Not A Monster [sex adventure]

sucking her master's dick

So far everything seemed to be falling into place. It was nice. People would say it was “unseasonably warm,” but there were always days when it was still hotter than shit in October, they just couldn’t be relied upon. The sun had gone down, but it was still warm. Bella and Taylor were both excited, though strangely not sexually; they had butterflies in their stomach. He thrived on that feeling. Bella wanted to calm down a little. She ordered tequila. Taylor ordered a beer with a red, white, and blue label that she always thought of as “domestic pisswater.” There was one other patron in this rural Nevada truck stop lounge. He was under the spell of a video poker game. When the bartender turned his back to fulfill their order, Bella grabbed Taylor’s hand and put it under her skirt. A finger slid easily into her wet pussy. Under the circumstances, that didn’t surprise him. She had no reason to be wearing panties. Due to the intervening bar, the bartender wouldn’t be able to see if his hand was on her knee, or in her cunt, so he left it there. Taylor removed his finger from the orifice, but rubbed her clit absentmindedly. That was what she needed: to cum. That would calm her down. “Do you want me to open a tab?” the bartender asked. “No,” she said, digging a card from her small purse. Bella handed it to the bartender with a “mmmm,” that couldn’t be heard above the sound of slot machines. Taylor accelerated his fondling. She closed her eyes and had the first little orgasm of the evening as the barkeep turned his back to run the card. Taylor slowed down to prolong her spasms. He made her cum twice more while they finished their drinks.
He sucked her juices from his middle and ring fingers. Taylor realized that the video poker player was aware of their activities. Bella was oblivious and kissed him. She fondled his semi-hard cock through his jeans as she tasted her own juices mixed with domestic pisswater.
“Is it time?” she asked, smiling hopefully.
“If you’re ready,” Taylor replied.
“Oh, I’m ready,” she said with exaggerated seriousness.
They walked across the blacktop, past the edge of the island of light that defined the truck stop. They went past the trucks idling with sleeping drivers inside. As they approached the side of the garage, there was a dim orange light of a cigarette. As they got closer, and their eyes adjusted, they could make out other people. If everyone showed up, there would be 15 men. That was more than either of them really wanted. There was no way all of them would show, anyhow. Bella got close enough to count… Seven. Taylor made eight. That was still a lot. She tried not to let her smile show her nervousness.

One of them overcame the weight of the awkward silence to say “well hello, beautiful,” tipping his baseball hat.
It was lame, but at least it was something.
“I’m Bella,” she replied extending her hand. Would he shake it, or kiss the back of it?
Of course he kissed it. “I’m Dave,” he said.
Other awkward introductions followed as Taylor looked around the corner. Nothing. No one. Good.
Taylor was 6‘2“. He’d played football in college 4 short years ago. He wasn’t the sort of guy people usually started problems with, but there was an inherent risk here, so he was being cautious. He looked over everyone there as the introductions concluded. Nobody else matched his stature. All were shorter. Some were overweight, a couple were downright fat.
He walked up behind Bella and put his hands on her shoulders. He kneaded them for a moment and then slid his hands down to her tits. She arched her back into him as he caressed and squeezed. Taylor lifted her shirt to show everyone her D cups with areolas the size of half dollars and nipples as hard as pencil erasers.
“Damn,” someone said.
Bella could feel her ass length red hair on her wrists as she reached behind her for his package.
Several of the men gathered began to reach for their own packages.
She wanted Taylor’s cock out first, so she turned, dropped to her knees and unzipped his fly. She put his whole cock in her mouth. It wasn’t yet fully erect. She intended to fix that, quickly. She sucked him greedily. She was dimly aware that other dicks were being unsheathed. She was so horny she could hardly function. There was another penis near her face. She grabbed it and half-heartedly stroked it. She realized it was attached to Dave, who was in his late 30‘s and overweight, and had most likely taken a hard-on pill.
Somebody else’s hand was on her tit.
