Janets Diaper – a chastity tale

Girl in a dress and a diaper

Janet inserted her ID card in the door lock, waited for the panel to slide back silently and then entered the office. As receptionist and book-keeper, her desk was just inside and she slid into her chair with practiced grace. She wore a pastel-pink jumpsuit and low-heeled rubber-soled shoes. The tailoring and color of her clothing marked her as a junior worker.

Turning to her computer she activated her terminal by allowing it to scan her right hand. After it recognized her fingerprints it displayed the current date and time as of June 15, 2045, 0715hrs. She immediately ran the “open office” routine, a program that would activate the lighting and climate control systems for every office in her division, start the coffee machine and perform a variety of other menial tasks such as watering the plants.

A magazine from the early 1990s was lying on her desk and it caught her eye. She and a friend had been studying it the night before, amazed at the weird fashions that women wore and how different society had been in those days.

Those were the times before the great plague, the strange disease that had wiped out 90% of the world’s population. In those days, she was told, men and women chose their mates for long periods of time, even for life. Everyone had the choice of whether or not to have a child and many used birth control to remain childless.

She flipped the magazine open and marveled at the short skirts and high heels the women used to attract the attention of the men. Everyone dressed differently, according to something called “style”. The paint they wore on their faces was meant to emulate sexual arousal and judging by the birth rate at the end of the 20th century, it had worked well.

Her friend had told her that most women kept their babies and raised them to adults. The idea astounded Janet. Things were different today.

In the New Order, the state-controlled population growth. Women were encouraged to conceive but few did because the state almost always “requested” the child, meaning taking it from the mother at birth to be raised in an official children’s home.

With disappointment the only reward for the discomfort of pregnancy and childbirth, few women conceived voluntarily. Although contraception was outlawed the black market did a booming trade in pills and other devices. Officially, the government blamed the low birth rate on residual sterility but everyone knew the real reason.

Faced with this silent revolt, the state had turned to the legal system as a source of infants. Every woman convicted of a crime was sentenced to at least one pregnancy. Serious crimes could result in a sentence of up to five pregnancies – almost 8 years of suffering. For this reason, a pregnant woman was almost always presumed to be a criminal, forcing legitimate mothers to stay out of sight for the last 6 months of their term.

Janet had heard rumors of the fertility units where bad girls were sent to do their time. She was sure most of the rumors were just that – fiction. The stories of restraints and forced insemination scared her. Women had become targets of the legal system and a wise girl kept clear of the law.

Janet closed the magazine and put it in a desk drawer.No sense in drawing attention to herself. She turned to her computer and entered the command to start the accounting program. It was month-end and an audit was due soon.She wanted to double-check her figures.

But the accounting program didn’t come up. Instead, a message advised her that her userid was no longer valid for that area of operations.

At first, she thought the computer had misread her palm print so she signed off and then logged on again but the same message appeared.

Then she wondered if her userid had expired. She checked her listing on the security file and got a shock. Someone with a government security ID had entered the system during the night and locked her out of every program that contained data. Only a few games and the news service were still active.

She felt a chill run down her spine. Now she knew that her suspicions about Dave might be correct. Yesterday afternoon she had encountered trouble reconciling the petty cash. It was out by 1,000 credits, not a large sum but it had been out by about that much for the past five weeks. Janet had put-off tracing the problem because she was sure it was just a key-punch error but now she realized that something was really amiss.

She couldn’t get into her program but she could look at the older periods by using her back-up disks. Her fingers were trembling as she inserted the disks and ran the scan program. She went back five months and began to scan the entries, keeping count of how often each userid appeared. It only took a few minutes for her to realize that her userid was turning up about ten times as often as it should have. Someone had been tampering with the program, making it look like she had initiated a lot of petty cash transactions.

That was part one. The fact that there were nearly 10,000 credits missing was part two. Add the two together and it made a neat case for Janet having pilfered the petty cash.

Dave had done it, there was no doubt about that. Like every other female Janet suddenly realized that not only was he using her to hide his crime, the fact that she was female was enough to make the courts less than anxious to find her innocent.She looked down at her flat belly.She had yet to bear a child – the court would take that into consideration.Then she remembered yesterday’s news item about new
birthing quotas.

She had been set up.Guilty or not the government would use the accusation to sentence her to a pregnancy she did not want and didn’t deserve. Just as she wondered who she could turn to the door slid open to reveal two female court officers.

Janet’s heart stopped when she saw the black jumpsuits.Both women were tall and very muscular, likely sterile and if they were typical, very bad tempered.Behind them a utility robot idled patiently.They marched in and blocked her escape from her desk.

“Janet Simmons?” One of them asked.Janet nodded.”Please give me your right hand.

Janet extended her right hand and placed it on the portable palm reader the officer carried.A metallic voice came from the small aluminum box. “Janet Simmons, you are charged under section 234 of the Public Behaviour Act with theft of corporate funds.You are commanded to appear before the justice tribunal at 1000 hours, August 22, 2045 at Station D, Level 4, Compartment 2.Until that time, and under the authority of the Public Restraint Act you are ordered to surrender your body for the fitting of control devices to ensure your compliance.
You are advised that any resistance on your part may increase your sentence.”

The voice clicked off and Janet felt the woman’s
steel grip on her arm.”Come along, dear, it will
only take a minute.There’s enough space in the
meeting room.”

Janet was so taken with fear and confusion that
she could only mumble a squeak in reply.The grip on
her arm tightened and she obediently rose to her
feet.In a daze she let herself be led into the
meeting room.

She watched the robot transform itself into an
examining table.She tried to remember all she had
heard or seen of arresting procedures and the control
devices that were part of it but her mind was
suddenly blank.She didn’t snap out of it until the
other officer began to lower the zipper that ran down
the front of her jumper.

At the same time that she felt the cool air of
the office on her breasts she saw the collar and
chastity belt that the robot had produced from its
storage compartment.

“Oh, no!” she sobbed into her hands.She turned
to the tall officer with tears streaming down her
cheeks.”Please,” she pleaded, “you don’t have to
put those on me.I’ll be there, I promise.I didn’t
steal anything, you know, it was the office manager,
I have proof!”

The hard expression on the other woman’s face
didn’t change.”We’ve heard it all before dear.
Either you get the gear or we get into trouble.Now
what do you think it will be?”

As Janet broke down into sobs the two officers stripped her jumpsuit off her and guided her toward the robot table.There were stirrups to hold her
feet and legs and plenty of restraints to stop her from struggling.

She flinched at the first touch of the cold metal but the officers had been expecting that and with clinical detachment they soon had her fastened down,
her legs spread wide, ready for the appliances to be fitted.In her misery, Janet looked down between her spread legs and tested her bonds.She couldn’t move an inch.Her most private place was open and available. They could do anything they wanted to.

She began to cry in earnest when the first officer pulled on a pair of rubber gloves and began to shave her using an electric razor.She knew why. All the rumors and girl-talk came back to her.It was all too horrible to think about and she prayed for her information was wrong.

Unfortunately, Janet’s information was accurate. After shaving her vulva bare a sensing head emerged from the robot and scanned her nether regions.A few
seconds later a little cage made of fine wire mesh emerged from the machine.The officer attached it to the standard chastity belt and began to fit the cold metal bands to Janet’s genital area.

First, there was a wide belt of metal fitted around the waist and cinched tight over the hip bones. Then the trapeze that would hold the cage
over her vulva was fitted, one for the front and one for the back. Finally, the officer produced a small device that looked like a clamp. After a dab of glue
on each of its pincers, Janet felt the cold steel fingers being attached to either side of her clitoris. The officer attached the cage and then swung it home into position, covering her vulva and preventing her from removing the little clamp. It only took a few seconds for them to fit the special
collar around her neck.A large button on the front
of it immediately glowed orange as it established
communication with the chastity belt and then turned
to red as it determined her fertility level.It
would soon change to green, Janet realized to her

Satisfied that all was well, the officer stepped
back and pressed a button on a small controller she
wore on her belt. Suddenly the clamp around Janet’s
most sensitive place tightened and she heard herself
scream in pain.”That’s what will happen if you
leave these designated areas,” the officer intoned as
the robot printed a map.On the day of your court
appearance, you’ll be permitted to take only the most
direct path to your hearing.”

The officer then pressed a button on the side of
the robot and suddenly all the restraints that had
held Janet retracted. Dazed she didn’t move until
the other officer yanked her to her feet and handed
her the jumpsuit she had been wearing.”Thank you
for your cooperation.” they intoned in unison, “Have
a pleasant day.”

