Forced public feminization

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The Goddess had been strict in Her instructions. Before entering Her presence, I was commanded to shave off all my facial hair and body hair, giving special attention between my thighs. I was also required to clip my fingernails and toenails. Because the night’s activities would require my total feminization, I was required to assemble a slutty Female disguise for myself. I was also required to obtain (at my own expense, of course) a hotel room for this coming Saturday night, in the sleaziest hotel in the red-light district. The Goddess stipulated that the room must face the street. She gave me a padlock and told me in advance how I would be required to use it. Of course, She kept the corresponding key. At my own expense, I purchased a steel footlocker of the necessary size and a length of steel chain. I was also instructed to bring along my wireless mini-phone, which attaches behind my ear and is small enough to be almost invisible.

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I complied with all of Her instructions. As soon as I checked into the hotel room, I set off all the components of my Female disguise, including wig and make-up. I took all my cash out of my wallet and placed the cash on the table, then put my wallet (containing my I.D. and my credit cards) in the footlocker. i put my house keys and my car keys on the table too. Next, I took off all of my male clothes. When i had stripped entirely naked, i did what the Goddess had instructed me to do next. i put every piece of my male identity — my clothes, shoes, credit cards and my I.D. — into the footlocker. Then i closed the locker, winding the chain through its handles and through the pipes of the hotel room’s radiator. i clicked the padlock into place. Now my male identity — including my male clothes — was securely padlocked into the steel box, which was locked to the radiator. The Goddess had the only key. i had to trust that She would bring it tonight.

i followed the next instruction that the Goddess had given me: i took a shower with scented body oil, to remove my male odor and leave my skin soft, hairless and smelling as Girly as possible.

There was a knock at the door: a special familiar knock. Swiftly, i admitted the Goddess. She looked as cruelly beautiful as always, but She had intentionally changed Her make-up and hairstyle from Her usual look. If She were seen with me during my public feminization, no-one would recognize Her.

The Goddess went directly to the table, confiscating all my cash without counting it. She snatched my keys, and dropped them into Her purse. Then She greeted me with a hard slap to my face from Her leather-gloved hand. Knowing that, on this occasion, it would not be appropriate to kneel, i meekly stood naked in front of the Goddess — turning around and raising my arms as She commanded — while She satisfied Herself that i was indeed smooth, soft and hairless.

The Goddess had brought along an old-fashioned nurse’s cape, draped over Her arm. Perhaps She intended to slip into this cape if the evening became colder.

She had brought a slave harness and several dildos because She wanted me to experience a cock inside my sissy-cunt throughout this encounter. Now my eyes widened in horror as Her gloved hand reached into Her bag and extracted a huge latex cock, 12 inches long and 4 inches thick. Seeing the terrified look on my face, the Goddess laughed: “Maybe you will take this one some other time, Sissy. For tonight, I want you to be able to walk with a cock inside you. So perhaps little Pee-Wee here will suffice.” The Goddess reached into Her bag again, and took out a smaller dildo: a mere 8 inches long and 3 inches thick. For now, this dildo was merely placed on the bed … well within my sight, so that i would know what was waiting for me.

She put me into the slave harness … tucking my male baubles between my thighs, then yanking the leather crotch-strap backward between my legs and pulling it painfully tight until my crotch was now absolutely flat, with no vestige of male bulge. The leather crotch-strap was lined with waterproof latex and had a grommeted hole in case i needed to urinate … but, as the tiny padlocks clicked into place behind my back, imprisoning my tucked genitals, i knew that — until further notice — i would not be capable of using a urinal. (The Goddess might require me to BECOME a urinal, but i would not be USING one.)

The Goddess put me into my corset, lacing it painfully tight until i was wasp-waisted and i could only breathe in faint gasps. The lower half of the corset fit snugly over the upper half of the slave harness, preventing the harness’s removal. Next, the Goddess helped me to get dressed in the rest of my slut costume: black stockings, attached to the garters on the bottom of my corset. A black leather miniskirt, slit on both sides, with a belt cinched around my waist. Black knee-high boots. The Goddess had stipulated that these boots must-have stiletto heels at least 4 inches high, so that i would be able to walk in them but not able to run. If I encountered trouble tonight, i could not run away from it. The Goddess took from Her purse two slim anklet chains with tiny steel padlocks. She slipped a chain around the ankle of one of my booted feet, tightened the chain, then locked it , then did the same with the other chain and my other ankle … so that i would not be able to take off the high-heeled boots.

my slut costume included a black long-line bra with 46DD cups. “One of these days, I’m going to make you get breast implants, you filthy little slut,” vowed the Goddess as She tucked DD-sized latex falsies into my brassiere cups. A leather collar encircling my throat reminded me of my slave status. i had brought along a pair of black satin elbow-length gloves to assist in the feminization of my arms … yet, oddly, the Goddess seemed entirely unconcerned with my arms, as if this portion of my female disguise would not matter.