She put a fingertip on her clit and began to rub circles on it. She closed her eyes and when she pushed her mouth down to Taylor’s balls this time his cock was hard enough to hit the back of her throat. She smiled as much as his dick would allow. She had another small clitoral orgasm. She rubbed her free hand in her juices and then wrapped it around Taylor’s cock and told him “I want you to fuck me.”
Somebody took out a phone, but Taylor and Bella said “Put that away!” in unison. He did as he was bid before he could take a picture.
Taylor laid on the ground and she climbed onto his member. She felt his jeans on her ass every time she went all the way down.
When she was situated she began to suck on Dave’s chemical induced erection and stroke some other dicks when she had a free hand.
Taylor’s cock on her g-spot made her cum.
Her spasms brought on Dave’s orgasm. When Bella tasted the first drop of his pre-cum, she let go of the cocks in her hands and grabbed Dave’s fat ass with both hands and pulled his small dick as deep as it would go into her mouth. He came with a quiet groan. She kept one hand on his ass and the head in her mouth and stroked until she was sure she had every drop of cum.
By this time Taylor had brought her to orgasm again. She kept the head of Dave’s dick in her mouth until it was done.
She opened her mouth to show everyone the load that was still there, and then swallowed it theatrically.
“Fuuuck,” and “holy shit,” some of the faceless dicks said.
“I want to swallow every load,” Bella told them. “Don’t you spill a drop.”
No sooner did she get a fresh cock in her mouth and one in each hand, then Taylor said “Let’s do doggy.”
Everybody switched positions. Now people had to get on their knees to get attention. It wasn’t very convenient for everyone else but Bella had 3 more orgasms and swallowed 2 more loads.
Taylor was ready to cum now. He stood up and she got on her knees in the sand in front of him.
As he was still coming, somebody else couldn’t wait and came on her tits.
“Im ma ma,” she said with her mouth full. She swallowed and gasped for a couple breaths, then repeated, “in my mouth.” She fastidiously wiped up every precious drop with her fingers and licked them off.
Bella looked and there were two more cocks left. One was around 7 inches and she asked it’s owner if he wanted to fuck her.
His reply was an enthusiastic “hell yeah!”
Taylor gave him a rubber.
He began to fuck her standing as she bent over to suck the smaller cock.
The she noticed the third man. His pants were still up, but he was rubbing his bulge slowly through the fabric. Bella beckoned to him.
He reluctantly approached, walking slowly.
She began stroking the prick that was in her mouth so she could talk.
“What. Do you. Have. There?” she asked with awkward pauses when 7-incher rammed her pussy. She put a finger on the taut fabric of his trousers.
“My cock,” he replied.
She licked the head of the dick in her other hand and continued to stroke it.
“Fuck!” 7-incher interjected.
Bella quickly turned around as he pulled out and stripped off his condom.
She didn’t particularly enjoy the taste of latex and spermicidal lubricant, but she wanted all his juice. She took all 7 inches, only gagging a little. She backed off after that, because she wanted the cum in her mouth, not her throat. How could she taste it, then? It wasn’t a very big load. She wondered if some of it ended up in the rubber.
Bella didn’t dwell on that long. There were other dicks left. The dude she was sucking was putting a rubber on to fuck her, and a skinny kid that came once when Taylor was fucking her was hard again.
She was getting fucked from behind and sucking young guy’s dick when she noticed the dressed guy had backed off again.
“Don’t you want to join the party?” she asked, stroking a cock.
“I don’t wanna fight the crowd,” said the guy in pants.
She shrugged and went back to her sex acts.
The young guy high-fived the man that was pumping Bella’s cunt. Achievement unlocked: Eiffel Tower.
“I love the way you suck cock,” he said.
At that, she increased the suction even more.
His response was “Oh shit,” and another hair trigger release.
Bella beckoned to the lurker again.
He walked towards her again, but this time he stopped out of her reach.
She had another orgasm. She’d lost count, but she noticed that they were almost to the point where they became more painful than pleasurable.