The robot reformed itself and followed the women
out of the room.Janet was left standing, nude but
for the metal devices on her body and her shoes.She
started to cry all over again and then remembered
that the rest of the staff were due any minute.With
trembling hands she struggled into her jumpsuit.
When she got it to her hips she realized that the
tight, form-fitting fabric would betray her secret to
the world, even if people missed the fertility
collar.She looked down at the small pile of her
pubic hair on the carpet and saw in it her innocence.

She walked back to her desk slowly.The metal
cage between her thighs made her waddle because it
was so uncomfortable. She couldn’t take her mind off
it and she cursed fate for having to wear it.How
could she face her coworkers? She knew they would
presume her guilty.Yet, if she fled she could go
only to her living space, anywhere else would make
the clamp tighten on her love button.She carefully
sat down on the very edge of her chair, taking her
weight on her tail bone, put her head in her hands
and sobbed.

The door slid open to reveal the Director.An
expression of concern crossed his face when he saw
that Janet was in tears.”What’s wrong?” he said
still standing in the corridor. When she raised her
head to reply he saw the fertility collar and his
expression changed.”Some trouble, I see. Be in my
office in five minutes.”

Janet went into the Director’s office hopeful of
a fair hearing.”What have you been charged with?”
he demanded but before she could reply he glanced at
his terminal.”Never mind. I see I have a priority
message from the Justice Department. Give me a moment to
see what they have to say.”

Janet felt herself tremble while she waited for
him to read the words that accused her. Would he
believe them?When he turned his attention back to
her his expression was neutral.”What’s your

Janet gushed out a stream of words, explaining
how she had stumbled on the evidence but hadn’t had a
chance to prepare a report. She explained why she
thought Dave was the culprit but as soon as she
finished she guessed that the Director wasn’t going
to side with her.

He didn’t meet her eyes.”I don’t have enough
evidence to intervene. You’ll have a fair hearing
tomorrow. If you want to accuse David at that time
you may but I advise you to have a better case then
than you do now.”His eyes moved down to where the
outline of her chastity belt showed through the thin
material of her jumper.”You can stay the rest of
the day if you want to but I can’t have you in the
receptionist’s position with all that hardware on
you. Tell Susan to take over for you and see if
there is some filing or something that will keep you
out of sight.”

Janet was crestfallen.She mumbled something and
then turned to leave.As she was about to pass
through the door the Director’s parting words reached
her, “If you would like to take the rest of the day
off we won’t deduct it from your vacation or sick

She didn’t reply.He had just told her to get
out, that she was an embarrassment.She was hurt by
the rejection and now knew that she was on her own.
No one was going to help her.

She waited the full hour until Susan was due in.
It was awful. Each member of the office arrived,
greeted her cheerfully until they saw the collar and
then suddenly scurried off to their cubicles as if
she had some dreaded disease. Only Dave behaved
differently, not changing the cheerful tone of his
voice as he pressed her for details about what she
had been charged with.Janet used all her self-
discipline to refrain from accusing him but one look
at his eyes told her she was right.He had set her

When Susan finally did turn up Janet got some
sympathy.Her friend gave her a hug, wished her the
best and told her that she would cover Janet’s work
for the next two days.While both women wanted to
believe that Janet had an even chance of coming out
of the tribunal a free woman, neither thought it was
likely.The government wanted babies and it wasn’t
likely that Janet would escape having to have one as
a punishment for a crime she didn’t commit.

Feeling rejected and lost, Janet stumbled out of
the office and down the corridor. She was sure that
everyone who saw her was staring at her fertility
collar or the outline of her chastity belt. The men
gave her hungry looks and the women turned their
faces away, anxious to be away from a woman who was
on her way to the dreaded fertility compound.

She stepped onto a lift and because there were
already so many people in the car, she forgot to
punch in her level code. The cubicle sped upward,
pausing occasionally to led a passenger off. Janet
kept her chin down, staring at the floor, in a vain
attempt to hide her collar.

Suddenly the car was half empty.She looked up
just in time to realize that she had missed her
floor.At the same time the clamp on her clitoris
tightened cruelly.Crying out in pain, Janet
clutched her crotch in a most unfeminine manner and
sank to her knees.

Obsessed with the bite of the chastity belt she
heard herself scream and heard someone say “Quick!
She’s out of bounds!Hit the down button!”

Waves of pain washed up from her groin as the
lift reversed direction. She was certain that she
was about to blackout at any moment. It was the
worst kind of pain she could have imagined and even
after the first few seconds of it she was resolved
never to do anything to incur this kind of punishment
again.Her sobs filled the car as she waited through
the long seconds until she was within bounds again.

Suddenly the clamp released. She tried to
massage herself through the cage but it’s efficient
little metal bars did their duty and she was
frustrated. Sore and shaken she let a stranger help
her to her feet. She looked up to see a kind face.
The uniform told her he was a senior official.

“Just charged today?” he asked knowingly.She
nodded.”Try to keep an eye on where you are going
or you’ll get a lot more pain than you deserve.”She
nodded again just before he helped her off at her
level.She noticed his name badge and tried to
remember it but her mind was still reeling from the
clamp.Later she wondered how he knew which floor
was hers.

Suddenly alone in the residential corridor she
stumbled along, still not believing that the pain was
really gone. She was truly shaken. She had little
doubt about how “fair” her trial would be. Like many
of her sisters, regardless of her guilt or innocence,
she was destined to be impregnated, much as she
dreaded that thought.

The worst part of the rest of the day was having
nothing to do.She dared not venture outside her
quarters because her collar would give her away as a
“chargee”.She paced up and down until, out of
boredom, she stripped down to the metal devices on
her body and studied them.

She traced the outline of the chastity cage with
her fingers.There was nothing she could do to
remove it.She realized that the next time she would
be naked might well be an insemination session and
the thought of it made her shudder. Still naked she
rolled onto her sleeping pad and cried herself to

In the middle of the night her bladder and bowels
woke her.She stumbled toward the bathroom, still
humiliatingly aware of the metal cage between her
thighs.As soon as she sat down on the toilet it
pressed more deeply into her tender flesh and she
moaned in protest.

When she released her water it splashed against
the metal device and made a mess on the floor.As
she gathered some toilet paper and began to clean up
the mess she began to cry.She was now convinced
that all the things she had heard about the court
system were true.

She did not sleep for the rest of the night.
Instead she lay awake, obsessed with the sensation of
the metal cage between her thighs and the terror of
being forced to bear a child.By the time she rose
to get ready for court she was a nervous wreck,
anxious for it to be over.

She made her way to the justice department
carefully, anxious to avoid another experience with
the damned clamp.A male court officer leered at her
as he directed her to a holding pen that was already
full of other females whose jumpsuits bulged like
hers.There was no conversation.Everyone knew what
was going to happen.

The hearing was brief and to the point.The
bailiff read out the charge and she heard herself
meekly defend herself, the words sounding hollow.
The justice rejected most of her statement and then
passed sentence.”Janet Simmons, in the absence of
adequate defence of the charges against you I
pronounce that you are guilty and are herewith
sentenced to serve the state by delivering a healthy
child.You are herewith remanded to the state
fertility centre where you shall remain until you
conceive such a child.”With a rap of his gavel the
justice closed her case and opened a nightmare.

A court officer led her through a different door
than the one she had entered by and pushed her into a
small cell lined with white tiles.It was little
bigger than a shower stall and she could only kneel.
The light was harsh and bright.It was hot and soon
she felt herself perspiring.Worse, she felt the
need to pee.

Time dragged on.She guessed that all of the
female prisoners would have to be processed before
anyone was transported to the fertilization compound.
She tried to listen for sounds but the cell was

She began to be afraid they would leave her there
forever and she even pounded on the seamless door a
few times in the vain hope of attracting a
sympathetic guard.All she got for her trouble was
sore wrists and an aching bladder.

No, they wouldn’t forget her, she realized as her
fingers traced the outline of the metal chastity cage
between her legs.She had something they needed and
they weren’t going to forget about it.

Just when she was sure she could hold her urine
no longer the door slid open.Janet had been
expecting a court official; instead she froze and

The woman was huge and muscular.She didn’t wear
clothing, just a complicated harness that hid the
essentials but just barely.Metal and leather
circled her body, capturing her breasts in rigid
cuffs and hiding her crotch behind a large triangular
piece of metal that looked like it did more than just
conceal.Her high black leather boots completed the

“What are you lookin’ at?Move your ass!”she

Janet slowly moved past her out of the cubicle.
She saw a transport car all rigged up for prison
duty.There were 12 places to sit, each one with a
series of padded bars that clamped down on the
occupant.The car was almost full and Janet could
see that none of its occupants were comfortable or
happy.They squirmed against the thick padded bars
that pressed them into their hard seats and moaned or
just cried.

