Milking Table with a very talented babe


Once I get my milking table I’m going to have you come get on it and stick your dick through the whole so I can milk your dick all over me
Or I can have you lay down while I smother your face and only let you up for air
And have you rub your balls and ass till your dick squirts milk all over us
Or I can get the job done myself with my fingers , toys or strap 😘 comment below which method would make you milk the hardest 😋

Relaxing on the table, my cock hanging through the hole. You lick the tip and shaft and with feather light fingers tease my taint. As it swells you take it lightly into your mouth, using your lips and tongue to massage the shaft. Your objective is to see how long you can keep me engorged, on the edge, but not erupting.