reading book the penis is not enough
Chastity play for male submissives
Is it core or just a sex act? I am frequently asked about chastity play for men – not only
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male housmaid
The 1950’s Household view of a submissive male
Fantasy from reality Firstly, let’s realize that fantasy and reality rarely come together as we would hope, except as soul
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sexy purple point of view
Dad shared Mom with me
“Hello”, I said as I answered the land-line. “Hi Son, what’s up”? “Hi, Dad. I’m playing video games, watching TV
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wife sucking her lover's cock
He trains my hotwife to suck cock
Mickey was a Butcher and took care of all the meat department while I managed the Grocery side. We worked
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transvestite with a metal cage
She rejected me into queerness [transvestite]
My first wife was an unpleasant woman and a sexual refrigerator. My fourteen unhappy years of marriage to her caused
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lustful look in latex
Bad results when you are provoked into orgasm control
We were off for a week in Las Vegas. We love Vegas, although we don’t gamble. We love the shows,
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