Just the thought of those bars pressing firmly
against her reminded Janet of her bladder.”Please,”
she said softly as the woman pushed her toward the
car, “I really have to use the bathroom.”

“Fine with me,” she grunted, “but you’ll be sorry
you asked.”Before Janet could react the woman had
cuffed her hands behind her back.Then she was
pulled to a corner of the room where an oval shaped
cup was attached to the end of a long thick hose.

The guard put her arm behind Janet’s shoulders to
steady her and flicked a switch on the wall.The
sound of rushing air came from the end of the hose.
The woman reached for the cup and thrust it tightly
against Janet’s crotch, crushing the metal cage
against her most sensitive flesh.

Before she could cry out she was immersed in
agony.The cup was a vacuum and it was sucking at
her crotch cruelly.Her distressed bladder couldn’t
take it and to her dismay, Janet felt her water begin
to leave her, passing though the cloth jumper as the
cup sucked it from it.

Suddenly the guard took her hand off the cup and
stepped away, laughing as she did so.Sensing her
freedom, Janet lunged backward trying to pull the cup
away from her crotch.

But the vacuum was too strong.It clung to her
groin like a maddened animal.She sank to her knees,
weakened by the pain and humiliation.She heard the
guard laughing and the gasps of sympathy from the
other prisoners.Her pee slurped down the hose, the
noise mingling with her cries.Finally she fell to
the floor, lying on her side, almost faint with the

The guard flicked the switch and the noise died.
The cup fell away from her crotch.Janet looked up
weakly.”I warned you.”The guard said as she
hoisted the girl to her feet.”Now get your butt
into that seat and shut-up.”

Janet’s handcuffs were removed just before she
was shoved into the last seat in the car.The metal
bars were brought down over her shoulders and locked.
Her arms were pinned at her sides.Despite her pain
and suffering, Janet was more upset by the tell-tale
oval wet patch in the crotch of her jumpsuit – a
badge of shame.As the car began to move she thought
of the awful pain in her groin and bladder.
Remembering where she was going it didn’t help to
think of it getting worse before it got better.

Twenty-four Hours Later

Janet woke up in her bunk in the fertility clinic
a few minutes before the lights came on.For a brief
second, in the darkness, she thought it might all
have been a bad dream.

But as soon as she flexed her fingers and felt
again the smooth lining of her restraint mittens she
knew it wasn’t a dream.She moved her hips and felt
the thick diaper and plastic panties that she had
been forced to dress herself in at bed time.She was
dry this morning but her nose told her that some of
her bunk-mates hadn’t been so lucky.The mittens
made sure she couldn’t take the diaper off or try and
tamper with the metal chastity belt that was still
locked securely between her thighs.

The ache in her calf muscles made her look down
at her feet.Upon arrival she had been fitted with
mesh boots – footwear made out of thin strips of
plastic featuring high heels and locked in place.
Her feet had been forced into a pointed position for
48 hours and her legs just weren’t used to it.At
first she had been puzzled by the boots but then she
had seen another girl try to run away from a male who
wanted to “have” her and realized that even the most
athletic girl couldn’t run very well in high heels.

The memory made her think of yesterday, her first
full day here in hell.They had treated her like a
piece of meat, sending her to station after station
where one technician or another either took a sample
of some body fluid, or fitted something to her
fearful and trembling body.She reached up and felt
the small disks that had been glued to her skull just
behind the ears.Even the brief test had been enough
to convince her that the head-splitting sound they
created in her mind was not worth experiencing.She
would be cooperative.

She looked through the fine mesh screen that was
the only barrier between her and the rest of the
room.Her bunk was built into the wall and once the
screen was lowered she was trapped.Female faces
peered back.No one slept in.The hot, itchy
diapers, mesh boots and chastity belts made sure of

The bunk directly across from her was occupied by
a girl named Julia who was here for the last part of
her three-pregnancy sentence.She was cursed with
infrequent fertility periods and so spent a lot of
time just wandering around, watching other girls get
“fertilized”, a polite word for rape.

“Janet!”she heard Julia’s whispered voice drift
across the walkway.


“I hate to tell you but you’re green.”

Janet’s hands flew to the metal collar around her
neck, as if her fingers could sense the colour of the
disk that betrayed her state of fertility.Green
meant she was ready to be fertilized.Green meant
that any man in the complex could take her into one
of the special cubicles, force her to kneel, put her
neck and wrists into the stocks and then take her
from behind.The men carried “controllers”, little
boxes that caused the cage of her chastity belt to
unlock.After he had performed his patriotic duty
the man would put a tampon in her vagina to hold his
sperm in and then lock her chastity cage.After
that, until her next cycle (if she didn’t conceive),
only that man’s controller would release her cage.
They called it a “marriage”.

Before anything more could be said the lights
snapped on and the wire mesh screens opened.Martha
strolled into the dorm.”Get your butts out of bed
and into the showers.”She said as she walked down
the aisle.She stopped in front of Janet.

“I see you’ll be having some fun today.Don’t
forget to stop by the control station for a grease

Janet shuddered as she swung her legs out of the
bunk.She avoided the matron’s stare and instead
studied the complex web of metal and leather that was
her only clothing.Julia had explained that Martha
was sentenced to several pregnancies but it had
turned out she was unable to conceive.She was
working off her sentence as a “trusty”, a prisoner
who worked for the administration.The devices on
her body could inflict intense pleasure or pain,
depending on how well Martha did her job.Judging by
her actions so far, Martha was getting a lot of

The phrase “grease job” rang in Janet’s ears.
Julia had explained that most girls couldn’t
lubricate fast enough to please the men.The problem
was solved by spraying the genitals of fertile girls
with a special solution that kept them mildly aroused
and lubricated all day.

Now trembling with fear and dread, Janet joined
the line of girls slowly shuffling toward the wash
room.Their high heels made little tapping sounds on
the floor and there were groans as soggy diapers and
high heels took their toll.

At the entrance to the wash room each girl
inserted her mittened wrists into two holes in the
wall.A machine released the cuffs that held the
mittens on.A few feet farther along, each girl
removed the diapers and plastic panty that she had
worn all night.Then, naked but for her restraint
devices and mesh boots, the girls showered.

After drying off they had a few minutes to style
their hair and put on a little make-up.Janet hated
this the most – making herself pretty so she could be
taken by force.Then it was off to a feeding station
where breakfast consisted of a “nutrition bar” and a
glass of what was supposed to be fruit juice.

Just before they were released into the “common
area” each girl dressed in a see-through top and what
Janet’s 1990 magazine called a “mini skirt”.The
clothing left little to the imagination and after
wearing jumpsuits for years Janet felt more exposed
than if she had been nude.

Before she got to the clothing station Martha
pulled her out of line and pushed her toward a small
room.”Your memory needs refreshing.You’re going
to get it this morning.That means you need a grease

Janet didn’t protest.There was no point.It
would only get her into trouble.Martha wasn’t
allowed to mete out punishments but she always found
a way to make life hell for the inmates she didn’t

There was a machine in the room that had a hose
and an oval plate just like the vacuum urinal that
Janet had experienced painfully on her court day.
Martha handed the nozzle to Janet and told her to
place it over her vulva.When she saw the fear and
reluctance in the girl’s eyes she seemed to soften a

“Don’t worry.This ain’t like the urinal.Some
girls look forward to it.”

Still apprehensive, Janet did as she was told.
Martha activated the machine and Janet felt a warm
mist being sprayed through the chastity cage onto her
hairless nether lips.It was quite a nice feeling
and as it continued, Janet felt a blossom of arousal
in her loins.At first it was a pleasing sensation
but soon it evolved into a hungry ache, a desperate
need for something hard and round to penetrate those
soft, moist lips.

When Martha turned off the machine and took the
nozzle away Janet groaned in sexual frustration.Her
cheeks felt flushed and her nipples were almost
painfully erect.”See what I mean?” the matron said
as she escorted Janet to the clothing station.

Janet donned the shear top and noticed that her
erect nipples were very obvious.The little skirt
only just concealed her chastity belt.She was glad
her coworkers wouldn’t be seeing her like this.

The door to the common area opened and the girls
filed out, looking around anxiously to see if the
males had arrived yet.Those who knew they were
showing green stayed in the middle of the group,
hoping to avoid detection by a qualified male for at
least a little while.

There was only one man waiting for them and he
had already picked out his partner.”Sharon!” he
called to a tall brunette.

