elegant femdom from behind
Forcibly encased in a most effective Chastity Belt
The chastity belt I am wearing is very effective and totally foolproof, as I have discovered in recent weeks of
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crouching with a fishnet
Big Night In (strap-on)
It is going to be satin for him The store was crowded when I stepped in. Several other women clustered
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standing in bondage and latex
Three Horny Women
She was tied to the bed. Legs spread, fastened to a wooden post by a small length of chain attached
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mistress holding a paddle
The Rush – small penis
This wasn’t the first time he had been in the House, but he had never been in the Pledge Room.
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metal female chastity belt
Wendy’s Woes (an Altairboy female chastity story)
Secret’s Revealed Over the last couple of years Wendy had began to uncover her fetish side. She always thought that
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pissing in her panties
Toilet slave
I had gotten Auburn’s name and phone number off of the Internet. She had placed advertisements on femdom group inviting
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