Pick your fetish (from 461 options!)

Please please please just put your number in a comment down below.

1) BBW
2) women who wear costumes (like witch, bunnygirl, maid, etc. Lingerie in this category too)
3) women who wear high heels (as well as during sex)
4) big breasts
5) titty fucking
6) girls with glasses
7) inflatables (may have developed an interest cause I’m a Pisces & pool toys being used in water)
8) nudist
9) leather
10) high sex drive
11) Vore
12) BDSM
13) Biting/scratching
14) Navels
15) Family/Incest
16) Roleplay
17) Ageplay
18) Nursing/Breastfeeding
19) Dress-Up/Costumes
20) lactation/ nursing
21) bondage
22) consensual non-consent
23) sexual servitude
24) public humiliation
25) gangbangs
26) Being treated like a mental patient.
27) Catheters
28) Restraints.
29) Enemas
30) Forced use of diapers
31) Old style mental treatments.
32) Mad Doctor type scenes.
33) Total loss of privacy watched by staff in everything I do.
34) Locked ward unable to leave.
35) Staff not understanding what I say and writing down the wrong information in my chart.
36) Pussy play. (Punishments inc)
37) Age play
38) Receiving forced exhibitionism
39) Restraints
40) Wanting to try receiving queensnake style
41) Being dominated
42) watching extreme BDSM porn
43) Fantasizing
44) Standing half naked at my door to have a cigarette
45) Medical play.
46) Being someone’s dirty little secret.
47) Being held down and creampied in
48) Lots of men gangbanging me one after another til cums gushing out of me!
49) Ass play…Beads, plugs
50) I’m curious about crops on my ass and pussy
51) Fucking while his gf/wife is sleeping in the other room.
52) Swingers club… Watching people have sex
53) Glory holes…Very curious
54) Being fucked with objects.
55) Masquerade party…Where ANYTHING goes while wearing a mask
56) Being a “Wild Pet” to be tamed in various ways
57) Being held down and cream pied in all holes
58) Biting/scratching
59) Feral Hunting/ Breeding
60) Being treated like a mental patient, Abused by the staff sexually.
61) Baby Girl/ Boy role play
62) Slut Training as Dom/ Sub
63) Knee strikes, giving and taking (to the gut and groin)
64) Frottage
65) Bearhugs
66) Close body contact
67) Gear play (basketball shorts and muscle shirts)
68) Consensual nonconsent scenarios
69) Being chased through the woods as a fox, captured, tied with rope by my hands to a branch, flogged/whipped until I couldn’t stand anymore, then fucked and used.
70) Men in suits/dapper dressed men
71) Completely anonymous encounter
72) Watching men jerk off and cum
73) Watersports girl on girl/giving & receiving
74) anal toys
75) wetting panties
76) cunnilingus, giving & receiving
77) uniforms
78) age play
79) lingerie
80) diaper play
81) enemas
82) Wearing lingerie
83) Exhibitionism/ especially showing my ass in public
84) Driving or walking outside nude
85) Forced to act girly
86) Being submissive
87) Degradation
88) caging
89) Breath play
90) Being a slave/house slave
91) Forced sucking/cock gagging
92) Anal play
93) Breeding/ pregnancy
94) Exhibitionism
95) Punishment slut (spanking, forced cumming, slapped)
96) suspension fucking
97) preggers
98) gangbang
99) bondage
100) outdoors
101) Being too shy to ask for what I need
102) Fingering under a table at a restaurant
103) Mild Exhibitionism
104) Receiving orders
105) Pics or it didn’t happen
106) Subtle exhibitionism
107) A partner who finds my weirdness adorable
108) Being a full slave for a BLACK family.
109) Bring humiliated in a very public place
110) Having my balls taken out of the sac and cooked for a meal
111) Made to live in brown rubber fully encased as a public toilet
112) Live like an animal in a zoo.
113) Made to have cock locked up in a cage in public then put n display with only 45 seconds to cum when it was taken off. a proud watching and counting the seconds.. if i do not cum.. then my cock chopped off.
114) To be crucified in a historical church re: st pauls in UK etc..
115) Kissing mistress or masters shoes/boots etc.. then have them stomp my nuts
116) Pain in most forms (can’t handle needles or being burned).