When she saw him the girl turned and tried to run
but her high heels slowed her progress.The man
caught up with her.”Don’t run!I’ve waited weeks
for this. It’s a dream come true, don’t you see?We
can do it legally while you’re here.It can be very
nice if you try.”

Julia appeared at Janet’s side, “I don’t blame
Sharon for avoiding him. They were having an affair
until the guy’s wife found out. Sharon was arrested
for conduct unbecoming a citizen. Sharon told me she
thinks the guy may actually have turned her in just
so he could have some fun without his wife finding

Sharon pushed him hard on the shoulders.”Stay
away from me! You’re the reason why I’m here!I
want nothing to do with you!”

The man’s expression changed to one of
resignation.”I warned you, it could have been
nice,” he said as he took a small rectangular device
from his pocket and stared at the controls.

Sharon started to back away.”It isn’t right,
you know,” she said softly, “your wife won’t like it
if you impregnate me.”

She was about ten paces from him when he pushed a
button.Sharon’s hands flew to her ears and she
shrieked in pain. “Stop it!Stop it!I’ll do
anything!Just stop it!”

The man pressed the controls again and it
appeared that Sharon’s pain lessened but she still
kept her hands to her head while she looked at him,
waiting for instructions.He mutely pointed to a
door in the wall a few feet away and as they walked
toward it he opened the door by pressing a button on
his controller.

Janet stared.It was the first time she had seen
one of the dreaded cubicles.The sight was exactly
what Julia had described, the low bench where the
woman kneeled and placed her neck and wrists into the
mechanically-controlled stocks while the man took his

Sharon entered the cubicle and sank to her knees.
The man touched his controller again and her body
seemed to relax.She looked back at the group of
girls for just an instant before she lowered her neck
and wrists into position.The machine sensed her
presence and lowered the top halves into place,
holding her firm.

Aware of his audience, the man stood to one side
while he pushed another button on his controller.
There was a click as Sharon’s chastity cage was
released and fell away, supported by its front hinge.
Her nether lips were bare and swollen from her
“grease job”.The man paused to let the girls get a
good look before he closed the door.

Stunned by what she had seen, Janet continued to
stare at the door, imagining what it would be like
for her when the time came.Most of the other girls
drifted away, more than familiar with the scene, but
Julia stayed with her friend.

Janet turned to her.”You’ve been through it at
least twice.Is it all that bad?”Julia looked at
the flush in Janet’s cheeks and noticed her absent-
minded squeezing of her thighs.The grease job was
taking its toll, flooding the young girl’s body with
arousal and a desperate need for penetration.She
knew the conflict of fear and horniness well.Janet
needed to be reassured more than she needed the

“You know, it’s not as bad as it looks.You’re
held so tight that it releases you, in a way.It’s
as if your conscience knows that things are out of
your control and so you can’t be blamed if you enjoy
it a little.”

“Enjoy it?”Janet asked hoarsely.

Julia blushed a little.”Yes, it is possible to
enjoy it.”

“Is that what he meant when he said it could have
been nice?”

Julia’s face took on a far-away look.”No.Not
all the fertilization takes place in cubicles like
that.If a man really fancies you and has enough
rank he can take you to a bedroom.You’ll be
attached to the bed by a long chain running from your
collar but beyond that its just like plain old sex.
He can take his time and you can help him.”

“So if you are cooperative they treat you

“That’s right, honey, but you really have to show
them how cooperative you want to be.Sometimes it
back-fires.If it gets out that a girl really came
on to a guy just so she could get one of the nice
rooms she gets labelled a tramp.”

Janet wanted to ask more questions but the door
to the cubicle suddenly slid open.Sharon was still
held fast in the stocks and the man was doing
something with his hands.Suddenly Janet recognized
the instrument.

“A tampon?” she asked Julia.

“Uh huh,” she replied, “it wouldn’t make sense to
let all that sperm leak out, now would it?”

They watched as he expertly inserted the
applicator into Sharon’s swollen genitals, pressed
the plunger and then withdrew it.The tell-tale
string remained, telling the world that Sharon had
been fertilized.

He pulled the cage portion of the chastity belt
up and into position.Janet heard the click and
shuddered.Then the stocks released the hapless girl
and she rose.Janet could see a strange expression
on her face – relief mixed with hate.

“See you tomorrow!” the man said with a smile as
he strode off.Sharon kept her face down while she
pulled on the hem of her mini skirt in a futile
attempt to hide the tampon string.After a quick
glance at Julia and Janet she slipped away, avoiding
making eye contact with anyone.

“Tomorrow?” Janet asked.

“Tomorrow.” Julia replied, “Now that he’s the
first to take her for this menstrual cycle, only his
controller will open her cage.He really wants to
have her – that’s why he was here so early.Like it
or not she’ll have to put up with him for the next
few days.Don’t be surprised if she chooses the nice

Janet and Julia stayed together for the rest of
the day.For some strange reason only two other
males entered the compound and Janet was able to
avoid them.Still, she watched them take their
crying and protesting girls to the cubicles with
fascination.The chemical that had been sprayed on
her nether regions made her very aroused.She ached
to be able to touch herself there and even traced the
outline of the chastity cage when she thought no one
was looking.Julia observed her friend’s agitated
condition but made no reference to it.

After their last meal of the day they joined the
girls lining up for admission to the sleeping
quarters.It was the reverse of the process Janet
had experienced that morning.First she shed her
clothes then she was given an opportunity to relieve
herself before taking a shower.

She grimaced in distaste when Martha handed her a
disposable diaper and watched with amusement while
Janet put it on while standing up.Then a pair of
the obligatory plastic panties and she joined the
line for the mitten machine.As soon as she felt the
wrist cuffs of the mittens being locked around her
hands she felt sad.The chemical still made her
horny but she felt so helpless.In the back of her
mind she began to hope that it would be over.

As she fell asleep, still flexing her thighs
uselessly against the rigid metal cage that protected
her sex, Janet was certain that she had seen the
worst this nightmare could offer.

She was wrong.In the middle of the dark, hot
night, full of the sounds of torment, she awoke to
find herself in desperate need of a toilet.Her
bladder ached with fullness and her bowels too wanted

Panic swept over her.She felt beads of
perspiration form on her brow.She bit her lip as
she peered through the mesh screen at the rows of
cage-bunks.She started to cry out for Martha but
then stopped.There was no point in drawing
attention to herself.Martha would not come, or if
she did it would be to punish her.Janet looked down
at the diaper taped snugly around her waist and the
plastic panties that sealed it tight.They were
there for a reason.

Janet rested her head on the plastic-covered
pillow and tried to summon the strength to fight her
body’s demands.

It was a slow a losing battle.Janet soon
realized that she must have been given a drug of some
kind.Whatever it was, was meant to make her pee and
mess herself.She alternated her attention between
her front and rear passages.

The minutes and then hours drifted by.Soon she
was gritting her teeth with the effort, trying to
accommodate the growing agony.

Suddenly she lost control.It started as a
little trickle of urine, something that Janet thought
she could tolerate, but as soon as she turned her
attention to that part of her anatomy her rear
passage spasmed and she heard herself give out with a
little gasp of surprise as the first warm mush
invaded the humid confines of her diaper.The
surprise was enough to destroy her ability to stem
either tide and her muffled whimpers filled the room
as Janet, a woman of 25 years, filled her diaper.

When it was over she could not bear to move.
Nothing she had ever experienced felt like this.A
whiff of the mess that lay trapped beneath the
passive plastic shell reached her nose and she was
almost sick.When she finally did sleep it was from

She didn’t awake until the mesh screen slid out
of the way and Martha’s gravel voice smashed into her
sleep like a freight train.As soon as she tried to
move she was reminded of what had happened and soon
the smell of her incontinence added its own evidence.
She blushed furiously as she took her place in line
with the other girls and watched their faces as they
realized what she had done in the night.

The routine was the same and before Janet knew it
she was in the common area, hiding behind Julia and
panic stricken because she knew her collar was green
and the odds were that some man would find her while
she was still fertile.Still, she had hope and while
she could she used her friend like a shield.

It might have worked if Julia hadn’t needed to
use the toilet.There was only one available for the
girls in the common area and so she had to wait in
line.Janet didn’t want to wait with her because it
made her feel more exposed and so she had tried to
use the few pillars of the building to shield herself
from any prying male eyes.

Just when she thought she had made it for at
least another hour a deep male voice from behind
startled her.”You are a hard person to find.”

She wheeled around, almost tripping because she
still wasn’t used to the high heeled boots.She had
seen that face before but it took her a few seconds
to remember that it belonged to the man in the
elevator, the one who had rescued her from the cruel
bite of the clamp when she had forgotten to get off
on her floor.Now she looked into his eyes and knew
full well what he wanted.She also knew she had
little to say about whether or not he got it.