She commanded me to sit still — i was grateful that i was not yet wearing Her dildo up inside my sissy-cunt — while She applied the make-up and false eyelashes to me, transforming my face into a slutty parody of Female beauty. Then She picked up my wig, and She inspected the long flame-colored tresses approvingly: “I see that My little slut is going to be a redhead tonight. Very good.” i put on a wig sock over the small amount of short male hair on my scalp, then the Goddess fitted the wig to my head and adjusted it, using hairpins to attach the inner cap of the wig to my wig sock. She carefully clipped my wireless mini-phone to my right ear, then adjusted the long flowing red tresses of my wig to conceal this. i noticed the Goddess’s personal wireless phone on the table, alongside Her purse.

Last but not least: “Now take a deep breath and bend over, you little sissy,” the Goddess instructed while She lubed up her dildo. Ignoring my whimperings, the Goddess crammed Her huge cock into my sissy-cunt, then padlocked it into the anal grommet at the rear of the slave harness. That dildo was now firmly inside me and would remain so.

The Goddess had told me in advance what i was to expect: now that i was totally feminized, She would escort me downstairs to the street, then outside. She would follow from a safe distance while i was to walk around the block once, dressed as a cheap street-walker and tottering helplessly in high heels, in the red-light district on a dark Saturday night. If anyone approached me or threatened me — thinking i was alone on a dark street, with no witnesses — the Goddess would blow a whistle loudly. After one circuit of the block, the Goddess would let me back into the hotel, then escort me back upstairs to this room … where She would reward me for my obedience after my brief taste of public feminization as a street-walking slut.

The hotel had no elevator. i had difficulty walking down the stairs in four-inch stilettos, especially with my waist tightly corseted and a dildo crammed inside me. i had to walk sideways, my huge fake double-D breasts jiggling in my bra. The Goddess gently took my arm with one hand, Her nurse’s cape draped over Her other arm as She gently guided me down the stairs. Several real hookers — some of them with johns — passed on the stairs, and laughed at me. i tried to use my arms to keep my balance, but the Goddess ordered me to put both arms behind my back and keep them there. i knew better than to disobey.

At last, She brought me to the ground floor and the hotel’s entrance. i tried to take a deep breath despite the corset, knowing that in a moment i would be exhibiting myself in public completely sluttified. i was still holding both arms behind my back. Suddenly, i felt gloved Female hands seizing my wrists, and i heard a metallic “click-click”. The Goddess had handcuffed me!

“Oh, I forgot to tell you, you filthy little slut: I’ve made a slight change of plans,” purred the Goddess as She carefully draped Her waist-length cape over my shoulders, then fastened it around my throat. i caught a glimpse of myself in a nearby wall mirror: the cape was open at the front, exposing my huge breasts and corseted waist, but the cape concealed my handcuffed arms behind my back! i was now feminized, but the Goddess had confiscated my arms … and locked a dildo up my sissy-cunt!

Just when I thought that my humiliation could not get any worse, the Goddess took a small object from Her purse and clipped it to the top of my corset, directly underneath my huge breasts. As I tried to look down to see what it was, a long strand of flame-red hair from my wig fell in front of my eyelashed eyes. But I could still see the object that the Goddess had attached to me: beneath my huge breasts and above my corseted waist, i was now wearing a plastic sign with bright red glowing L.E.D. lights that formed the words FREE BLOWJOBS!

“Have a busy night, you filthy slut,” laughed the Goddess, shoving me out into the street and closing the door behind me. It didn’t lock, but without my arms I couldn’t open it anyway. Through the closed door, the Goddess hissed at me: “Walk over to that lamp-post, then wait for further instructions. Remember to wiggle your ass like a good little slut. Do as I say, or I walk out of here with your male clothes and keys.”

Teetering in stiletto heels, i inched my way across the pavement past a couple of hookers. As they stared at me, i noticed that one of these street whores was definitely a Shemale: maybe the other was, too.

As i approached the lamp-post with my best slutty walk, i heard the voice of the Goddess in the earpiece underneath my wig: “Very good, you filthy slut. I’m back upstairs now, in the bedroom with your clothes. Maybe I’ll let you escape back into them if you do as you’re told. Now listen carefully, slut.”

