One messy evening (tons of oral, MMF, forcedbi, spitballing and more)

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Just another sexy evening

Lying there in complete darkness, she feels his weight lifting off her back as he now sits beside her on the bed. She feels him slacken the straps that were only seconds ago holding her tight to the bed while he used her body for his pleasure. She can feel his cum leaking out of her over-used pussy, mixed with her own juices that have been leaking from her steaming sex for the last half hour. The air-conditioning in their hotel room is causing tiny goosebumps to rise all along her back as the cool air it’s pumping into the room chills the sweat that is running down her spine.

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Still enjoying the aftermath of the raunchy session of frenzied lust that they just finished, she feels him lean in close to her ear.

“I hope you’re not too tired yet my pet. The night isn’t quite over yet, and I still have a surprise for you.” He softly whispers into her ear as he slowly removes the blindfold that has kept her in the dark for the last hour or so.

Questions abound in her head as she begins to blink relentlessly, trying to force her eyes to adjust to the brightness of the room. What other surprises could he have in store for me? Is there really anything else he could do to me to make me cum like that?

The straps, no longer holding her to the bed, are pushed aside as she turns onto her back, her eyes finally adjusting to the light in the room. To her surprise, she now sees a man standing in the corner, his face covered by a mask, but the rest of his body is completely naked for her to appreciate. As she allows her eyes to roam this stranger, she fixes her gaze upon his throbbing erection and the pre-cum that is glistening on the head of his swollen member. “Just what were you planning to do with this surprise of yours?” she asks, licking her lips at the thought of what she would do with the cock that was standing at attention in front of her.

“He’s here for the cleanup.”

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With those words, the silent stranger moves forward to the edge of the bed, falling to his knees between her spread legs. Lowering his hooded head into her lap, as she lies back on the bed, his tongue snakes out from between his lips, and tenderly begins to lap up the cum and pussy juices that are still flowing from her swollen pussy lips.

“I like this surprise” she moans, as the hooded man begins to lick her clean and swallow her man’s cum.

“You always seemed to like having your pussy cleaned after I’m finished using it, so I figured we should get you, somebody, to help you with it.”

As the masked man continues his task of cleaning her man’s cum from her pussy, he takes special care to lightly flick his tongue over her swollen clit, making her moan, and causing more juices to run from her sex. He is good at his job, and she reaches down, holding the top of his hood tightly so that she can raise her hips, and crush her now pulsing clit into his mouth. She was sure she was completely spent after the fucking her man had just given her, but now having this stranger greedily sucking and licking at her pussy, she feels the waves of another orgasm rushing over her.

Grinding herself harder and harder against his lips and teeth, she moans her way through another mind-blowing orgasm.

“Was that good my love?” her mans asks, with a slight smile on his face. “Should we bring him back again the next time?”

“Who said I was finished with him this time?” she replies.
Still holding the stranger by the hood, reveling in the final spasms of her orgasm, “Am I allowed to enjoy more than just his tongue, my love?”

“Of course my darling, I brought him here to please you, after all.”

Why stop at licking if we can add fucking?

Pulling the hood away from her dripping sex, she drags the masked man up to his feet, his hard cock now bouncing freely, just inches from her face, pre-cum still leaking from the head. Lowering her head slightly, she opens her mouth, and holding the throbbing cock by the base, she flicks her tongue across the tip of his cock, tasting the pre-cum that has been steadily leaking out. Opening her mouth, she swallows as much of his manhood as she can fit into her waiting mouth, hungrily devouring him, and making a show of how dirty she can be, all in the hopes of getting her man’s cock hard once again.

After working on the throbbing cock in front of her for a few short minutes, she gazes up at the hooded man, asking “Tastes good, but do you know how to use it?”

Lying down on her back again, she drags the stranger by his cock, to lie on top of her, lifting her legs to wrap them around his waist, and guiding his cock into her open, waiting pussy.

She is so wet that he slides into her completely with the first thrust, forcing a moan to escape her lips. The stranger’s cock has been hard for quite some time already, after having been forced to watch her man fucking her, and through the cleaning of her well-used pussy. Now it was his turn to fuck her and fuck her he does. Trying his hardest to push her through the mattress, and onto the floor, with each of his thrusts her moaning like a bitch in heat only spurring him on to force more of himself into her steaming hot pussy.

