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latex dress on the wall
Dante rode down the road toward the large city of Brindleston, daydreaming about his previous night with the farm girl,
neck rope bondage
She came awake with the feeling of a hot breath brushing her earlobe and the hissing sound of a man's
hourglass latex dress
I awaken to the intermittent lapping of water against the hull. There is no specific rhythm and as such, I
corset and hair curls
I walk in the house, intending on finding My Girl. It's been a long day, and my back is killing
touching his chastity under formal wear
By MelissaBound OK, so this is not really intended as a rant, but it may come across that way and
happy sex slave and her deamon
I had been talking with Josh for several months and we recently completed plans for his wife Charlie to fly