Ladies, Do you enjoy administering discipline?

Hello everyone, in an attempt to get a worthwhile rant going, I’m curious…… Does anyone actually enjoy dishing out a corporal punishment???? I know I long for/need and love being handled in this manner….just curious


  • I’m curious why you’d call this punishment. If it’s something you long for, I’d call it to play – which is great. Punishment would have to be something else, like being ignored while she spends time with someone else or does other things. Now that’s painful. or having my nipples caned or flicked with a carbon fiber rod, or, or…the list is pretty long. As long as I find I don’t long for it again afterward 😉
  • I know many submissives and slaves who feel similarly. It isn’t necessarily the discipline they ‘enjoy’ but the fact that they have a dominant who cares enough to administer it. I expect in some cosmic way, many dominants get the same type of ‘enjoyment’ knowing they have a submissive or slave willing to accept the discipline to learn to adhere to that dominant’s wants and needs.
  • well, I would think it depends on why it is being handed out..
    is it for ‘punishment’ or my fav ‘funishment’ 😉
    I have known several Dommes that don’t like to dish out punishment as it means the sub/slave did something wrong…. however funishment mmmmm that is fun for everyone involved I know I hate receiving punishment but PLEASE bring on the funishment
  • I dish out pain, but it’s played, not punishment, and I enjoy it immensely. I dish out discipline, but it’s a matter of training and oversight so things are done as I wish. I dish out punishment on rare occasions, but it doesn’t include the things I use for pain play. It’s designed to correct a problem and will depend on what the problem is, and has nothing to do with enjoyment on either side other than the deep enjoyment both of us receive from having a D/s relationship.
  • Not me, I want someone who is self-disciplined. In my experience, when someone has failed me in some way, I have confronted it verbally and not with corporal punishment. I tend to take a step back. Part of this is for myself, so that I have a chance to cool off, and part is because I do believe there has to be a consequence. When I talk to the person I let them know what happened and why I want it to change.

In my opinion, I cannot punish someone into submission. If someone is willing to submit to me, he will change, if not, he won’t. That is an indicator that the D/s dynamic is not a fit.

  • CP means different things to me depending upon the context. I don’t really enjoy dishing out real punishment to my sub but as he is not a CP masochist and absolutely hates the cane and fears it terribly, it works well as a short sharp punishment to address any errors in his behaviour without recourse to what would be in our relationship potentially harmful emotional style punishments. Nothing he has ever done or would ever do deserves emotional hurt on his part but a bit of physical pain works well to remind him to keep himself obedient and submissive. His inner self does need me to punish him when he makes mistakes and he feels closer to me afterwards as he knows I have done what is right and necessary to keep our D/s dynamic intact.

I do enjoy using CP when it is just for my fun. paul still finds it hard to deal with when the pain level gets harder but he is never caned when I am having fun and I enjoy building up the pain slowly so he has a chance to get nicely spacey and able to take the pain more easily. I love to see him helpless, hurting, maybe crying but always being brave and good for me. That gives me a huge power thrill and he feels wonderful to submit to me in ways he would not choose just to please and serve me.

The difference between a caning as punishment and all other implements as fun CP is easy to maintain and I never feel confused about what is being done and for what reason.

  • I personally love dishing out corporal punishment, I suppose it is because I am sadistic though. My favorite sessions are the ones where I get to get out some of my aggression. Of course, subs long for it. Why do you think that they are always doing things they have been told not to. Subs want the punishment. Its really not play if the sub does absolutely everything they have been told and never slip up. Because then the domme ends up comming up with excuses to beat her slave. That might just be me though. I love it when a sub talks back to me and plays games. Because acting out is there way of asking for you to torture them. So, of course, you long for punishment, and of course, dommes (at least I do) long to punish.
  • I think there has to be a difference between punishment and corporal play, otherwise there is no lesson. Punishment HURTS, its meant to HURT with no pleasure involved, hence learning the lesson. No warm-up, no cool down-no aftercare. If it feels too good, the slave is doomed to repeat the infraction over and over just to get that kind of attention (I for one, have no patience for SAMs). The purpose for punishment is training and, well-to punish.