I stood under the lamp-post in the chilly night air, shivering in my skimpy slut costume and trembling in humiliation and terror at my helplessness. As I listened to the voice of the Goddess in my ear, I stared straight ahead at the view across the street from the lamp-post: a filthy dumpster in a dirty alley.

“Here are your orders, slut,” the Goddess commanded me. “you’re going to stroll back and forth on this block, wiggling your ass like a whore and always staying where I can see you from the window. If you leave My sight, I will walk out of this hotel room and take your clothes, your keys and your I.D. with Me.”

I must have whimpered because I heard the Goddess chuckling in my ear. “As you’ve probably noticed by now, slut, not all the whores working this particular street are genetic Females … so I really don’t care if you pass for Female or not, because the men who visit this neighborhood don’t care either. Now pay attention, whore: walk back and forth and wiggle your ass, and remember to stick out your tits. I hope that my big cock up your sissy-cunt feels real good. Do NOT let those big tits of yours cover your sign, advertising-free blowjobs. Each time a man approaches you, EVEN if he is a policeman, you will walk up to that man — trying to make yourself look and sound as slutty as possible — and you will offer him a free blowjob. I will hear your voice on this phone line, and I will expect you to speak in a Female voice or at least a decent attempt. When you offer to give a free blowjob to a total stranger, I will allow you to ask — in a Female voice — that he wears a condom, but any man who wants to fuck a dirty whore like you without a condom is entitled to do so. If any man asks why you want him to wear a condom while you suck him off, you are required to tell him — in a Female voice — that you are a dirty whore, and you have a disease. If the guy wants to fuck your pussy instead of getting a blowjob, tell him you’re having your period. If the guy wants anal, tell him you have a yeast infection in your ass but your mouth is open for business. If any man agrees to accept a blowjob from a dirty whore like you, then you will kneel down right there in the street where I can see you, and you will suck him off while I watch from upstairs with binoculars. I will expect you to be a good dirty whore, and bring the blowjob to completion. Too bad you won’t be able to use your hands. Naturally, I will expect you to swallow … and then you will thank your “john” afterward. Be grateful I don’t expect you to curtsey, especially with that huge cock up your sissy-cunt. I suppose that kneeling while you wear handcuffs and getting up again afterward, won’t be easy … but that’s your problem, not Mine. If anyone of your “johns” decides to take you somewhere else for his free blowjob, you will go with him and give him what he wants. Remember that you are the whore here, and you do as you’re told. I will keep this phone line open, so I’ll be able to hear the whole thing if some guy puts you in his car and drives you out to the highway underpass for his blowjob. Too bad I didn’t bring a webcam. After you’ve swallowed your john’s load, you will have five minutes — walking in high heels — to get back under the lamp-post where i can see you … or else I leave, and I take your male identity with Me. While you’re sucking cock, try not to smear your lipstick. Too bad you won’t be able to wipe your mouth, without any hands.”

The Goddess chuckled again while She continued whispering Her evil plans into my ear from a distance: “I think I’ll start you off tonight with giving free blowjobs to just FIVE total strangers, to remind you of what a dirty little slut you are. Maybe next week, I’ll bring you back here and make you suck off TEN guys. Wait a minute: black men have bigger cocks, don’t they? And I’m told that they taste funkier. If you suck off a black man, I’ll give you credit for sucking TWO cocks.”

By now the Goddess was laughing outright while She gave me my orders: “It will probably take you at least half an hour to give blowjobs to five total strangers, even on a busy Saturday night. If you need to pee, i will permit You to relieve yourself the same way that the “working girls” do it while they’re turning tricks. you will cross the street, go behind that dumpster, squat, spread your thighs to lift your skirt, and then you will pee girly-style. While you pee, I want to hear your voice on this phone line as you confess that you are squatting to pee because you don’t have a penis. Too bad you won’t be able to wipe yourself afterward. When you’re finished, return to this side of the street and get back to giving out free blowjobs. For your sake, I hope the other whores don’t find out you’re giving away for free what they’re trying to sell: they might get mad at you. Most of the whores in this neighborhood — including the Shemales — work for pimps. I wouldn’t want to be in your position when the local pimps find out there’s a free-lance whore giving blowjobs for free.”

i heard the laughter of the Goddess in my ear while my feminized body trembled and shuddered. This was NOT what i had consented to experience. This was supposed to be the quick, sudden thrill of one fevered walk along a public street in Female disguise: a swift brief taste of public feminization, then a speedy escape back into the safety of my familiar male identity. Not this!

The Goddess had deceived me. Tonight, i would be experiencing the role that SHE had ordained for me: a street whore, totally helpless and without the use of my arms.

