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Uncomfortable sexual frustration
Uncomfortable. It’s not a word most people would associate with anything at all positive, but the delicious discomfort that comes
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threesome mmf forced bi
Punished girls don’t get to cum – part 2
to part 1 of the story Carter was remarkably efficient. Erection or no, he always took exactly thirty minutes in
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Bound and blowjob
Punished girls don’t get to cum – part 1
Lynn couldn’t remember being more tired than she was the previous night. She’d come home from an outing with her
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submessive sly kneeling
Worth the Wait [erotic, bdsm]
I wait. Waiting has always been one of the hardest things for me to do. Anyone who knows me knows
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My Mother’s Lovers
The first time she introduced me to one of her friends I actually believed that was the extent of the relationship. Of
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Master fuck me in the ass
Good Morning Sir [sexslave fantasy]
“Good morning Sir, I hope you slept well.” “Slave, I woke up to a puddle of pre-cum on my sheets.
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