she hold the key to his chastity cage
My chastity belt journey
HOW I CAME TO WANT A CHASTITY BELT Apart from hearing about chastity belts in the stories about the knights
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Girl in a dress and a diaper
Janets Diaper – a chastity tale
Janet inserted her ID card in the door lock, waited for the panel to slide back silently and then entered
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underboob masturbating
Rape fantasy
Tonight’s dinner was one of those rare occasions when I wished I could still have a glass of wine now
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Sir’s birthday
So yesterday Sir came over for his “birthday dinner”, though technically it was lunchtime. It was so nice to see
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sissy transvestite with black lips
Her Sissy
At the time I had no idea what my wife had planned. We had been married for three years and
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mistress sitting on a slave
Cuckold and a sissy
Sissy Wendy heard the Master's car arrive. He desperately checked his appearance in the mirror. Yes, his long grey dress
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