Long Term tease and denial [CFNM]

Chastity key on nice tits

I really enjoy thinking about this idea, which I suspect for several perfectly good practical reasons will always remain a fantasy.

Controlling the sexual life of a younger male is what is currently floating my boat….so I am 31 and I am thinking someone around 20 to 30 years of age…where the sex drive is still extremely strong.

Men with high sex drives have always aroused me, especially because I love to control that urge and force the man to accept prolonged periods of sexual frustration made worse by intense teasing and edging.

In my fantasy, the male is tall, slim and attractive, well, why not, it is my fantasy after all. He is available to me locally and can serve me as and when I wish…yep, I know…bear with me.. remember…my fantasy.

So, he is also very submissive and obedient, or at least that is what he desires to be when matched with a strong dominant woman.

We will take it as read that he is my kind of submissive, so wants to serve and obey…end of.

This gorgeous creature will be happy, in fact, delighted to be my possession and truly wishes to be pleasing.

Unfortunately for this red-blooded sub, what Mistress really enjoys is locking away cocks and keeping them for her cruel and tease and denial sessions.

The more I know he is desperate to come, the more I will want to deny and torment the poor thing.

Tying him up first, so he is spread-eagled is always such a delight…he can feel himself become more helpless as each limb is fixed in place.

Naked and fully available to me, I can feast my eyes on his erect cock and ponder the different ways he can be brought to a state of intense sexual desperation. Fingers, oily with lube, vibrators, male masturbators, play with his balls, pulling on them, slapping cock and balls lightly or firmly, tying them all up, using my mouth to envelop his cock or my tongue to lap at it..so many ways to get him going.

It is my intention to have him beg, moan, plead or even cry…oh yes, I do like male tears…all in extremes of unfulfilled sexual desire.

I relish male helplessness…I don’t really see it as a humiliation thing, or even as a weakness. Defenseless males seem incredibly erotically arousing to me and when they are prepared to give me their all, to be so powerless, I adore it and find them utterly beautiful.

So, there is the boy, whimpering and overwhelmed…what do I do…well, naturally I carry on teasing, working him up to a frenzy, then stopping short and calming ‘Ssshhh-ing’ him and talking to him about how very long it will be before he can orgasm.

He knows it will not be today, after all, I do like prolonged sexual control and teasing. I will be popping him back into his device and he will sleep wearing some tight lycra shorts, so if he dribbles or has a nocturnal release, I will know and he will be spanked firmly the next day. after all, his job is to be obedient and leaking and dribbling is not permitted.

I can imagine it is rather humiliating to realize that even before Mistress teases him again, she will be spanking him and telling him off for any night time misbehavior…and once that is done, the teasing will commence again…

I do not believe any male needs more than one release per week, even with intense edging and teasing going on. The ejaculation mostly should be for health reasons, so a ruined orgasm will work perfectly well for those purposes. His forlorn moans of disappointment simply encourage me.

A full orgasm might at best be permitted once, maybe twice a month…after all, I want him sexually ready to please at any time. I do not want lots of downtimes. However, younger males can bounce back quite quickly, so I may allow twice a month if I felt generous and the boy was grateful enough. Any ingratitude or displeasing behavior and he would wait much longer.

Sometimes, I might just ride his cock whilst he is tied down, and get some lovely satisfaction from that, while he must always make sure he does not come. His cock is my plaything and is there for my pleasure. He doesn’t make the rules, I do and what I say goes.

The more he is kept frustrated and sexually needy, the more aroused I would be and so his tongue and fingers would be put to good use, making sure I had as many orgasms as I wanted. I would make sure he knew his torment was what fired me up and made me so horny and was why he must be kept this way long term.

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3 thoughts on “Long Term tease and denial [CFNM]

  1. Wow. The way you described how you’d torment him. I haven’t cum in a few weeks (denying myself), but the idea of long term denial and servitude turns me on more than you could know. Thank you for this.

  2. I just came off twenty straight weeks of tease and denial. The orgasm was amazing. We always shower together and she soaps up my cock every day. We sleep naked and I eat her whenever she wants. She has had hundreds of orgasms so far this year and I’ve had only two. She loves to laugh at how horny I get in my cock cage. Shes not entirely unkind as she often plays with my nipples and balls but my cock is rarely touched by her and never by me.

    We started with one orgasm per month for me and each year it gets reduced by one. Im down to three for this year. Next year it will be two and the year after, she tells me, I’ll have my last orgasm ever. She talks about that a lot; sometimes while Im eating her. I think that thought sometimes is what sends her over. I wish it would me.

  3. My Wife became very demanding about me always being locked about six months after we got married in 2002. I’ve been kept locked ever since with occasional releases. Once a month previous to 2019. 2020 started a once every two month release. My Wife teases me, “I’ll keep your little dick locked forever! Yiou will die locked in chastity!”

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