When it subsided, she said “let me have that dick.”
“Ask nicely,” he said.
“Please what?”
“Please may I suck your cock?”
He unzipped his trousers and flopped out his unremarkable member. “Beg for it.”
Bella almost told him to fuck off, and then she noticed Taylor smiling. She decided to make a show of it, even though she was ready for it to be over with.
“Pleease give me that big dick. I want your cum so bad,” she said.
He stepped close enough that she could reach with her hand while still getting pounded.
She tugged it towards her mouth and reached with her tongue.
“Please?” she said again. “I need it.”
He relented. He let her suck for a few moments and then he began thrusting in time with the man behind her. Pushing his dick as deep as it would go and his groin into her nose. He grabbed her head with both hands and fucked it.
After a couple more minutes the man in her pussy said “I’m getting close.” He pulled out and began to remove the rubber.
She tried to turn to get the next load, but two hands held her head tight to a groin. She couldn’t breathe. She put a hand on his stomach and began to push.
Taylor locked eyes with the man in his girlfriend’s mouth.
The fact that she couldn’t breathe started to become a concern to Bella, although nothing as urgent as the impending money shot she was about to miss. This is how I want to die, she thought; suffocating on cock.
The other man held her there for another three count and then let go and asked Taylor “Do you have another rubber?”
Bella gasped as she turned around. The orgasm was already happening, but the man had his cock in a death grip, like kinking a hose. As soon as he thought her face was in range, he released it. Cum got on her cheeks and lower lip before she could get her mouth around it. That was close, she thought.
She caught her breath and fingered jizz into her mouth. She licked her lips and sucked her fingertips.
“Bend over,” he spoke softly, but firmly, “and back your ass up here,” he said as he finished rolling the latex sleeve down the base of his shaft.
She obeyed without thinking, and she was being fucked, slowly, but with long strokes. Each time just the point of the head remained touching her pussy lips and then pumped it all the way in, pulling her hips into him. Then he let go of her hips and grabbed her long red hair, still fucking in long slow strokes. She came again. He began to trace circles on her clitoris as he fucked. By the time she came twice more, everyone else had zipped their flies and left. He picked up the pace and stuck two fingers in her mouth. Bella sucked eagerly.
“You love to suck, don’t you?” he asked.
“Mmm hmm,” she replied, even though it was a rhetorical question.
He began to circle his finger soaked in her saliva around her asshole as he continued to fuck her pussy. As he inserted the finger, she came again. Her sphincter constricted on his fingers in greedy spasms.
“You like that?” he asked.
“Yeah,” she moaned.
After several more strokes he said “I wanna fuck your ass.”
She nodded imperceptibly.
“No,” Taylor said.
The man glared at him, still fucking his girlfriend, with his finger in her asshole and a handful of her long red hair. His next stroke was hard enough to make a slapping sound as his pelvis struck her ass. The next harder, pulling her hair further.
“Why. Don’t. You. Let the. Lady. Speak. For. Her. Self?” he asked, punctuating each word with his dick in Bella’s cunt.
She didn’t hate anal sex. It wasn’t her favorite, but she didn’t mind it. Taylor’s cock was too big for her ass, so she didn’t get much enjoyment out of it with him. It was never really expected when he wanted it. She would do it for his birthday, or if she was particularly happy with him lately, but she would refuse more often than not. Now, with her pussy chafing and sore, and this guys smaller penis, ass fucking didn’t sound bad at all. She didn’t want any future arguments with Taylor, though. “Just fuck. My pussy. Or let me. Suck you. Off,” she said while he pounded her, still looking at Taylor.
Taylor held the smaller man’s gaze.
When she finished, he turned back to her and said “Alright.”
He pulled out, peeled the condom off, and began masturbating vigorously.
Bella tried to get his dick in her mouth, and he would let her have the head every once in a while just to keep it lubricated.