117) Intellectual seduction
118) Emotional stimulation
119) Accents
120) Cowboys/cowgirls (roping and riding)
121) Rape fantasy
122) Guys/girls with long hair
123) Pale girls
124) Sensory deprivation
125) Being fisted
126) Watersports in ALLLLLLL its delicious and wonderful forms
127) Squirting (goes hand in hand with fisting… pardon the pun)
128) Exhibitionism
129) Public fuckery
130) Pussy whipping
131) Coldwater submersion (without breath play)
132) Hair pulling
133) Pursuit (prey)
134) Orgasm denial/asking for permission
135) Being a brat
136) gay incest
137) age play
138) Fisting- Anal and vaginal, although I’ve never had both at the same time.
139) Cupping/Suction Play
140) Play Piercing/Needle Play
141) Breast & Nipple Abuse
142) Rimming
143) Being Struck with crops, floggers, fists, and open hands….but NEVER to the face.
144) Marathon Cocksucking, not being facefucked, but sucking cock for long periods of time.
145) Menstrual Sex
146) Interracial Incest Roleplay
147) CFNM
148) Nursing/breastfeeding, wet or dry
149) Guys sucking T-Lady cock
150) Lady Boss wants to watch you jack off
151) Queening
152) Pegging
153) Electro-stimulation
154) Enemas and e-stim combined
155) Daddy/daughter-family
156) Living Doll
157) Bimbofication
158) Lactation/Hucow
159) Triple Penetration
160) Age/animal/regression play
161) Being rented
162) Being used in unconscious states
163) Nipple & clit: pinching, biting, slapping, etc.
164) Vibrators for clitoral stimulation while edging.
165) Tit fucked.
166) Facefucked actually is #1.
167) double penetration..vaginal while anal.
168) Anal play and stimulation.
169) making me watch while being vaginally, anally, or face fucked.
170) hair pulling.
171) pain..flogged, whipped, paddled: tits, clit, directly at vaginal opening / directly on anal opening, ass, stomach, and bare back.
172) verbal humiliation and expression!
173) Enemas: Esp as humiliation with M/F audience)
174) Medical: Esp M doc w/F nurse, “forced” enema & FF
175) Cruising/dogging Exhibitionism: Park, toilet, ABS, theater, alley, car
176) Electro-stimulation
177) Huge cocks: Esp BBC
178) Fem boys: Pale, slender, naturally smooth
179) Slender women/girls: small breasts & tight rectums
180) Bi assplay: Rimming, object insertion, golden enemas
181) enthusiasm! Nothing hotter than someone who desires the same thing as you with a ravenous appetite.
182) group sex. The more the merrier!
183) cuckolding. I love the idea of my girlfriend having sex with others. This also stacks will the other two.
184) cosplaying. Whether it’s as a stereotypical school girl, Tinkerbell, or just something slutty. I love it when a woman wants to dress up for me.
185) starting to get into some bondage and s&m.
186) Bitchsuits
187) Gags
188) Self-Bondage
189) Straightjackets
190) Butt Plugs
191) Chastity
192) Cum-Dump
193) Rape
194)Being whipped, caned, flogged, spanked with a paddle
195) Being slapped and punched
196) Being bitten
200) Being fucked til I bleed
201) Him cumming on my face and/or tits
202) Having my hair pulled
203) Being bruised and marked
204) Having my head petted as I suck his cock
205) Watching the vapor from his e-cig coming out of his nose and mouth
206) anything to do with women with long fingernails.
207) women crossing their legs at the knees
208) pedal pumping/cranking
209) a combination of 1 and 2
210) women’s feet
211) women’s legs
212) legs and breasts bouncing and jiggling
213) Consensual nonconsent scenarios.
214) To be submissive for an hour
215) Suspension fucking.
216) Biting/ scratching/ rough sex
217) Sensory play – Pinwheel, ice, wax, e-stim.
218) Bald men
219) Choking/ breath play
220) Outdoors
221) Women in leather knee-high boots (various styles)
222) Women in Leather Jackets/Coats
223) Women in tight jeans
224) Women in leather skirts
225) Women with Leather purses
226) rough sex
227) cock worship
228) daddy/kitten petplay or daddy/little age playing
229) forced orgasms
230) giving daddy a simultaneous blow job and prostate massage
231) watching daddy masturbate
232) giving daddy a blow job: when he’s driving, in the woods, when he’s sleeping, when I have to beg him to let me, when I’m bound and he forces me, plus whatever other scenarios we can come up with!