I think the OP means the corporal type: getting into it, really laying it on thick-am I close? I feel that this type of play can push a sub’s physical limits, where punishment can go over the limits to drive home a point (no pun).

  • In our relationship… anything “corporal” is playing. I do love giving a harsh spanking, caning, whipping, etc.. We both enjoy it, and at times my girl will come to me and tell me that she thinks she “needs” a spanking. She sometimes get so much stress and anxiety built up, and a good old fashion spanking will help to release all that pent up energy, and put her back in a more submissive and calm mood.

PUNISHMENT, on the other hand, is almost NEVER corporal. My girl is very compliant, and simply knowing I’m disappointed in her is enough to change a behavior. Sometimes putting her down on the floor with my foot on her neck to hold her in place helps her to understand the gravity of her actions.

  • The long of it is: I enjoy the challenge of a masochist who can take it. Whether it be a good old fashioned spaking or caning, to a good flogging, if it gets My heart rate up I know it can get the receiver going. I put on the heavy beat music (CDs I made just for the occasion with intense steady rythms), get a nice warm up going, then let loose as much as he or she can take. Sometimes I get so into the topspace I forget there is a person on the other end but that doesn’t last long, as I am also pretty in tune with the submissive. Just enough to push, but not cause any harm. And then there is the luscious after care…I love the physicality of it all.

But I should mention that this kind of thing is done only with people I know well-whom I either have played with before, trained or who have seen play. Getting heavy on someone I have never met doesn’t do anything for Me (no connection) and I have learned never trust anyone who says “Let loose Mistress, I can take it” because believe Me, what they think they can take and what they CAN is another story. And I HATE getting into it only to find someone safe-ing before I am just as I get My mojo moving. It’s like…being taken TO the orgasm but not allowed to have it. Great for subs, NOT so great for Dominants! GRRRRR!

  • It makes total sense to me. Obviously you need to know the sub on the other end. My slave has no safe words, but I can tell how much he can take and it varies from day today. I can always turn it from play into punishment by making him endure more than he wanted. The more I turn him on, the more pain he can take, and the more I enjoy it, and yes, it turns me on. Especially seeing the marks on his body afterward and for days. Mistress Zanna
  • what Mistress does like to discipline. Plays one thing. But discipline is another thing. Her having to discipline means the slave failed somehow. Wich year if there a true slave they be a masochist but the beating is not the same. And subs and slaves just remember your not only hurting your own self. But You have also hurt your Mistress to. Cause She will wonder where did She fail also for you to fail.
  • It helps me to be understood by those I interact with by calling much of what you describe as “impact play”. Whatever I do for fun is not an activity I use for punishment. If transgressions need correction, ignoring them for a time, sending them hope, scrubbing floors with a toothbrush, etc. are punishments. In severe cases, it might require kneeling on dry rice on the kitchen floor (but that would have to be such a blatant infraction as to border on dismissal – the ultimate punishment).
  • Your words: “Does anyone actually enjoy dishing out a corporal punishment???? I know I long for/need and love being handled in this manner.” “Corporal punishment”, for you, is an oxymoron, sweetie. If you love it, it is a reward 🙂

I agree with those that don’t see “punishment” as an enjoyable thing. It is what I do when I am not pleased with the actions or inaction of a submissive or slave. Displeasure is not fun to me.

To give a masochist pain is a reward, not a punishment, n’est pas? It is fun or a reward. Why would I reward bad behavior? Also, I don’t give anyone pain out of anger or disappointment, as that can result in abuse, harm and/or damage and that is not a good thing. I don’t want to be with someone who would need negative reinforcement to behave properly.

I am a positive reinforcement sort of Lady 🙂 So, Joey, you would have to be a very good boy for me to give you the ‘corporal punishment’ that you enjoy. Even then, it would be administered, when I felt in that sort of mood. At that time, I would likely enjoy it 🙂

Fortunately, I live in a 24/7 D/s and M/s polyamorous lifestyle relationship with my sub/husband and my slavegirl. My disappointment is sufficient discipline for both of them. They work very hard to avoid letting me down. Just a look on my face can be sufficient make them feel ashamed and guilty. They continue to beat themselves up (emotionally), until I smile again. I would not want to have a sub of slave that would require a lot of discipline. So, again, nope it ain’t my thing.

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