She kneeled there in front of him while he franticly jerked off for what seemed like a long time. He seemed close to cumming a couple times, and Bella would open her cum-hungry mouth. Then a look of frustration would flash across his face and he wouldn’t be close anymore.
Finally he closed his eyes and arched his back. He tightened his grip and slowed his stroke. Bella put her lips on the exposed head of his cock. He grabbed her head with both hands and pushed himself all the way inside her mouth as he began to orgasm, fucking her face with each spurt. Then a couple more times, for good measure.
Bella swallowed his load with him still in her mouth.
He patted her on the top of her head and then removed his softening member from her mouth.
She got up and gave the man a hug. She pulled down her shirt and adjusted her skirt. She walked over to Taylor and hugged him. They’d done other gang bangs, although all those were in hotels or a sex club. She knew he wouldn’t want to kiss her on the lips after she had someone else’s jizz in her mouth. She kissed him on the neck.
“That was so fucking hot,” she said.
“You’re a good slut,” Taylor replied, patting her on the ass.
They released their embrace, and Bella heard a little girl scream.
Taylor collapsed.
She realized it wasn’t a little girl, it was Taylor.
The man was standing there, with a taser.
Nobody at the truck stop seemed to notice the scream.
The man put the taser back in his pocket, and removed some hand cuffs.
He put a knee in Taylor’s back and began to cuff the unconscious man’s hands.
Bella began to rain down flailing punches on him.
The man said “Ow!” and “Fuck!” Aside from that he ignored the assaults until the cuffs were secure behind her man’s back.
She panicked and turned to run.
“I’ll kill him,” the man said in a conversational tone.
Bella saw he was now, brandishing a knife.
“You Motherfucker!” Taylor yelled, still slurring his speech. Then he said “Run Bella!”
The man put the knife to Taylors throat and said “Go ahead,” in a calm, encouraging tone.
Tears began to well up in her eyes.
The man with the knife paused several seconds to allow everyone to grasp the situation, and then began to give directions
“Get up.” He searched them quickly, taking their phones. “Come with me,” he led them to the back of a semi truck, keeping a hand on the chain of the cuffs, and the knife in the other.
“Face that way. Get on your knees,” they heard him getting keys and unlocking a lock, then the squeak of the container opening.
“You stay down there, you get up,” he tugged on the handcuffs. Taylor got up. The man turned him around and pointed him at the back of the truck.
Taylor said “I’m going to kill you.”
The smaller man made a sound that was half a laugh. “You’re a bitch,” he said. He plunged the knife towards his abdomen. He reversed the grip with lightning speed and hit the man in the solar plexus with the hilt of the knife. Taylor collapsed and gasped for breath.
The man knelt down and whispered in his ear “I know your dick is bigger than mine, but I’m the killer here.”
He started talking in a conversational tone, “Bella, tell your bitch that getting himself killed so you can escape is a bad idea.”
She was sobbing. “I don’t want you to die, Taylor,” she whimpered.
“There you have it. Now get in, or I will tase you again and potato-sack-throw your ass in there.”
Taylor stepped on the step and laid down on the floor, then wormed his upper body into the empty container.
The man locked the door and began leading his other captive to the cab. “You hit me pretty hard back there. I don’t want you to attack me again.”
Bella nodded.
“I’m not going to hurt you if you cooperate.”
She sat in the passenger seat sobbing as the big rig pulled out of the truck stop.
“Why are you doing this?” she asked through her tears.
“Why do you suck so many cocks?” he asked in answer.
“Because I’m a slut.”
He thought for a moment, “What makes you a slut?”
For a moment she forgot she was crying and got pissed off. “Are you trying to psychoanalyze me, now? Do you think I was molested, or something?”
“No. It’s a simple question. Give me a simple answer.”
“I love sex.”
“I love doing this. We’re not fucking Thelma and Louise, though. I was civil and I answered your question, but we are done talking. Now you need to go lay down in that sleeper and close the curtain. We’ll be driving a while. You can take a nap if you want.”
When she closed the curtain the man said “No peeking. I could’ve cuffed you and put you in the back. Don’t make me regret that.”