“So we meet again.” was all she could think of to
say.She knew it sounded stupid but is was better
than silence, better than being dragged off to one of
the cubicles without so much as a by-your-leave.

“Hard or soft?” he asked with a smile.

She was confused.”What do you mean?”

“You can decide to have some fun or you can make
me take you into one of the cubicles and get it over
with in an instant.Problem is, I’ll be back
tomorrow and the day after that, just to make sure
I’ve done my duty.Now, the question for you is, do
I want three days of nastiness or three days of

It was a gut-wrenching decision and she hated him
for asking her to choose.But after witnessing
Sharon’s forcible impregnation the day before she had
few illusions about her options.”Soft” she said
quietly as she eyed the rank badges on his jumper.
He smiled and escorted her towards one of the

Neither of them said anything as the lift
rocketed skyward.Janet didn’t know much about this
sort of thing but she guessed that the higher they
went the more senior this man must be.Just when she
thought the lift must surely be at its upward limit
it ground to a halt, its doors opening onto a floor
decorated in green marble and polished wood.

“Is this the very top?” she asked naively as he
escorted her down the hall.

“No,” he said with a chuckle, “there are a few
more floors higher but it’s high enough to save you
from the stocks.”

She suddenly realized that her chastity belt
hadn’t clamped her clitoris for being out of bounds.
She surmised that they must still be within the
confines of the fertility facility and it amazed her
that it was this large.Then she remembered how
important fertility was to the government and wasn’t
surprised any more.

His thumb print opened a door to a lavishly
decorated bedroom.It was something right out of an
antique magazine.A canopied bed, thick carpets and
copies of rare paintings gave it a feeling of older,
more romantic times.There were two clues that she
was still in the 21st century: the long thin chain
that ran downward from a point in the ceiling over
the bed and the picture phone communications device
on the desk.

With an arm around her shoulders he guided her
toward the bed and casually picked up the loose end
of the chain.Before she could protest he clipped it
to her collar.

She stared at him as he took a step backward and
aimed his controller box at her loins.Then,
suddenly, her chastity belt loosened and then fell
away from her hips, held up only by the fact that her
thighs were close together.She spread her legs a
little and watched in amazement as the tangle of
metal fell to the floor with a clatter.

Suddenly free of that hated appliance she turned
to him flush with relief but suddenly very aware of
her shaven vulva – it made her feel more than naked.
“How did you manage that?” she asked sincerely.

“Rank has its privileges,” he muttered as he
began to unbutton his jumpsuit.”The only problem is
that neither of us can leave this room unless your
chastity device in back in place.I guess that means
we can be a normal married couple in the mean time.”

She fingered the chain now clipped to her collar.
“Normal as long as I stay on my leash, you mean.”
she said with a flirting smile.She didn’t mean to
flirt; her teasing behaviour was a survival trait.
She knew he would take her sooner or later.She may
as well help the process be as enjoyable as possible
and if that meant a little flirting then so be it.

As he crossed the room, now nude, to embrace her,
she wondered if she was being wise to encourage him
but she couldn’t deny the throbbing ache from her
nether regions, thanks to the “lube job” nor could
she deny the logic of being able to enjoy luxury
while she was impregnated instead of being held
struggling in a set of stocks while some strange male
took her from behind.

He swept her up in his arms and carried her to
the canopied bed.Before she knew it he was between
her legs, thrusting his stiff rod into her aching
pussy and creating wave after wave of pleasure for
her.When he came she welcomed it for he had
thrusted at her so long she was becoming sore from
the friction.

They stayed in the apartment for the next three
days, making love when the mood took them and eating
rich foods from the excellent room service.In time
Janet forgot the ultimate reason for her presence and
managed to enjoy herself as much as her circumstances
would allow.Having resigned herself to becoming
pregnant by him she was determined to exact whatever
enjoyment she could from the situation.

It was late in the last day that they finally got
to talking.Both of their bodies were exhausted and
in the afterglow of good sex he asked her how she had
come to the facility.She described the sequence of
events briefly but with enough detail to make him ask
more questions until he had extracted the entire
story, including her suspicions.

“There are computer audit records you couldn’t
have known about that will prove your story.” he
said.From her reading of 20th century novels she
almost expected to see a plume of cigarette smoke
curling over his furled brow as he contemplated her

She giggled.”It doesn’t matter now.After the
past three days with you I’m full of sperm.There’s
no doubt I’ll conceive.I’ll just have the baby and
be done with it.This sort of thing happens to lots
of girls.Whether I like it or not I’ve no choice in
the matter.”

“I agree,” he said slowly, “but there’s one thing
that does count and its worth my while to look into

She was puzzled by his last remark but was too
tired to question him about it.She liked him and
thought herself lucky to have had the chance to be in
the apartment instead of the humiliating stocks.

His name was Adam and she realized that was all
she knew about him as she watched him get out of bed
and stride across the room, the furrow in his brow
telling her he was calculating the facts, looking for
an angle.Finally he went to the computer terminal
and began punching the keys madly, demanding ID and
access codes from her when he needed them.

In the end it came down to a print-out of four
pages.She didn’t understand all the codes but he
assured her it was sufficient to clear her name.She
didn’t believe him but let him E-mail it to the
justice department nonetheless.

He took her one last time and then fell asleep
immediately.She stayed awake and wondered why she
was so untroubled by her three days duty as a
concubine.Was it because she cared for him?He was
gentle and kind, to be sure, and anything was better
than wearing diapers in her bunk in the dormitory and
dealing with Martha’s sadism.

She turned on her side and found herself staring
at the chastity belt lying in a crumpled heap on the
night stand.Soon she would have to wear it again,
at least until it was confirmed she was pregnant and
perhaps even after that.But it would never
accommodate her swollen belly.She didn’t know what
the system had devised to solve that problem and
wasn’t anxious to find out.

He woke and showered and then let her take a bath
before they departed.She loved having the privacy
of a bath room and shuddered when she thought of the
chastity belt and diapers that awaited her.

At his suggestion she stood near a wall, spread
her legs and leaned forward so he could insert a
tampon and then fit the chastity belt over her loins.
As he slipped the cotton plug into her and then
placed the hated clamp onto her clitoris she found
herself desperately hoping that she had conceived.
She knew she couldn’t wait a month to go through all
this again.He unclipped the chain and helped her
dress.The clothes felt funny.All she had worn for
the past three days were the mesh boots and her

Her head was spinning as he took her back to the
common area.She felt attached to him and yet she
knew it was unwise to let her emotions get out of

He kissed her as soon as they stepped off the
elevator and told her he would keep track of her.
Then he was gone, leaving her disoriented and alone.

“Just back from heaven?” Martha’s voice snarled
from behind her as a hand gripped her chastity belt
through her clothes, elicited a whimper of pain from

Before Janet could say anything she found herself
being hustled along toward a room marked
“Incubation”.As soon as the door slid open she saw
Julia standing in the middle of the room, naked but
for her mesh boots and a very thick diaper covered by
a plastic panty.A female technician was fitting a
strange looking chastity device over the diaper and
when Janet heard a loud click she guessed what the
metal bands were meant to do.

The technician working on Julia then made her sit
down before she started to remove the mesh boots.
Meanwhile Martha had stripped Janet’s clothes from
her body and released her chastity belt.Suddenly
the tampon was yanked out of her tender vulva and
Martha’s rough hands were pulling a very thick diaper
into place, taping it snugly about her hips.Then
there was a plastic panty and a metal belt to secure
it all in place.

It was all happening too fast.Janet was
terrified but knew better than to speak.Martha
removed her mesh boots and gave her a normal pair of
shoes to wear.She was also given another mini
skirt, only slightly more modest than the one she had
been made to wear while waiting for insemination.
Finally, she and Julia were pushed out of another
door and found themselves in a public corridor.The
first person to pass by stared at them so severely
that Janet was frightened.

Julia had slumped against the wall to catch her
breath and get her bearings.”You know, this part I
never get used to.”

“What part?” Janet said nervously, suddenly aware
that the short skirts they wore marked them as
inseminated prisoners and only barely concealed their

“The way they send us back out into the real
world while our collars figure out if we’re pregnant
or not.She nodded in the direction of the stranger
who had stared at them.”like that attention?I
hope so because you’re going to get a lot of it for
the next while.”

Janet was overwhelmed by it all.She buried her
face in her hands, as if to blot out the bizarre
circumstances she now faced.She felt Julia put an
arm around her, “Come along, my apartment is pretty
close.We may as well catch our breath there as
anywhere else.”Glad for the lead, Janet followed
her friend in silence, the questions building in her
mind with every step.

