blowing her master on her knees
Serve another man for my master
My Master set up a quick meeting a few miles down from our house with a man who was looking
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strapon point of view
Female Dominant pegging erotica
She kisses him deeply, moaning softly into his mouth, tongue searching and probing, hands roaming over his body. “Tell me
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gently holding her face
Rough sex, tender love
She quietly shuts the door and is almost instantly pinned against the wall, his powerful arms trapping her hands above
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retro lesbians dominating b&w
Mistress, what do you want to do to her??
Me: She’s pretty, I like her. Him: What do you want to do to her?? Me: I don’t know. Him:
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anal glass plug
first date awkwardness for a slave
We meet. We have coffee. I am nervous – am I what you thought I was? Do you want to
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touching herself under panties
Tricked by my hotwife
Fantasies, what are them? I looked over at Kate who, dreaming as much as I, sat on my right watching
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