phone call. Her job would feel more like relaxing than actually doing any work.

Hannah could now see her manager through the open blinds as he made his way towards the door. She wanted to test him a little bit more while they were both wearing those matching satin panties. Slowly the office door opened and a nervous Mark stepped through.

“Oh, hi Mark, how was your day?” Hannah asked as she stood up and stepped in Mark’s direction.

“Oh, uh, pretty good, thanks.” Mark was hoping to end the conversation quickly with his short reply. He began heading towards the exit at the end of the hall.

“You’re leaving early today? I have a few calls that came in for you. Don’t you want to get to them?” Hannah continued to stall, knowing she was secretly teasing Mark with every second of delay.

“Calls? Oh, yeah, right, can you put them on my desk? I’ll get to them first thing in the morning.” Mark began stepping towards the exit again, but Hannah wasn’t done teasing him yet. She wanted to make him really anxious.

“Mark you should really iron your pants, there is this weird crease showing.” Hannah said while pointing at Mark’s left upper thigh. Mark jumped back as if a gun was pointing at him. “No reason to be scared Mark, I just meant you should look the part.” Hannah smirked.

“I… I… I gotta go!” Mark said awkwardly, turning and walking speedily away, leaving the frightening conversation behind.

“Okay, have a good night!” Hannah yelled after him. She was pleased to see what kind of emotions she could stir up in her normally confident boss. Her plan was definitely having its effects.

With every step Mark increased his pace. Did she notice? Could she see what he was wearing? He was getting anxious again as more of these thoughts rushed through his brain. This had to stop. It couldn’t continue like this. He rushed down the stairwell and, with his quick pace, he could soon see his shiny BMW a few rows over in the parking lot as he pushed the heavy door open. Mark pressed the button on his remote and his obedient car responded by unlocking the doors and flashing its lights. “I need to head home and wind down after this long day.” Mark said to himself as he inserted the key and turned the engine over.

Hannah was still sitting behind her desk in front of her manager’s office. The day had been very successful, but she couldn’t just stop now. This success made her hungry for more domination. She wanted to make sure that her boss was completely helpless before she revealed that she would be in charge from now on. She also wanted to make use of her veil of innocence and toy with Mark a little longer. Maybe she could give him some hints and see how long it would take him to find out that it was really her pulling the strings.

She was planning on leaving the office soon, but she needed to grab something before she did. As she stood up and walked towards Mark’s office door, Hannah could feel her heartbeat picking up pace. She briefly peeked over her shoulder to make sure nobody could see her before she realized that she didn’t need to act so secretive. She was his secretary after all, if anyone was allowed to be in Mark’s office, it was her. With the new-found confidence, she entered her manager’s office and made her way over to the shelves on the right side of the room. She lifted up a binder, but immediately let go of it. “Too heavy.” she said out loud as she shook her head. She kept picking up different books and binders until she found one that was nearly empty. Hannah grabbed it off the shelf and opened it up. She skimmed through the old papers quickly before snapping the binder open, pulling out the papers, and shoving them into another binder. She knew all too well that those binders were more for show than actual usage. Everything was running through the company’s computer network these days. With the empty binder under her arm, she walked out of the office again. She grabbed her purse off her desk and her coat from the coat stand and made her way to the exit. She had some shopping to do.

Hannah made it into the parking garage with the binder. Her little red car Kia was waiting for her, ready to take her to the next destination. It was only going to be a 10 minute drive and it was even on the way home. She was going to enjoy this little detour. As she cruised over the highway, she saw the familiar billboard getting closer. She could soon read the words even though she had them memorized after driving past the sign every day on her way home. “Electronics Warehouse. Your one-stop shop for electronics! Next exit.”  Moments later Hannah parked her care near the entrance and walked in, still carrying the binder.

The store was luckily pretty quiet. Hannah scanned the store from the entrance and pinpointed her target, a chubby store clerk wearing a bright red t-shirt. She made her way over to him. “Hi there, I was looking for a few things today, could you help me out?” she asked politely.