She had no intention of napping, but after an hour the excitement subsided and the exhaustion of the evenings activities caught up with her, and the darkness, the motion, and the white noise lulled her to sleep.
“We’re here. Get up.”
He had a black eye. She’d given it to him after he tased Taylor. The sun was up. She was in the desert. They got out. There was an abandoned house. All of the windows were broken. Some were boarded up. Even the graffiti was sun faded. Aside from that, there was sand, the occasional tumbleweed or cactus and mountains in the far distance. The 18 wheeler was parked on what had once been a gravel road, but was now mostly covered in sand.
“Nice place,” Bella said.
“Glad you like it. Wait inside,” the kidnapper replied.
The place was trashed. There were holes in the plaster. Floorboards were missing. The doors were torn off all the cupboards. The refrigerator, furniture, and most of the big debris had been piled up outside, however and the interior was mostly empty.
There was a case of bottled water on the counter. Bella opened a bottle and took a drink. It was warm, but she was thirsty.
She realized she had to pee as well. There was no door on the bathroom, or seat on the toilet. There wasn’t any water in it either. She decided she needed to take care of this to make sure she was ready for whatever was going to happen next. She squatted and pissed in what remained of the toilet. Of course there was no paper. Bella was past caring.
She came out of the bathroom and their captor was pushing Taylor through the door of the shack.
Bella ran up and threw her arms around him.
“Are you alright?” Taylor asked.
“Yeah. Are you?”
“I’m okay.”
“Do you want some water?” she asked.
“Oh God, yes.”
She poured some water into his mouth for him.
Taylor’s sigh of relief turned into another little girl scream.
He collapsed to the floor, and their abductor stood behind him with his taser.
“What’d you do that for?” Bella demanded.
“I wanted him to cooperate,” the man said, already starting to drag Taylor across the floor. “Don’t you try and fight me this time, either.”
She did as she was told.
The kidnapper unlocked one cuff and laced it through a broken floorboard, under the floor, around the beam and re-locked it on the other wrist. Now his arms were in front of him rather than behind his back.
Taylor woke to find he could basically only lay on his chest. If he squeezed his hands together on the sides of the beam, he could get into a push up position with a few inches of clearance, but that was pretty useless and impossible to hold for very long.
He’d also pissed his pants. Great, he thought.
“Your bitch had an accident. Take those wet pants off him,” the trucker commanded.
She hesitated.
“I don’t want to,” she whined.
“The things I tell you to do are going to happen. Your eager compliance guarantees that they happen as smoothly and safely as possible. Do you understand?”
“Yes,” she sobbed.
“It’s okay, honey,” Taylor said.
“Tell your bitch to shut up,” the man commanded.
She hesitated, and he glared at her. Taylor nodded.
“Shut up,” she said sheepishly.
“Pants,” he reminded.
Taylor remained quiet and rotated his hips to help her get his pants off.
When they were removed the man asked “have you ever fucked your bitch in the ass?”
“What?” she asked.
“What do you think I said?”
“Have I ever fucked Taylor -”
“Your bitch,” he corrected.
“my bitch in the ass?”
“That’s right. Have you?”
“No,” she replied hesitantly.
Her tormentor beckoned her over. He grabbed her and pulled her body into his, and then turned her around to face the same direction as him. He held both her arms with his left arm and clamped a hand across her mouth. They were both looking at her bitch lying on the floor whimpering.
“Can I fuck your bitch in the ass?” He asked.
He muffled whatever she tried to say and forced her head to nod.
“Thank you,” he replied with a smile.
When he released her mouth she said “you can fuck my ass.”
“I know I can. That isn’t what we’re doing right now.”
He pulled something out of a duffel bag. It was hot pink dangling from a black leather strap.
“This is my cock that is fucking your bitch’s ass. I’ll let you wear it if you want.”
Bella had worn a strap-on before. A bigger one than this 5 inch thing, too. She had only fucked women with them, however. Vaginally.