As the hooded man’s cum begins to spurt from his throbbing cock and fill her pussy, she climaxes once again, clawing at his back, and leaving welts behind. Almost screaming as this hooded stranger fills her cunt with thick seed, she locks her ankles behind his back, holding him deep inside of her. As she comes down from this last trip to heaven, she forces all of her weight to one side, rolling herself and the stranger onto his back now. Quickly standing up on the mattress, leaving a wet string of their mixed cum leaking from her pussy, back down to his cock, she turns to her man.

“My pussy is all wet and dirty again my love. Don’t you think it’s only fair that you clean up his mess as he cleaned yours?”

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With a wry smile on his face, her man moves closer to the bed, staring at her again-dripping sex, and licking his lips. “Anything for you baby.”

She signals to the hooded man to move, and he rolls off the bed, making room for her to again sit at the edge of the bed. Spreading her legs, and lying back, she beckons her man with a single finger, and points to her pussy, showing him where she would like to have him.

Her man kneels between her spread legs, and slowly begins to lower his head. His nostrils fill with the scent of her well-used pussy, and the hooded man’s cum and his cock gets hard once again. Slowly he begins to lick gently at her tender, wet lips, nibbling and licking, and enjoying the taste of the strangers’ cum, and his woman’s pussy. As he begins to work harder to get at the nectar pouring from her sex, he feels her lift her legs, to place her thighs on his shoulders.

Lost in a sexual trance as he continues to work his tongue over her, cleaning all of the cum from her, he doesn’t notice the stranger moving in behind him. Completely lost in her pussy, he only notices when it’s too late, and the stranger has his arms held tightly behind his back.

Stopping his cleaning duties, he pulls away from her sex to demand “What the hell is going on here!?!”

“You’re not the only one who can plan surprises, my love.” She answers, with an evil twinkle in her eye.

“What do you mean?”

“Just relax my lover, and I’m sure we’ll all enjoy MY surprise for you.”

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She stands, and moves towards their toy bag, and retrieves the handcuffs from it, securing his hands tightly behind his back. The hooded man now moves to the side and she stands directly in front of her man who is still kneeling at the foot of the bed.

“You would do anything to make me happy, won’t you my love?” she asks as she grabs a handful of his hair, and pulls his face hard against her sex. “You don’t have to answer darling, I already know the answer. That’s why you are going to clean YOUR friends’ cock, and you’re going to do it so that I can watch.”

Before he can protest, she forces him to turn to the side, facing the now hard-again cock of the hooded man. Pussy juice dripping from his swollen member, pre-cum again escaping through the hole at the top of his purple head, the stranger is holding his throbbing cock right in front of her man’s face.

Despite everything his upbringing has taught him, he finds his mouth beginning to water at the thought of licking and sucking the cock that is only inches from his face. As he slowly opens his mouth and allows the stranger to slide his cock slowly into his mouth, he can taste a strange and very enticing mixture of pre-cum, and his own woman’s pussy juice. Swirling his tongue around the helmet try as best as he can to simulate what he believes his woman does to his own cock, trying to please both the hooded man and his woman. His woman is watching, fixated on her man performing oral on another man, as she moves around behind her kneeling lover. She stands right behind him so that she can feel his strong back against her thighs, and she pushes her hips forward using her pussy to push his head forward onto the throbbing cock.
“Let me help you with that my love.” She says, as she reaches down and replaces the stranger’s hand with her own, and she slowly starts to jerk on the cock that he’s sucking on, trying to coax out another load of hot cum.

He is working hard to please both her, and the stranger, and now he is enjoying it. As he tries vigorously to satisfy the hard cock that is in his mouth, he realizes that his own cock is now as hard as an iron bar, and it’s straining in mid-air, wishing it had somewhere to unload its own cargo of hot seed. Drool is running out of the side of his mouth and down his cheek. Her hand on this man’s cock, and her pussy, pushing against the back of his head, forcing him to swallow more of the cock that’s in his mouth, he suddenly feels the cock begin to twitch, and he knows that his efforts are about to be rewarded.

Her pussy is gone from behind his head, and her hand has disappeared from the cock that he is now trying to empty of its load. As the hooded man begins to fill his mouth with hot cum, he feels wet, hot lips engulfing his own throbbing cock, and he fills her mouth, just as his own is filled with the results of his first-ever blowjob.

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As the stranger pulls his cock out of his mouth, he finds himself leaning forward, not wanting it to be over just yet, but his face is met by his woman’s lips, and as she kisses him, she forces the cum that he unloaded just a second before, back into his own mouth, mixing it with the remnants of the strangers cum, and swirling it around in both of their mouths with her tongue.

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“Surprise lover” she whispers into his ear as he savors the last drops of cum that he swallowed.

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