“I sure can! What are you looking for?” the clerk replied.

“First, I need a wireless webcam that will fit in this binder,” Hannah responded as she held up the empty black binder.

“Ah, keeping the office secure? Can I see that for a second?” he said as he smiled and reached out his hand to take the binder from Hannah.

“Hah, I guess you could say that.” she replied, handing over the binder and grinning. If only he knew, she thought.

“I’m sure we can find a camera that can fit in here, just follow me.”

Hannah did not regret choosing this store. They arrived at a whole aisle dedicated to webcams. “So, here we have the ClearVision 2010. It comes with a large battery that will last for about 10 days. The picture and sound quality are great. The package is really easy to set up too. All you need to do is just hook it up to your computer and you’ll receive a web address that will automatically stream the live video. It records everything as well. It’s the best bang for your buck, though it comes with quite a price tag at $249.99. Is this what you are looking for?” Hannah inspected her new toy, flipping the demo model over a few times, then reading the side of the box to see all of the features.

“This is excellent.” she said as she opened the binder and tested out the model to make sure it would fit. She would just need to make a few modifications to align the eye of the camera with the little round hole on the side of the binder. But once she fixed that it would make for an excellent tool to keep her eyes and ears on her new panty boy. “Yes, I’ll take this one. Now I also need a phone with a prepaid SIM card.” she added as she handed the webcam back to the sales clerk.

“Certainly. If we head over in this direction I can show you the latest models. We sell them as a packaged deal with new prepaid cards.” the sales assistant said as they walked towards a new aisle. “This one comes with $50 worth of credit which should get you up and running right away. It has all the latest features like a small camera and a large touch screen.”

Hannah began to realize that this shopping trip was turning into quite an expensive one, but she figured it would be well worth it if it meant she could toy with Mark even more. It also pretty much guaranteed that she would not get bored at work anytime soon, even though she would not have to lift a single finger. “I’ll take it. Thank you so much…” Hannah looked down at salesman’s chest to spot his name. “John!” she added with a smile.

The shiny silver BMW was pulling into the parking garage at the bottom of a modern-looking apartment building. Mark could feel the soft material of the panties rub along his manhood as he stepped out of his luxurious car. After hitting the remote to lock the doors he made his way to the elevator. He pressed the button next to the number 8. The speaker played a soft ding and the doors started closing. During the short elevator ride Mark had some time to reflect on his current state. He had been helplessly forced into panties. Had he really been forced though? He was told to do it, but no one was holding a gun to his head. He was the one who had put them on and then he’d sealed his fate by sending his secret mistress the picture proof! Just thinking about this made the blood flow from his brain down to his pants again. He was getting very aroused as he recapped just how screwed he was… but not in the nice way.

Mark slammed the door behind himself as he stormed into his apartment. He walked towards his bedroom, leaving a trail of his clothes behind him. Shoes, coat, shirt, pants, socks. He was now only wearing his new blue satin panties. His hard member stuck out, forming a tent out of the soft material as it tried to escape. The satin could barely contain the horny active beast. Mark was now laying on his back on the bed, rubbing himself over the soft blue panties. After a few brief minutes of rubbing and stroking, he quickly lifted the panties up as he exploded into a huge orgasm. It kept flowing and coming. His whole stomach was soon covered in cum. He felt a lot of different emotions rushing through his body as he slid the panties down his legs, leaving them on the bed as he walked towards the shower, naked and dirty.

The hot water running over his body helped him to recover from his short, but intensive workout on the bed. He started feeling a bit like the old Mark again. Not the naughty panty boy Mark, but Mark, the successful manager at the marketing company. Mark, the confident man who had his own luxurious apartment. Though he was feeling confident again, he wasn’t sure how he should handle this situation. Maybe it was best to just ignore the next e-mail that would come in? Mark was in conflict with himself. He was now strong and willing to put an end to this. But he was afraid that once he became horny again, he would no longer be in control of his own actions.

