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Fishnet, latex and a whip
They met at a club, and he was immediately taken with her. Over the months he began to feel the
pantyhose legs and heels
In spite of her title, Mistress Kim never really felt all that dominant. Others seemed to find her to be
polka dot strap on
you arrive at 63 Buxom Road, an ordinary-looking house from the outside but within the residence, such opulence fit for
Chess flicked through the magazine idly, her eyes drifting over the words she'd already read too many times. The late
mistress lick a glass dildo
As I sit there on the lounge watching TV just like most nights in our house, thinking that I will
sexy look with long hair
Today was the day. After the long wait, Mistress Peggy's plane would be arriving today. Having cleaned and packed all

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