sexy collar mirror phone
A day in a life of a hotwife’s slave
Giving you the morning you deserve Its morning I wake, I am sleeping on the floor at the foot of
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Blond in little black dress and no panties
A tease and denial ping pong story
It was an art class I went to that made me think of it. I life draw and once a
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female chastity belt device
She signed a contract for denial
The week had been a busy one, with the year coming to a close soon. It was this time of
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black and white sexy look
Slaving for my masters’ vacation
After a long drive up to the cabin Master was ready to start the vacation, which meant slave was in
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controling his masturbation
Masterbatrix or Cock Controller
A masturbatrix, or cock controller, is a woman who enjoys instructing a man’s masturbation. She may or may not be
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Teasing him while he is tied
The teasing bet
For the umpteenth million times, I looked over at the clock. And for the umpteenth million times, I couldn’t tell
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