She found the idea of ass-raping Taylor repugnant, but some part of her was really aroused by it, as well.
She looked at her man. Her bitch. He was sobbing silently. He nodded.
“Do you have lube?” she asked.
“I’m not a monster,” he answered.
He gave her the strap-on and the lube.
“Tell your bitch to put its ass in the air,” he commanded.
“Put your ass in the air,” she said.
“Bitch,” she repeated.
Taylor crawled his knees up until his as was in the air. He was distraught about become such a bitch, but he just wanted this whole experience over, even if that meant he was a body in a shallow grave.
Bella buckled her rapist’s cock in place. She squirted some lube in her hand and stroked it on her hot-pink member.
She got behind her bitch and massaged some lube on his asshole. She inserted a fingertip started working it.
Taylor’s shoulders were pressed into the jagged wood of the side of the floor. His wrists were bloody and raw from wearing the cuffs for so long. The floor was starting to get hot on his chest. He was crying incessantly. Inconsolably.
Bella inserted the head of the silicon dildo.
Taylor wailed.
She froze for a moment, moved her hips a little bit. She looked over her shoulder at the rapist, her eyes pleading with him to stop.
“Get it all the way in,” was his reply.
She kept working at it, pushing a little further with each stroke.
Taylor continued wailing and crying.
Eventually she was able to sink it all the way to the base.
“Can I stop now?” she asked her masturbating captor.
“Not until I cum,” he replied.
Taylor wailed pitifully when he remembered how long it took the man to orgasm the previous night.
Bella theorized that fucking her bitch hard and fast might excite the trucker and bring him to climax sooner. She grabbed his hips and pumped harder, and faster.
The pressure of the base dildo on her clitoris began to turn her on. Her pussy was getting wet.
She remembered how she liked fucking women with her 8 inch, veiny artificial cock. She smiled a bit in spite of her bitches pathetic moaning.
Taylor felt as if he’d detached from his body. He was only dimly aware of what was happening. There was pain in his asshole and his wrists and his shoulders. He couldn’t really cry anymore. His eyes were sore. His muscles were stiff from his journey laying on the floor of the container. There were 2 burns where he’d been electrocuted by a taser, as well. But there was an overwhelming numbness that dulled all of that. It dulled his wits, as well. He couldn’t think. That was good. The full weight of consciousness wasn’t bearable right now. He just wanted to forget everything before he could even experience it. He quit moaning and wailing and just stared at nothing in particular. A part of the dirty, incomplete floor, a doorway, some sand, a wall with the copper wiring ripped out of it. These things were in his field of view, but they no longer registered.
The man who’d orchestrated this entire scene was in ecstasy. His orgasm came in a quarter of the time it took the previous night. It was so intense he lost control and his leg began to shake and he grunted.
Bella didn’t even notice. She was in the zone now. Pounding and pounding. She smacked her bitch on the ass. Hard. There was a red hand print.
She buried her cock to the hilt. She grabbed her bitch’s hair and rocked her clit against the bottomed-out dildo with her hips. She came, moaning.
Her trucker let out a wheezing laugh.
His dick was flacid already. She wondered how long it had been since he came.
Bella noticed he’d cum all over his cock and balls and belly. She licked up all his cum and swallowed every drop. She even licked the last couple drops from his hand.

He’d dropped them off in the middle of the desert. He gave them some more water and sandwiches.
“Six miles that way you can get a signal on your cell phone. Another two miles and you’ll be back at the truck stop,” he’d said.
They’d walked hand in hand most of the way.

Bella had avoided having sex for almost a week. It had seemed like an eternity to her. She’d masturbated, of course. Finally Taylor was fucking her. It was good. When she closed her eyes, she pictured her trucker, though.
“I want you to fuck me in the ass,” she pleaded.
Taylor started crying.
She wondered how long she could stay with this bitch. Maybe another week or two. She knew she couldn’t leave him yet. She wasn’t a monster.

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