233) Licking pussy
234) Facesitting
235) Being queened
236) Cunnilingus
237) Muff diving
238) Cunt worship
239) Mind control
240) Deliberately inducing disabilities
241) Neurological disabilities
242) Incontinence
243) Disability pretenders
244) Predator/prey
245) Electrical play
246) Biting
247) Bondage
248) Mouth Soaping
249) Face Soaping
250) Tickling
251) Messy Humiliation
252) Online Dare Games
253) Post Orgasm Torture
254) CFNM
255) Blindfolds
256) Self Bondage
257) Fox Pet Play
258) Succubus Roleplay
259) Full immersion puppy play (cages, leashes, tails, ears, paws, only being allowed to eat out of master’s hand or a puppy bowl, only allowed to walk on all fours, only allowed to pee on puppy pads, etc)
260) Being forced to squirt in my panties
261) Femboys
262) Extreme body mods
263) Primal
264) Thigh high socks and mini skirts
265) Public Play
266) Getting sexually used by scene/goth/punk guys
267) Hearing other women having the hiccups
268) Feeling my body against theirs as they hiccup
269) Having a partner that gets the hiccups all the time
270) Biting others
271) Being kissed all up and down my torso
272) Body worship in general
273) When my partner finds me sexy
274) Kinky clothes like lingerie and strappy crop tops
275) Dominating/ masochism
276) manhandling firm male SKIN
277) giving CBT
278) ass play
279) spanking and fingering
280) being a Daddy
281) breast play: (breast/nipple/tit) sucking and stimulation
282) public play
283) dirty talk in English and sometimes other languages
284) erotica: written or audio
285) light biting and scratching
286) moaning, groaning, and growling
287) incorporating toys
288) restraints and blindfolds
289) teasing and light torture
290) number 1, because I like it that much
291) being treated as a female
292) Dressing and being a french maid
293) nipple pleasure anything to do with it
294) Roll playing (to fulfill your fantasy)
295) public or outdoor sex.
296) worshipping an entire body. (especially if its tied or helpless)
297) toy shopping at adult emporiums as your bitch
288) wearing yoga pants in public that shows my ass or panties
289) love to share fantasies you cant publicly share
290) fulfilling the needs of others without reciprocation. (unless by your choice)
291) Wearing male kink wear with spikes/chains – pvc/latex/leather
292) Electro play
293) Queening – on receiving end of course
293) role play where I’m clueless at first
294) Cage play
295) Foot / heel/ boot worship
296) Photography of the session
297) Forced to cum
298) Torture
299) Cum denial
300) Begging
301) Random hookups
302) Fat pussy
303) Big asses
304) Creampies
305) Cum farts
306) Farting
307) Mommy dominant
308) Breeding
309) Squirters
310) Public play
311) beIN watched Handjobs
312) Eating pussy
313) Punishment
314) Dirty tשlk
315) being dominated
316) Restrained
317) Nipple play
318) Forced to suck cock
319) Forced to be gangbaned
320) Femdom
321) tied to tree and used by all
322) tied and interrogated
323) Pissed on
324) Nipple sucking
325) MMF 3way forced bi
326) Being tricked/trapped and fucked by shemales or girls with weapons
327) Being tied down by gf or wife to be fucked by men while she plays with herself.
328) To be abducted and gangbanged by women with strapons or tranny woman
329) Being used as a sex toy for a party full of dom woman
330) To be a sex slave for a group of beautiful horny bbws
331) To share a huge cock with gf the eat cream pie from her dripping pussy
332) Having dirty kinky sex with a beautiful woman that’s covered in cum after a gang bang.
333) Being bound to a table and forced to take a huge cock in my ass and throat till they explode
334) Having To go down a huge line of woman and eat their pussies till they cum
335) Hierophilia is my greatest vice. I’m incredibly aroused by religious ritual, artifacts, and clothing.
336) Single Tail Whips are so much sexier than a flogger. When used correctly it creates the perfect and most sensual lashes.
337) Blood on fair skin is exquisite.
338) Cum facials are another favorite. I call it painting the canvas.
339) I’m a Sadomasochist to the fullest.
340) Oral Sex is also an art to me. I’m a firm believer that oral sex is as important as penetration when it comes to sexual activity.
341) Confident and prideful women. Far too often I see Dommes that have no pride, confidence, and are scared to cause even the slightest amount of pain. A woman that is truly confident and not hiding the facade of the modern victim turns me on.
342) Primal Hunter/Prey is sexuality at its roots.
343) Fishnet foot jobs are totally my thing.
344). Ass…I just love a beautiful, well rounded, thick, sexy, yummy ass…It drives me nuts. Lol
345) wearing my Black garbage Bag Diaper
346) Playing with Squishy’s/humping them in a Stinky Dumpster
347) wallowing in mud
348) wallowing in Cow Shit
349) wallowing in Stinky Sewage
350) Garbage Juice
351) hugging my Squishy everyday, the Black Garbage bag Pillow I sleep with 🙂
352) humping my Squishy in my BGBD
353) being squished in a Garbage Truck or Garbage Compactor
354) swimming in a slurry tank
355) Beastiality 🙂
356) Live Erotic Hypnosis
357) girls with glasses
358) inflatables (may have developed an interest cause I’m a Pisces & pool toys being used in water)
359) nudist
360) high sex drive
361) Being someone’s dirty little secret that gets made public by being watched.
