Gotta tease ’em to please ’em: Tease and Denial

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I love the wicked game of tease and denial. It amuses me to make you suffer deliciously and I can tell how much you want a reward for serving your Goddess and pleasing her in a myriad of ways. My personal favorite tease and denial is the CB6000 chastity device which locks up your cock and denies you any kind of release until I deign to release you from its grip. I can also arrange for it to have sharp points that will dig into your naughty boys if you become aroused without permission or inside the device. It locks onto your cock and, of course, I have the only key and you will be kept on lockdown until it pleases me to let you out. Of course, you will be restrained until you’ve pleased me in the manner to which I have trained you to do.

I will find creative ways to make you lust for me and enjoy your begging to be released which will only happen after you have served my need, and maybe not even then unless you persuade me in such a way that I have no choice but to release you for your own sanity. Imagine for a moment that your dick is locked up and you cannot touch it in any way. The CB6000 is designed to be work comfortably for months at a time and you will not have access to it for any reason unless I decide to unlock you. Attempting to masturbate will only be counter-productive; as the sharp points of intrigue will painfully remind you that an erection while confined in chastity will give pain a new meaning and I am able to put several different levels of points of intrigue–sharper and longer if you dare to try to thwart your device in an unapproved manner. If you displease me, I will mail your key to myself ensuring that it will be at least two days before you can be released.

I’ve got several slaves in semi-permanent chastity although I will milk your prostate to keep you healthy, you will be denied orgasm until I wish to grant you the privilege of a release from your chastity. Tease and denial increase your submission to my control because when I lock you in, you’ve had your last orgasm until I allow you to have your cock released from its captivity. I don’t play fair either. I will tease your mercilessly while you are in captivity so you will understand it is me who is the keyholder, the one who controls your pleasure.

It makes me wet to hear you beg me for release from confinement and it is ENTIRELY up to me when and where you are released from your device. It’s such a delicious thing to hear you beg and whimper while you helplessly watch your cock drool when I massage your prostate with my finger–or maybe I will pop in a butt plug and watch you bounce up and down in frustration while begging to release. You are my slave and your pleasure depends on my permission…which you may or may not get, depending on how much I decide to make you deliciously suffer for my entertainment.

I get off on seeing what you will endure for the pleasure of a mind-blowing climax I might let you experience–if you please me and I decide to allow you pleasure. I might just let you suffer for my amusement too; so that you know whose collar you wear and whose bitch you are. Nothing is as sweet to me as the sound of your voice begging me to touch you. It makes my pussy wet when you plead to be released and promise me anything–when you beg for my touch.

If you have served me well and I wish to have more pleasure from listening to your cries of frustrated lust, I might seduce you as part of your tease and denial. Imagine being tied to the bed and blindfolded. Your chastity device has been removed so that you are free to rise to the occasion. Of course, if you come without permission, there will be very harsh repercussions, so don’t even think about it. I will punish you severely for such a transgression, you wear my collar bitch, and don’t forget it. If you do, I’ll arrange it so that you won’t forget it again. You’ll think about how you displeased me every time you sit down for a week

You’ll feel my breath tickle your ear as I whisper to you about the unspeakably nasty things I want to do to you. I kiss you but you are not allowed to kiss me back as I tease your lips with my tongue, flicking just underneath and inside your upper lip because it almost gives you a little electric jolt when I hit the sensitive spot. It reminds you of how I react when you taste me in that secret place you’ve known so well and worship so magnificently.

However, for now, you are my little fucktoy bitch and I’ll do as I please with you and listen to you beg for release….God but I love it when you beg for pleasure and squirm trying to get free of the restraints that hold you firmly in your helpless state. I love the taste of your nipples. They are a little salty and their taste along with the clean scent of your chest makes my pussy wet. I rub my finger over my wetness and touch it to your lips as a special treat to you as a preview of the taste of my nectar that you’ve been wanting to taste for a long time. I run my hand down your body and your cock springs into my hand–hot, hard, huge and throbbing.

I like watching it strain toward me, the head beginning to glisten as your desire shows in your drooling, quivering member. I tease it with light scratches of my very long red nails as it shudders and I hear you groan in frustration and beg for release from the restraints that hold you firmly in place spread-eagled on the bed. I raise your blindfold just enough for you to see the large plug I am about to use to violate your tight ass. It’s a frighteningly large plug and you protest but I ignore it and pull the blindfold back over your eyes. I hear the fear in your voice when you beg me not to use such a large plug and I laugh because I secretly mind fucking you and the plug I’m going to use is much smaller than the huge one I showed to you. I lube the smaller plug and laugh as I stuff it into your formerly well-used but long-neglected hole and listen to you gasp as your cock jumps to attention and begins to bounce around.

However, it’s not time for you to have any release yet as I want to continue to tease you and deny you release while listening to you beg for me to let you come as you rub and hump the bed with your plugged hind end trying for orgasm with frustratingly inadequate stimulation. I love watching this. You are total without shame as you plead for me to stop teasing you and untie you….but it’s not time yet my beloved. Your goddess enjoys torturing you in such a deliciously cruel manner and your pleading is music in the air to me. The more you promise, beg and cajole, the more aroused I become and my hot pussy is dripping honey. I nibble the lobe of your ear and whisper to you that you must EARN your orgasm by giving me oral pleasure until I tell you to stop. With that, I straddle your face and allow you to taste my sweet pussy juices that are about to drip down your face.

“Is THIS what you want?” I ask you, knowing that you cannot reply while I am queening. Your reply is muffled and unintelligible as you feverishly lap up my juices that are flowing like water as I cum; trying not to tear you to pieces in the throes of the incredible orgasm I’ve just experienced. I remove the blindfold and kiss my juices off your face–you know how much I love licking my pussy off your face. Your delicious torment is about to end as I slide my hot and wet womanhood onto your bouncing, drooling, rock-hard rod and gasp as you fill me completely to the hilt with your throbbing dick. Slowly I slide up and down on your cock with maddening slowness and grind down so you can feel the butt plug massaging your prostate driving you to the edge until I cannot stand it for one more second. I can’t last long as I am so sensitive from the incredible orgasm I had sitting on your face and forcing you to pleasure me while I denied your release. I reach over and release your hands and, with a cry of pure animal lust you grab my hips and grind my pussy down on your cock with a force you didn’t know you possessed.

The pressure of the plug, the hours of being teased and denied spring forth and turn you to a wild animal, oblivious to anything but the feel of the plugin your ass and my dripping wet, hot pussy surrounding your cock as you explode inside of me with such intensity that I can’t stop the spasms of multiple orgasms exploding through my body and you have to catch me as I collapse into the bed, a spent ball of trembling flesh, blind with no feeling in my legs, making tiny mewling sounds and helpless as a newborn kitten. Of course, Tease and Denial is a game that two can play and you will have to have your revenge in a rousing game of “Beg for it, Bitch!”

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