When Julia plunked herself down in a comfortable
chair in her living area Janet realized how easily
the short skirt she wore rode up, exposing what lay
beneath.Not used to skirts of any type, she made a
note to practise sitting.Although she was away from
the conception clinic for now she still felt its hold
on her.

After a lot of her questions and Julia’s patient
answers Janet had a new appreciation of her
condition.Less than an hour ago she had been
chained to Adam’s bed while he shot load after load
of sperm into her womb.Now she was locked into
diapers to prevent her from tampering with the
process of conception.Her clothing was designed to
announce her condition to the world and if she tried
to flee the discs behind her ears would immobilize
her with pain.

The growing pressure from her bladder made her
begin to rise to go to the bathroom.Then she
stopped herself.There was no point.With the
diaper lock in place she could use only the special
servicing cubicles that Julia had described.Her
friend saw the look on Janet’s face.

“Need to pee?You may as well use the diaper.
If you run to the service cubicle every time you need
to release a little water you’ll end up spending most
of your life there.You’ll get used to wet diapers
and you’ll figure out their capacity too.”

Janet didn’t like the sound of that but she had
other nightmares to face.”I can’t believe we’re
expected to go to work tomorrow.I don’t know if I
can face them.”

“You’ll do it or you’ll find yourself back in
Martha’s company.Does that make it any easier for

Janet decided that whatever she faced at the
office it would be better than seeing Martha any
sooner than she had to.

Thankfully, the early morning rush had passed by
the time she made her way through the corridors and
elevators toward her living space.Still, every
person who saw her stared hard, especially the men
who were unaccustomed to seeing bare female legs.
She was trembling with fear and humiliation by the
time she reached her cubicle and was grateful to be
able to key in her access code before slipping
through the door and into privacy once again.

She was wrong about the privacy.They had been
there while she had been in the fertility clinic.A
video terminal had been installed in every room so
they could watch her and a large carton sat in the
middle of the lounge area.

Shaken and feeling emotionally violated, she went
to her communications console out of habit.Not a
single message from her friends but there was a long
document from the fertility clinic administrator
giving her precise instructions about what she was to
wear, how she was to behave and the locations for the
servicing cubicles she would need for a diaper

She looked up at the eye of the video camera and
only barely resisted the urge to make a face at it.
The clammy feeling from her tight diaper reminded her
that they still controlled her comfort and she was
loathe to give them an excuse to punish her.

By now her bladder was protesting and she started
toward her bath room only to stop in her tracks when
she remembered she couldn’t use it.In a rage of
hopelessness and helplessness she released the hot
pee into the waiting pads and found herself walking
around aimlessly, inspecting her possessions as if
she had never seen them before while her mind focused
with obsession on the discomfort of her diaper.

She tried on a few of the clothes in the box.
The skirts were identical to the one she wore, too
short for modesty.The blouses at least concealed
her breasts but left the collar with its tell-tale
coloured eye in full view.She longed for the
comfort and security of her jumpsuits but after going
to her closet realized she didn’t own one anymore.

Dazed and disoriented she tried to amuse herself
any way she could think of but none of the 400
entertainment channels offered anything to take her
mind off the humiliation and discomfort of the diaper
they had locked about her hips.

It had a schedule of its own, she realized.She
had to pay attention to its condition or risk having
to be seen in public with it leaking – or worse,
smelling.The more she thought about soiling it the
more terrified she became.Of course this made her
very sensitive to the fact that she soon was going to
have to confront that situation.Finally she went to
her communications console and called Julia.

Her friend came on the screen looking tired and

“Are you OK?” Janet asked sincerely.

“No less OK than you.” came the agitated reply.

Janet explained her fears and anxieties to the
veteran inmate.Julia tried to look interested but
Janet could tell she had been through it enough to
have developed some coping skills.Still she agreed
to come see Janet and help her with her first visit
to a servicing cubicle.

Half an hour later Julia arrived looking a little
better than she had on the monitor.She strolled in
with an air of authority and looked around.”So they
didn’t forget, huh?”

She flopped down into an easy chair without
trying to make her skirt cover the band of metal that
bisected her bulging crotch.Janet admired her
bravado and wondered if she could ever be as
accepting of such a cruel fate.

“Reminds me of my first time,” Julia continued,
“I was a basket case for a week, crying and moaning
about it all.After a while, though you get used to

“But the diapers!”Janet burst out, “and having
to mess them”.

“That you never get used to.” Julia said quietly,
“which reminds me.”

While Janet watched with intense curiosity, Julia
got up from the chair and then got down on the floor
on her hands and knees.Her face took on a far-away
look and she began to breathe hard and grunt.
“Damn!” she gasped, “they seem to make the retention
belts tight on purpose.”

Janet suddenly realized what Julia was doing.
Her face registered the shock.Julia looked up at
her with tired tolerance.”You do have to go, don’t
you?”Janet nodded mutely.”Well my advice is to
get down here and get on with it.It’s easier on all
fours and I don’t know about you but I’d rather not
have to grunt and struggle while standing up in a
public corridor outside a service cubicle with half
the city guessing what I’m doing.”

“But, but you’re forcing it!”she said softly,
still astonished.

Julia grimaced for a moment and then turned her
attention back to her friend.”Eventually you’ll get
into a schedule but there’s no point in going to the
service cubicle to get comfortable if you have to
mess yourself an hour later.”

Janet didn’t ask anymore questions.She could
tell her friend was too busy to answer.Slowly she
sank to her knees and then moved forward to take her
weight on her hands.She looked at the beads of
sweat on Julia’s forehead.It was insane,
intolerable, so unfair.But nothing they had done to
her was sane or fair.She closed her eyes and began
to concentrate on pushing the mass out of her bowels.
It was not easy.It was not pleasant.She hated
having to do it.But most of all she hated the man
who had made all this happen and vowed then and there
to get revenge.

The trip to the cubicle was almost worse than
having to mess herself.The load of soft mush in the
seat of her diaper moved with her every step, pressed
by the chastity bar into every little crevice,
sticking to her tender skin and exuding a sickening
stench that even her accustomed nostrils could detect
every now and then.At Julia’s suggestion she tried
to release as much of her water as possible but she
was too tense, too ashamed of the disapproving looks
every stranger seemed to reward her with.

When they reached the cubicle closest to Janet’s
living space she was dismayed to see three girls
standing along the wall next to the door, their eyes
downcast, their legs apart and each of them blushing
furiously.The normal traffic in that corridor gave
them a wide berth, knowing how badly they smelled.

Julia told her to be grateful the line-up was so
short and to come to this cubicle at this time of day
to avoid the morning and evening congestion.She
tried to describe again what would happen but Janet
found it hard to listen.She just wanted to be clean
again, even if it meant another diaper.

When she finally was admitted to the cubicle she
was shocked at how small it was.There was only
enough room for her to stand.Various doors and
apertures in the walls made her suspicious and her
heart almost stopped when she saw a video camera
pointing directly at her.

“Name and number?” a tired male voice said.

Janet’s throat was so dry and nervous she had to
repeat it three times before the operator could hear

“Remove your skirt and blouse”.No `please’, no
courtesy, she thought, just efficiency.Although her
hands were trembling she managed it.

She jumped in surprise when a panel in the wall
in front of her opened and a robot’s arm extended
toward her, hesitated a second and then connected
with the metal belt she wore.She heard a loud click
but the belt stayed in place.

More sounds of machinery and she looked up just
in time to see a pair of metal cuffs descending
toward her from the ceiling.She hesitantly raised
her arms and placed her wrists into them and then
watched the bands of metal close about her limps.
“Your ankles too!” the voice said with irritation.

She looked down to see that cuffs attached to
metal arms had appeared at her feet.Trembling with
fear and dread she moved her ankles into their
embrace and watched them close.She was now held
fast.Strangely, she found, there was some comfort
in that.

She felt a vibration in the belt and heard a
faint purring sound.When she looked down she saw
that the metal retention belt, powered by the robot
arm that held it, was opening up, removing itself
from her body.As soon as the robot arm moved down
and then pulled the belt away from her body she felt
the mass in her diaper fall.The sensation made her
gasp with revulsion.

Another panel in the wall opened and a strange
looking smooth metal appliance was pushed toward her.
Trembling with fear she watched it form an opened
metal panty around her loins before closing itself

Robot fingers inside the metal panty went to work
on her plastic pants and the diaper underneath.She
tried to imagine in her mind’s eye what was going on.
Julia’s descriptions helped.