362) Being held down and fed cum filled pussy.
363) Fantasy… Lots of men gangbanging me…One after another til cums gushing out of me!
364) Ass play…Beads, plugs, Dildoes, and especially Strapons.
365) I’m curious about crops on my ass and balls.
366) licking her and her boyfriend while they have sex.
367) Swingers club… being watched and watching people have sex
368) Gloryholes
369) Being fucked with objects.
370) Masquerade party…Where ANYTHING goes while wearing a mask, yes!!
371) MMF 3-way maybe add more men, lots of cum to eat.
372) Being tricked/trapped and fucked by shemales or girls with strapons
373) Being tied down by a female and then I get fucked by men and suck men while she plays with herself.
374) To be abducted and gangbanged by women with strap-ons, and men.
375) Being used as a sex toy for a party full of bisexual and bi-curious people.
376) To be watched doing all of this, audience participation is definitely allowed.
377) To share a huge cock with a woman then eat her cum filled pussy.
378) Having dirty kinky sex with a beautiful woman that’s covered in cum after a gang bang, and I have30 minutes to lick her clean or she gets recoated, oops took me 32 minutes.
379) Being bound to a table and forced to take at my least 4 cocks in my ass and 6 down my throat till they explode.
380) Having To go down a huge line of woman and eat their pussies till they cum
386) Diapers
387) Mtf trans women
388) Hermaphrodite
389) Scat
390) Gay/bi sex
391) Lingerie
392) Pussy hair
393) Would love to be in a gangbang, getting creampied by multiple people
394) Bondage, I love being tied up and haven’t dabbled with it as much as I would like
395) Knifeplay
396) Waxplay
397) Collar and leash
398) The idea of being someones sex slave
399) bareback
400) group/gangbangs
401) rough fucking
402) large vaginal and anal insertions/ stretching
403) cumsluts
402) CMNF
403) Belting
404) Tie her up
405) Use vibes on her clit
406) Women watching
407) Public play
408) watching and joining in women eating each other during cosplay
409) Taking pictures of my action with the women I date or play with
410) Women orgy
411) Hottub ,pool ,bubble bath ,shower play
412) Black pussy
413) Hairy pussy
414) Bi Sex
415) Big Cocks
416) Eating Creampies
417) Chastity cage
418) Being the center piece of a femdom strap on gang bang
419) Squirting pussies
420) Women with accents
421) Worshipping goddesses as they deserve
422) Wearing pantyhose and double layered pantyhose
423) Mommy roleplay (my specialty)
424) Wearing business (blouses,pencil skirts) attire during my sessions
425) Nurse roleplay
426) Forced handjobs (administering)
427) Forced sissy/crossdressing (administering)
428) Edging
429) Ruined Orgasms
430) Shoe jobs and cock trampling (administering)
431) Having my clothes sprayed with cum at the end of my sessions
432) Cum: especially big, nasty, messy facials and making a show of eating my cum.
433) Worshipping big tits and pussy
434) Having my cock and balls slaved over (leading to a big facial, of course)
435) Administering Satin Glove Handjobs
436) Breastfeeding
437) Impregnation (Giving)
438) Orifice Stretching (Urethral, Vaginal & Anal)
439) Twins
440) Twinks
441) Traps/Femboys
442) psychological mind games/fucks. Giving
443) strapons, pegging and generally putting things into peoples holes. Giving
444) CNC, Fearplay, knifeplay, electro play, interrogation. Giving
445) Bondage, shibari, mummification. Giving and receiving
446) Watersports, especially girl on girl. Giving and receiving
447) dirty talk and sexting especially hours before a scene. Giving
448) roleplay, costumes, and marathon length scenes.
449) double penetration, squirting, milking, cockworship, pussy worship, tease and denial, multiple orgasms. Giving
450) Exhibitionism and voyeurism
451) Fulfilling other’s fantasies. Giving
452) Biker gangbang
453) Consensual non consent,
455) Knife play,
456) Breast whipping
457) being feminine to men to please them
458) feeling men cum inside me.
459) video booth sex
460) breeding (watching it, not being involved in it)
461) sex on the alter of a church (personal fantasy since I was young)

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