Hannah parked her little red Kia in the small driveway in front of her suburban home. She grabbed the bright red plastic bag from the front seat as she got out of her car. Once inside, she kicked off her heels and threw her jacket on the couch. She was excited to start installing her new spy tool, though she wanted to celebrate as well. She thought a big glass of red wine would complement the moment.

The red wine tasted extra good this night. She sipped from her glass as she walked towards the kitchen table. She began unpacking her new toys and the black binder that lay inside the red bag and spread everything out on the table. It didn’t take Hannah long to position the camera right in front of the hole inside the binder. With the help of some duct tape, she fastened the camera in place. In order to set up the functionality, she had to hook the camera up to her laptop through the cord. The whole setup process only took her a few minutes. Once it was finished, Hannah unplugged the camera from her laptop. The binder was now standing on the table as it would be standing on top of the shelf in her manager’s office tomorrow. She used her laptop to surf to the web address where she could check in on her new James Bond inspired spy tool. Hannah was pleasantly surprised by the picture and sound quality as she watched herself on the screen. “Tomorrow is going to be a great day!” she said, smiling as she took another large sip of wine.

The next tool that would need some preparation was her new cell phone. It was quite an expensive toy to be only communicating with one person, but she figured it would be worth it. Besides, she would be harder to track this way. Being quite handy with technology, it didn’t take Hannah long before she had the SIM card inserted in the right slot of the phone. She now had a brand new phone number and phone that went with it. Now she would be able to not only e-mail her new panty-boy, but she could also send him naughty texts without him being able to trace it back to her. The thought of it made her excited. She started feeling a warm, pleasant feeling in between her legs. Maybe she should try out this brand new phone now, she thought. Hannah quickly added a new contact to the phone. She typed in “panty boy” and copied Mark’s private phone number from her day planner.

Mark walked around his apartment in his bathrobe. The shower had done him good. He grabbed a beer from the fridge, thinking that he definitely deserved one after today’s events. As he sat on the couch, ready to enjoy his cold beverage, he heard the familiar sound of his cell phone. He got up and walked over to his work pants that were still lying in the hallway on the floor. He bent over and reached for his pocket, grabbing the phone and looking at the brightly lit screen. “1 new text message – Unknown Number” it read. He was curious to see who had texted him.

Hi pantyboy, have you made it home safe and sound? I want you to get a good night’s sleep. It’s going to be another long day for you tomorrow. ;) the message read. All of the confidence that Mark had regained after his relaxing shower quickly vanished due to a single text. How did she find out his private cell phone number? Who was this crazy woman?

Hannah had gotten even more aroused after sending the message. Just thinking about her boss, confused and nervous after receiving her text, made her body tingle. She slid her skirt up so that she could easily split her legs apart. With her right hand she made her way down to her shiny soft blue satin panties. She could already feel a big wet spot on them. She started rubbing the wet satin as she thought of her helpless boss in the same pair of panties. She was getting more and more aroused, rubbing steadily faster when she heard the ringtone of her new phone for the first time. With her left hand she tapped the screen to read the reply.

Listen, how did you get this number? This is my private cell phone. Who are you?

Reading the reply got her even more excited. She began rubbing even faster, her right hand applying more pressure on the silky panties. With her free left hand she started texting her panty boy back.

That’s no way to talk to your new mistress. I’ll have to punish you for this. How about you become even better friends with your new underwear? You can wear them the whole night so you wake up nice and hard for me. Sweet dreams, pantyboy!

With every word Hannah added to the message she got closer to the edge. Her breathing was picking up at the same rate the speed of her right hand was as she rubbed the soaked satin spot on her panties. As she finished up the text message she was on the verge of coming. With her shaky index finger she tapped the “Send” button on the cold glass of the screen. She burst into a massive orgasm, knocking her brand new phone off the table and onto the floor as she convulsed.

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