First, two metal plates searched for the left and
right side seams of the plastic panty and then moved
downward, a knife on the opposite side of it cutting
both the panty and the diaper that lay beneath it.
The cold metal passing over her skin and the
vibration of the knife on the other side of it made
her go rigid and fear.She felt her limbs tremble
but she was held so tightly that she couldn’t move
enough to hurt herself.

She felt the diaper and panty come free and when
the metal panty lowered and retracted the small space
was filled with the stench of her messing.She
gagged and tried to hold her breath, shutting her
eyes to avoid having to look at it.

She didn’t open them again until she heard a new
noise.From another compartment another metal panty
was getting ready to encase her body.It had hoses
and tubes running from it and she guessed it would
clean her.

But she wasn’t ready for the mobile little vacuum
head that roamed over her most sensitive places,
spaying a cleaning solution before sucking it up
almost painfully.It did not arouse her but it did
tickle her and if she had not been held so tightly
she doubted she could have withstood it.She gritted
her teeth, closed her eyes again and thought about
being clean.

Another new sound and she opened her eyes.
Another robot-driven panty with a purpose.She could
see a fresh diaper in its palm and an open plastic
panty under that.It moved between her legs and then
her ankle cuffs moved wider apart, making her more
accessible to it.The arm moved upward until the
crotch of the panty was pressed tightly against her
vulva.Then each half of the panty, front and back,
moved upward to complete the cupping of her loins.
After it formed itself the mechanical fingers in the
panty went to work, fitting and tightening the diaper
and then applying the plastic panty, snugging up its
leg and waist bands before fastening the side seams

Janet hated having machines work so close to her
tender places but she could not deny that the fresh
diaper felt wonderful compared to the wet and messy
one it replaced.

When the mechanical panty was finished it
retracted and the arm that still held her metal belt
came to life again, moving the bands into position
before commanding them to re-form and tighten.
Several loud clicks later it detached itself and

The wrist and ankle cuffs opened and retracted.
A small sign on the wall lit up, telling her to dress
and leave.

`Serviced’, she thought, `I’ve been serviced like
a machine’.Then it occurred to her that as far as
the state was concerned she was a machine.With her
clothing on she pressed the door release and stepped
into the corridor.As the Julia passed her on her
way into the cubicle she caught a whiff of her
friend’s diaper and felt so glad she didn’t smell
like that anymore.Then she realized it would be
only a matter of time before she would be back in the
line up outside the cubicle, like these girls,
suffering from a wet and messy diaper and hoping her
chance to be `serviced’ would come soon.

With their spirits improved by their increased
comfort, the girls went back to Janet’s apartment
where they ordered in some food and tried to forget
that sooner or later they would have to return to the
cubicle and that the next morning they would have to
give up their last vestige of respect – anonymity.
Until now they hadn’t had to present themselves,
diapered and bound, to anyone but strangers.They
were nameless and faceless and there was comfort in
that.But tomorrow morning people who knew them
would look them in the eyes and then let their gazes
travel over the evidence of their condition.Janet
tried not to think about it.

Later that night, as she lay in bed, Janet was
shocked to discover that a little burst of pee
suddenly escaped into her diaper – the first since
her visit to the cubicle.It disturbed her because
she feared she might become dependent on diapers.

The warmth the urine softened the absorbent
padding and whenever Janet flexed her thighs a
certain way she could generate a very pleasant
feeling as the softness caressed her hairless nether
lips.Perversely, she flexed her legs again and
again until an orgasm began to build.By the time it
came she was pressing her thighs together as tightly
as she could and gasping with the thrill of it.It
had been so long, too long.In the aftermath she
just let her bladder do as it pleased and as the
warmth cascaded into the waiting pads she drifted off
to sleep, comforted by the fact that she had no
choice but to wet herself.There was freedom, she
decided, in not having a choice.

She slept fitfully because of the hot, wet, itchy
diaper locked between her thighs.It didn’t
stimulate her any more, it just reminded her
constantly that she had to visit the service cubicle
before she went to the office.

In the morning she took a shower and learned not
to do so again unless she planned to visit the
cubicle soon after because the despite the tight
panty the diaper absorbed a lot of water and became
saturated and heavy.

As she fixed breakfast she tried to ignore the
prospect of soiling herself.By the time she had to
leave she had put it off too long and hoped that she
could last the day without a messing.

It was only a little easier to accept the stares
of the strangers.At least she didn’t stink.But
when she joined the long line-up for the cubicle she
wondered about putting off the messing.Most of the
girls, judging by her nose, had made it a part of her
morning routine.

While she waited she let her mind focus on the
other hidden terror that waited for her.Was she
pregnant or would she have to return to the clinic.
The colour of her collar had changed but she thought
it only meant her fertility window was closed.

She didn’t know how she felt about being
pregnant.It might be good if it meant being free of
diapers but Julia had said they often left the
diapers in place to stop a girl from inducing an
abortion.Before she could reach any conclusions it
was her turn to go inside and she took a deep breath
and steeled herself before she crossed through the
door way.

Half an hour later the door to her office complex
slid open and Janet entered on rubbery legs.Susan
was sitting at the reception desk and looked up with
an expression of surprise mixed with compassion.
“Hi.How have you been?”

“Not the best.” Janet answered levelly.”They
told me I had to come back to work.”

“We know.The Director is on assignment.Dave
is running the ship.He said he wanted to see you
the minute you arrived.”

Janet nodded but her mind was in a whirl.Dave!
the very bastard who had sent her through hell.No
doubt he wanted to gloat.She could barely keep a
straight face as she walked into his office.

“Hello Mom!” he chided.

Janet closed the door.”You bastard!” she
hissed.You set this up – and for what?A few
thousand credits.What would they have done to you?
A fine?A demotion?You’re so small that you’d
rather send me through hell than own up to your own

He smiled like a delinquent little boy who knew
he had broken a window but just didn’t care.”Give
it a rest, Janet.It hasn’t done you that much
harm.”He gave her exposed legs a long stare.”I
think its an improvement, overall.So you took a
fall for me.I’m grateful.What do you say to a
nice dinner tonight?You may as well enjoy a little
of the extra money.”

“So you admit it!You can actually sit there,
look me in the eye and admit that I’m going to have
to deliver a baby for the state because you got

“Sure, I’ll admit it.But you had better get the
steam out of your system right now.I’m still your
boss and you will do as your told.If you insist on
telling that little story to anyone I’ll find ways to
make you think of the fertility clinic as a vacation.
For starters, You can go to the service cubicle only
on your lunch break.It takes too long to let you be
away during the rest of the day.That’s all for now.
Ask Susan about your work assignment.”He turned
his chair to face his computer console and pressed a
button to open the office door.

Stymied and frustrated she stormed out to the
reception area where Susan showed her a small room
where she would be hidden from visitors.The work
was unnecessary and boring.The first burst of pee
arrived in her diapers just as she started to sort
through the archive files.

By the time coffee break arrived Janet’s diaper
was soaked and she feared she would soon mess herself
as well.She thought of going to Dave and begging
forgiveness but the idea turned her stomach.Susan
brought her coffee, a sign that she wasn’t supposed
to leave her little room unnecessarily.The fact
that her coworker didn’t stay to chat meant that Dave
had laid down the law about fraternization.

She began to count the minutes until her lunch
break, fighting the need to release the warm smelly
mush into her soaked diaper.She thought herself a
pretty miserable woman.

At the exact minute her lunch break began she
walked quickly toward the reception area and told
Susan she was leaving.The pressure in her behind
was terrible.She doubted she could make it but
somehow she found the strength not to betray her need
to Susan.As she turned toward the main door it
opened to reveal the same two court officers who had
arrested her and fitted her with the controller
chastity belt.

“Oh no!” she whispered as they entered the room.

“Janet Simmons?” one of them asked.She nodded.
“Would you please come with us?”Again she nodded
but inwardly was confused.They were being polite,
respectful.They even stepped aside to let her go

In the corridor there were two men in Treasury
division uniforms.Janet felt a chill run down her
spine.”Look, this has been settled,” she said
quickly but they just smiled and brushed past her
into the office.

The court officers had a float car with them and
asked Janet to take a seat.There was a short drive
to a tube station where a luxury bullet was sitting
ready and waiting.At the direction of the officers,
Janet was escorted inside but they didn’t join her.
She had a thousand questions but sensed that these
weren’t the people with the answers.

The bullet took off and Janet tried to figure out
what was happening.The rush of fear at seeing the
court officers had delayed her need for the service
cubicle but she was still anxious about finding one.

