latex gloved with heavy makeup
The smell of latex
I was glad to be home. It had been a long, and difficult week. Work had been crazy and stress
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standing with a strap-on covering her tits
Loosing my anal virginity (a love story)
We had gone back to the apartment after a lovely dinner out. We had done the whole nine yards, pre-dinner
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Vintage sexy blond in gloves
My fetish gloved lady
After a night out together, dinner, the symphony, dessert, with lots of hand-holding, and many gentle kisses on cheek, neck,
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Metal cock cage with a heart lock
How and Why I Keep My Husband in Chastity
I started this so that I could spread the word that by enforcing chastity and orgasm control on our husbands
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kissing her in a thong with hands tied
Hello, My slut
I traveled the three and a half hours on the motorway in a level of anticipation I hadn’t expected. The
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sexy shiny body suite full with holes
They were on the couch talking, kissing, and touching each other intermittently, after their meal. She found herself straddling him,
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