lighting a cigarette with a face mask
24 Women sexual histories and experiences
Helen’s Experiences My fifth-grade class was among the first wave in this country to be exposed to sex education. Some
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blond with a lot of accessories
The Pet
She had grown comfortable and safe within her environment. The cinderblock walls around her and the bars of the cage
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mature woman in a sheer leotard
The Older Woman
It was one summer break from college that I decided I might like to be a lawyer instead of an
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tough lady in undergarments
God, I love the sound of your screaming
22 September; 11:36a I know it’s tough to be a man. I know it’s even harder to be in charge
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strapon, dots and fishnet
Getting Bound and Fucked by Your Lady
We’ve all got our kinks. I enjoy it when a woman straps on a large cock and fucks me in
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sitting sexy
Gotta tease ’em to please ’em: Tease and Denial
I love the wicked game of tease and denial. It amuses me to make you suffer deliciously and I can
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