The bullet car jolted to a halt at a private
station.A woman in a white medical technician’s
jumpsuit met her when the door opened, said “Please
follow me.” and led her into some kind of medical

She was taken to a treatment room where the woman
closed the door, picked up a strange looking medical
device and asked Janet to remove her skirt.With
trembling fingers she complied and the woman clipped
the device to the front of Janet’s chastity belt.
There was a loud snapping sound and the belt suddenly
released itself and fell to the floor.

“The bathroom is through that door.Take off the
diaper and panty, see to your needs and have a
shower.I’ll have fresh things for you when you’re
finished.” the woman said with a smile.

Janet hesitated, unsure of what was happening.
“It’s alright,” the woman said kindly as she picked
up the pile of metal bands from the floor.”I’m
taking this away.You won’t be needing it anymore.”

She left the room, leaving Janet with only one
pressing thought – the bathroom!She almost cried
with relief when she saw the toilet.She tore at the
tight diaper and panty, fearful the storm would burst
before she could seat herself.Then she saw the
scissors thoughtfully left on the counter and chided
herself for not noticing them.

Her diaper made a heavy wet sound as it hit the
floor and Janet seated herself on the commode.How,
she wondered, could anything so simple feel so good?

With her comfort restored she started the shower
running.There were expensive soaps and shampoos in
the racks and she took a long time, enjoying the
freedom to clean herself and touch herself.

After drying off she put on the robe that had
been left for her on the back of the door.When she
stepped out into the other room the woman had

Janet’s blossom of pleasure wilted when she saw
the diaper and plastic panty waiting for her on the
examining table.Until then she had hoped that she
would be free of diapers – for whatever reason.The
woman read the expression on her face.

“Don’t be disappointed.It’s only temporary.
You were given drugs to make you incontinent.You’ll
need some protection while they work their way out of
your system.Don’t worry.There’s no lock.You can
change yourself or use the toilet whenever you want.
This is just for accidents.”

“What’s happening?” Janet asked as the woman
helped her take off the robe and then climb onto the

“I’m not allowed to tell you, except that it’s
very positive” she said as she gently taped the
diaper into place and worked the plastic panty up
Janet’s legs.

She was so kind and gentle that Janet felt
herself getting turned on.The diaper was soft and
warm.It made her feel secure and knowing she could
take it off if she wanted let her enjoy it.

There was a pleasant buzz between her thighs as
the woman helped Janet into a jumpsuit identical to
her old ones.It was wonderful to be normal again,
to look like everyone else.She looked at herself in
the mirror to see if her diaper showed and was
grateful that it didn’t.

When she was as ready as she ever would be she
let the woman lead her out of the room and down the
hall.They stopped outside a door that had `Board
Room’ stencilled on it.The woman motioned her
inside, saying “Mr. Beck will join you shortly.
There are refreshments on the side board.”

The woman closed the door, leaving Janet alone in
the most lavishly decorated meeting room she had ever
seen.The refreshments consisted of a cheese and
fruit tray, a bottle of champagne on ice and two

Now she was burning with curiosity!What was
happening?She tried to sort through all the things
that had happened in the last 20 minutes but came up
with more questions than answers.She didn’t touch
the food or wine but instead went to the window where
she admired the view of the city.

The sound of the door opening made her turn
around.She saw the uniform first and stared at it.
The rank was so high she couldn’t remember the
proper title for it, just that there were very few of
them to be seen in the places Janet went.

The face.Kind and familiar.She searched her
mind.She should know this man.

“Janet, it’s over.” he said simply

“Adam!” she squealed and ran into his arms.He
hugged her tightly and she felt him pat her padded
bottom before he released her.

“Sit down.I’ve a lot to tell you.”

She took a chair and watched him pour two goblets
of the champagne.

“Let me do the talking for now.I’m sure all of
your questions will be answered.”She sipped her
wine and gazed at him, feeling true happiness for the
first time since the court officers had arrested her
days ago.”You are right, of course.Dave did frame
you.I was able to determine that from the print-out
I made at the fertility compound.The problem was, I
couldn’t do anything about it with just that
evidence.Anyone can create computer audit trails.”

“So?” she asked, feeling giddy from the wine and
an overwhelming sense of relief.

“So I used some contacts in the fertility
administration to retrieve the data from the voice
recorder installed in your diaper retention belt.
Every belt has one.Normally they monitor what the
girls say in case they are planning some mischief but
since the receivers are sound-activated, everything a
girl says or is said to her gets recorded.”

Janet thought back to her outburst in Dave’s
office, “And you got an earful this morning.”

“Right.Without knowing it you played into my
plan quite nicely.”

“Why didn’t you warn me?I could have used the

“Because Dave’s legal counsel could have made a
case for entrapment.As a potentially pregnant
female your movements are monitored.If I had
approached you it would have spoiled the case.”

“So it really is over.” she said with a grin.

“Not quite.You are still wearing the collar and
disks used to control you.You’ll have to return to
the fertility compound to have that seen to but I’ll
be along to make sure nothing goes wrong.”

Suddenly the question loomed in Janet’s mind.
“Am I pregnant?”

He smiled, “Do you want to be?”

“Damn you!Tell me!”

“Maybe over dinner tonight?”

There was an awkward pause until Janet realized
it was not a command but an invitation.”Fine.” she
said demurely.

“I suppose you’re wondering what will happen to

She wasn’t but now that he had mentioned the
subject her interest was peaked.

He picked up a remote controller and pressed a
button.A panel in the wall slid open to reveal a
video screen.”This tape was made while you were in
the shower.”

It had been edited to show only the most
interesting parts.Dave being taken to a punishment
unit, stripped and shaved.Then a close up of his
genitals being locked in a metal chastity belt whose
cage was obvious too small to permit an erection.
When the camera showed him being bent over a table
while technician did something to his rear she asked
Adam what was happening.

“They are inserting a rubber ring in his anus to
hold it open.This robs him of all control.I’m
told the effect is sometimes permanent if the device
is left in place too long.”

She turned her attention back to the monitor.
Now Dave was being bundled into thick diapers and
fitted out with a metal retaining belt similar to the
one she had worn only a few minutes ago.The film
ended with the now miserable David being led off by
two guards.

“What will happen to him?” she asked.

“He’ll spend the next year on sanitary duties and
then we might just find something else unpleasant for
him to do.”

“No court case?No trial?”

“No contest.” Adam said flatly

They nibbled on the food and sipped champagne
until Janet’s head was swimming.Then Adam took her
back to his luxurious living area and put her to bed.
She slept most of the afternoon and woke only when
he returned from work and started getting ready for

As soon as she moved she knew the diaper was wet.
She cursed under her breath.She had wanted to
seduce him but doubted he would want anything to do
with her in her present condition.

But he surprised her, slipping into bed beside
her and thrusting his hand into the damp diaper.
Soon his fingers had her hot and ready.

He carefully peeled down her plastic panty and
released the diaper tapes.Then he mounted her and
they bucked and groaned like animals in heat.

After she had showered she returned to the
bedroom to find a fresh diaper and panty waiting for
her along with an elegant formal outfit.

She was surprised but then she had come to expect
Adam to be full of surprises.He let her put the
diaper on without assistance but she noticed the tent
of an erection in his suit.

Over dinner he told her he wanted her forever but she avoided giving him a direct answer, although she already knew what it would be.When they danced his hand always seemed to find the bulge of her diaper, caressing it, feeling the material of her clothes slide on the plastic panty.It set a fire in her

Over dessert she tackled him on the most feminine
question of all.”Am I pregnant?”

“Are you mine?”

“Yes.” she said simply.

“Then I’m pleased to be the first to congratulate

She blushed.Then she realized she had never met
a woman who had become pregnant voluntarily.”Can we
keep the child?”

“Of course.”

“Will I have to wear diapers and that awful

He laughed, “Of course not.”

Then she thought of how nice a fresh diaper felt
and how he seemed to like to touch her when she was
wearing one.”What if I wanted to wear a diaper now
and then.”

“Because you like them?” he asked slyly.

She blushed harder, “Maybe because you like

Now it was his turn to be crimson in the face,
“That too can be arranged.”

Suddenly she felt a blossom of wet warmth between
her legs.The thirsty diaper took care of it and her
nether lips responded.A deliciously perverse
thought flashed across her mind.”What was it you
said about a drug that makes someone loose control of
their urine?”

He just smiled and made a show of taking a small glass vial from his pocket and emptying its contents into her glass.

Her pussy twitched as she reached for the glass.
“You think of everything,” she said.

He produced a signet ring and slipped it onto her finger.”I know the custom is old-fashioned but this has a modern use.The design on the ring is my rank
badge.No one will deny you anything if you show them this.”

She admired the ring and sighed happily.”But I already have everything.”

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