Indian boss in a workplace chastity and foot fetish session


Workplace chastity porn, I love this kind of thing. My assistant has no idea I’m wearing a cage, but I find her wildly sexy and day dream endlessly about her knowing and using it to her advantage. My wife thinks it’s hilarious that I basically get paid to tease myself into a leaking mess.
She’s a short, blind, blue eyed, on the think side and has great breasts and apparently large nipples 😂 She’s a sweetheart with a penchant for wearing leggins 🥰 She has no idea I’m in a chastity cage every day and since I’m her boss it’s way too dangerous to broach a subject like that. So I daydream, strain endlessly in my cage and frequently leak so much precum I have to hide wet spots on my pants. It’s been bad enough at times that I’ve had to put a panty liner in