The dildo that was shoved up my sissy-cunt and locked into place was thick and hard: reminding me of what i could expect to be feeling shoved down my throat several times tonight.

There was a car parked two blocks away from me. In the darkness, i could see my feminized body reflected in the car’s windshield … thanks to the bright red lights of the FREE BLOWJOBS sign i was wearing, visible across that distance.

i was terrified. i desperately needed to pee: the tight corset i was wearing, and the huge dildo inside my rectum, were both constricting my bladder. If i could lessen that pressure, i would be in slightly less pain.

Tottering in high heels, i slut-walked across the street towards the dumpster. As i approached it, a whore suddenly stood up behind the dumpster, straightening her miniskirt. She saw me, and burst out laughing. Blushing in shame, i stepped behind the dumpster as she went back to work. i would have felt slightly less humiliated at this moment if at least i could have whipped out my watering-hose, to do my business in traditional male fashion. But i would be pissing girly-style now.

There was a puddle of piss and shit behind the dumpster, but not enough room for me to avoid it. Completely feminized, i proceeded to squat and spread my thighs so i could piss like a whore. I relaxed my bladder, and my piss — not a proud male gusher, but a thin girlish trickle — dripped out from between my thighs. Remembering the command of the Goddess, I spoke in a feminized voice while i made my feminized piss: “i am squatting to pee because i don’t have a penis.”

i finished at last and stood up. my miniskirt was askew, but my handcuffed arms could not adjust it. As i moved away from the dumpster, tottering in high heels, a very tall prostitute rushed past me and shoved me aside. “It’s my turn now, bitch,” she told me, while she stood behind the dumpster. “Get back to work, girl.” As she spoke, the hooker lifted her skirt, whipped out her enormous cock, and started to piss. She was a Shemale!

“You want some, bitch?” asked the Shemale, aiming her cock at me while she pissed in my direction. In my ear, i heard the whispered voice of the Goddess: “Stop staring at that lady’s cock and get back to work, before I decide to make you give HER a blowjob! No, wait a minute, slut: I have a better idea.”

Not daring to disobey, I stood trembling and feminized while the Goddess gave me my next command: “While that whore has her cock out, you will look her directly in the eyes and tell her that she has a penis but you don’t. you will maintain eye contact while she replies.”

Too terrified to disobey, I glanced at the Shemale whore’s immense cock … then I looked into her eyes, and I confessed: “You have a penis, but I don’t,” I said, blushing in shame.

“Well, then I guess that I’m a better man than you are,” said the Shemale, putting her cock back inside her skirt, and adjusting it.

“Very good, you dirty whore,” said the cruel voice of the Goddess in my ear. “Now, get back to the lamp-post and start turning tricks. Remember to wiggle your ass.”

Trembling in fear and shame, I obediently hurried away from the dumpster … my high heels clicking loudly as I slut-walked towards the lamp-post.

Several street whores were staring at me and laughing, and a couple of them were whispering to each other behind their hands. Suddenly, one of them looked up at something behind me: “Oh, snap! Look who’s coming!” she told the other prostitutes. “I know these bad-ass dudes … and I won’t take them! They like to damage the merchandise!”

Quickly, the prostitutes scattered. I turned to see who they were running away from. Strutting toward me were two huge muscular black men, dressed in gaudy clothes and long leather coats: the traditional uniform of pimps! They had already seen me … and I could not possibly run away, in the stiletto heels that were padlocked to my feet. A night breeze fluttered the cape I wore, briefly exposing my handcuffed wrists and revealing that I was totally helpless in my feminization.

One of the two black pimps — the one who was taller, brawnier and gaudier than the other one — beckoned to me with one hand, while his other hand fondled the bulging crotch of his jeans … and began to unzip it. “Yo, white bitch, come here,” he said, looking right at me. “I got somethin’ for you, bitch.” I heard him whisper to the other black man: “Go get my stretch limo. We’re takin’ this white bitch for a ride. Maybe we’ll test-drive her, then she can work for me.”

I whimpered, utterly helpless. In my ear, I could hear the laughter of the Goddess: “Looks like you’re going to be busy for a while, you sissy-slut. I wonder what your new pimp will say when he finds out you’re built to take only TWO cocks at a time — one at each end — not THREE. Maybe he won’t care that you don’t have a vagina, as long as your other holes work. Maybe he’ll have you modified, and by this time tomorrow, you’ll HAVE a vagina. Anyway, you go run along with your prom date and have fun.” The Goddess chuckled as She spoke: “I’m going home now, slut. you won’t be needing these male clothes anymore, or your keys and I.D., so I’ll just take them with me. Remember to swallow!”

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